There’s nothing quite like a rainy Saturday night, curled up by a fireplace with a cock in my mouth. And of course one in my pussy too, getting pumped full of hot cum from both ends.

It all started innocently enough. A rainstorm had blown in, so we stayed inside and played cards while taking shots, instead of hitting up the club. And the rain got so bad it kept my boyfriend’s best bro from going home.

Of course I had encouraged him to stay, telling him it was raining too hard to drive, plus he’d been drinking pretty heavily, and I even “jokingly” said “if it gets too lonely on the couch for you there’s always room in the bed with us.”

So we were playing, and the power goes out! And I was pretty drunk and feeling saucy and I just kind of went for it. I was sitting on the sofa between the guys, and I just reached over with both arms out and put my hands on their cocks.

So of course my boyfees bro is like “hey, what are you doing?” but I can straight up feel his cock hardening in his pants under my palm.

“I’m bored with cards” I told him, “I think we should do this now” and I unzipped both of their pants.

My boyfriend wasted no time getting his pants off, but his friend was still a bit shocked, I think. So I started to stroke them both.

They started peeling off their clothes and pretty soon I was jacking them both buck naked! I was getting so turned on it literally felt like a fire was burning in my pussy, just waiting to be filled up.

Holding those two gorgeous cocks in my hands, I just could not resist. I needed to ride one. I straddled my bf’s bro and aimed his cock-head at my pussy.

“This cool with you?” he looked at my boyfriend and asked.

“Definitely, bro. My girl fucks like a champion!”

With that, I sat down on his cock, feeling in sink deep inside of my slippery-wet pussy. God, he felt good! His cock was long and straight. I bounced on it while I continued to stroke my man.

By now we were all sooooo excited, I had to pace myself. Like, TWO COCKS to play with? I swore I’d died and gone to heaven! And I’m pretty sure THEY felt that way too, both getting to fuck me. I didn’t want my boyfee to feel left out, so I turned around and offered his friend my pussy from behind, so I could suck my man’s cock while this dude fucked me.

On my hands and knees his homie started pounding his long dick into me, doggy style, while my boyfee started deep-dicking  my throat.

It was so fucking hot, literally kneeling on the floor, by that fireplace, just nothing but a slutty little cock hole for them to get their use of. I had never felt quite this objectified before but I’ll be honest with you, I was loving every fucking minute of it.


“OH YEAH BRO!” his homie shouted as he pounded me from behind, occasionally spanking my ass for good measure, “this sure beats the club!”

It was amazing to feel that I was being DOMINATED by two men. The rhythm of one cock into my pussy, while another slid down and back out of my throat, was, like, the BEST FEELING ever!

We did it with me on my knees, then flipped over for better access on my back. I was DYING to cum but I didn’t want to go first! OMG you guys, I’m telling you– there is NOTHING quite like being fucked and filled on both ends!


Well…maybe not NOTHING…but I don’t want to jump ahead! I rolled on my side and took both of them that way, too.

I felt homie pick up pace– he was really sweating and groaning while he hammered my pussy and it was clear he was close to exploding too!


So I had to stop them. I said to my boyfriend “hey babe– you know what I want now?”

And he looked at me and I could tell he knew. Then he nodded and laid back on the sofa.

“Wait” I told his friend while we switched positions. Then I sat down on my boyfriend’s cock with my swollen pussy.

“FUCK YEAH” he moaned.

“Now you” I said to his friend “come get this ass!”

He carefully came over and aimed his big dick back at my tight little asshole.

“YES” I said as he aimed that cock right between my cheeks and pulled me onto it.

FUUUUUUUUCCKKKK is all I can say! It was so tight with both of those nice big hard cocks fighting for space in my little body! Like, I could FEEL them sliding and pressing so close to each other, squeezing me as they penetrated. DUDE!


It was a little bit awkward at first- trying to coordinate the movements of all three of us, but after a few mins and a few position changes, they were reaming my pussy and asshole like experts!

And I’m telling you I’ve never cum so hard! My boyfriend’s balls were slapping my taint and his bros big cock was steadily pumping my asshole as they both moaned.

I couldn’t stop myself- I shouted “IM GONNA CUUUUUMMMMMMMM!”

And seriously, I just can’t explain it if you haven’t tried it, but having an orgasm with your asshole AND your pussy both clenching and cumming…like, OMFG! I thought my heart was going to stop!

My whole body shook like an inner earthquake and I literally SCREAMED “OH MY FUCKING GOD, OH MY GOD!” over and over as my body contracted around their meat!

And of course THAT made THEM both cum! They both started panting harder and hard, and then homie grabbed my cheeks and I felt his hot load spurting in my asshole. And before he even finished, my boyfee started to cum, grabbing my tits and pumping that hot jizz up my pussy. Like, I was literally FILLED in TWO HOLES at the same time!

And just for good measure, I cleaned off both of their cocks with a nice double-suck at the end, just as a courtesy!

Gotta love those rainy evenings at home!

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