I’ll be honest with you, I’m both a sex therapist and I work the phone lines because I’m horny all the time, and I love, love, LOVE to fuck guys…with a strap on.

I know how to make guys CUM HARD with my “cock”.

“You’ll love this,” I told a gorgeous guy I had met by placing an ad online. Both of us, newly introduced and nude, stood together, his lovely cock was full and hanging heavily, though not yet erect.

He was an “ass virgin” and I was soooo beyond excited to take that virginity with my trusted rubber cock!

“I’m so wet just thinking about spreading your ass cheeks apart so I can get a full look at you” I said.

The guy’s cock was starting to rise as I kept whispering to him my sexy descriptions of what I wanted to do to his body.

“You have a beautiful little asshole, baby. I can’t wait to touch it. I’m even going to lick it first, you turn me on so much.”

“I’m gonna FUCK that tight little ass of yours.”

My hands slid down, one hand dropping down to curl around his now erect dick.

“Have you ever had a woman lick your asshole? I’m going to do it to you, spread my tongue out and around that virgin hole of yours and get you hot and ready for me.”

No man can resist my tongue in their asshole.

“I’ll tube you up with my tongue”, I whispered, kissing his firm ass as I made my way into the tight hole. When I got there he made a small moan as I started darting my tongue in and out, and up and down on his tight little pucker.

“I’ll get this nice and wet and relaxed, then it’s time. You’re going to love this.”

He answered back with a moan. I teased and fondled his balls as I licked at his asshole.

“Are you sure you’re ready to take my nice, hard strap-on dildo as I slide it deep inside you?”

He just moaned again, in a satisfactory way, as I plunged my fingers inside of him.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?”

While I did that I grabbed at his cock, releasing his first strand of precum….Feeling my way deep into him with my hand, exploring this uncharted territory and enjoying every twitch and moan he made while I did so.

When I finally felt like I had him good and loosened up I pulled out and slid on my strap-on cock.

“Are you ready for my dick?” I whispered in his ear.

“Ooooo, yesss” he moaned, and with that I positioned him doggy style, that full, firm ass, virgin hole and all, front and center in front of me and I slid my dick inside of him.

His cheeks clenched against me but I kept pushing my way in tight little ass, taking what I wanted.

It was so hard to be gentle and go slow at first, like I had promised, I wanted to completely ravage that asshole of his, but despite my desires I kept a steady pace as he warmed up and let me in his tight hole.

It was SO HARD not to just immediately got nuts on that tight ass!

I built my rhythm up more with every thrust, until I was full-on having my way with his ass with my cock, driving myself into him even deeper than the time before.

“Take that cock, you little bitch. Take ALL of it! and LOVE IT!”

“Turn over” I announced, wanting to make sure I’d be able to watch him cum when he was ready. I could tell this newbie wouldn’t last too long!

He turned over and I eased back into his asshole from the front now, watching his eyes light up with pleasure as I hit his prostate.

I eased back into his ass with the skill of a professional ass-blaster.


“OHHHHHHHH GOD” he moaned as I sunk that cock deep, deep inside of him.

I was surprised how well he handled ALL of my cock.

“Oh my god it feels so good, don’t stop!” he begged me, “DON’T STOP!”

Then he grabbed his cock and started pulling on it in time with me pumping his ass full of my cock.

“You like that?” I asked, “you like my cock up in your ass while you stroke it?”

He moaned and pulled on his cock and I knew this was his new favorite thing!

“Oh fuck, oh yes” he moaned, rubbing his dickhead as I grabbed his leg and bore down on his asshole.

“Feel THIS” I told him, and grabbed his cock and started pumping it with the same rhythm I was thrusting my hips into him.

“That’s right, I OWN this ass.”

I began to stroke and fuck him faster, filling him and milking him at the same time, my own orgasm from the tug of the strap on harness against my clit threatening to go off with every motion.

I was so excited fucking him I had to talk myself out of cumming too soon!

“I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve” I told him, leaning forward, taking his cock into my mouth while I still pumped his ass full of me.

No guy can last more than a few seconds when I show ’em this “trick”!

“FUUUUUUUCK!” he called out as I swallowed him to the balls and buried my strap-on deep in his ass.

Then with a few last strokes he exploded his milky white cum all over himself and his body convulsed shouting “oh fuck!” the whole time.

Watching a dude cum from my strap-on makes me feel like the queen of the world!

By this point I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer and I released my own, crying out against him, still pumping.

FUCK YEA! I came too, fucking that tight ass raw.

In my mind, I FELT like this:

I’m the kinda bisexual, domme slut who wants to CUM like a dude all over you!

So yeah, we booked our next “date” immediately for the following day.

I don’t know how much abuse his virgin ass can take at first, but I’m going to find out the hard way!

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