Can I tell you something?

I don’t feel bad– some people might say I should feel bad, but I don’t feel bad– I don’t feel like a slut or a bitch but I just feel HOT! It’s okay to feel hot. Everyone should get that feeling and should feel sexy I don’t think anyone should be ashamed!

It all happened tonight when I was on my couch with my boyfriend and his best friend. Now his best friend Tim he is a fucking LOOKER folks though he doesn’t know it! He gets so down on himself and thinks girls don’t think he’s hot but he IS! You just might not know how hot you are guys. Haha. So we’re on his couch all three of us and my stupid boyfriend is complaining on how long our food’s taking to get delivered. We’re at Tim’s house just watching TV because they were about to watch the game. Finally my boyfriend just decides he’s going to drive over and get the fucking food himself. And LOL go for it right? Whatever. So.
As soon as he’s gone I look at Tim and I can see his dick’s hard! And he’s trying SO. HARD. To hide it. Shifting away from me and kinda tucking in his knees like he thinks I won’t notice what he’s doing. LOL. I’m not stupid Tim. And he KNOWS I’m a phones girl! He knows I’m no prude, he knows I don’t think there’s any shame in just trying to have a good time. He knows that. Well. He knows now for sure hehe…anyway.
The thing is. My boyfriend? He doesn’t like to fuck! I’ve been needing dick SO BAD. I was begging him for it the other night and he was like oh damn oh damn no I can’t! I can’t fuck you leave me alone!

Well who says that to his girlfriend? RUDE. Rude and doesn’t make me feel good…so when I saw Tim with that boner I just wanted to be like honey, you like me, that makes me feel nice! It’s okay, I promise it’s okay, please believe me…
I mean. So next I started rubbing his cock. He almost launched through the fucking roof he was so surprised! He was like NO WAY. What? WHAT?!? I’ve always—I dreamed of…and I said it’s okay baby I know you want to fuck me and I’ll tell you what.
What. I was rubbing his dick and his lips were in my ear and it was so hot my bra was soaked through my shirt with sweat. He was trembling he had no idea. What? he said.

I whispered in his ear I want you to fuck me so hard I want your cock to pound my pussy till I scream and scream and never talk.

And I want you to face fuck my fucking mouth before you cum and cover my sweet little lips with your jizz well SHIT!!!! Well shit isn’t what I said it’s what he said. Ha. What can I say….I didn’t say much because soon his fucking pants were off and he lifted up my shirt and I buried my tits in his mouth. He sucked on my huge tits like such a sweet good man. God that cap he wears is so hot and his tank top was all sweaty and his beard on my skin I just got hot remembering it all!!!

So then he went to touch me on my face and my ass and through my panties I seized up just thinking about how that huge dick I was rubbing he was going to stick in me!

Look. I haven’t been fucked in so so so fucking long. My boyfriend? He cares about a goddamn pizza then he does about sticking his dick anywhere let alone in me. Gross? Who gives a shit, not him. So I ripped off Tim’s pants and just started sucking his dick! He was like holy SHIT this can’t be for real. Lol well my tongue was on his dick so he better have started believing it. I sucked him so fucking good I mean I BLEW him like I gave him a fucking BLOW JOB like I was in the goddamn Olympics. lol. He almost jizzed right there in my mouth! Oh and after I worked on him he gripped my head right there on his couch and he just worked his fucking cock down my neck and it was so fucking good I fucking loved how fucking good he felt and how he just took CONTROL. Sweet Tim. Oh sweet Tim. Haha.
And then he fucked me on the table! Right there on the damn kitchen table where we were supposed to eat our goddamn pizza! Lol.

He just plowed right the fuck into me and held my legs up like a V and let his own pleasure take over every part of my aching slut hole.

I don’t care if I’m a slut I’m not ashamed! I’m NOT ASHAMED! We all LOVE SEX WE LOVE PLEASURE! FUCK ME! I screamed fuck me. Lol.
You know what the really hot thing is? I had my heels on the whole time. Sometimes things just work the fuck out haha.
I thought I was going to pass out with how hard he fucked me he was so good!! I can’t tell you how much that hole of mine needed to be fucked! He gripped my shoulders and just fucked me till I saw stars! God it was so good! I barely noticed when that cock went right back in my mouth lol. Suddenly he was like you still want that cum babe and I was like oh. Yeah. Yeah I DO! A GIRL GETS DISTRACTED WHAT CAN I SAY. And then he jerked off and just COVERED me. Oh God it was so good I felt such a RELEASE!
And then my boyfriend came back in. Banging on the door like LET ME IN THE GAME STARTS IN FIVE MINUTES. Haha I basically sprinted into the bathroom with my clothes while Tim got dressed. My boyfriend came back with the food and none the wiser. Why would he? He didn’t get hurt. And we got all kinds of good. No shame in pleasure. Pleasure never hurt anyone. Shit he fucked me pretty alright.

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