I could feel my ass red and hot with the heat of it being slapped, and exposed and bent over, wondering why I had never done something like this sooner!


The guy I had started seeing had told me to be at his place at 8pm sharp and instructed me what to wear: heels, stockings with a garter belt attached…


…white panties that I didn’t mind if they got “soiled” and a matching bra, with a cute, floral dress over top. I went with my blue and yellow floral dress that matched my long blonde hair so well, and with all white lingerie and stockings so that I was sure to please him. He seemed happy with my outfit when I got to his place but then quickly ordered me to go to the bedroom. I was both excited but also nervous by this because I had no idea what he had in mind!


He instructed me “take off your dress, fold it and put it on the shelf, but leave everything else on, including your heels”.

I shyly did as I was told and noticed that he had set up a new piece of furniture I had never seen before, sort of like a saw horse you use for doing construction work, but padded and with hardware attached to it.


“Are you ready for this,” he asked, and again I nodded shyly. “Good,” he said, “then bend over the bench and wait there for me,” and as I bent over he began fastening down my wrists and ankles with leather restraints, so that I was completely bent over and vulnerable on this contraption and couldn’t even struggle to get away if I had wanted to. Once he did that he tied a blindfold over my eyes and just like that my world went black and everything from there on out was by sound and sensation.





I could feel his hands running down my back and make their way down to my ass where he began spanking me.

Deep, full slaps, building up a rhythm and intensity with each one.



Then I began to feel another, different sensation, which I later found out was a leather flogger, that he first started out by slapping my ass with, but quickly moved on to my pussy. I could feel him laying stinging blow after stinging blow across my full pussy, feeling grateful that I had the thin layer of lace from my underwear to cover me.



When the slapping stopped I started to feel something like cold metal run across the skin of my back, ending at my hips. He whispered in my ears, “it’s time to take off these panties, since you’re tied up I think I’ll just help myself and cut them off of you,”

…and I could feel the sensation of him slicing through the fabric and pulling them away, exposing my spread ass and pussy completely. Despite the fact that I was still wearing my garter, stockings and high heels I had never felt this naked before. I was completely vulnerable to whatever he wanted to do to me!!



I felt his hand begin slapping the part of my pussy that I had just been grateful for cover,

…and as he did so he said, “now you don’t have your panties to hide how wet you’ve been getting, it’s already all over my hands”, and he took his hand and slid the fingers that were covered with my cum into my mouth for me to taste how turned on I was. 


Then with the fingers now wet from my saliva he began sliding them around my asshole,

…and eventually made their way inside of me,

“I’m just getting you ready,” he said.

Shortly after telling me that I could feel him sliding something inside of me

…that I could only guess must be a butt plug, and when it was inside of me he said “now for some real fun”!

He began spanking me with the butt plug inside my tight asshole, every slap thrusting it a bit in and out of me and making my pussy wetter with every blow across my bottom, building up heat. I heard what could only be the unbuckling of his pants, he slid off his belt and began slapping that across my ass, with a loud crack with every smack that planted across my cheeks. I yelped and moaned with every hit, I had never experienced anything like this before and the pain mixed with the pleasure of it was mind numbing.



Feeling my pussy begin to flood with wetness with each blow. I heard his zipper open and he grabbed my hair, pulling my head back

…and whispered, “now I’m going to fuck you harder then you’ve ever imagined possible” and he began pumping me with his massive erection.

Still bent over, tied up with the butt plug in my ass there was nothing I could do but take this huge dick inside my sopping wet pussy. I could feel myself cum around it within a few thrusts, having had so much build up before hand. He fixed his hands to my hips and I could feel them laying onto of the spots that were still sore from the spankings and he pulled himself in and out of me with such force that he was right, he was definitely fucking me harder than I ever thought possible!!!

I could feel him getting close to his own orgasm but rather than cum inside me he pulled out, walked around to my front side, yanked off my blindfold and proceeded to tell me to open my mouth wide.

He came all over my mouth as I lay spread wide there, tied up, cum dripping down my thighs, and now lips, and completely vulnerable to his every command.

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