So I’m a pretty take-charge girl. I know what I want and I get it when I want. Like dick. Or two dicks. Or whatever.  ANYWAY. Some of you who’ve talked to me on the phones know what I mean. ;)
So first of all I was hanging out with my friend that I’m going to call John. John is a decent dude and we were just chilling at his house drinking a beer or too and we were talking how we both wanted sex all the time but it’s hard to talk about that stuff. So then I HAD to ask…. “Do you want to have sex with ME?” Just as friends? Well you can mayyyyybe guess what happened after that hehe.

Soon I had him spread lying on his back on the couch and I had his dick in my mouth!

Have I told you I love dick. I love dick. Let everyone know right fuckin’ now that I love dick. Ok.
And he was like holy shit I can’t believe this is happening and I said BELIEVE JOHN BELIEVE. Haha. And just as I was about to fuck him, command him to lay still, while I rode him silly, I heard “What the fuck!?!?”
There I was, my hungry pussy hovering over John’s throbbing begging dick, and there was John’s female roommate __________.

And instead of freaking out or yelling or running out of the room, she just came over and lifted up her skirt and the next thing I knew she had her pussy in my face!

I was like holy shit and I sat down on John’s cock and he moaned with such pleasure from my wet soaking pussy and then I was licking the wet soaking pussy in front of me! Oh my God _______’s cunt felt so good with her business skirt lifted and panties down taking in her famished clit. I loved it! She was like holy God fuck I never guessed you could eat pussy this good! John was bouncing and bobbing and thrusting into me like fuck yeah babe holy shit goddamn this is fucking amazing you’re so fucking good you’re so fucking hot…

Suddenly though I felt a little too out of control for all this happening to me. I felt I just needed to have a little more…say in this matter. I bounced off John’s cock and tore my lips away from _________’s cunt. Before they knew what was going on, I positioned ________ over his dick and whispered in her ear loud enough for John to hear “You two want it now, don’t you you whores”

Well they fucking slammed into each other like the Himalayas when I said that! Hahahaha. And her eyes rolled back into her fucking head!

Those beautiful huge tits I’d always gawked at with my dirty pervy mind, always under cream colored blouses and cocktail dresses, were now here, bouncing around in front of me!

God fucking damn it was perfect. As they were fucking I straddled John’s mouth and said “Eat me,” before he could respond I sat down on his face and nearly smothered him with my puss! Then I grabbed her perfect tits and rolled them around in my hands. God they were amazing but I wanted her to suck on mine. As she was still riding John’s dick and I was riding his face I gripped her shoulders and bent her forward to suck on my perky little nipples. She did and moaned, God it felt so good! I had them right where I wanted them, and they were doing everything I said. It was all so fucking HOT.
So this would all be pretty wild already just on its own right? well LOL have I got a surprise for you because that isn’t all that happened…no we had one more surprise left just then…
Suddenly someone knocked on the door and it fell open and we heard a deep gruff voice say “Babe?”
IT WAS HER BOYFRIEND _______ coming over to see her! All of us FROZE. What do you say!?!?

“Hi there- I’m just force-feeding your GF my boobs while she rides her best friend– don’t mind us!!!!”

He looked at us with amazement like he just couldn’t figure out what was going on. And then it was JOHN, it was JOHN of all people who just said sweetly. “Hi there big guy. Join us?”
And then all of a sudden it was MY mouth that was full again—with dick! I looked at _____ and she nodded letting me know it was all good!

So I blew her boyfee like no tomorrow as my pussy was filled with a hot tongue.

Oh my God I was just lost while we were all getting the fucking and sucking we deserved! I came, squirting in John’s mouth—he lapped it up like a good little boy—then _______ came, right down my fucking throat!! Then John and _______ came together. Holy fucking shit it was the best thing, the best, best thing. I’ve never come that hard in my life!! We were all sitting around on the couch naked in our sweat-drenched clothes as John and _____ were still pulling on their cocks. An accidental threesome I can picture, but an accidental foursome? With a friend AND a couple?! God! I think I’ll be ok at home talking for a while now, I’ve been satiated!

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