Hey boysssssss….I’m just sitting here with my “cock” in my hand, thinking about fucking some TIGHT DUDE ASS…

“What do you mean?” a lot of you guys say to that. Which leads me to ask…

Y’all know what PEGGING is?


Seems like some of my callers don’t know this term, so, allow me to explain it simply: it’s when I use a strap-on to fuck you in your tight little ass.


I had been watching pegging porn for YEARS, and it turned me on so much, I decided to get my own strap on and try it myself, for real.


I wanted to see what it felt like fucking my hubby’s tight little hole RAW for once, instead of just him balls deep in my pussy.

 I was determined to spice things up, and I knew even if he didn’t go with it at first, he was going to love it once he felt me inside of him!

So we were in bed one night and I put my hand on his cock and gave it a little squeeze and turned to him.

“I have a surprise for you,” I said, and then went into the bathroom and slid on my strap on.

He was more than a little surprised to see me exit the bathroom wearing it, but I said “baby, I’m gonna make this feel so good for you.”

I walked back over holding my cock saying “my pussy is dripping wet right now thinking about sliding this into your tight hole.”

“I’ll be gentle…just let me give it a try” I whispered.

He moaned with lust and agreed! I was absolutely giddy with excitement at this point, and could feel the moisture of my own lust for him starting to slide down my legs.

“Lay down for me baby” I told him as I inched up the bed between his legs.

I knew I had to start real easy, so I sucked on a finger for a moment and slipped that in his asshole first as I also began to tug on his cock.

“RELAX” I told him like I’d seen in the videos. I knew if he clenched I’d never get inside.

As he started to chill, I lubed up my new cock and began to slowly navigate the tip inside him.


He did relax with a little extra help from me giving his cock a bit of a suck, taking it down my throat while I started a nice rhythm in his ass.

That REALLY helped him loosen up and then I resumed my full attention gently sliding the strap on back into his hole centimeter by centimeter.


Once I got it all the way in, I began to build up a steady rhythm of fucking his tight asshole slowly as he relaxed more and more around my cock, letting it go deeper and faster with each thrust.

Fucking, instead of being fucked, was an entirely new experience for me and I LOVED IT!

With each pitch of my hips I  felt my big breasts swaying back and forth, my hair whipping around my shoulders, and the sounds of his moans for pleasure with every inch inside of him turning me on beyond belief.

He grabbed for his cock jerking himself off while I continued to press myself inside of him. He moaned and just kept stroking it while continuing to slide my own rubber cock in and out of his ass.

I could tell I was going to cum any minute and started to milk his cock with my hand, faster and faster, saying “I’m going to make you cum so hard with my cock in your ass.”


“YES! ” he yelled out, “OH MY GOD DO IT BABY!”

So I did!

I used my flexible hips to pound that strap on in his ass harder and faster, while also pumping his cock up and down like a mad woman; jerking it so that I was in full control of all of his pleasure.

“I want to feel you cum in my hands with my cock in your tight asshole” I told him, watching his toes curl. I knew it was coming so I pumped that ass as HARD as I could!

His load was a big one, erupting from that cock right as his asshole contracted around my cock.

It was HOT AF! And, well, let’s just say he asks to be pegged like every time we fuck now. And I’m more than happy to oblige!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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