I’ve had A LOT of shitty bosses, and a few decent bosses, but the boss I have now is my absolute favorite.

Probably because she’s giving me the best goddamn fucking of my life!

Yes, SHE!

I’m 23 and she’s got at least 15-20 years on me, but believe you me, she’s HOT. Twice divorced, she’s got a ton of money and her own company, and I started a few weeks ago just happy to be making $17 a hour here in Los Angeles…

So I’ll try to keep this short: I kinda felt her watching me leave every time I went into her office, like I could FEEL her eyes on my ass.

Then, one day, she just out of the blue is looking at me and leans in and kisses me.

Right there at the office, her full lips met mine, and I could smell her expensive perfume, and the softness of her mouth…suddenly, my panties were wet.

“Tell me not to stop” she said suddenly, pulling back.

“Don’t stop” I said.

The next thing I knew, she was taking my clothing off carefully, her own full breasts exposed.

She laid me down on her office floor after locking the door, and spread open my legs.

“This time”, she said, “I’m going to make you cum so hard you forget your own name”, she smiled, “and next time, it’s your turn”.

“Yesssss” is all I could say as her mouth enclosed my labia.

My god, the way she sucked at my pussy– it’s like OK, I get it- GIRLS really know what other girls like!

She wasn’t joking about making me cum– either. Between her mouth and her fingers, I was all but screaming out her name, right there in the office!

I was shaking with a full-on orgasm within minutes, toes curling! Then that was it– she put her clothing on, kissed me softly, and told me she had to get home to cook hubby #3 dinner.

And fucken A- that was a Friday, and I thought about her alllll weekend.

Dude, I masturbated to the memory of her eating my box at least 20 times!

I wanted more, and I’m sure she knew it! So the next week passes, and it’s the next Friday and most everyone else has left the building.

I knock on her office door and she invites me inside even though she’s on the phone dealing with one last client. And I start to strip for her, showing off my body and she talks. I sit down next to her on her office sofa, and open her shirt to reveal her huge breasts. I couldn’t stop myself then even if I wanted to.

I started to suck on one of her tits, sure that if I can make her feel good, we’ll fuck again.

And it worked.

She started to moan silently, arching her back into my mouth, as she let her client prattle on with me suckling her titty like a baby.

I reach up her skirt and feel her waxed pussy is starting to gush. I go back to her tits and keep sucking while she tries to talk numbers with whoever she had on the phone.

FINALLY she hangs up, and I pounce on her, climbing atop her, ready to devour her sweet pussy as promised.

She was more than receptive, shoving my head down there, telling me to get what I wanted. I stuck out my tongue, looked into her eyes, and then descended upon that wet snatch!

Her pussy tasted so delicious, so perfect, that I don’t know if I’m going crazy, or if I’m falling for her!

You guys, she’s just, like, so fucking sexy!

She’s like a MILF pornstar, and I feel like her little “teen” affair! (OK, so 23 isn’t quite a teen but she STILL is old enough to be my mom, which is somehow SUPER HOT!)

Especially when she was getting close to cumming– she kept saying “oh my god, yes, baby girl, eat it– YES!”

And every time she called me “baby girl” I felt weak in the knees. I wanted all of her. Once she came, I was immediately depressed. Like, now she was gonna go back home to her hubby and I’d be alone dreaming about her pussy again in every damn position all weekend!

Only, this time, after she got dresses she said “want to come over? My hubby is out of town on business so we’ll have the place to ourselves…”

Dude she did NOT have to ask me twice! LOL

The next thing I know, we’re back at her place, and she’s riding my face, screaming “babygirl” at me again, gyrating her pussy on me.

But wait…it gets even HOTTER! After licking her box she swings around and next thing I know she’s grinding her pussy on mine, scissoring me. Now guys, I’ve NEVER done that before! But OH MY GOD!

She had my leg wrapped in her arms and was rubbing her pussy on mine until my eyes rolled back in my head.

“I’m gonna cum like this” I told her.

“Not yet” she said, stopping.


“THESE” she says, opening a drawer FULL of sex toys!

Then a strap-on was sliding deep into my pussy and all I could do was say “YESSSSSS!”

“You like that babygirl?” she asked.

And, like, it just slipped: I answered “yes mommy!”

That’s when things got even hotter.

She fucked me back and forth, and and down, and goddman sideways with that strap-on, sometimes pulling me hair– moreso, if I called her mommy again!

Then, when my pussy couldn’t take anymore, she pulled out ANOTHER toy and did something else to me I’d never done before!

She made me take a huge dildo IN MY ASS! And here’s the CRAZIEST PART: I LOVED IT!!! I mean, I THOUGHT I wouldn’t have liked it, but she sure showed me.

She worked the toy in and out of my tight little asshole until I was cumming again, just shaking all over.

“Now that’s a good baby girl” she smiled at me, “next time, I’ve got another little friend like you I’d like to bring along.”

And so I’m waiting again– it’s FRIDAY again…and I can’t wait to see what she has in store! I guess I’ve been a secret lesbian for an older MILF this whole time!

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One thing in this world turns me on more than anything and it’s the fear of getting caught fucking in public places!

Places where I worry about getting walked in on, or kicked out of for my kinky sex. Public restrooms, my office….

So one day when I went shopping with a girlfriend of mine that I had a crush on for the longest time, I knew that I was definitely going to try to make my move while in the shopping mall!

After wondering around a bit we decided to try some things on in one of the dressing rooms of a big shops. She tried on something first with me there to see how it looked, after she slid the dress off and began to put her clothes back on, I stopped her and said: “I don’t know, I think I like you naked better…”

Then I went in towards her, pressing her naked body against the mirror and pressing my mouth on her, my tongue sliding between her full lips.

And guess what? She kissed me back! I fucking KNEW she was bi! She totally kissed me back, but kinda let me lead.

We could hear people walking past the curtain, others trying on things in the rooms next to us, and yet all I could think about was her sexy naked body and how much I wanted us to eat each other out, here in the middle of the story with the possibility of anyone walking in on us at any moment.

I couldn’t help myself– pushed her up against the wall and reached inside her panties.

“Yessss” she whispered, so I dropped down to my knees and buried my face between her legs, positioned in such a way that I could see what I was doing in my reflection in the mirror, and this only turned me on even more.


I turned her around so that she could look at her own reflection as I slide my tongue between her firm ass checks, eating her out from behind.


I was so fucking into it at this point that I would slide my tongue up every now and then to her asshole so I could watch the look on her face in the mirror as she shivered with pleasure and also a bit of the fear of getting caught.

At this point my sole goal was to bring her to orgasm so that I could bury her own face between my legs, since I could feel my pussy dripping down my legs I was so turned on by what was going on.

I saw her reach up and bite her finger as she started to cum so that her noises couldn’t be heard outside the curtain. It was right about that time that the dressing room attendant called in, asking if we had everything we needed, if we needed any different sized pieces of clothing or anything like that.

I thought I might cum without even being touched practically at this point I was so hot, I was giggling with anticipation and nerves as I pushed my friend between my legs under the dress I had come to the mall wearing, already without my underwear so that I’d be ready for anything.

She started licking at my wet clit as my eyes rolled back into my head!

Then slide her fingers inside me, first one and then up to three, the force of them sliding into me like nothing with the wetness that had been building.

I was pressed up against the wall, my hands flat against it, keeping me in place so I wouldn’t slide down with the weight of the orgasm that was building for me, looking at myself in the mirror and listening to the sounds of the passersby that had no idea what was going on in this room.

I was completely in my element and proceeded to have one of the most glorious orgasms of my life, cumming so hard that I was a bit nervous mid way that I might leave a puddle on the floor.

But my friend was a good one indeed because she licked up every drop of my cum that seemed to spill out of me as she got me off.

I pulled her up and kissed her hard one last time, savoring the secrecy of our tryst, then helped her get back into her clothes and walked out of the dressing room, telling the clerk that nothing fit quite right but thank you for her help anyways, sharing a secret smile with one another at the kinky deed we had just committed, all the while still feeling the stickiness of it between my legs as a reminder.


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Bouncing on one cock as I sucked another, a thought ran through my head: I have an insatiable appetite for fucking, and I have no shame about it, and I finally don’t care who knows!

I had spent the evening rubbing my pussy and teasing myself, and finally decided that enough was enough, I needed some real dick! So I got online and found a couple willing guys who were packing the kind of heat I needed!

After vetting them for a few weeks online– I mean, I don’t want to end up dead somewhere!– I arranged to have them both meet at my place. I was confident at this point they were just looking to FUCK like I was, and there was no other ulterior motive, cuz a girl’s got to be careful these days! Anyway, they both were willing to meet and both willing to do me at the same time, which is what I was really craving.

They showed up at my place just a minute or two apart, to find me in a sexy little outfit that showed off my tits. It wasn’t but a sip or two into the beers I handed them, before they were pulling their already erect dicks out of their jeans.

“I’m gonna get every last drop of cum out of BOTH of these” I told them, giving each of their cocks a squeeze.

“Good lord”, I murmured, “this thing is THROBBING for pussy, yeah?” I said to one guy as I licked my lips.

“Fuck yeah it is” he said.

“Well then let’s get this thing started” I said as I slid off my panties and pulled down the straps of my dress, revealing large, plump breasts.

And these are the kind of breasts that will be bouncing and swinging back and forth as soon as I hopped on those dicks! I know guys go nuts over that: I’m always hearing how great and healthy and perfect my tits look bouncing up and down!

I directed one to lay down on the living room floor, the one whose cock looked particularly girthy (my favorite) and I slid my wet pussy down onto it, letting out one long, satisfied groan as it pierced deep into my cunt.

There’s nothing like that first moment of penetration, when my pussy lips slowly open and surrender their prize, as I sink down on the shaft of an eager cock.

Holy fuck. It felt sooooo good I started bouncing like crazy, until I remembered that there was still another cock to be had!

The other guy was stroking it, watching patiently, so  I directed him in front me, his hard cock wagging in my face.

“Do you want me to SUCK IT?” I teased.

“Yes, please,” he said, aiming it at my mouth, “please suck it”.

I parted my lips and ran my tongue on the head of his dick. He moaned. THIS is what I wanted: one cock in my pussy, one in my mouth, just using me as I was using them.

Like this I felt connected to the universe, like the sexual energy just could flow in a circle between us. It was like being filled with god as two perfect cocks slid in and out of me in synchronistic harmony.

Then I got on my hands and knees and let them both take turns, mouth and pussy equally filled while they spit-roasted me between their cocks.


OMG you guys…have you ever done this?

I’m telling ya, there is nothing hotter than having two guys fuck you at once! I was gagging on cock while my pussy was being hammered into submission!

I could feel they were close to cumming, and so was I! And I wanted it– it wanted it soooo bad!

And just like that I felt my cunt squeeze against the cock that was filling it as I started to cum. He pulled his dick out as I finished, and stood in front of me where the other guy did the same.

I sat there and just squeed in happiness and cum as the two of them stroked their dicks and showered me with their two loads.

When they finished they just zipped up their pants and went in their separate directions as planned, leaving me on the floor, covered in the hot cum of two strange guys, just LOVING IT.

What can I say, I’m insatiable!

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Taking a girls “girl sex virginity” is my favorite, so when a hot, young thing I had been flirting with online for a bit offered to cum for a visit… well let’s say I didn’t hesitate at the offer!



This wasn’t just any girl off the internet, but rather this really hot chick that had half a million instagram followers that wanted me to fuck her, so not only would I get the fun of the conquest of taking her virginity, but I also got the boast to my ego, knowing that of all the hot babes online, she chose me to take it from her.

I knew the minute she walked in the door that she was under my spell, and I immediately took advantage of that, I wanted to do more than just fuck her, I wanted to have some fun with her.

I poured us both a drink and led her to the couch where I proceeded to make out with her. It wasn’t your run of the mill make out session though, I wanted to get her hot and bothered enough that she’d be begging me for more.

I didn’t just want to fuck her, I wanted her to beg me to fuck her.


I would run my tongue over her nipples, and lightly touch her crotch, all while sliding my tongue down her throat, leaving it there just enough to make her moan, and she’d try to grab my hand and put it down her skirt but I just slid it back away and ran it up to her hair where I pulled it firm, pulling her head back and biting her neck while I whispered in her ear “don’t be shy, tell me how much you want me to fuck you.”

She squirmed a bit at this but the minute I slid my hands over her thighs again she started crying out, “I want you to fuck me so badly, I’ve been thinking for weeks about what it would feel like to have your hands between my legs, and if I was lucky maybe your tongue too, I just want to be a good little girl for you, tell me what you want me to do so that you fuck me!”

I laughed and slid my hand up to firmly cup against her soaking wet panties, “that’s a good start” I said, and pulled my hand away and removed her shirt and her bra, revealing the perfect pair of breasts, which I grabbed in each hand. I ran my hands over them as I made my way to her nipples, squeezing each tightly between my fingers, making her moans even louder in between my kisses.

“You think you’re ready to get fucked by me, do you?” I asked.

“Yes, pleeeeeeeeease!” she begged.

So I made my way between her thighs again and inserted one finger, and then two, into her sopping wet pussy as she slid backwards, gasping as I made contact with her g spot.

“Oh fuck” she whispered, totally entrapped by me now.

I decided I had my fill of teasing and laid her back against the couch, pulled off her panties and slide my body down til I was in between her legs, facing her. I kissed each of her thighs, first softly and then taking the flesh into my mouth in firm nips of my teeth, making her squirm and moan even more, and I could see when I looked at how wet her pussy was that all this teasing of her was only helping my cause.

Finally I pulled apart the lips of her cunt until I was looking at her clit and kissed my way to it, again starting out soft but then mixing my licks and kisses with nips and tugs, and when I felt like she was getting near her climax, I inserted my fingers again and started rhythmically sliding them with my licks, curving up to hit her g spot as I drove her crazy with my licking of her pussy.

She started bucking her hips but I held firm, getting off myself on the sheer power I had over her right now, knowing that I was bringing a sort of pleasure to her body that she had never experienced before, and god it was sexy!

I took it all of her gorgeous body as I fucked the shit out of her pussy, feeling her cum time after time until I could tell that she was finally getting to the point of being totally spent.

I slid back up and kissed her on the lips, “I want you to taste yourself on me after all those orgasms, drink in the pleasure I gave you,” and pulled deeply at her lips, before we both collapsed together in a tangle of naked limbs, resting up until we both had the energy to do it all over again.

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I enjoy rough sex, but what I really love is a good mind-fuck during my sex.

I hadn’t been over at my new guys house very long before he had me downstairs and stripped off my clothes and tied me up with rope, both my wrists and ankles. He propped me up on my knees and began pacing around me in a circle. I was totally restrained and had no idea what he had in mind for me.

After a few moments of pacing and making me nervous, he bent down and looked at me and said, “have you been masturbating this week?”

“Yes,” I replied nervously.

“Yes, what” he said.

“Yes, Master, I have been masturbating this week.”

He paced some more, “and what have you been thinking about while you masturbated, I want you to give me the details.”

I started listing off the things I had thought about while touching myself, including things like sucking his cock and what it would be like if he peed on me and than jerked off on my face after, and how it would be if he hog tied me and fucked me in the ass.

He paced around while I did so, stroking his hard cock the whole time.

When I finished listing everything off, he looked at me and said, “that’s all I need to hear from you for today” and he grabbed the panties I had been wearing when I had arrived, still wet from my pussy anticipating our date, and shoved them into my mouth and proceeded to cover it with a strip of duct tape across my lips.

“I’m going to have to document how lovely you look right now, tied up, naked, with that duct tape on your mouth, completely and utterly helpless.”

He pulled out a polaroid camera and began taking pictures of me.

He held one out in front of me and said “Look at how beautiful you look right now, just like a good little slut” and I could feel my pussy pound with the heat of how turned on I was.

He took out his flogger and began whipping my swelling pussy.

“I suppose it’s time to untie you and give that pussy of yours a bit of attention, since you’ve been such a good slut this evening” he said as he released my ankles, but still kept my wrists bound.

He spread my legs open and slid his index finger over my labia and into my pussy, and I gasped and squirmed from finally feeling contact after so much build up.

“God you’re so fucking wet’” he said, and leaned in and kissed the outside of my duct taped lips and then took his hard, firm cock and pushed it inside my wetness.

Then he began to pound me with his cock, while I laid there, helpless, dominated. At this point I was so incredibly, fucking ready to cum after so much delicious degradation and mind fuckery that it didn’t take very long of the actual fucking of my pussy before I was cumming so hard I felt like I was going to explode! So much so that I had to BEG him to flip me into a new position to prolong the magic!

Then he put it in my ASS and I KNEW I’d be coming any moment!

He finished things off by pulling out his dick and releasing his hot load all across my face, pulling off the tape from my lips at the last minute so that he could get it into my mouth as well, cuz I’d been such a good little bad girl! ;)

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Going to a catholic school my whole life left me with some interesting.. fetishes. Fetishes that led me to do one of the wildest things I’ve probably ever done to this day! I did it on one of my last days of Catholic High school, with my 18th birthday a few weeks prior and a completely over the top horniness (this was an all girls high school after all) I just couldn’t help myself!!!!

I had been masterbating… a lot. I was touching myself everywhere from my car,

to the girls bathroom,

to the broom closets;

if I saw something that made me hot I just had to get off💦

and the fact that I was repeatedly told how much of a sin this was  by all the nuns at my school just made it even hotter to me.🔥

It was time for one of my last confessionals before graduating, and I had a LOT to confess to that week, so I took a deep breath and stepped into the tiny confessional box. As I sat down the cold wood pressed against my bare ass. I had started to come to school in my plaid school girl skirt and knee socks, etc but no panties lately… with as much masturbating as I had been doing I liked knowing I had easy access and feeling the moistness of my pussy against my thighs.

The priest did his thing as I sat down and closed the door, I knew which priest it was and I’ll be honest, he wasn’t too bad looking for someone that had sworn themselves to celibacy! So I tell him I sinned and he asks me to go into detail of each “incident” that I’ve committed and I begin listing off each and every time I rubbed one out and why, that I can remember to the best of my ability. From waking up and hearing the sexy radio voice of the dj on my alarm clock, to ducking into the bathroom stall after seeing some of the girls in my grade changing after our workout, the list went on and one.

I was just a horny, repressed Catholic schoolgirl slut!😩😜😫😝😈

Shortly after I started listing them off I could feel myself gettin turned on all over again, not just in the reminiscing about the experiences, but even more so that I was sitting in this tiny box listing each of my “transgressions” to this guy with nothing but a thin wall to separate us. And so I started what may have been the craziest thing I’d done yet, I reached my hand between my legs, and slid my fingers up inside my soaking wet pussy and began thrusting them into myself as I continued listing off my prior sins. I was so wet that it was a tricky balance to not finger fuck myself so hard that he would hear the sounds of my sloppy pussy with such a thin wall between us, so I kept up a steady rhythm.

I got towards the end of the list when he said to me, “how does this make you feel, knowing that you are committing such grievous sins throughout the day,” and I was starting to get so into this, being reprimanded for the very act I was committing right next to him… that I decided to take it up a notch, and slid my soaking finger inside my asshole, while using my other had to stimulate my clit. To give you a better idea I had my feet up on the bench on either side of me with my pussy and asshole spread open to the bare wall across from me, and I continued this way as I tried to not too breathily explain how that “made me feel,” knowing that with every word and thrust I was getting closer to getting off.

The minute I knew he would start going into what I should take upon myself as punishment for my actions I had my fingers knuckle deep in my asshole and pussy and I ground my teeth together as I started to cum, seated there spread eagle in the confessional, cumming so hard and terrified of him hearing me. Bursting out at the end with a “yes Father, I’ll do that.” I looked down at my cum soaked hand and tried to make myself look presentable as I calmly walked out of the box and on my way to my last class of the day, now with an especial skip in my step.

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