If I had one wish, it would be that everyone knew what to do with an ASS!!!

I love getting it licked, worshipped, fingered, and of course, fucked. But everyone’s either afraid to do anything with it or knows his way around butts about as good as a Southerner in a snowdrift!
Why am I telling you this? Well. A couple nights ago I got my wish. ;)
My boring boyfriend dragged me out to this stupid work party and we’re getting drinks in this fancy hotel bar and then this GUY my husband works with just came up to me and introduced himself! Big tall guy. Nice eyes. Such nice eyes.

He gripped my hand firmly and my first thought was “I’m gonna suck this guy’s cock. If he wants it, that cock is mine”!

I was wearing this little pleather mini-skirt with zippers and I swear I almost gushed on the floor right here with how he looked at me! My boyfriend was so bored and checked out he didn’t know anything that was going on. this guy just introduced himself as D_____ and I was like “Hi…you don’t smoke do you? I was just going to step out onto the baclony…”

He said no. My boyfriend hates that I smoke. Lol D____ didn’t get it.

“Are you sure?” I said, my mouth teasing the rim of my wine glass. “Because I really like. To have. A smoking buddy.”
There we go– he got it.
Soon as we were out on that balcony I was rubbing his cock through his pants and his hands were already on my ass feeling me through my skirt. God it was so fucking hot! We were in a nice secluded little corner and he turned me around and I could feel his cock through his pants poking and caressing my ass! Oh God I wanted him to fuck me right there. I massaged his dick more and soon enough I was on my knees blowing him right in the free air!
And as his big dick grew in my mouth and I sucked him down to the base of his cock all the way in my throat, licking his shafted and tonguing ever so slightly on his head, teasing his underside with my long red nail, I thought maybe he can give this ol ass a try.
I stood and lifted up my skirt for him and let him take off my panties. I said do you like my ass…and I could tell then he was hot for it! He said you have such a fucking beautiful tush!

I said kiss it. Worship and kiss my beautiful ass.

He got down on his knees and I buried my ass in his face and he licked and sucked my firm round little bum and my sweet clean hole. IT WAS GREAT. Oh my God it was so fucking good I gripped the railings of the balcony and flung my head up to the moon and just got lost in all the sensation coming from behind!
Finally with my ass smashed into his face, pinning him to the wall I whispered “It’s time for you to fuck me. You ready for that? You ready to fuck me? That’s what I want. I want you to fuck my fucking ass!”
He was still rock-hard and lucky me- I had my lube on me. And I felt him go very slow as I bent over, steadying myself on the railing, taking in the stars, with my skirt around my waist, he gently probed into my soft waiting hole…and then he was in! God fucking DAMMIT I thought I was going to scream!


His cock filled my ass all the way up– deep into me– and I could barely keep from shouting YES! as loud as I could.

He started to pump in and out of my fleshy cheeks, and he grabbed my hair too and I just went wild!

I said yeah yeah fuck me fuck me!!! And gradually he got faster and faster until there was nothing in the world but his dick and my sweet plugged hole! Over n over he jammed his cock into my tight little asshole until I felt almost faint. YES. This is what I motherfucking needed!  It felt so fucking good I can’t even begin! I came not once but twice, face to the moon and the night air was so cool. You have no idea it was the sexiest fucking thing that’s ever happened to me!

I let him cum on my face because why not?! You know. Haha.

It was crazy– the nut he busted– he stood over me like a God, jizz flying all through the air and all over ME!

I licked it all off, sparkling clean. ;)

Hehe. That’s me…
Poor guy, he looked all sheepish and said I think I’m about empty for the night.
AGAIN, I said. My ass just wanted so fucking much!
Instead he gave me his number. That works for me. We have another date tomorrow. But my ass wants it now!!! Oh well, you gotta be grateful for some things in life I guess and my ass is all full of thanks right now… ;)

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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