I had never thought that I would have my first orgasm while at the doctors office, getting a regular exam!!


I went into the office that day, totally normal, like any other day.


Checked in and then the nurse brought me to the back room where she had me strip off my clothes and panties and put on one of those thin, open hospital gowns.


This was different than my last visit, but when I asked her about it, she only said that it was to help the Dr get a better look at me…..

So I slid off my jeans, tight sweater, unhooked my bra and let my breasts fall loose, feeling a bit naughty about being in such a public place and striping down naked, so much so that I could actually feel myself getting a little turned on just by taking off my clothes, unaware if the Dr would walk in at any moment!


When the Dr came in he looked me up and down, studied my chart, looked me over a bit more. “Tell me a bit more about your sexual history” he told me. A bit startled by this question I told him that I had been having sex with a few guys over the years but nothing serious, though I was a bit worried because I had never been able to orgasm with any of them before.

“Is that so?” he replied, and started to run his hands through his hair as he again looked me and my chart over more, making me feel a bit objectified.

“Why do you think you’d never been able to have an orgasm?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “that’s why I came here, I was hoping to find out if there was anything wrong with me.”

“My dear, you are in perfect healthy” he said, “and I’ll prove it to you.”




Suddenly he lifted my legs up high in the seat as he slid the chair further back. “I can see you’re ready for me” he said, as he spread my legs open and slid open my vaginal lips, “you’re already so wet and I haven’t even begun. I have a feeling I’ll be able to prove this to you even quicker than I had thought!” He slid the hospital gown up further, completely exposing me now, I lay back nervous, but excited, and a bit fearful, what if the nurse walked in and saw us like this?!

He started slowly first to poke his fingers around my vagina, not quite penetrating, exploring the lips of it, sliding the moisture that was spilling out of me around, lubricating every fold. He made his way up to where my clit was and started with slow, loose circles around it and then began to go faster and faster. With every stroke of his finger I could feel my breath quickening and could hear the excitement coming out of me with every escaped moan. But he was my Dr, this was just a medical procedure, right? I wasn’t supposed to be getting off on this, was I? Why did it feel so fucking good than, to be spread open on his chair, totally exposed, despite…. or maybe because, of the danger of being interrupted!

“You’re doing so well,” he remarked, “look at how big and healthy your clit is looking with all the blood rushing to it right now, as I get you closer to climax, certainly nothing wrong with you there, let’s move on to the inner workings shall we?” and with that he slid his fingers into my cunt. A gushing noise released as he did so with all the wetness that was building! He pumped his fingers into me, over and over, and suddenly I could feel him hit what I could only assume was my g-pot as he lingered over it, fingering it hard and deeply. With every thrust I let out a little cry of pleasure that I had never felt before.


“You’re doing so well with this,” he said, “Shall we move on to the real thing?”

He opened up his pants and a huge, hard cock fell out at the ready.

I was a bit shocked to see it exposed in front of me, but also more ready to feel it filling me up than ever before! “Oh yes Doctor,” I said, “make me cum for the first time with that big cock of yours!”


He firmly grasped it in both hands and plunged it deep inside of me, hitting the same spot so deep in me that he had just explored with his fingers. As he pumped me, in and out, I was feeling sensations far beyond anything I had ever felt before.



I let out louder and louder moans and he grasped one hand over my mouth saying “Do you want the nurses to come in and see what a slut you are?!” This only turned me on even more and I could feel myself getting close to the climax I had never been able to reach.

He grabbed firmly onto each side of my hips and pumped his huge cock in and out with a fury I don’t think will ever be matched, he could tell I was getting close and grasped a hand over my mouth again to stifle my noises, this was enough to put me over the edge of my orgasm, and I came so fucking hard with my feet up in the air, spread open for anyone to walk in on.


I could feel him pumping his own massive load into me as he continued his last few thrusts, my whole body shaking at this point, glad I was laying down! He emptied the last of his cum inside of me, zipped his big dick back up in his pants, and looked me right in the eye and said,

“now see beautiful, I told you, you just hadn’t been with a man who knew what he was doing, be sure to remedy that in the future.

and with that he grabbed my chart and walked back out into the office, leaving me there to catch my breath and to put on my clothes before wandering down the hallway, wondering just how many of the nurses heard what was going on in that room!

And considering if maybe next time I come to the office if I can convince one of them to join me for an encore performance!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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