So my boyfee has ALWAYS had a thing for nice asses, which explains why he fell so hard for me! lol

No, seriously, I have a PERFECT ASS, if I do say so myself! But here’s the thing: it was a totally VIRGIN ass! And sure, I TEASED HIM like fuck with it, but he’d never gotten his cock in there!

And so I was only a tiny bit surprised when he told me he wanted us to have anal sex for his birthday!

So I had spent some time over the last few weeks, “getting ready”. First by just touching my asshole a little bit, gently sliding my fingers around it, in and out of it, and eventually graduating up to a small butt plug I bought for this very occasion of getting ready for my ass’s birthday gift to him.

I quickly learned that the feeling of it filling me up, especially when I filled my pussy with a dildo or his cock at the same time, definitely turned me!

But I was still nervous for the big night! I was in my room getting ready for him, straightening my long hair, sliding on the lingerie I had bought just for this night! He walked through the door and looked me over head to toe and said, “mmmm, what a good little slut, I’m really going to love my birthday present this year, I can tell…”

Then he pulled me close to him and I could feel his hard cock pressing through his jeans, so I started to undo the buckle of his pants, releasing it and grabbing my hands firmly around it and starting to stroke.

I was tugging on him good when he slid his hands between my legs and found out just how wet my pussy was!

Well that did it– he lifted up my legs and started by pounding his hard cock into my pussy, “let me just get you warmed up a bit, before I move on to the next hole”.

He started to hammer into my slit and I was getting crazy excited in anticipation of what was coming next!

He whispered, “I cant wait to slide this hard cock into your asshole– I hope you’ll be able to handle my dick as it pounds its way inside of you”.

After fucking my pussy for a few mins, he said “alright, I think that’s enough of that, now flip over for me, doggy style and show me that ass, I know you’ve been getting it ready for me tonight, show me.” And I did, I slide over and presented myself to him, ass high in the air, cheeks spread.

“Mmmm, that’s a good girl” I heard, “I’m going to lube this big cock up and have it sliding in there in no time” he said and he grabbed my cheeks!

He slapped his cock against them, wanting me to get an impression of just how hard it was and turned on he was.

Then I felt the head of his cock gently pushing into my asshole.

I tried not to hold my breath because it hurt a  little (his cock was bigger than the plug I’d been using) but it also felt so fucking good, too!


 “That’s it”, he said “nice and slow– let me get this cock allllll the way up this fine ass” as he finally sank into me down to his balls.


Now he was all the way inside me and he shook my ass around his cock!

“How’s that feel, baby?”

“OMG so good!” I exclaimed, wondering why I’d never tried it until then!

With his cock now filling my asshole he grabbed a hand on either side of my big ass he began to make slow, deliberate pumps between my cheeks.

“Oh fuck,” he called out as I could feel him going deeper into me, “this ASS, baby! I’ve wanted to fuck this ass since the day we met!”

“So FUCK IT!” I commanded him, “fuck it as hard and rough as you’ve always wanted to!”

“REALLY?” he stopped to ask me, “I can, like, go nuts on it?”

“Yes baby” I told him, having no idea how I’d grown so bold!

So he started slamming his cock into my ass harder, spanking my cheeks and grabbing at my tits as he pounded.

“Harder?” he asked?

“HARDER!!!” I screamed!

“Fuck, I’m going to cum so fast inside your asshole is we keep up like this,” he said, “your hole is so tight around my cock right now, it’s going to milk the cum out of me so quickly”!

“DO IT! I shouted!

I could feel myself getting even more turned on with every word and every thrust inside of me.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum soon too, baby” I told him as his hard-on jammed deep into me.

He sped up, pounded my ass so hard I could tell I was going to explode any minute.  I wanted to get at my clit so

I quickly said, “let me flip around, baby”, and let him fuck my ass front that angle where I could reach my clit. I started rubbing it furiously!

That did it for us both! Neither of us could hold out much longer!

“Oh fuck, baby, here it cums!” he shouted, grabbing me by my hips and holding me into him as he pumped a huge, hot load straight up my tight little ass.

I squeezed my clit and also exploded with an insane orgasm as I felt his cock contracting, sending his load into my belly.

It was then that I knew I had found a new favorite hobby. I leaned over and kissed him and said, “happy birthday baby”.



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