One thing in this world turns me on more than anything and it’s the fear of getting caught fucking in public places!

Places where I worry about getting walked in on, or kicked out of for my kinky sex. Public restrooms, my office….

So one day when I went shopping with a girlfriend of mine that I had a crush on for the longest time, I knew that I was definitely going to try to make my move while in the shopping mall!

After wondering around a bit we decided to try some things on in one of the dressing rooms of a big shops. She tried on something first with me there to see how it looked, after she slid the dress off and began to put her clothes back on, I stopped her and said: “I don’t know, I think I like you naked better…”

Then I went in towards her, pressing her naked body against the mirror and pressing my mouth on her, my tongue sliding between her full lips.

And guess what? She kissed me back! I fucking KNEW she was bi! She totally kissed me back, but kinda let me lead.

We could hear people walking past the curtain, others trying on things in the rooms next to us, and yet all I could think about was her sexy naked body and how much I wanted us to eat each other out, here in the middle of the story with the possibility of anyone walking in on us at any moment.

I couldn’t help myself– pushed her up against the wall and reached inside her panties.

“Yessss” she whispered, so I dropped down to my knees and buried my face between her legs, positioned in such a way that I could see what I was doing in my reflection in the mirror, and this only turned me on even more.


I turned her around so that she could look at her own reflection as I slide my tongue between her firm ass checks, eating her out from behind.


I was so fucking into it at this point that I would slide my tongue up every now and then to her asshole so I could watch the look on her face in the mirror as she shivered with pleasure and also a bit of the fear of getting caught.

At this point my sole goal was to bring her to orgasm so that I could bury her own face between my legs, since I could feel my pussy dripping down my legs I was so turned on by what was going on.

I saw her reach up and bite her finger as she started to cum so that her noises couldn’t be heard outside the curtain. It was right about that time that the dressing room attendant called in, asking if we had everything we needed, if we needed any different sized pieces of clothing or anything like that.

I thought I might cum without even being touched practically at this point I was so hot, I was giggling with anticipation and nerves as I pushed my friend between my legs under the dress I had come to the mall wearing, already without my underwear so that I’d be ready for anything.

She started licking at my wet clit as my eyes rolled back into my head!

Then slide her fingers inside me, first one and then up to three, the force of them sliding into me like nothing with the wetness that had been building.

I was pressed up against the wall, my hands flat against it, keeping me in place so I wouldn’t slide down with the weight of the orgasm that was building for me, looking at myself in the mirror and listening to the sounds of the passersby that had no idea what was going on in this room.

I was completely in my element and proceeded to have one of the most glorious orgasms of my life, cumming so hard that I was a bit nervous mid way that I might leave a puddle on the floor.

But my friend was a good one indeed because she licked up every drop of my cum that seemed to spill out of me as she got me off.

I pulled her up and kissed her hard one last time, savoring the secrecy of our tryst, then helped her get back into her clothes and walked out of the dressing room, telling the clerk that nothing fit quite right but thank you for her help anyways, sharing a secret smile with one another at the kinky deed we had just committed, all the while still feeling the stickiness of it between my legs as a reminder.


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