Aight guys so I’m kind of a bad girl! I am 19 and super cute and always horny so guys like to buy me drinks. And I recently got kicked out of a bar because I was in there drinking. Not just kicked out though – I was like druuuunk and got arrested. Since I had a record – I got caught tagging up graffiti shit on my 18th birthday after my team won a super crucial game – I was taken to jail!

I had to spend 3 days in that bitch before I was able to get bailed out.

And dude,that’s A LOT of days when you’re hot and horny and like dick in your mouth like every night.


I couldn’t fuck, I couldn’t work myself up at werk on the phone line, masturbating could be tricky just cuz other people could hear me but I was kinda like whatever, I need to flick my clit and stick something in my cooter. Like I need to cum.

So after dinner most girls went to the showers and did their thing. Or some did their bible study but that’s boring. I wanted to see some tits so I went to the showers so I could look at all the naked girls. I saw titties and asses and I was gettin’ all writhed up, my pussy tingling and feeling stars all around it. I dropped my towel and stood there, about to reach my hand down between my legs when the hottest chick there – this Brazilian girl – walked in front of me, fully nekkid, hella hot body, slim tummy, thick thighs, ba-dunk-a-dunk in her trunk and gorgeous perfect round supple tits. I almost jumped on her right there – attacking like a starving pouncing on its prey. 

I followed her into the showers – there were a bunch of shower heads in a line so 10 people could take a shower at once – and found an open spot next to her. She was on the end by the wall.

Once the water hit my shoulders and sprayed drops of water lightly over my breasts I turned toward her and tilted my head back and ran my hands through my hair. The water was dripping all over my face and she turned toward me at the same time – her tits right in front of my face – and of all things –


I almost busted out laughing because she dropped the fucking soap, like I was in a mother fuckin’ movie or something – but she was so sensual about it I was immensely turned on. I mean, I saw her beautiful South American ass bent over and I swear to fucking god if I was a man I would have rammed my dick right up in that booty.

Fuck the pussy, I would have stuck my cock right up her fat ass. And I bet it was hella tight too!


I decided to work my magic – it had been a few months since I got down on a chick – and I bent down to grab the soap for her. Our hands touched as we reached for it at the same time and she looked up at me. Her beautiful blue eyes under her brown bangs and her innocent face – I wondered if she had ever had her box eaten out by another female before.


I just went for it. I kissed her. I wrapped my tongue around hers and pressed my lips against her lips and we stood up, our hands feeling each other’s bodies, my hands gripping her big booty, her hands running along my waist and then down my thighs. I pushed her into the wall, my boobies touching hers – nipple to nipple – and I kissed every bit of her belly as I made my way down to my knees and stuck my tongue out in-between her legs.

I tickled her clit, opening her pussy lips with my tongue, and she leanded back against the wall and moaned.


She grabbed my hair tightly with her fingers and I was eating her out so hard she came in my mouth. Then she pushed me back against the wall next to me and kissed me, then she got down on her knees and repaid the favor!

God damn she was good!!! This chick had a tongue like a snake – wrapping around every little crevice my vagina and inner thighs and asshole had to offer. I learned the answer to my question – she definitely had been with chicks before! She had to have! Thinking about her getting it on with other chicks turned me on even more and I let go – I bursted all up on her lips. She looked at me – her index and middle fingers still inside of me, my cum in her mouth, and smiled. I pushed her down and lied on top of her on the floor. On the floor of the fucking jail shower. We made out for what seemed like another ten hours and no one was even yelling at us for taking too long in the shower.

It didn’t take long to realize we had an audience – quite a few girls, naked girls, were standing there watching this whole thing take place.


A few of them were even rubbing themselves out. I think they really enjoyed the show, and it was funny because the next day everyone asked me when I was going to take my shower.

Oops, I got bailed out. No more jail showers for me! I definitely got Miss Brazil’s email address though! Can’t wait to see her again =)

Now back to work! Ready for that cock!!!!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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