If you had told me a few weeks ago that I would be obsessed with getting FISTED I wouldn’t have believed you!

I had no idea how good something as dirty and depraved as having someones full hand up inside my pussy would feel until it had actually happened!

I had fooled around with girls before of course, but this time this girl that I had met online and had planned to hook up with suggested that she wanted to do something a little more “intense” than I might be used to…

I, of course said HELL YES!

So she showed up to my place and immediately I could feel the sexual tension between us. Her low cut blouse revealing her ample breasts, nipples poking through the fabric, visible for me to see.

I had a feeling this was intentional, so I reached out and touched those gorgeous breasts. She returned the favor and squeezed mine back.

It didn’t matter that this was the first time we were meeting each other, we both had something the other wanted and that was enough for me.

She took off my shirt revealing my sheer bra, and looked at me with eyes hungry for sex. She inched ever closer to me until she was right in my face, reaching down and feeling my panties.

Then she began to kiss me deeply, and I felt a rush of blood to my pussy where he hand had found the lace edge of my panties. The minute her mouth slid open and let me slide my tongue inside I knew this night was going to be special.

It wasn’t long before we had begun to pull off each others clothes, kicking and tearing them aside.

Now it was time for her to take control, and at first she started nice and sweet, very gently sucking my breasts, oh so tenderly.

As she sucked, I felt her tits graze my face, so of course I opened my mouth and sucked her tit into my mouth, too. She moaned.

Then as she got more excited, changing positions so I was in front of her, she began licking and biting at my breasts, tugging and biting at each nipple, twisting and pulling them tightly making me squirm but also making me wet!

I could feel myself getting wetter with every hard bite and then she began to suck my whole tit into her mouth while staring in my eyes.

FUCK! She was so hot, looking like she just wanted to eat me alive as she sucked those titties in!


By now my pussy was all but gushing with juices and her hand continued her trail down to my wet cunt.

My cunt was perfectly shaven and ready for presenting to her just underneath my panties, ready for her to take control of and do with as she pleased. She started rubbing it while she lapped at my tits.

She drew my nipple into her mouth and made circles on my pussy as she sucked rhythmically, causing me to cry out a bit.

Soon enough, she wanted to give my pussy her full attention. She slide a finger inside me and rubbed on my clit.

She was driving me nuts!

“EAT IT!” I screamed out, breaking my role as the submissive, but I just wanted my clit between her lips!

If her FINGERS could do all that, I NEEDED to know what her MOUTH could do! The way she sucked my tits…I knew I was in for a treat! And fuck, was I right. She came in first all soft again, with just gentle little licks.

But before I knew it, I was squeezing my own tits as she devoured my pussy, her tongue darting in and out of me, sucking my clit up into her mouth.

It wasn’t long before she added her fingers again and she was licking and fingering my pussy like a pro, and I couldn’t help but cry out for more!

At this point my cunt was soaking we as she simultaneously got me off with her hands and her mouth. Then she got down lower and started to just concentrate on carefully fingering my pussy.

She moved from one finger to two, plunging deep inside me.

Then she did three, thrusting each time deeper inside me, loosening me up.

“DO YOU LIKE THAT?” she whispered in my ear.

“Fuck yes” I hissed.

Then she got 4 fingers inside and looked me in the eyes, “relax your pussy and take a deep breath,” she said.

With that she started sliding her hand into me and it felt so good, but I was having a hard time getting loose enough to get her whole fist into me.

Finally she got all 5 fingers in, up to her wrists, and holy FUCK, I literally SQUIRMED with pleasure!

Laying there with my legs spread open and her hand deep inside of me, filling me up in a way that I had never experienced before, she began thrusting faster and faster.

All I could do is throw my legs back and enjoy the ride!

She even reached up and choked me as she fed that fist into me, staring hard into my eyes.

“Fuck yeah, fuck yeah little princess” she kept repeating as she owned my pussy.

And so that was pretty much all I could take! When she grabbed my throat, I knew I was gonna cum, and HARD!

So I gotta tell you guys, something happened while she was fisting me that has NEVER happened before.

When I started to cum…I SQUIRTED! That part I hadn’t planned for!

And not just like, a little, but A LOT. Like, got allllll over her and even in her mouth, kind of squirting!

Like, seriously guys, I don’t know that I’ve ever cum that hard, especially when a cock wasn’t involved. I think I kind of fell in love with her a bit as she rubbed my juices onto her.

Now I know getting fisted isn’t for everyone, but I truly think any kinky person who likes a good time should try it at least once! It is a feeling unlike anything I can describe, all I can say is fucking hell it felt good!

I’m even learning to FIST MYSELF now!


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