Listen guys, I’m getting mighty tired of this fear of the butt. Not MY butt, silly—lord knows y’all have been asking for MY BUTT since I was 16—I’m talking about YOUR butt, baby! Fear of letting ME put something in your butt.

Of spreading your hairy little cheeks and fucking you with my thick, veiny strap-on. But that’s EXACTLY what I want to do. Am GOING to do.

Because listen, boys, the good lord didn’t give you that lil “button” in your prostate for no darn good reason, trust me. And a woman like me—a DOMINANT woman—I guess you could call me a dominatrix or mistress…IF you’re good—a woman like me doesn’t take “NO” for an answer.
The guy last night sure didn’t!



We met in a bar, we exchanged numbers. I told him I’m a domme, and he seemed to think it was pretty cool, and asked me out on a date. I told him I didn’t DO dates, I did sessions. I don’t think he really had ANY idea what all this meant, but hey, he was willing to try.

When he showed up at my place per the plan, I immediately tied him face-down to my bed with leather straps.

“Why face down?” he asked me, and I could have almost laughed out loud! I suppose he thought I’d, what? Be sucking his cock? Silly, silly man. The cock-sucking only comes way, way later, when your ASS has earned it a few times.
“Because”, I told him “I’m going to fuck you in your ass with strap-on, and I don’t want you fighting me or trying to get away.”
“Ugh…I’m not sure I can do this” he said.
I DID laugh then!
“Oh yes you can. Have YOU given ANAL to a girl before?” I asked him.
“Uh, yeah.”

“Well there you go. You didn’t think you could just go around fucking all these girls in the ass and think YOUR day would never come, did you?” I demanded.

I changed into my outfit while he remained planted on the bed. I did, however, stroll around the front side of the bed so he could see my outfit: a sexy, strappy domination leather number that left my big tits out. He turned his head and I let him take a look at me.
“God, you’re fucking sexy as hell” he said.
“SHUT UP” I told him “it’s time for no talking.”

I took out my strap-on, letting him see the 6” long, 1.5” thick black shaft. I could see his whole body tense up. They ALWAYS do this…at first.

I climbed into it and strapped it on. My rubber cock stuck out from pussy mound, and I stroked it a bit. I don’t know why, but stroking my fake cock really turns me on! Then I let him watch from his place on the bed as I took lube and started stroking it up and down the length of the shaft, getting it all oily and shiny and ready to destroy.
I climbed on the bed, my legs on either side of him, and let my tits brush his back gently, nips trailing down, as the cock rubbed down to his ass. I heard him moan.

He wanted it. Even if he didn’t know it yet, he wanted it!

I slid down his body until my face was at his asshole. I took the lube and gave it a good squirt. I felt him tighten up.
“You better relax” I told him, “or it will hurt”.
I spread his cheeks carefully, just urging the tip of the dildo in his ass. He fought against me, clenching.
“RELAX!” I commanded him, “I’m getting in there either way, so…”
I pushed his cheeks further apart and arched my hips into him. He cried out as the head of the strap-on cock fully entered his asshole.

“That’s a good boy” I said, “take that cock”.

It took about five minutes of slow pressure to get all the way in. I had to lay there on top of him like that for a minute, allowing his body to relax into this new sensation. When I felt his ass unclenching a bit, I started taking slow strokes. Easy, gently, I maneuvered that rubber cock in and out, undulating my hips into him, fucking his ass the way I’d always loved getting my own ass fucked.

“OH god, oh god” he moaned quietly into the sheets.
When I stared to get really turned on myself, I stopped and adjusted the straps, creating more give, and made him get on his hands and knees. He did it silently. Then I got back behind him and thrust that cock back up his ass, hard this time!
“OH GOD!” he shouted, half in pain, half in pleasure.
That was my cue. I reached around the front and grabbed his cock—it was semi-hard—and began pulling on it with one hand, the other hand on his waist on the other side, bouncing his tight ass into my faux cock. His moans of pleasure told me I could go harder.

With all my strength I rammed his ass, working that lube-covered rubber dick in and out of him as fast as I could, so fast I was getting dizzy.

“Oh fuck you—fuck you” he cried out as I knew he was closing to coming. I stopped. Dead.
“What’s wrong?!” he asked, trying to glance over his shoulder. I slapped his face.
“Look forward!” I commanded him.
He did. That’s when I said “you want me to keep fucking you with that cock, don’t you?”
“Yes” he admitted with some shame.

“Say it. BEG for me to finish you off. BEG for me to fuck your ass until you cum.”

“Oh god” he said, clearly hesitant.
I gave his cock a few more tugs, and did ONE pump into his ass. He moaned loud!
“See?” I said, “we both know you want it. JUST SAY IT!”

“I want it!” he screamed, “I want it! Oh my god, it feels so good! Please fuck my ass!!!”

I smiled and shoved that cock into him so hard he cried out. I grabbed his hips and pounded my own forward into, two, three…I was breaking into a sweat I was fucking his tight little ass so hard. His whole body shook and vibrated with the force of my strokes. God I felt powerful!
“I’m COOOOOOOOOOMING!” he announced, and grabbed his cock and pulled on it as his little white ass convulsed in spams around that rubber cock. I wished it were real so I could actually feel that! His cock did that weird, watery half-cum it does when a guy has an anal orgasm, and I made him lick that off my hand before I unstrapped him.
God, I really busted his ass though. He texted me later that he had trouble sitting down in the car to drive home!
I wonder what he’s going to tell his wife about why he can’t sit at Johnny’s little league game on the bleachers tomorrow!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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