What I wanted!
What I wanted!

hahahah ok so mmmmm I might have done something super weird and kind of kinky but like it was so hot omg. So i’ve been pretty horny lately, had no dick whatsoever and like my pussy needed a penis like peanut butter needs jelly. I’ve been working too much on the phones and yeah getting off on myself with you guys is great and all but sometimes you just need the real thing you feel me?

I was sitting in the waiting room at the gyno’s office for my annual check up right, and i’m so horny i’m itching underneath my skirt. I haven’t had real live dick in so long i’m way excited for the doctor to probe me just because that cold little utensil she uses is something other than my dildo in my pussy.

This really hot but young, like maybe 16 or 17 year old girl is in there with her boyfriend and they both look worried. and she was so cute, I mean legit like tiny little titties and her little torn skater jeans and shoes and t-shirt that she was wearing with no bra. a hat on top of her head of long long long hair. They were just so young and innocent and super cute. I pictured them having sex with each other for the first time. She was a little drunk or stoned and he was dying to pop her cherry for months. And he reached around her waist and grabbed her by the belt and pulled the back of her pants down just a bit. And she bit her lip and looked at him and told him that she wanted him. She was ready.

So she slid her hand to his belt buckle and undid it then rubbed his penis against his skin. She got down on her knees, the ones with the holes in the knees and kissed all around his dick, the sides of his inner thighs. His lower stomach. Everywhere but the head. She was grabbing it and yanking on it then she licked slowly around the edge of the head, finally sticking her tongue down the rabbit hole. She flicked her tongue and then engulfed his cock in her mouth, sticking the whole damn thing in there til it hit the back of her throat. and this is her first time giving head. He stands there with his hands on the back of her head, pushing himself into the back of her mouth.

She chokes and then spits up. She almost vomits. He pushes her onto her back and kisses her lower belly and undoes her pants with his teeth. His lips are all over her cunt. he licks her clit and then softly bites on it. She is still biting her lip and he hovers over her and looks in her eyes before he penetrates her.

It is young love and both of their first time. She makes a noise like it hurts but she loves him so she lets him keep going. He almost cums inside of her it feels so good, but he pulls out and some pre-cum drips onto her clit. He rubs her clit with the head of his cock before sticking it back in. that felt good to her so she reaches down with two fingers and rubs on her clit. Before she knew it,

they were calling my name and I had to go. I was so deep into my fantasy I wasn’t ready to get up yet. I was wet between my legs. I looked at them one last time and they were nuzzling their heads together, her tiny little clit all up in bunches and nervous about their first doctor’s appointment. They were so freaking cute.

So I was lying on my back in the chair, my feet up in the stirrups, a thin piece of sheet covering my nasty parts. The doctor walks in and talks to me for a bit; feels my breasts. I know she’s checking me for cancer but i’m like so stoked that somebody is touching my boobs I can barely contain my excitement.

And then it happens.

She spreads my legs wider and slathers some gel on her cold stick. She shoves it up my vagina and yeah, it’s small and thin, but it’s cold so I can feeeeeel it.
And it feels like a little penis inside of me. She twisted it around so it could get samples from all sides of my twat.

And all I’m thinking about is that skater girl’s first dick and it jamming up inside her pussy and I put myself back in my fantasy and I’m her getting fucked by her skater boyfriend for the first time. Then I also imagine just her and I, and she’s rubbing her pussy on mine, moaning, creating so much friction…

What I was thinking! LOL

I was breathing heavier and enjoyed every bit of that thing tickling the inside of my vagina. I contracted my muscles.

And I let go.

I cum all over her gadget.

It felt so fucking good I couldn’t help. I exploded.

She pulled it out and laughed to herself.

“I haven’t had sex in months,” I said without even thinking.

“You would be surprised how often that happens,” she said, still laughing, and put it in the bag to send to the lab.

She tossed a bag on condoms and all the good stuff at me before closing the door. I sat there, naked in the stirrups, with the gown that had fallen off of me wrapped around one leg. I reached down and slapped my clit. Stuck a finger inside. Sure enough I was wetter than a slip-n-slide.

After I got dressed, I grabbed her little cold tool and stuck it in my purse for future use before leaving.

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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