So guys, apparently my boyfee has a foot fetish he was keeping secret from me…and I think I have one now, too!

I didn’t realize it until the other day when he started licking my toes! But he didn’t just go right into it…he prepped me first…

So he texted me earlier that day saying that he wanted to try something with me he’s never tried before, so when he showed up to my house that night and walked us into the bedroom right away, I was already horny as fuck waiting to see what this “something new” was!

So he comes into my room and right away I push him to the bed, straddle over him and start to slide down the zipper of my dress, feeling like I can’t remove it fast enough!

I undo my bra and let one gorgeous and huge, heavy tit out, and then the other, right in his face.

I could see his cock hardening as I bent over and my thong came off too, leaving me naked standing in front of him.

“Now lay down” he tells me, “on your back”.

I do.

He climbs over me and first starts to kiss down my breasts, lingering at each nipple, and then making his way to my smoothly-waxed cunt, where he takes another pause to give a few sexy licks.

I thought that was where he would stop, but then he kisses in each thigh and slowly down my leg…when suddenly I feel him at my feet.

He starts kissing and licking the toes on my freshly manicured foot and I’m surprised by the sensation I’m feeling while he’s doing so.

If you had asked me before that day if I’d like to have my toes sucked, I would’ve laughed, but now I was beginning to feel myself get even more turned on with every flick of his tongue!

He ran it up and down the inside of my arch, where it ticked but also felt so good, I didn’t even realize I’d have so much sensation down there! I could feel the thin trails of saliva he was leaving as he swirled his tongue around each toe.


I found myself murmuring “oh fuck YEAH that feels good” and closing my eyes.

That’s when I felt him take my feet and wrap them around his throbbing cock. He started thrusting, sliding his cock in and out of my feet that were wet from his tongue.

I was, like, FOOT JERKING HIM OFF! It was kinda awesome and what made it REALLY awesome was how much HE was enjoying it! His eyes were rolling back into his head with pleasure, and so naturally I took over like the slut I am!

I told him to lay down and I started sliding my feet up and down his cock, using my big toes to tease the head.

“Is that what you like, baby?” I asked him, “You like to fuck feet?”

“Yes,” he moaned, “I fucking love it. I didn’t know if you’d be into it or not, but…”

“Shhhhh” I told him, “trust me, I never would have guessed it, but I’m totally into it!”

I started to go harder and faster with my feet, and his moans got louder and louder until he was telling me to slow down or else he’ll cum.

So I slowed down, switched positions. It was too long before I was trying new ways to fuck him with my feet like an expert!

Backwards with my ASS right up in his face, with him on the bed, the floor, standing…

I wanted to try it all! I wanted to know his fetish inside and out, so he’d never be thinking about another girl! If he wanted my feet, I was going to give the best foot jobs ever! Cuz that’s the kind of gf I am! ;)

SO…flash forward to today.

We’ve cum really far with this fetish. It’s really brought out my dominant side! And I seriously love the feeling of him sucking on and worshipping my feet.

Each time we play, we get more elaborate. More dirty! We’ve started getting KINKY with it too, with me forcing him by leash to suck my toes.

Needless to say, HE’s in foot heaven! He’s even told me that now that he’s shared his fetish with me, he feels closer to me than any girl he’s dated. AND he says I give the BEST FOOT JOB he’s ever had! I learn quickly, what can I say? LOL

But the craziest part is that I swear it’s all rubbing off on me! Like, sometimes when he’s fucking my pussy or ass now, I reach down and squeeze my feet or toes, and I catch myself wishing he could suck ’em while fucking me at the same time.

Hey, it’s worth trying right? :P

Also, I’m ready to let A GIRL lick my feet next! I’ve already been masturbating to the thought for like, weeks! So check back in a bit…maybe I’ll have a foot fetish story with me and another GIRL soon!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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