It’s starting to become a thing with me, I guess, fucking and sucking off the dads of the kids I’m babysitting!

I didn’t mean to do this AGAIN, but after a long day of college classes, by the time I get to my babysitting jobs, I just want to blow off some steam and sexual tension, if you know what I mean. And like, come on- the dad’s always LOVE my little schoolgirl uniform.

Next thing I know, I’m always naked on the couch with the DILFs cock deep inside me!

This last one was a recently divorced dad who’s kids I had just started babysitting for when he went on dates. They had a really nice house, and he was def a decent looking guy. And yeah, I DO like older men so…

Anyway, the other night I was sexting with my bf, playing withy myself and I was talking pictures of my wet pussy for my boyfee after I put this guy’s kids to bed on his sofa.

It was really getting into it, posing and rubbing, but then he had to go out to game! So I hung up, but I didn’t stop- my pussy demanded satisfaction and so I laid there on the sofa, rubbing out my pussy like I wish he would!

It was pretty hot and steamy, but this dad’s date must have been a dud because all of a sudden I heard someone walk through the door WAY earlier than expected!

The front door opens right into the living room so he caught me immediately. When he asked what I was doing (though it was totally obvious!) I pleaded, “you aren’t going to tell anyone about this are you? I’ll never get a babysitting job in this town again if you tell on me!”

He looked at me and said, “and why shouldn’t I tell on you? Playing with your pussy out right here in my living room while my kids are upstairs. You should be ashamed of yourself!”

“I know!” I told him, my heart sinking, “I know it’s bad. I just couldn’t help myself!”

“You’re THAT horny, eh? Well…I suppose we could work something out where I let you off with just a warning this time.”


He walked right up to me where I was sitting on the sofa and undid the button of his jeans. To tell the truth, I’d actually WANTED THIS for awhile but was trying to be good!

Anyway, I licked my lips and unzipped his jeans and OMG his cock was a sexy piece, girthy and cut, fucking hard as a rock and looking insanely SUCKABLE!

I wrapped my lips around his cock and slowly guided it all the way down my throat until I felt his cock-head hit my tonsils. Then I started really sucking as I twisted and pulled on the shaft, giving the balls a tug here and there.

I looked up at him from kneeling, my mouth still around his cock, and said, “is this how you like it?” though I knew from the moans he was making that it obviously was.

His response was to grab the back of my head and shove my mouth up and down his cock, even rougher and faster than before! But I could feel my pussy dripping down my naked legs at this point from the force he was exerting on me to suck his cock even deeper than I had been.

Talk about a guy who needed his cock sucked! He was LOVING IT! Probably it had been a while since his divorce, and he’d been married like 17 years. I mean, the last time he prolly got sucked off by a girl my age, he was in college!

When he let up so I could catch my breath again, I looked up at him and said “What else do you want?”

“I want this tight young pussy. I wanna fuck you so hard I split you in two. Then, I’ll keep my mouth shut about what a crazy little slut you are.”

He sat down on the couch, picked me up, and then brought me down on his hard cock, thrusting up into me,  plunging that big dick inside my wet pussy.

“Fuck” he said, “you’re so fucking wet for my dick. You LIKE to be forced to suck cock and fuck, don’t you, you dirty little whore?!” he asked as he pumped me in nice, long strokes.

“Yes” I admitted, “I think I WANTED you to catch me. I just haven’t been fucked hard by a mature man in while.”

He started pounding me even faster, moaning loudly as he did.

“I knew it. You are a slut for older cock. And I’m gonna break you in like you’ve never been broke in before. And I want you to call me ‘Daddy’.”

The moment I heard the word, my clit throbbed!

“Yes Daddy,” I said, “please please fuck me harder!”

I could barely contain myself anymore, I had been on the edge of cumming since he plunged that fat dick into me eagerly. I had to breathe slowly to not cum! It just felt so fucking good! He really knows what he’s doing!

So I was happy for a quick break to control myself as he flipped me over into a new position, reaming me from behind.

“How’s that, babygirl? You like when Daddy fucks you? I’ll bet the boys at school don’t know how to FUCK like I do.”

As he’s fucking me even harder I’m thinking to myself that god, I don’t EVER want this to stop! I knew I was gonna cum soon! He sensed it and flipped me over AGAIN and it was like, we were gonna do every single position he’d obviously been missing!

“I’m gonna cum” I then said, pumping me so hard.


He pulled out and aimed his beautiful cock at my tits and stomach and proceeded to pump a HUGE fucking load all over me.

Then it was my turn.

“Finish me off!” I begged, shoving his still pretty stiff cock back inside.

He began pumping furiously again and I screamed out “daddy!” over and over. I knew this O was gonna be a big one!

And much to my surprise, as the orgasm roared through my body, I FUCKING SQUIRTED! That had never happened before!

“Oh fuck yeah” he said, “I haven’t had a squirter since college. How about we make this a normal thing on Friday nights? I promise to tip you extra good, you little slut. And it will be our secret. What do you say?”

So DUH, of course I told him, my pussy still throbbing with orgasms “I’ll be here same time next week, daddy.”

And now I can’t fucking wait for Friday!!!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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