So I’m an old-school girl, I like to be out and about in the sun and just hang around and see what’s happening with people! I go into the same shops every day walk along the boardwalks to the beaches in my short shorts and pigtails.
I’m a tiny girl and everyone says I’m cute but LOL fuck that. I mean it’s nice and all but I’m not just cute I’m also, like, DIRTY too! Sometimes I just want to get fucked!!
So I was walking around the other day just counting down the hours before my shift. It was so hot, and sweat was pouring down my tight little body. I was buying an icee at the concession stand when this guys steps in out of nowhere!

He said “Allow me, I’d like to buy you this.” It was sweet and he looked so handsome in a clean-cut, gentleman-type way in his tucked-in polo shirt and jeans. I thought “this guy probably really knows how to treat a woman” and as soon as I did, I realized I kinda wanted to fuck him!

I mean, I WANTED to fuck him. Kinda is downplaying it, cuz suddenly I envisioned him whipping out his cock right there and fucking me while he held onto my pigtails!


I was so overcome. He just looked at me with his wallet out and gave me this knowing smile and he said “this ok lovely?”
It’ll be ok if you have your dick down my throat, I said. NO I DIDN’T SAY THAT.
Almost though. lol.

We started walkin down the boardwalk eating our icee and he said he thought I was just so beautiful. He said a pretty girl like me had to have a boyfriend and I said no I WISH GOD. They all think I’m too little and young but I’m not!! I’m mature beyond my years. Like I said no one thinks I have a dirty side…
Then he stopped and said: “My apologies. I simply feel I have to kiss you.” And then I said “Yes!” And he did!! He kissed me so softly and sweetly, he was such a gentleman! I felt like such a slut grabbing for his dick, like oh no what if he thinks I’m too dirty?
But he breathed sharp and said “Oh yeahhhh babe.” It turned out he had a dirty side too… that’s nice. ;) And soon I had his fucking pants off behind the trees and I WAS SUCKING HIS DICK RIGHT THERE.


IT WAS THE HOTTEST THING I’D EVER DONE. Oh my God I can’t even begin! His dick felt so right in my mouth! I took my perky tits out and he started fucking my tits with ecstacy on his face.

I looked up at him like a good little girl cooing “Yeah? Yeah? You like fucking me? You want to fuck my sweet girlie titties?”

He took his cock and rubbed it all over my tits and I pushed them in tightly around his cock and he fucked them with the big head of his dick coming right up to my lips with every stroke. I lapped at it with my tongue every time, leaving sloppy trails of spittle all over his cock.

It was so good…but he HAD to fuck my pussy before he went! I bent over him and put my knees on the ground and then he pulled me back by my pigtails! He doubled me over and kissed me as he was fucking me! Oh my fucking God dI didn’t even know that was possible!!!!

Oh he was a machine he was SO FUCKING HARD– like, ROCK-HARD– and he hammered away at my pussy from behind, slapping my ass with his balls, squeezing my ass and moaning how hot it was! It was so amazing!! He was breathing and snorting with his blood pumping and veins popping from his muscled arms!


I’m this little girl being fucked by this big, strong older guy…a real MAN. How could that not get my tight little pussy going?!

I felt aching from every part, him pulling my hair on top and fucking me and fucking me from behind. Every muscle in my body felt filled and right and alive. I’ve never felt more from my body then I did right then. Then he pulled out and I thought he was going to come. But what he did next was fucking bonkers!!! You know what he did?!?!
HE PICKED. ME. UP. And fucked me standing!
I’ve always dreamed of doing that with a guy but no one ever would try it!! I’m really light lol it’s not that hard…I think. He just plucked me up like a flower and fit me onto his dick. His thick legs held our weight and he grabbed me by my ribs and started bouncing my on his cock!

I could NOT help myself I seriously shouted: “fuck me DADDY! Punish me!!!”

That’s when he walked us– me in his arms and wrapped around his waist– over to the wall, and he jammed me against it. His hand went up around my throat.

“You BAD FUCKING GIRL” he told me “I’m going to have to FUCK the naughty right out of you” and then he gripped my throat and tightened his ass and HAMMERED THAT COCK right into me!!! I had nowhere to go- the wall was pressing behind me, and I felt trapped by his cock, dominated by it, like it was his cock fucking me and there WAS NOTHING ELSE. Only what he wanted to take from me, and what I wanted to give him!

Veins bulging, the thrust deep into me over and over while choking me, and I came all over him, SQUIRTING all over his dick.


Then he grabbed my arm and swung me around so that my cheek was pressed up against the wall and started fucking me that way, planted face-first into the wall! I knew he was going to come then and he asked if he could come inside me and I’m on the pill so I said OK and he came in me so hard pressed against that wall, forced to take every drop oh jizz and he pumped and pumped and pumped and shuddered with pleasure. Every part of his body was pushing into mine and oh fuck it felt so good you have no fucking idea. I can’t even try to explain it. It was everything I’ve ever wanted and I can’t believe he was there to give it to me. It turned out when he was married I didn’t even care. I got what I needed and we went on our ways.

OH. MY. GOD. Please let me have that again soon!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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