I’ve been single and ready to mingle for a few months now and no one that’s crossed my path lately has been doing it for me. I’m almost at the point where I don’t care what he or she looks like, the next person that speaks to me – hell, the next person that even looks at me is going to get jumped by me and my crazy tight wet pussy!

If it weren’t for working the phone sex line I swear I’d never get off… it’s boring banging yourself with your fingers errrrday, shoving random objects into my pussy, man.

I’ve fucked so many vegetables in the last few weeks I don’t even want to look at another carrot or cucumber or zucchini ever again!

Oh yeah I’ve fucked a papaya too, and I’ve shoved a popsicle in my pussy too. Haha, that was interesting! It was so cold my hot pussy melted it in seconds. 

But sometimes I just want a fucking fat cock to suck on, ya know?! Or a chick with supple round nipples to devour… or a nice juicy set of lips to kiss my asshole and some manly hands to spread it wide, making a nice wet hole for a dick to pound… MMMMMMMMM kay I needa get fucked here yo!

Like stat.

So get this, right… I’m walking home from the store and this Mercedes SUV slows down and pulls up beside me. I see a pretty cute dude’s face in the driver’s seat so I walk up to the open window and this guy tells me that he just had to let me know how gorgeous I am. And I’m like thinking okay two seconds ago I was just about to buy a box of cookies but I put them back because the adult me that wants to be sexy decided that the $4 would be better spent on a donation yoga class. So there are my priorities, right…

Anyways the dude starts talking to me and he’s really nice and so I’m like okay you’re kinda cute, you’ll do. He says he’s on his way to the gym and it’s raining at this point and I’m freezing so I tug on the door handle and open the door and sit in the passenger seat.

“Take me for a ride” I tell him. And he’s surprised but he starts driving and I look at him and smile deviously and grab his penis and feel it bulge. WHOA. This kid’s packing!

So I get even more excited and start rubbing his cock and he’s like not even sure what’s happening and then I unzip his pants and then we pull up to a stop light. A lady in the car next to us looks over and I wink at her and then drop my face into his lap.

I shoved his cock down my throat and started eating it like I was in a hot dog eating contest. I almost threw up I shoved it down there so far it almost hit my lungs.

I am pretty sure the lady was shocked and I wanted to see her disgusted face so I look up real quick and she was still looking and I took the back of my hand and wiped the saliva off of my lips. The light turned green and she started driving and I went back to town on homie’s dick.

He couldn’t even take it I was sucking his cock so hard and fast he had to pull over. He parked the car and pushed me back into my seat and thrusted his tongue into my mouth. He climbed on top of me but I pushed him back. I made him sit on the seat and I sat on his dick facing away from him like a reverse cowgirl YIPPIE KI YI YAY!!!!

The windows were fogging up and I pressed my tits against them and left nipple prints. His hands were gripping my ass from the sides and I was going up and down, up and down, up and down until he couldn’t take it anymore and pushed me off and blew his load onto my asshole.

“You gotta lick that up,” I told him, and he’s a horny perv too so he did!!! And then his tongue on my asshole made me even more horny, and I hadn’t even gotten off yet!

I started tugging on his cock and got him hard again and then I stuffed his cock into my asshole and OH MY GOD did I cum in like 5 seconds. I barely rode him for a minute and then I gushed everywhere.

Haha I think I even got cum on his leather seat, but luckily that would be easy to clean up. I just made this dude eat his own cum and he totally was down. I had never done that before but whatever, it was in the moment!

I opened the car door and got out butt naked and some older dude walked by with his lady and she scoffed but he was lookin’ at me like whoa, and then I bent over to grab my pants and give him a look at the good stuff, my hot wet ass that was dripping with cum, and the woman grabbed his hand and hurriedly walked him to their car.

My guy in the car just sat there in shock. I bet I gave him the best time he ever had, definitely one to tell the homies about.

“Fuck,” I looked at my grocery bag that was on the floor by his feet and saw that all of my squashes were squished. Ain’t nothing I could do with those now!

Hahahhahahah like I need to fuck myself with any more vegetables. I finally got some good real dick, I be fine for a minute. 

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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