So…the other day I was thinking about phone domination, and how there isn’t enough interest in this very fun form of play. Most of the kinky folks I know go out and play for real, but that’s because I’m in Los Angeles, and we’ve got a whole huge scene out here for that. But what about my beloved callers in East Nowhere, Texas? Timbuktu? The middle of Kansas? Or, worse yet, Saudi Arabia? (Yes, I totally have gotten Saudi callers!) They have very little access (if any) to kink, let alone a dungeon to go LEARN how to play, if they wanted. I wonder…would these guys be interested in phone domination? I’d love to train men to obey me over the phone! And, I’d love to SUBMIT over the phone, if the caller knows what he wants! But how do I get these guys to that place where they are comfortable dominating over the phone, without any real “training”? One big rule in the kink world is that you should never be doing to someone else what you yourself have not experienced. You don’t spank others until YOU’VE been spanked, so you know how it feels, how much or little it can hurt, etc. It’s a way of keeping dommes /doms accountable. So, where do these guys in non-metropolitan areas go to get TRAINED in the ways of domination and submission? I have been thinking that our girls should offer this training! I know it’s just an idea…but I wonder if more people would be open to it? What do you guys think? Would YOU want to be dominated over the phone? Would you like an example? ;)


ME: Don’t “hi” me– what’s your name?

CALLER: it’s James

ME: No, it’s not. It’s SLAVE. You understand?


ME: No “OK” here- it’s “YES MISTRESS!” when you answer me!

CALLER: yes, mistress!

ME: Good, now that we’ve got that established, I want you to take out your cock. DON’T play with it–don’t you dare just yet. Just take it out. Tell me when it’s in your hand.

CALLER: OK mistress, it’s in my hand.

ME: You want to stroke it, don’t you, you dirty little boy? All you think about is FUCKING with that thing, huh?

CALLER: ugh…

ME: That was rhetorical, Slave! I don’t need to ASK you anything– I KNOW. And I know that your cock runs your whole life. Every man’s does- should I assume you’re ANY different? Hell no! You’re just like all those dirty men, trying every day to get some precious pussy! And now, I’m going to use YOUR cock for MY benefit, you understand?

CALLER: yes mistress

ME: Good! Now I want you to touch the head…GENTLY! Are you hard?

CALLER: yes mistress

ME: Now I want you to squeeze your balls, but when you do it, I want you to think about all the girls you’ve fucked before…all the pussy you’ve shoved your hard cock into without even knowing their last names probably…squeeze them HARDER…you need to punish that thing before I will even CONSIDER letting you CUM!

…. …. …..   …. …. …. ….

You like? Do you want a teaser taste of ME being dominated instead? :) Here it goes…


ME: Hello, master.

CALLER: Hello, my little slut. Have you been waiting for me?

ME: You know I have, master. I live to serve your cock.

CALLER: That’s right, you do! And that’s what I want right now.

ME: Should I SUCK IT first, master? May I?

CALLER: Yeah…I’m taking it out…get on your knees. First, though, what are you wearing?

ME: I’m only wearing high heels and black lace thong, master.

CALLER: Good…take that thong and just pull it over to the side, so I can see your pussy.

ME: OK, master, it’s done. I’m already wet, as you can see.

CALLER: Good…now on your knees…now tell me how much you want my cock.

ME: I do, master! I want to suck you off so bad. I’ve been thinking about it all day!

CALLER: Oh really? HOW BAD do you want it?

ME: Bad enough to beg for it! Can I PLEASE suck your cock, master? My throat misses your cum!

CALLER: Put it in your mouth. That’s right. Now suck it!

ME: Mmmmmmmm….

CALLER: Mmmmm, that feels so good, I might stick it in your ass, too. Would you like that, you little whore?

ME: Yes master!


CALLER: You want me to spread those fine-ass cheeks, don’t you? Spread ’em and slide this big fat cock in there, huh?

ME: YES, master!

… … … … … … … … …  …. ….   ….  …

Sooooooooo….does that turn you on? Are you as turned on reading it as I am writing it? Good thing I’m home alone right now, because I’ve actually been fondling my pussy between typing! Seriously, I LOVE good phone domination! It’s so freaking HOT!

So you out there in internet land– please comment and tell me if phone domination interests you? Would you consider it over “regular vanilla” phone sex? Would it add to the fun and the fantasy for you? Also, I’m always curious to hear who likes to dominate, and who likes to submit. I’m a true switch, so I like it all–I’m greedy like like! And I’m curious to know how many callers are curious about phone domination, now that 50 Shades of Gray has cast some public light on this world? Let me know, loves!


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