If you think about it, the world hasn’t changed much. Sure, magazines aren’t as popular as they used to be – they’ve only been replaced by something more accessible, the online space we call the internet. I still do like magazines though; I mean…how else am I going to tape up a picture of Chris Hemsworth to my wall while I masturbate?

Yeah, magazines ARE still pretty useful ;)

So enjoy this cover ’cause we’ve got plenty of sexy content (aka dirty pictures) to quench your thirst baby!

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We keep it PG on there because obviously Instagram doesn’t allow nudity. Yet somehow, people are finding ways to post nudes. I saw plenty of dick pics by the way! And girls with big asses with barely a tinyass thong in between those cheeks.

Not to go off on a tangent here (I lied, I’m about to) but I dream of an alternate universe, a universe that accomodates porn, porn stars, sex workers, sex educators and basically anyone who is involved – businesses and consumers alike. We would have adult versions of everything – from Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram; even all the channels on TV would be just adult entertainment and a sex ed channel of course. Our malls and restaurants would have funny ‘porn-y’ names. Imagine that. The mainstream entertainment people can have their universe back.

But if it DID actually happen, please believe that A LOT of people would be jumping on board this alternate adult universe.

Because sex sells & everyone loves porn.

Like what you see? Then you know the drill:

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Statistics, data analysis, oh and porn. Everybody LOVES porn; people constantly talk about it on social media and even on TMZ, but when it comes to doing business nobody in the mainstream world wants to be affiliated with it. What this article boils down to is that you are being tracked based on what you consume, and so am I most likely – someone’s tracking you, someone’s tracking me and so forth and so forth. So here’s some interesting info for those who really need to know. This confirms that your son (or daughter) probably watches porn on their game console:

How Gamers Get Down with Porn

Hell yes! I just got permission to post these; so Rockstar was a men’s adult magazine published by my current employer. How freakin’ cool, right? It was filled with hot girls, articles on current events, product reviews and guess what? More hot girls. It was kind of ahead of its time (not your typical adult magazine), but it was also expensive to publish so yeah; basically the internet has pretty much taken over everything at this point.

Anyhow, I’m still excited to be able to use this “new to me” content for this blog. It’s actually pretty damn sexy & we hope you like it.

So keep checking back for more sexy throwback posts!

And of course, if you like what you see…

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I found a great, short article about why men cheat. And a quote from the same article that really makes you think:

“Why Dave?” I asked, “Why do you insist on paying a woman who cares nothing for you to keep you company and get your rocks off?”

“Because,” he replied, “she brings no emotional baggage to the table, or bed as the case may be; I don’t have to listen to her problems, she listens to mine; and best of all, she can give most porn stars a run for their money in the sack. And all I have to do is give up a few hundred bucks. Not a bad investment, right?”

That was in reference to escorts. Now for those who can’t afford an actual escort, phone sex & camming are the next (less expensive) options. But I think this article hits the nail on the head about why some men seek such services from prostitutes, escorts, phone sex, cam girls, etc. – these men want something specific and they don’t want to beat around the bush. They don’t want to hear “no”, “I’m tired”, “I don’t feel like doing that”, “I’m not attracted to you” or a billion other excuses that a woman would likely come up with.

What exactly am I trying to get at here? I’m saying that you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you ARE paying for it. And if you think about it, in a real life situation – in some way, you are STILL paying for it in many different forms without realizing it. You are paying for it through buying flowers, candy, gas to pick her up & drop her off, dinner and a movie, MAYBE a little kiss and hug – and maybe, just MAYBE you might end up having sex. But then again, you might not. And you just spent about $100 for a “maybe”. That freakin’ sucks!

And that is why paying for your fantasy is legit. You are paying to get exactly what you want.

So yes, call us if you enjoy phone sex!

Call 800-PHONE-SEX

Not really relevant to our callers but then again, maybe it is? It might be harder to find us now, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates on cheap or FREE phone sex (and dirty nudes, of course). Twitter has recently decided to “mute” or censor adult-related hashtags, including #phonesex and #porn. Boooo, what a major downer! I don’t think Twitter realizes that people like their porn, and really – you’re not exposed to it unless you’re actively searching for it, IMO.

Anyways, so if you’re looking for us, be sure to follow accounts that have the 89 CENT logo or the happy heart face that says “FREE PHONE SEX”! As always, click on the green logo to call now…


I haven’t been in the jizz biz for that long (someone else used “jizz biz” somewhere online and so I had to use it here), but apparently – whether I’m here or not, phone sex will just keep on getting popular!

So yeah, business is GOOD!

Phone Sex on the Rise: Good News or Bad News?

And another one:

Younger people are three times more likely to have sex over the Internet and four times more likely to have phone sex when compared to people over 55. They are also twice as likely to use porn with a sexual partner or to test the waters in BDSM and sadomasochism.



It’s Throwback Thursday. Ok seriously, not to sound like an old fart but TIME FLIES! If you’ve been using our services for over a year then you might remember this version of from 2014. It’s pretty damn sexy, don’t you think? What can we say, we love to hit you in the face with hot girls, because you deserve the best visuals to stimulate your phone sex fantasy.

So if you’re feeling it, you know what to do sexy. Click on the pic to call now! Horny girls of all shades of HOT are waiting for YOU! ;)

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I sure do love the internet. Anytime I want to post something relevant to a current event (like football), I can just search and find the perfect image. For example, it’s the NFL playoffs right now and what better image to dig up than of this sexy redhead repping the Green Bay Packers – who just happened to have won yesterday’s game and will be playing next weekend against the Seahawks.

Soooo, do you think she’s sexy? If you think so then fulfill YOUR OWN fantasy!

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