Going to a catholic school my whole life left me with some interesting.. fetishes. Fetishes that led me to do one of the wildest things I’ve probably ever done to this day! I did it on one of my last days of Catholic High school, with my 18th birthday a few weeks prior and a completely over the top horniness (this was an all girls high school after all) I just couldn’t help myself!!!!

I had been masterbating… a lot. I was touching myself everywhere from my car,

to the girls bathroom,

to the broom closets;

if I saw something that made me hot I just had to get off💦

and the fact that I was repeatedly told how much of a sin this was  by all the nuns at my school just made it even hotter to me.🔥

It was time for one of my last confessionals before graduating, and I had a LOT to confess to that week, so I took a deep breath and stepped into the tiny confessional box. As I sat down the cold wood pressed against my bare ass. I had started to come to school in my plaid school girl skirt and knee socks, etc but no panties lately… with as much masturbating as I had been doing I liked knowing I had easy access and feeling the moistness of my pussy against my thighs.

The priest did his thing as I sat down and closed the door, I knew which priest it was and I’ll be honest, he wasn’t too bad looking for someone that had sworn themselves to celibacy! So I tell him I sinned and he asks me to go into detail of each “incident” that I’ve committed and I begin listing off each and every time I rubbed one out and why, that I can remember to the best of my ability. From waking up and hearing the sexy radio voice of the dj on my alarm clock, to ducking into the bathroom stall after seeing some of the girls in my grade changing after our workout, the list went on and one.

I was just a horny, repressed Catholic schoolgirl slut!😩😜😫😝😈

Shortly after I started listing them off I could feel myself gettin turned on all over again, not just in the reminiscing about the experiences, but even more so that I was sitting in this tiny box listing each of my “transgressions” to this guy with nothing but a thin wall to separate us. And so I started what may have been the craziest thing I’d done yet, I reached my hand between my legs, and slid my fingers up inside my soaking wet pussy and began thrusting them into myself as I continued listing off my prior sins. I was so wet that it was a tricky balance to not finger fuck myself so hard that he would hear the sounds of my sloppy pussy with such a thin wall between us, so I kept up a steady rhythm.

I got towards the end of the list when he said to me, “how does this make you feel, knowing that you are committing such grievous sins throughout the day,” and I was starting to get so into this, being reprimanded for the very act I was committing right next to him… that I decided to take it up a notch, and slid my soaking finger inside my asshole, while using my other had to stimulate my clit. To give you a better idea I had my feet up on the bench on either side of me with my pussy and asshole spread open to the bare wall across from me, and I continued this way as I tried to not too breathily explain how that “made me feel,” knowing that with every word and thrust I was getting closer to getting off.

The minute I knew he would start going into what I should take upon myself as punishment for my actions I had my fingers knuckle deep in my asshole and pussy and I ground my teeth together as I started to cum, seated there spread eagle in the confessional, cumming so hard and terrified of him hearing me. Bursting out at the end with a “yes Father, I’ll do that.” I looked down at my cum soaked hand and tried to make myself look presentable as I calmly walked out of the box and on my way to my last class of the day, now with an especial skip in my step.

Sooooo, wanna rub one out with me? Lol! Just call me at the phone number below…NOW!😝

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

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