I didn’t plan on fucking my dad’s friend, but I had heard rumors about his cock and when he had me house sit for him and I found the extra large condoms in the bed side table I had a pretty good idea the rumors were true. I had been staying in his house for a week during my college’s summer break, and I decided that when he came home I was going to ride this big dick of his.

I started thinking about ways I could seduce him and finally decided that my young, sexy body being offered was seduction enough after all!

So I planned to strip naked and spend the day masturbating, waiting for him to come home…. the whole time thinking about how much fun it was going to be for me to bounce my ass on his cock!

So I’m laying on the couch, butt naked, tits out and legs spread, going to town on my clit…

when I hear the front door slide open, and in walks this friend of my dad. He’s an older gentleman, but got a great body, he obviously works out, and sexy silver grey hair, and he’s looking pretty yummy to a young nympho like me, but what I really want to see is what’s underneath those pants of his!

His face is pretty surprised to see me spread across his couch like that, and when he started to turn away I say,

don’t leave, I want you to come closer and join me, I’ve been waiting for you to get home all day.”


With a stunned expression on his face, he walks over and I slide off the couch, kneel in front of him and unbuckle his pants, revealing what I’ve been waiting for!


This massive cock falls out as soon as he undoes the zipper, my mouth open and expecting I immediately inhale it, opening wide to shove it down my throat till I gag.


It’s not long after I start sucking this BIG, HARD dick that he motions for me to move up to the couch again, I jump up, assuming the position I was first in when he entered the room, on my back with my legs spread open, wet pussy visible and ready to be penetrated with this dick I’ve been waiting for!

He leans over me

and starts sliding his big cock into my cunt, slowly at first as it’s so big,

even with all my wetness it’s a bit of a challenge to fit it inside of my tight pussy,

but when he does it feels so fucking good, and I call that out to let him know.

He starts pounding it in and out of me, me gasping and moaning, and as I start to get close to cumming he calls out,

“not yet,”

and he flips me over, so that it’s him on his back now and me on top of him, cowgirl style.

He looks up at me,

“I want you to ride this big cock like you mean it,

you obviously have been waiting for this dick for a long time

so now show me how much you wanted it.”


That’s the only invitation I need to start bouncing my round ass up and down his cock,

“do you like that daddy,”

I say to him, and as soon as the words are out of my mouth not only does my pussy drench his dick but I feel him get even harder than he already was inside me.

“I’ve been waiting all day to fuck your big cock daddy,” I tell him,

 “I’ve been waiting all day with my legs spread open for you

to fill me up with that big dick of yours like a good little girl.”



With that he flipped me onto my back again and started pounding me with his dick.

He could tell I was close to cumming and he reached a hand out and started to choke me as he filled me with his big cock,

“show daddy what a good little slut you are by coming on my big cock!”

He continued chocking me and I started coming so hard from all the stimulation, it was so hot to have him choke me and command such dirty things of me and that dick felt so fucking good inside me.


As I cried out I could feel him blowing his huge load inside me as I came.


He pulled his cock out and it had cum still flowing out of it,

and he slide it into my mouth so I could taste it,

“eat up the last of daddy’s cum”

he said,

“you earned it.”


As I packed my bags later to head back to school I couldn’t wait until my next break when I’d get to house sit… and sit on that big cock again!

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