I should’ve known that when my friend came over and I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties under the short, floral print dress she had on, that she was thinking about doing more than just taking my photo that day.

I had asked her to come over because she was working on her photography portfolio and I needed pictures for my blog, so it seemed like the perfect match. I was dressed to shoot in a loose fitting white button up shirt and short black shorts that flattered my long legs perfectly. I had my blonde hair in long, loose waves and a perfectly made up face so that the images would be just what I had in mind.

We started the photoshoot…

…and as things progressed she asked me to go lay on the bed to model for her.

She climbed up to “get a unique angle” from above me and as she towered over me with her camera, I could see right up the bottom of her dress to the panty-less, wet pussy directly above of me.

I could immediately feel myself getting turned on by this, after all my friend was a total babe, but I had never been with a girl before, and that couldn’t be what she had in mind by coming dressed like that, could it?


She kneeled at the foot of the bed and said to me,

“I’d really like to get some sexy images for my portfolio if that’s ok with you? Would you mind slowly unbuttoning your blouse and taking it off for me to photograph?”

I could feel myself getting wet as I nervously agreed, and began unbuttoning my blouse while she photographed me,

 revealing that I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath and was now completely exposed to both her eyes and her camera at the same time.



“You look so sexy,” she said, “would you take off your shorts too for me?” and I slowly slid down my shorts, revealing the bright purple g-string I was wearing beneath.


“That perfect,” she said, “could you turn around so I can get some shots of that gorgeous ass of yours?”, and I timidly did so…

…certain that at this point she could see how turned on I was getting…..



With my head faced away from her I could hear her setting the camera down and she slid close to me now, and started tracing her hands up from my ass, along my back and eventually resting them, closed around my breasts, and she whispered in my ear,

“I can tell how turned on you are right now, so I’m going to set the camera aside and fuck you like you’ve been wanting since I walked in here today.”

She began kissing down my neck as she played with my nipples…


and then flipped me around on my back. She started out straddling me, kissing me hard and she had her exposed cunt resting against mine so I could feel the heat and the moisture coming from it.


Then she took off her dress exposing her own beautiful breasts and thin physique, and started kissing her way down to my pussy.


She pulled off my g-string saying, “we wont be needing this anymore” and dove her face into my hot cunt.



As she licked away at my clit, I looked down and saw her gorgeous round ass up in the air, wiggling back and forth, looking so sexy as she worked at getting me off.

While I watched her she slid her fingers into her own cunt and brought them up to my lips, “taste how much you turn me on,” she said, and I began sucking at her fingers while she ate me out.



Then she took her hand back and put it inside of me, wet with my saliva, curving up and onto my g-spot, while I moaned the whole time, feeling my orgasm building and wondering why I had never let her do this to me before?!


With one hand in my pussy and the other grabbing my breasts my moans started to get louder and louder and I could feel myself getting ready to orgasm any minute.

“Oooo Fuck yes,” I started calling out and before I knew it my pussy was gushing all over the bed!

I had never squirted before but something about the way she fucked me just did the trick!


I looked her in the eyes after finishing and said,

“anytime you want to work on your portfolio more…. just let me know.”


Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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