My husband is SUCH a bore. Lol if only he could see me type this…if he paid any attention. He doesn’t even know how I work the phones, that’s how much time he spends working at his Big Important job and not fucking me. You know when the last time we had sex?

Yeah, me neither.

He got me sex the other day though—only it wasn’t something he ever planned! Heehee see his VP or whatever guy he works for just so happens to be…well…

So we had to go to this boring reception thing and I’m dressed in a super sexy bright green vinyl with my hair in a bun and curling down my sides. I was ready to have fun but FIRST THING when we get there, my boring husband just wanted to sit down counting down the hours till the thing is over!

I was like FUCK THAT. I’m getting SOMETHING tonight!

So I discreetly excused myself to “take a powder” as they say and then sidled up to the cocktail bar and was like pour me a double, friend!

There was this young guy working at the bar he was like lol no problem, and you’re looking lovely tonight.

You’re looking lovely tonight! When’s the last time I ever heard that! Anyway but THEN…Mr. Hot Shot VP shows up. He’s like this guy in his thirties and I’m going to call him Eddie. (That’s not his name but he’s very much an Eddie.) So he comes up and says hi and and we were just immediately EYE-FUCKING the SHIT out of each other. Like this big guy with a scraggly beard just looking at me like he wanted me more than anything even as he suavely kissed my hand and asked how is your evening?

I laughed and took his hand but my other hand was already running down the inside of his thigh. He wanted to fuck me so bad I knew. I led him to a more secluded part of the floor and I just KNEW right then (I’d already finished my double, lol) I said Eddie I think I want you. And he said “Oh not here”. I was like duh obviously I don’t want to get divorced lol. Then he motioned. There was a Hilton right next door.

We bolted to the elevator and nearly tore off our clothes right there!

He kissed me with such a fury and passion I almost melted rubbing his dick through his pants.

We ran across the street and in a blur he tossed the guy two hundred dollars bill and grabbed a key (I guess they pay better at this company then my tightfist hubby lets on…) and we went up to a penthouse suite! Oh my God it was glamorous! The city lights shimmering like my dress and the lake lit up like a quiet pool of skin. It caught my breath. He even had champagne delivered so quick. We toasted and then we tore at each other. I don’t know how I didn’t rip the buttons of his shirt off! All our clothes were off right away and I undid his belt and slid down his tight slacks and we were on this ocean of a bed.

My husband was this guy’s fucking boss! I was so blown away he was so gutsy and dangerous my God! And he just went at it and plowed me! No goddamn fooling around, he got in there and he was hard already! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT HAD BEEN SINCE I’D HAD SEX? WELL NOW IT HAS BEEN SIX HOURS. Lol. It FELT SO GOOD. His penis was so yummy in my clitty fuck hole I just wanted to stay there bent over and be a fuckhole for him! I came and it was like orgasm central station and he just kept fucking me! He was a raw virile man! Finally! Oh I’ve waited for a fuck like that for so long you have no idea.

In these creamy sheets and soft pillows I buried my head and screamed into the fabric while he pounded my hole!

I came AGAIN. And then ten minutes later I came AGAIN! I was shrieking my head pressed into the board at that point and he just kept fucking! He was bellowing like an animal having his way with me! He fucked and fucked and pounded with his huge raw throbbing dick of his! And then finally I could feel him shuddering.

I knew he was going to empty his load, so I pulled it out and started jerking him off and said HERE HERE HERE CUM RIGHT FUCKING HERE RIGHT ON MY FUCKING MOUTH!

And he did– all of it went down my sweet little throat! GOD IT FELT SO FUCKING GOOD and then he collapsed on me and my aching pussy.

Oh, I can’t tell you how fancy and hot and glamorous it was! He then went down on me and ate my pussy! He ate my red raw cunt softly and let me come down from that amazing fuck. Oh I dug my hands into that bed and felt like an aching flower…it was amazing…I just wanted to fuck him AGAIN already!!

But of course, uh, we were supposed to be at the fancy reception across the way…

When we got back my husband was like “Oh good you’re back in time. We have to go!” ordinarily I would’ve been mad…he didn’t even seem to realize I’d been gone like forty minutes! but hehe I didn’t mind. I just smiled with my flushed cheeks and said oh yes of course. That’s a good idea. I need a bed. You have no idea just how TIRED I am. We maybe have a reservation for a little longer at the same hotel next week. I’ve told my hubby I’m going to have a girl’s night. This girl WILL have a night lol.

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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