As most of you guys are WELL acquainted of by now, I’m trans.

But see…most other people don’t know that. I walk down the street and everyone else just sees a girl, same as any other. I look good, just sayin’. ;) Even in heels they can’t tell. And usually I don’t tell guys I mean it’s MY secret right? I get my fun on the phones ;) and I had my wild days when I was younger. I had a lot of fun (oh the stories I could tell you, Lordy. The ones I could remember. I drank a lot.) but I kinda settled down now I guess in my thirties

but holy fucking SHIT did something WILD happen last night!

I’ll start from the beginning: I was at karaoke. Who doesn’t love karaoke right? I sang Peggy Lee’s “Fever” (I’m kind of an old-fashioned gal at heart) and got a little sloshed up and then this guy sang Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side” and he looked EXACTLY my type. Taller than me, beard, and nice eyes.
Now like I said I’m resigned and have my guard up against most guys just because of who I am! I’ve made my peace and don’t get sad about it like I used to, as much as it sucks! But this guy just made my little surprise in my skirt get hard. (I mean, I tuck, so it didn’t show lol, I wasn’t born yesterday.) I clapped and hooted and then suddenly the guy was by my side.
I got nervous!

“Nice singing,” I said though keeping my cool. “I love that song.”

“I love Peggy Lee. You don’t hear her much anymore.”

“I’m an old-school gal,” I said, cocking my eyebrow above my glass.

“I bet you are. Buy you a drink?”

Mine was three-quarters full but I drained it in seconds. “Yes.”

“My kind of girl,” he said.

“Let’s not get TOO hasty,” I said but I could already feel this going off the rails. He asked if I wanted to join him for a smoke and then we were kissing up against the brick wall of the bar with his crotch so freaking close to mine beneath the leather of my skirt…fuck! I wanted to fuck and it’d been so long but I didn’t know if he’d want it…sometimes this can be bad.

He’s fondling my tits and my little clitty stick in my panties just wants so bad to get let out…he says his loft is just a few minutes away we could keep drinking threre. Ha. “Keep drinking”. I like the pretense. In guys. It’s sweet. Well. Sometimes.


“Okay,” I coo, on autopilot, not wanting the fun to end. We go to his loft sloppy falling down making out on the way. Before I go up the stairs, I realize this is the last time I’m in a public place and I go:

“You know what kind of girl I am then, right?”


Oh fucking hell, I thought.

“Well I’m…I’m sorry I thought you knew,” I started slowly pivoting stepping away to run if I had to.


“Well I’m trans.”

“OH!” he said, clearly surprised, but not angry. I sagged my shoulders. Then he said: “Well that’s cool.”


“Yeah. It’s kind of hot, actually.”

“OH MY GOD WHY AREN’T WE ALREADY IN YOUR APARTMENT THEN.” and then it was on! Five seconds and we were in his bedroom overlooking the street and tearing off each other’s fuckignclothes, him biting my tits and me stroking his dick with his pants barely off. I knelt down to suck him and he pulled me onto the bed and I was giving him the best fucking blowjob of his life—I know this because he told me!—and I was just so caught up so fucking hot it had been so long and my little pussy stick was all hard and firm—

And then suddenly it was getting action!

“really?” I said. “You…you wanna do that?”

“What does it look like!”

And then we 69’d! Holy crap I think the last time I’d done this I was like, high as shit and out of my mind I could barely remmeber it but this is crystal fucking clear in my mind. It was SO HOT. He was actually sucking my clit! I had him in my mouth and he had me in his. Holy FUCK it felt so good getting my little surprise sucked while I had his firm dick in my mouth. I’ve never felt anything better. And this guy was actually going for it!”

“You like tranny cock huh?” I screamed.

“Fuckin DREAMED of this!”
“You get all you want honey,” I said and stuck it right in, fucking his face like slamming shut a door. Aw man SO DAMN GOOD FUCK.

“Let me cum,” he said hoarsely.

“Not so fucking fast,” I said. “You have to fuck me first.” And he reamed me good! Oh damn my ass needed that pounding let me tell you.

So fucking sexy, I was jerking off while he railed me from behind and I was almost ALLLMOST about to come it was so hard not to I was so fucking hot for him but…

“Here,” I panted, pulling out of him. He looked bewildered let me tell you but then I pushed him down on the bed, mounted him so our hard cocks were touching and then wrapped one hand in the two of them and jerked us off at the same time. HOLY FUCK I HAD ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT AND LET ME TELL YOU IT WAS JusT AS HOT AS I THOUGHT. Both of us came together and let me tell you between the two of us we fucking SPRAYED that bed. And each other. Did I mention we were drunk? We were laughing and wet and sloppy and then hugging and kissing each other while we came down it was really one of the happiest moments I’ve had in my life. He knows about the phones too and thinks it’s cool so don’t you worry, gents. ;) We’re going on a date tonight.Sometimes good things happen!

Fuck in some loft, 69, rail each other.

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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