Taking a girls “girl sex virginity” is my favorite, so when a hot, young thing I had been flirting with online for a bit offered to cum for a visit… well let’s say I didn’t hesitate at the offer!



This wasn’t just any girl off the internet, but rather this really hot chick that had half a million instagram followers that wanted me to fuck her, so not only would I get the fun of the conquest of taking her virginity, but I also got the boast to my ego, knowing that of all the hot babes online, she chose me to take it from her.

I knew the minute she walked in the door that she was under my spell, and I immediately took advantage of that, I wanted to do more than just fuck her, I wanted to have some fun with her.

I poured us both a drink and led her to the couch where I proceeded to make out with her. It wasn’t your run of the mill make out session though, I wanted to get her hot and bothered enough that she’d be begging me for more.

I didn’t just want to fuck her, I wanted her to beg me to fuck her.


I would run my tongue over her nipples, and lightly touch her crotch, all while sliding my tongue down her throat, leaving it there just enough to make her moan, and she’d try to grab my hand and put it down her skirt but I just slid it back away and ran it up to her hair where I pulled it firm, pulling her head back and biting her neck while I whispered in her ear “don’t be shy, tell me how much you want me to fuck you.”

She squirmed a bit at this but the minute I slid my hands over her thighs again she started crying out, “I want you to fuck me so badly, I’ve been thinking for weeks about what it would feel like to have your hands between my legs, and if I was lucky maybe your tongue too, I just want to be a good little girl for you, tell me what you want me to do so that you fuck me!”

I laughed and slid my hand up to firmly cup against her soaking wet panties, “that’s a good start” I said, and pulled my hand away and removed her shirt and her bra, revealing the perfect pair of breasts, which I grabbed in each hand. I ran my hands over them as I made my way to her nipples, squeezing each tightly between my fingers, making her moans even louder in between my kisses.

“You think you’re ready to get fucked by me, do you?” I asked.

“Yes, pleeeeeeeeease!” she begged.

So I made my way between her thighs again and inserted one finger, and then two, into her sopping wet pussy as she slid backwards, gasping as I made contact with her g spot.

“Oh fuck” she whispered, totally entrapped by me now.

I decided I had my fill of teasing and laid her back against the couch, pulled off her panties and slide my body down til I was in between her legs, facing her. I kissed each of her thighs, first softly and then taking the flesh into my mouth in firm nips of my teeth, making her squirm and moan even more, and I could see when I looked at how wet her pussy was that all this teasing of her was only helping my cause.

Finally I pulled apart the lips of her cunt until I was looking at her clit and kissed my way to it, again starting out soft but then mixing my licks and kisses with nips and tugs, and when I felt like she was getting near her climax, I inserted my fingers again and started rhythmically sliding them with my licks, curving up to hit her g spot as I drove her crazy with my licking of her pussy.

She started bucking her hips but I held firm, getting off myself on the sheer power I had over her right now, knowing that I was bringing a sort of pleasure to her body that she had never experienced before, and god it was sexy!

I took it all of her gorgeous body as I fucked the shit out of her pussy, feeling her cum time after time until I could tell that she was finally getting to the point of being totally spent.

I slid back up and kissed her on the lips, “I want you to taste yourself on me after all those orgasms, drink in the pleasure I gave you,” and pulled deeply at her lips, before we both collapsed together in a tangle of naked limbs, resting up until we both had the energy to do it all over again.

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