Im no spring chicken as they say but for 33, I’m still pretty freaking hot. Or at least thats what people still tell me– how I look closer to 25 than 35. I had my kids real young– the first at 16 and the second at 19. So my oldest is now 17 and a woman herself pretty much. And Im sharing all of this because it involves what Im here today to say. I’m going to just rip this band-aid off here:

I slept with my daughters boyfriend. Oh god. That doesnt even do it justice.

HE FUCKED THE SHIT out of me. Like 4 nights ago.

And now Im going nuts. Am I a terrible person? Because oh my god it was the best sex of my life and now hes threatening to TELL HER!!!!!!!

It all started innocently enough when she invited him on our yearly camping weekend. My youngest brought a friend and my oldest brought her boyfriend. We set up camp, cooked dinner on the fire, and enjoyed the sunset. It got cold and we all went to bed, but I couldnt sleep. I ended up back at the fire, blanket around me, sipping a beer I brought. Thats when Tony (fake name to protect all of us) came out of his tent too and sat next to me. He said he couldnt sleep either. When I asked him why, thats when it all went crazy.

He said “because I wanna fuck you so bad I cant stand it”.

I couldnt believe it! My reaction was automatic– I slapped him!

And then he said “thats what I love about you Ms. ___________. Youre so spicy. Your daughter should be more like you, but shes not.”

“My daughter is perfect” I said, sticking up for my baby “and how dare you talk to me like that?!”

“Im sorry” he said, “that was disrespectful. What I meant is I want to MAKE LOVE TO YOU so bad it hurts. Youre the hottest 30-something woman Ive ever seen. Youre cool. I mean, I DIG your daughter, sure, but shes a GIRL and youre a WOMAN.”

I did NOT know what to say to that! Hes only 19 anyway– not much older than my baby.

“Look” he said “if you dont want me too, Ill shut up & NEVER mention it again. But if you want me, you HAVE to have sex with me”.

“FINE” I said figuring how on earth is he gonna prove anything like that?

But that little shit! He says “so prove to me you dont want me. Let me feel inside your panties. If youre dry down there, that proves it. But if youre wet…”

My heart was racing! I had no idea what to say! I hadnt been laid in like, what? 9 or 10 MONTHS? My last bad date last year! My head was spinning. My mouth was dry! The next thing I knew he was pulling at the strings of my PJ bottoms.

“Just let me feel” he said, sliding a hand down into my panties. I promise Ill be nice…

I felt his fingers part my slick, dripping pussy. It gave me away! I WAS wet– SUPER wet, dripping wet!

He pulled his fingers out and there was sticky clear strings between his fingers!

“I KNEW IT!” he said, locking eyes with me and licking his fingers!

My pussy was ACHING at this point and I lost my mind. It was like everything Id learned in my 33 years went right out the window. I said FUCK ME!!!

He took my hand and we laid down my blanket about 100 yards behind the tents, in case the girls woke up. The fire was only a distant light from there. He laid me back, sliding my bottoms off. His mouth was on my pussy, sucking and flicking with the skills of a professional.

“OH MY GOD” I murmured, sinking into the blanket, legs giving in and falling limply to the sides.

“SEE?” he said “your daughter says it tickles and wont let me, but I NEED to eat pussy.”

I pushed the idea of him and my daughter and their sex life out of my mind. I hadnt felt this amazing down there in years and I didnt want guilt to make it stop!

He put his mouth back on my pussy, sucking my lips up into my mouth as he fingered my pussy and asshole at the same time! Kids these days know SO MUCH more than we ever did! One finger prodded my asshole, sliding in a circle, thrusting in and out.

“C’mere” he finally said, sliding out of his pants. A fat pink cock popped out, pointing at me. Even in the pitch dark I could see how hard and throbbing it was!

Mmmmmmmmm he said as he touched it, then he kneeled down and fed it to me. At this point, my “real” self said “fuck it!” and finally took over! I jammed his cock down my throat, sucking and deepthroating like Id learned all those years ago after my divorce.

His smooth ass was so young and perfect and I gripped his cheeks, forcing him further down my throat.

“Oh god…” he whispered “yeah, you know how to do it so good…”

It was time to feel that cock inside me.

FUCK ME I said, NOW.

He RIPPED open my PJ top, and sucked my tits as he aimed his cock at my pussy.

UHHHHHHHH! I moaned, trying so hard to be quiet, as he jammed it into me. Oh my god this isnt happening my mind kept saying, but it was. His cock was sliding smoothly in and out of me, rubbing against my G spot and clit, making me moan like crazy.

As he fucked me I put all thoughts out of my head and just concentrated on that cock moving in and out of me. On his balls slapping against me.

Of how fucking INSANE what we were doing was! But oh my god ive not been fucked like that in YEARS.

He was panting hard, and I knew we were both going to cum soon.

YES I said, just FUCK ME LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW. Just fuck me until you cant fuck anymore! I whispered, give me that cock, son!

When I called him “son” he moaned, on the brink of blowing.

TURN AROUND he ordered, and then slipped his cock in me from behind. OH MY GOD it felt SO GOOD!!!! He hammered at my pussy so hard it hurt!

Im cumming I annouced as my pussy exploded in fuzzy waves and convulsions around his dick.

ME TOO he said and started to pull out.

NO, I said, I’m fixed– cum inside me!

Hearing those words, his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“Ive never done that before” he choked.

I should have figured, at that age!

DO IT I told him!

He pumped me hard a few more times, sweating and breathing heavy.

HERE….I…CUMMMMMMMMMM” he whispered through gritted teeth, and I could feel his eager young cum pumping into me in hot bursts.

I rubbed my clit hard and gave myself one last orgasm before his cum was spent.

You need to get back to your tent, I told him.

“Ok” he said, “but only if you promise this wont be the only time”

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” I asked him.

“Your daughters boyfriend who you just fucked,” he said. “The guy who is willing to TELL HER unless you do what you and I both want. You KNOW you want this again” he said, slapping his dick against my thigh.

I was in complete shock! I think my heart stopped beating!

“YOU WOULDNT!” I told him!

NO, he said, YOU wouldnt cuz you love your daughter. And I love pussy. YOUR pussy. Her pussy. Now Ive got the best of both worlds, and I aint giving that shit up so easily. You fuck me like we BOTH KNOW we BOTH WANT, when I want, & __________ will never have to find out.

“YOu wouldnt!” I said again!

“Its done!” he said. Both of your pussies belong to me now.

And is it crazy that I was flattered? That he wanted my 33 year old self as much as he wanted my daughters newly ripe young pussy? I KNOW its fucked up and this kid is like a psycho for or a sociopath or whatever for doing this but I admit it: I wanted him. I LIKE the idea of him blackmailing me into fucking him!

It gives me a way to not feel so guilty to do it again. Because come on- of course I have to now! I cant let my baby girl find out! And ok yeah I admit I want that cock again. So long as my girl doesnt get hurt, its all good.

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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