Oh God where do I fucking BEGIN?!

I fucked not one, not two, not three, but FOUR guys yesterday! And all before lunch!

So I’m a secretary in an office.  Yesterday morning I show up to work in a little pencil skirt and my purple blouse and all I want to do is have sex- for some reason it’s all I can fucking think about!! I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t read my emails, or handle the appointment book! And I was like goddamn, how am I ever going to make it through the day? Why do I just want sex so much? Am I gonna have to try to rub one out in the bathroom? I dunno man…

But it was my LUCKY DAY.
First this guy S_____ came in asking for some files. Oh Goddamn was he a looker! Nice scruffy beard and tight khakis that I could see his cock in! I was like fuck am I staring?!? Hahaha. Well how can I not he’s so hot! And he said hi there T_____ can I quickly ask you something in private?
I was like OH SHIT ok be cool be cool this is your job!! So I was just standing there in the boardroom as he’s talking to me about some kind of report that I did such a good job on and how I have a bright future in the company and how if there’s anything he can do for me….

And I just blurted it, I can’t believe, I said “yeah, you can fuck me right here on this table!”

I thought he’d jump out the window! All the blood drained from his face? Probably went somewhere else LOL. He said my goodness T_____ you certainly are an attractive woman don’t get me wrong I would love…and I looked at him slyly like yesssssss?
Are you…he said…are you rubbing yourself? I looked down. I was rubbing my clit without realizing it that’s how hot I was for my whole body!
Uh, I said.
Oh the HELL with it, he said (Yessssss! Lol) and then he just took me! Kissed me and squeezed my tits and soon his dick was in my pounding me bent over on the table! God it was so fucking good it was everything I’d wanted!

He grabbed my ponytail and bounced me up and down all over his fucking cock!

I guess we were loud we couldn’t believe what was hapenning because we heard “What the fuck!?!?” and then…look at that, oops, uh, two of S_____’s co-executives were looking at us, these two younger up-and-comer guys about my age who looked like they were fresh off the high school basketball team or something. Lol.

Suddenly their boss was fucking the secretary in front of them! Uh. Geez!!! I was following Mr. S_____ who didn’t seem worried and I wasn’t gonna stop and I could tell the two young guys’ dicks were hard just watching us so I said “well come on boys join in!!!” Lol.

They were like “whaaaa?” so I unzipped the nearest guys’ pants and started sucking him!

God let me tell you I love being spit roasted and my clit went from tingling to being like an animal as I felt his dick grow in my sweet little mouth! Well the other guy wanted to join in on the fun too as S______ was bangin me and I went from one dick to the other, jerking off one guy with one hand and blowing the other, it was so fucking hot I can’t even begin!!!

I couldn’t wait for them to cream all over my face. But S____ just kept fucking me and the other two didn’t want to stop my God and I was rubbing my clit so hard I finally just squirted everywhere!!! I didn’t even know I was about to cum I just did it and it went everywhere that’s how hot I was for what was happening!
Then the CEO walked in. Oops.
Even S____ stopped fucking me for a second. You could’ve heard a speck of DUST drop. This old guy been at the company fifty years with his jaw through the floor and in the parking garage. I musta looked pretty bashful and shocked lol! I’d just had the best orgasm in my life with all these hot dicks and now I’m gonna get fired? GodDAMMIT!

Then he’s all shy! he goes…well…can an old guy get in on the fun?
Those two young guys, they gracefully backed away, they know where their bread is buttered, lol.

Soon I’m sucking off the fucking CEO while jerking off the young guys with both hands and S____ is still fucking my brains out silly!!!


It awas fucking nuts!!!!! How was this my awesome life? Lol. I couldn’t believe it. I had four cocks on my body and it was the best thing in the fucking world!

I came one more time from the hotness of it all! CEO was the first to come and you could all tell it was gonna happen and I said GIVE IT TO ME! COME ON GIVE IT TO ME! They all fucking crowded round there with me splayed out on the board table!!! Fucking ridiculous! Even S_____ came to join in!!!
They all jizzed on my face at once!!!! God I’ve dreamed about something hot as that I never thought I’d be in my own little homemade porno!!! Hahahaha. It was the best fucking thing. Them all standing over me with those sweet cocks of theirs!!

I was like uhhh….lunchtime? They all laughed. We went out for burgers after. Worked up an appetite lol. FOUR GUYS can you believe it? You can bet we’re all a lot closer with the boss after this…. ;)

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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