I was worried that I’d racked up crazy charges on my hubby’s credit cards….. but when I saw the long, uncut cock of his bookie HE owed, everything changed!

See, I’d run up a bunch of cards shopping online, and had to confess to my hubby and ask him to pay them down when the collector’s started calling the house every day. Then they stopped out of the blue and that’s when I found out that MY HUBBY had taken a cash loan from a bookie to place some bets, AND pay off some of the cards, but he lost the bet. So the cards got paid thankfully, but he still owed the dude for the bet his lost…and I guess this guy is pretty scary tough!

So he had an idea, because, like, alllll of his friends have always wanted to fuck me, that we could work in trade.

I had just gotten out of the shower and was finishing with my makeup when I heard a knock at the door. I knew it was him and I answered with my towel wrapped around my curves, one long leg peaking through the slit of it.

I got up close to him, slid my hand against his cock and whispered, “So I hear I need to work off some money with you.”

I shit you not, at that very moment my towel fell to the floor! Talk about perfect timing!


So he walks in and I close the door behind him, going from nervous to excited when I see how buff and kinda young he is, instead of some big fat old mafia guy I’d expected! (Too many movies, I guess!)

So he nods “that’s right. You’ve got to work off some debt starting with this right here” and that’s when he unzipped his fly and pulled out the hardest, longest, uncut cock I had ever seen right there in my living room!

How could I say “no”?!

With absolutely no hesitation I got on my knees, leaned in, and filled my mouth up to his balls with that beast of a cock.

I started working my way up and down the shaft, licking and sucking on it, swallowing it up deep into my throat, one hand firm on the base and the other tugging his balls, teasing them with my fingers.

He was tattooed and rough-looking but in that hot, he-might-just-rape-me-and-I-might-just-like-it way that made my pussy slick with juice as I sucked.

His cock chocked me it was so big and I could start to feel the mascara I had just applied running down my face!

This seemed to excite him more and I could feel him grabbing my hair and start thrusting his cock deeper down my throat, it getting harder and more aggressive with every thrust.

And I could feel my pussy juices starting to slide down my naked thighs with every gag of my mouth on his hard cock. I was definitely going to get off on what had originally seemed like it would be my punishment for being a bad girl! Whoops!

Suddenly he grabbed me up,  and threw me onto the couch that had been behind us.

“Now you’re really going to earn that loan back” he said, “let’s see how tight that pussy is.”

He threw my legs up over his shoulders and started drilling me with that long dick!


My god I had never felt anything like that before, spread naked on my own couch being plowed with this strangers big cock, I couldn’t believe I was doing it, but I also couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of doing it sooner!!!

He continued sliding that dick in and out, penetrating so deep and hard I could barely take it!

He spread my legs wider and really started to pound me, rhythmically thrusting that cock in and out as my tits bounced so hard!


“You slut,” he said to me, “of course you love this cock. I’ll bet you go on another spending spree just to get this meat back up your pussy again!”

FUCK! Had he read my mind?!!!! I’d put QVC on speed dial to get deep-dicked by this dude again! TRUTH!!!!

That’s when I started to cum. HARD!

Then he pulled out and said, “that’s enough for you, time for you to taste what a slut you are” and he started slapping my face back and forth with his big dick!

Then he thrust it inside of my mouth, covered with my own cum and proceeded to gag with me with its length again!

I could feel he was getting close to cumming and I really gave that cock what it needed!

Just as he got close he pulled it out and came all over my face! Down my breasts, in my hair, it was all over me!

“How you like that?” he asked rhetorically as he shot his load.

Then he zipped up his pants and said, “Don’t worry– you keep spending and you’ll definitely get this fat cock again.”

“YES PLEASE” I said as I started to lick his cum from my tits with a smile.

Then he just tucked his cock back into his pants, winked, and just walked out without saying another word.

So yeah, I’m like totally buying shit right now!


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