ok so i started being a phone sex girl about a year ago. to tell the truth, i really needed money and a friend told me about this job. I had NEVER watched a porn movie in my LIFE when i started this job! i was sooooooo nervous when i took my first few calls– i SO thought i was gonna get fired! but you guys were really NICE to me and I did’t expect that! and i never realized how sexy i could feel just by talking, and now i’m like the sex QUEEN so THANK YOU GUYS… but now i’ll get to my latest dirty story because i know thats what you want…

so i can never never never EVER tell anyone but you guys this, but i kinda slept with my step dad! :/

so before you get mad at me let me tell you that my mom and him are DIVORCED you guys, so its not like i fucked her current man, and they were only married like 4 or 5 year anyway. so how it happened was he still comes over sometimes to use our pool or borrow a dirt bike (yes, i have 3 brothers and i dirt bike– does that turn you on?!) cuz everyone is still friendly and that was the deal this past friday– he was coming over to borrow two bikes for him and his bud to go riding on Sat. So he comes over with the truck and its like usual but I had JUST gotten off the phone with a caller who really knew how to have HOT phone sex.

I was seriously turned on and all i could think about was sex, so when he came in I said “hi dad” (i still call him that for fun) and hugged him and offered him a beer and he took one and we talked about the bikes for min and which he would take and i asked him if he wanted to go for a quick swim with me? Mom wasn’t gonna be home until really late so i wanted company and he said sure.

I got him some swim trunks and we got into the pool at dusk and at first it was normal stuff and we were playing and splashing around and then im not sure what came over me but my step dad is pretty hot (so is my mom, actually. she had me at only 16) and i got this thought into my head about fucking him. and once i was thinking it i couldn’t like, let go of this thought and i was kinda terrified but i as we were splashing and dunking each other and everything, i just grabbed him and pressed my lips to his.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? he asked me and like, shoved me away from him!

i felt kinda dumb but i couldnt’ stop and i so i asked him if hed ever thought about fucking me? and he got SUPER MAD and climbed out of the pool but i could TOTALLY SEE that he had a hard on just from what i said, so i followed him into the house as he’s wrapping himself in a towel and i said please dont be mad at me!

And he was like Im not mad but thats just wrong!

what is wrong? I asked him– i swear i was now on a mission–his shorts were tented out and I needed that D!

So i said IS IT WRONG TO DO THIS? and I undid my bikini top and let it fall to the floor. My tits are like super cute little gumdrops– like perfect little B cups with teensy little nipples…dudes LOVE my titties i must say!

His eyes like popped out of his head!

Is it wrong to do this? i asked again, and I reached inside my bikini bottom and started to touch my pussy.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? he said and moved closer to him, reaching out for his hand, and i put it on my left tit.

He squeezed it gently and said again OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?

So i said NOTHING you clearly don’t want– and put my hand on the fat bulge in his pants.

Your mouth is telling me this is bad, but your COCK is telling me you want me too, i told him.

And that was that- next thing you know he lifted me off the floor! He lifted me onto the kitchen island and pulled my bikini bottoms down.

YES, DADDY, I told him…DO IT

so he buries his face into my pussy and OMG fuck the boys who THINK theyve been eating me out this whole time dude- this MAN could GO DOWN like a muthafucka! I let my legs fall open and i laid back as he licked my pussy and fingered my cunt.

OH MY GOD YOURE SO TIGHT, YOURE SO BEAUTIFUL he said between eating me and fingering me.

DADDY- I wanna SUCK IT for you I told him, because i was anxious to finally see that cock.

So he back off and pulls the shorts down and out pops this fat, hard, pink pole that is THROBBING like crazy so I slide off the island, get on my knees, grab it and shove it in my mouth!

I guided it all the way back down my throat, getting it all covered in spit and then I lick the tip gently and look up at him:

DADDY? I ask with his cock on the side of my face, DO YOU WANT ME TO SUCK IT?

YEAH, suck it baby he says, BE A GOOD GIRL AND SUCK DADDY’S COCK! and he shoves it back down my throat!

So im sucking him and getting wetter and wetter and i know ive got to have that D inside of me, so I stop sucking him off and I lay his towel out on the floor and lay on it.

FUCK ME DADDY i tell him.

He lays down on top of me. I feel the head of his cock pressing at my pussy lips.

Are you SURE you really want this? Are you SURE you want Daddy to fuck the shit out of you?


Say it again, he says!


and that was it– he jammed his cock into me and my eyes rolled back in my head. he pumped slowly at first cuz im pretty tight for sure and I could feel my pussy spreading and beginning to give in to his fat meat.

OH MY GOD he said as he slid in and out of me OH MY GOD YOURE SO FUCKING TIGHT.

And I said DADDY I KNOW- you need to break me in cuz im TOO TIGHT!

and this made him grunt and fuck me harder and faster and it felt so freaking good with that thick cock inside me and it felt so wrong that it was sooooo right and i knew i should hate myself but i didn’t.

i was getting close to cumming but i wanted more cuz i have the feeling this is never gonna happen again so i wanted to make the most of the moment so i said to him:


And he was like, baby, no– are you sure? NO…I cant.

and i was like YES DADDY and slipped his cock out of my pussy and put it against my asshole.

and again he was like no, i cant

and I was like, PLEASE DADDY! PLEASE FUCK MY ASS and i said it in a cutesy baby voice, like a little schoolgirl, and he was like OH MY FUCKING GOD I CANT BELIEVE I”M DOING THIS and then shoved his cock HARD up my ass!

Dude it only took THREE THRUSTS and we both started cumming. I was rubbing my clit too and i felt my asshole contract around his cock in spams as i came and i could also feel HIS cock spurting hot cum inside me and in that moment i swear i think i had my ultimate fantasy.

he held me by my legs as he pumped a full load into me and i squirmed rubbing out the last of my O and tightening my cheeks around his cock.

HOLY FUCKING CHRIST he said, pulling out.

You can never, never tell anyone we did this, he said.

Well…i said…i can only promise that if YOU promise we can do this again! what a sneaky bitch i am! I had him!

so yeah…is it weird im gonna be blackmailing my ex step dad to fuck me and fill me with his cum from time to time? :P Is it wrong? If it’s wrong i just dont wanna be right!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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