So, like, I never told this to anyone before, but I lost my virginity to the highest bidder!

Having my cherry popped by a stranger, and getting paid for it, was just as hot when it happened as I fantasized it would be all those times I masturbated thinking about it!

I’ve always been a horny teenager, but shy, so, like, I never went all the way with any of the boring guys in my high school and suddenly I found myself a college virgin, desperately wanting to get fucked.  Well one day I woke up feeling particularly broke, fucking car troubles, and hornier then ever when I got this idea. It was something I had already been fantasizing about a lot when I touched myself, thinking about fucking a stranger, someone like the guys who I talked to on the phone, for my first time, it gets me off almost instantly any time I think about it.

I decided to place an ad to sell my virginity to the highest bidder; I’d get my pussy pounded and my bank account filled at the same time!

The ad looked something like “Sexy, virginal coed, looking to get her tight, virgin hole filled by the highest bidder. Horny as fuck, but shy, take control and have your way with my tight little pussy please”. Almost immediately I started getting responses. Like, some people thought it was a joke, would I really be kidding though? I seriously just wanted to get my tight little pussy hole filled up!

After a couple days of looking through emails from guys, I found one that turned me on.

He said in his message how he wanted to tear my tight pussy open wide with his big cock, and I could feel myself getting wet reading it!

So I told him the hotel I wanted him to make us a reservation at and I planned to go over there after class that night and meet him for a drink and hopefully the fucking of my dreams. I got to the hotel, my pussy was getting wetter with every step and then I see a guy waiting in the lobby looking at me. He asked me my name and when I said yes, he slide an envelope to me that was stuffed with cash, so like, I put it in my purse to sort through later. At this point, I didn’t even care about the $$ as much as wanting cock, finally.


I looked at him and said  “can we like, go straight upstairs, I want to feel that cock of yours tearing my virginal slit open as soon as possible”!

Once we got to the room he pushed me on the bed and next thing I knew his cock was out and making it’s way to my mouth.

He thrust it inside and started pulling my hair to help me maintain the rhythm of my mouth on his cock, and said “first things first– if you want to fuck you need to learn to give a good blow job”.

Then he tossed me to the bed and like, literally ripped my dress off and threw it to the floor. It was so fucking hot. My nipples immediately perked up when exposed and when he saw this he licked them with his tongue as he pushed me against the bed.

“I’m going to fuck this virginal pussy of yours so hard” he said.

He slid his hand over my clit and I let out a shudder, I couldn’t believe I was letting a complete stranger, someone who I didn’t even know their real name, touch my pussy for the first time, and was about to let them shove their big cock inside me, spreading me open. And I was loving every minute of it. He grabbed his cock in his hand and gave me a smirk, “are you ready for this?” he said.

Then with a cry I could feel his cock sliding in deeper and opening me up. “Fuck”, I screamed, it hurt but it felt so good.

“Fuck me” I called out, “Give me your cock, deeper and harder. I want to feel your cock pressing it’s cum into my virgin hole”. His cock went deeper and deeper inside me with every thrust, opening up all the innocence of my pussy, he repeatedly slammed his cock into my tight hot cunt until I was about to cum all over it.

“You’re going to make me cum,” I shouted, “you’re going to make my cunt cum all over your cock for the first time ever”!

With that his big dick thrust even deeper into me as I started to shudder with the pleasure of it overcoming any pain that being opened up for the first time would have caused. I came so hard on that rod of his, feeling every last inch of it inside of me.

”Oh yes,” I called, “Fuck me! Give me your cock. Let me feel your cum inside me!” With that he exploded, pumping every last drop of it inside of me.

“FUCK YEAH your virgin hole felt so good” he finally said “I definitely got my moneys worth out of that tight pussy squeezing out every last bit of cum from my big cock”.

He continued “I could tell by how tight you are, you really were a virgin. Still, I’d pay to do this again, if you’re down…”

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