So I love sucking on my boyfriends’s big, long cock.

So when he started with, “I want to try something different tonight,” I knew I was going to have some serious fun!

“Tonight, I want you to edge me,” he said.

I had no clue what he meant by this, so I asked him to explain to me what it was.

“You touch my cock with your tongue, your mouth- whatever- and get me close to orgasm, over and over, but stop right before I actually cum.”

My eyes lit up with the idea! I love to be a tease!

He continued, “When I finally can’t take it anymore, I’m going to blow my huge load all over your face and those big tits of yours, till you’re dripping with my cum.”

So I bent over and slowly undid the buckle on his jeans with my tongue, sliding his pants off. I could already see that his big, long cock was already hard with the thought of what I was about to do to him. I gave the head of his cock a little, playful kiss.

He moaned so hard when I did that, that it encouraged me! I wanted to be the best little cock tease he’d ever had! I took the head and let it slide into my mouth, but barely!

Then I really grabbed hold of his dick and made my way up and down it, moaning a little while I did so.

I lingered to flick my tongue on the head of his piece, and then to wrap my lips tightly around the base of it. I could already feel it growing and throbbing in my mouth and I slowly pulled off of it and began to stroke it gently with my hand too.

“Oh god you already have me wanting to cum,” he said.

“You didn’t think I’d forget what you had asked me to do, did you?!” I replied.

As soon as his cock relaxed a bit, I went back on it with my mouth, deep-throating that dick to the balls until I was choking on it.


Coming up slowly for air, I ran my tongue up and down it, looking him in the eyes the whole time, my lip gloss smearing along his hard cock, leaving a sticky trail where my lips had been.

Then I focused on the throbbing head of his dick, licking it like a kitten drinking milk from a saucer– small little flicks along it from base to head, making him moan with anticipation.

I could feel him getting close again and slowly backed off, “not yet you naughty boy!” I teased, “I’m not done with your cock yet!”

And I began to run my hand along his cock again, slowly, driving him nuts with how deliberate I was, staring in his eyes.

I went on like this for quite some time, it must have been at least an hour of me teasing his big cock, getting it close, and then pulling back a bit, feeling myself getting wetter and wetter with every bit of control I was exerting over his orgasm.
I finally let him stand up so that he could really give me the deep-throat. I relaxed my jaw and opened up the back of my throat and let him slide alllll the way in.

“Fuuuuck,” he said, “I want to cum down that throat of yours soooo bad!!!”

“You think you’re ready for that?” I asked.

“Have you already had enough teasing for one day, hmmmm??” I asked.

“Oh fuck” he moaned, “I’m going to cum so hard, fuuuuck, your mouth feel so good on my cock!”

I slid my lips up and down his cock a few more times and I could feel his body clenching, so I pulled back and he blew a massive load all over my face, hair, and tits.


The cum was literally dripping from my hard nipples onto the bed sheets. Who knew that going slow was the way to get his hottest, wettest orgasm yet!

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