Last night I had sex with these two hot dudes…and…my mother!!! OK, so before you go thinking I’m a total freak, just hear my story out first…

So it’s the week after finals. We still had lots of time off, and my mom decided to come visit. What I didn’t tell her was that I was short on cash, so I picked up this new job doing phone sex calls. A bunch of my sorority sisters do it and said it was so much fun, and they were right! But that isn’t even the naughty thing I wanted to talk about. I had taken some good calls the night before my mom came that got me so hot I just got on a roll and couldn’t stop.

When I get horny like that, I need COCK. I need to suck it and fuck it and ride it and nothing else will do!

But I can’t get any, cuz here shows up my mother the next day! She knocked on the door and I had to hug her literally all wet down there from how much masturbating I’d done all night AND the next morning! I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet when she got there! But right away I see something is wrong and ask her what’s up. Turns out my dad- her ex- is getting remarried. For me, I don’t really care- I mean, I’m happy for him. But I get it. My mother hasn’t even really DATED since the divorce, so I can imagine that’s got to be hard. Adulting is hard!

That night she took us out to dinner. I was telling her all the boring details about college life. I left out the best things, the juicy pussy-eating parties and orgies and other things that went on in the sorority house and at the college parties. Even though she was always pretty open and easy about sex with me, I didn’t think she needed to know about those!

To know that her and my dad’s money was being spent on me getting fucked by two to three dicks at a time, getting eaten out by a chick while a big cock slaps me in the face, my tongue all up in some chick’s cunt might not have been the kind of “education” she had in mind!

So anyways we’re sitting at a restaurant over dinner and she ordered us a bottle of red, and broke down and told me she’s super lonely and hasn’t even felt a man’s TOUCH in almost 2 YEARS. I couldn’t believe it! My pussy is aching after just a few DAYS when I go without cock! I felt TERRIBLE—and the thing is, my mother is still pretty fit and hot! There’s no reason she shouldn’t be out there dating and fucking! She’s a total MILF and she doesn’t even know it! So I’m wishing there was something I could to help her besides offer her the old “you’ll find someone again too” BS and pour her more wine. And then I saw these two guys I know from school across the restaurant. They’re jock types, and pretty hot. They look over and see me, and so, since we’re in a booth, I invite them over.

“This must be your older sister” the dark-haired one says to my mom as they settle in and introduce themselves! And she totally BLUSHED, it was so cute! And I kind of felt like he was flirting with her for real—not just being cute or funny.

And the other dude—the sandy blonde—I’ve had my eye on for a while as a potential fuck. I started to form a plan! We talked and ate, and then I invited them back to our place. My mom tried to nix it but I told her to relax and that it was going to be FINE. When we get back to the house, I fixed up strong drinks. My mother and I were already kinda tipsy from the wine, and I put on music and we all sit on the sofa. I’m talking with blondie, and she’s talking with Mr Tall, Dark, and Horny for Older Ladies, and he starts kissing her. She kissed him back for a second, but then looked over at me scared—like I was the parent instead of HER, asking if it was OK. I smiled my best “go for it mom!” smile, and starting kissing my guy too.

He kissed so good that I put my hands on his cock and felt his massive bulge, and unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants,  squatted down and shoved his dick in my mouth without missing a beat!

It felt soooo good to have a real fat cock inside my mouth, and not as weird as you’d think to have mom nearby! She was always one of the “cool”moms who let me have boys over, so we kinda have a friendship as much as anything else. So then SHE takes a cue from me and unzips her dude’s pants, and he’s like “FUCK YEAH!”

She gets his dick in HER mouth and shit– I’m telling you– I must have naturally inherited my cock-sucking skills from HER, because she going to town on his cock, and he started to go NUTS!

He was yelling it was the best head of his life as she bobbed on him, and it was so cute and hot that it made ME want to spoil the cock in my mouth even more! He was shaking trying not to blow his load fast, I could tell. He was gripping her head, holding on for dear life! So I licked the cock in MY hand all over and kissed the tip and circled around the head with my tongue and then shoved it to the back of my throat and fucked myself in the throat and I could hear her doing the same—gagging on cock—right next to me. I knew I’d have to be the one to take things to the next level. I pulled up my dress and commanded both boys to lay down. Mom mother made a face and I could tell reality was setting in a bit and she was getting uncomfortable.

Then I took my mother aside for a minute and told her THIS was the time to get some with a HOT young college guy who clearly found her irresistible! What better way to feel good and move on than fucking a guy half her age? My little pep talk (and one more giant swig of wine) helped, and it was game on!

We both pulled up our dresses, pulled OFF our panties, and climbed on top of our dudes. It was kind of crazy how much we FUCK ALIKE! Unfortunately I did NOT inherit her giant tits (DD’s and I’ve only got B’s) and it was pretty hot to see them for the first time since I was super little, and see that they still look great! Gives me hope! LOL

Anyway, we’re both riding our dudes and the moaning is getting louder and we’re all feeding off one another, and the guys were both like “OMG it’s so fucking HOT fucking a mother and daughter in the same room!”

They were like “you are the hottest mom-daughter combo ever!”

And shit, we probably were! A tall, hot MILF, and her sporty little redhead daughter– I felt like we should be crowned Playmates of the Year for this! Like, MILF-COED duo of all times! Just knowing how special and wild and hot this experience was for the dudes made it, like, a thousand times better and more intense!

My mother was BOUNCING on this guy’s cock, her auburn hair waving and her giant tits flapping and then the dude was like “I’M CUMMING” and SHE was like , “ME TOO!” and so then MY dude started to breathe deep and start to cum, and I rubbed my clit a bit and I started to cum too! It was CRAZY. All four of us pretty much came at the same time! We didn’t hang long after that, but both guys promise to stop by again on my mom’s next visit! I know she feels a BIT weird about it all, but honestly, I think it was super hot!!! Go mom!!! I’ll totally do it again so she can get some more of that hot young cock!

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