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Are U Ready To Get DOMINATED?!

All of the sensations I felt running up and down my body were incredibly intense, from the scratching of her nails across my skin, to the heat of her body pressed up against mine.

I knew that the orgasm that was building from this experience was going to be a big one.

It hadn’t taken long after when we met for dinner that night before she had my clothes off and me lying naked across her bed.

Then came out the wrist restraints, which she tied to each of the four corners of the bed, and made sure were nice and tight on my wrist AND my ankles.

Then the blindfold.

“But you’re so sexy, I want to see what you’re doing to me,” I protested.

She just proceeded to wordlessly lean across me, ample breasts falling out over the top of her bra, starting to expose nipple right in front of me, and me tied up and unable to touch any of it!

And she put the blindfold on across my face, cinching it tightly in the back, but not before grabbing a handful of my hair and yanking it tight, whispering in my ear ,“you better be a good girl for me, or else you’ll be getting punished”.

Once I lay against the bed, tied up and blindfolded, I shuddered in a mix of fear and excitement, not sure what she was going to do to me next. I felt the palm of her hands against me and then she started dragging her nails across my skin, making me squirm underneath her touch.

She caressed my lips and I sucked on her fingers, wanting more.

She crawled up the bed to loom over me, the heat coming from her pussy as she proceeded rub her body against mine.

She grabbed my breasts and started to suck my nipples, and my body heaved towards her, wanting more and more of the sensation.

I started gasping and as I did I felt the hardness of her hand slap across my face, “don’t be a brat,” she said, “I know that’s not hurting you. You promised to be a good girl for me remember” and started slapping my face, back and forth, jarring me and holding me completely in my body, just waiting for her next move, next command.

Pussy getting wet with the force she was using on me.

Then I felt her move and I could feel this heat over my face as she lowered her pussy over my mouth and started grinding against me.

“Eat my pussy like a good little slut” she said, and I started sliding my tongue over all the curves and folds of her cunt.


I slid my tongue up inside of her and tasted how sweet her cum was as she rode my face, bucking and gasping when I would hit just the right spot.

She reached down and grabbed a fistful of my hair and started pressing against me even harder, suffocating me with her cunt, literally drowning me in her cum and yet sliding up and down so I got just enough air that I could keep going.


When she had cum and had her fill of my mouth, she slid down between my legs and started sliding her fingers into my soaking wet pussy… first one.. then two….then three, until I could feel her making her whole fists way in there.

Once she fit it inside of me, she started fucking me full force, and my restrained body was bucking and squirming against her, my thighs covered in my pussy’s liquids.

She reached up and chocked me with her other hand while she continued to pound her fist inside of me and I couldn’t hold it together anymore.

I started screaming and cumming, SQUIRTING and literally soaking the bed, just totally abandoning any last shred of dignity and giving into my completely primal slut self.

It’s probably needless to say that I will be seeing her again VERY soon1 ;)


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Last weekend we all went out and got SHITFACED drunk.

“We” as in me, my boyfriend, my friend Amanda, and her new boyfriend Mike. (All names have been changed to protect the non-innocent!)
So we knocked back quite a few at the bar and then ended up at my place, where Amanda and I were dancing close and sexy while my boyfee played DJ. And just like every time I get drunk, my bisexual side comes a-roarin’ out!

Before I knew it Amanda and I had our tongues down each other’s throats and the boys were egging us on!

Not wanting to disappoint, I grabbed Amanda by her long blonde ponytail and kissed down her neck…then lifted up her shirt and unsnapped her bra…the whole time with JUST enough sobriety left in my to worry/wonder how her new man was going to feel about this, since I have no idea how he feel about Amanda being Bi. But as I wrapped my mouth around one of her adorable little A cups, he sure seemed down so I didn’t stop!

I stripped her naked in the center of the room and laid her down. The guys were both like “YEAH, DO THAT” so she laid back and we continued to make out as I made my way down her body with my kisses.

Then I heard the sound of zippers and both our dudes had their cocks out, sitting on the sofa, and started stroking themselves to Amanda and me.

“TAKE HER CLOTHES OFF TOO” Mike told Amanda, slowly wringing his cock.

Amanda pulled my dress off over my head and pulled off my panties and now she laid me down on the floor and spread my legs. I closed my eyes as I felt her warm, soft tongue slip between my pussy lips. I couldn’t help but moan as one of her French manicured-fingers slid into me as well. I kinda felt like a porn star, getting finger-banged by a hot chick while people watched.

I opened my eyes and looked over at the boys and couldn’t believe what I saw: Mike had his hand around MY boyfriend’s cock, and was stroking him off!

I never, not in a MILLION YEARS would have thought my man would be down with that! For like one second I felt weird and betrayed even, but then, as I continued to watch while also enjoying Amanda rubbing my clit, I started to really like it! I’ve totally never seen a guy jerk off another guy before, and it was much hotter than I would have thought!
So, since THEY had been so hip on giving directives to US girls, I suddenly felt emboldened to give some of my own!

“HEY—WHY DON’T YOU LET MIKE SUCK IT?” I asked my boyfee.

I mean, shit—if Mike was into stroking another dude’s cock, is a blowjob that far off? Obvs this dude Mike was bi too, so…
My man is supposedly straight. HOWEVER. Mike got down in front of him and there were NO objections!

My man slipped his hard cock right into Mike’s eager mouth while Amanda dove into my pussy again, this time jamming a finger in my asshole, too.

I was driving me nuts! But so was Mike sucking on my boyfriend’s dick! WHY was that so hot?!

But wait! It gets better!
Amanda wriggled her ass at Mike and it’s like they read each others minds.

“COME FUCK L________” Amanda says to my man about me.
So my boyfee lays down on top of me and slips it in. Somehow just having an audience was hot, but they had way more in mind! So I’m laying there with my legs up in the air getting fucked, and then Amanda is straddling my face with her wet pussy. I grab her sweet thighs and pull her pussy lips into my mouth. She starts riding my face as my man fucks me!
It gets BETTER!!!!
Mike whispered something in my boyfees ear, and my man looked a bit apprehensive, and then Mike whispers something else, and my boyfee nods.

Next thing I know, Mike is BEHIND my man and takes his schlong, spits on it, and spreads my man’s cheeks and SLOWLY pushes his cock into his ass.

“ITS COOL DUDE” I heard Mike say “YOU’LL LOVE IT”
So I’m licking and sucking at Amanda’s clit as she gyrates like crazy (and LOUDLY!) on my face. My boyfee is fucking my pussy hard. And Mike is ramming his cock into my man’s ass and I can feel every thrust coming from behind. And OMG you guys it was INSANELY HOT!!!!
Kat starts cumming first, all loud and almost suffocating me with her juices, and it’s so hot having her writhe on my face that I start cumming too! Then my man says he’s close, and Mike says so too.

“CUM ON US!” both us girls cried, and so as they were ready, my man pulls his cock out and aims it at my stomach.

Amanda—that dirty slut—crawls over to Mike and he pulls his fat throbbing cock out of my man’s ass and aims it right at her face!

FUCKING A. It was like we had our own porno!

So…now what do I do? Is my boyfriend Bi now? I mean, I’m cool with it—that was fucking hot and I’d like to do it again—but I’m just mad surprised he let that happen! Let’s hope he doesn’t have regrets about it cuz I really, like REALLY liked watching my man get his dick sucked by another dude! And I wish I had a better view of the ass-fucking, so… I’m trying to plan another night like this!

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So I’m like, kinda a bad girl. I love cock and fucking and all that shit and I’m not sorry! I’ve always got a cock in my hand or my mouth, and I’m SO not afraid of getting busy in public!

So…the other night I went out to a rock show. Put on my Doc Martens and fishnets and leather skirt and top and went out and just got fucking crazy!

I was so wound up after the show I just couldn’t tell you all the things I wanted to do.  And I’m like, fuck, am I just gonna have to go home and rub one out? I mean that’s no fun! So NOT me!

And then the guy at the merch table is just giving me the eye! I could just see him go *gulp* when he saw me all sweaty in my leather skirt and boots! Soon enough we were sitting on a bench making out and it was fucking hot!

I could already see a boner in his pants and all I wanted to do was fuck him right there!

Too many people around though. But I was rubbing his big dick already and he could see me hungry and smiling for his cock!! He was like shit is this ok is this ok!? I said yes baby I want it, you’re good for asking and I want it so bad!

I was rubbing my leather skirt up against his pants with my tongue down his throat and…just all over him! I slipped my hand down his pants and he gasped as I rubbed my sweet black-nail-polished hand all over his smooth, rock hard cock.

He was like shit I just met you…and I kissed him and said I know right? Hot.

But by then the whole venue was cleared out and I was like come on we gotta be able to fuck somewhere! He said check it out, I know a spot, and led me into an empty room with a buzzing light. Fuck as soon as I closed the door I just got on my knees and unbuckled that belt and felt that BEAUTIFUL. HARD. COCK. IN MY MOUTH!
He said oh shit you’re so fucking hot I can’t fucking believe my luck tonight…

He put his hands on my bleach blonde hair and guided his cock in and out of my mouth and fuuuuuck I fuckin loved it!


His jeans were around his ankles and he was leaning against the door as I sucked his cock with my knees on the cool hardwood floor and just lost myself in his dick!
Gentleman he is though soon he returned the favor! Lifted me up with his big strong arms and said can I eat your pussy? I said YES God PLEASE! And he just put me up on this bar counter that was in the room and lifted up my skirt and I tore my fishnets and said yeah eat me baby eat meee and FUUUUUCK did that boy know how to use his tongue! He went at me like an animal licking and sucking like no one’s business just the way I love it!

I was rubbing my clit furious and pressing his beautiful hair into my throbbing screaming cunt needing more more more more.

I didn’t even realize I was about to come until it happened! And then it came up on me like a wave crashing down that I didn’t see it until it was almost on top of me and I said SHIIIIIIIIT and I came so fucking HARD! I felt like I was flying on that bar almost! I could’ve levitated right up and became one with that light. It was like drugs it was like soft pins of pleasure dancing and evaporating all around me.
And then LOL when I came to I guess without even realizing it I’d stuck his dick back in my mouth again. I was leaning my head over the counter and letting him stand up and just go to town on my mouth. I said come on fuck me!! And he said you’re sure?!?


And I said YES FUCK MY HOLE and he just went for it!

He pumped his sweet cock in and out of my waiting lips with my boots propped up against the wall and I just wanted him to jizz on my face and end it all and finally he did and went AGHHHH FUCKKKK and came everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE! I mean mostly my face lol. He was breathing so hard and looked so fuckin good standing over me. I could barely take it!


“Goddamn,” he said. “You are GOOD.”

“Hee. I know,” I said!

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Half of my time I work on the phones and the other half of my time I’m a singer in a band. I love the attention, what can I say? And we get a lot of gigs but they ain’t paying all the bills. Haha.I love singing and being on stage but the fact is after the show it’s usually BORING! I sing myself raw and I guess guys are usually intimidated by my look and attitude. It’s dumb- you’d think with all the sexy moves and gyrating I do on stage, guys would be all over me after! But no– they are afraid to come up to me! I just want people to talk to me! Especially guys—I AM single, like, bitch over here has needs too!

Which is why I’m no less than thrilled about getting DICKED HARD last night by a big, hairy stranger in the back of the band van!

So we were playing a show and I had my hair up in pigtails and had on my leather tank and pink shorts and was singing and screaming like hell. And then I saw this tall buy with a big beard and intense eyes at the front looking at me.

Then at the end of the night, I was packing up the merch table and the guy came up to me.

“I’ve been watching you all night, and you’re HOT” he said.

“Ditto” I told him, cuz now that he was up close, I think he was pretty hot in an older, manly sort of way.

“Yeah, so now what?” he asked me.

I knew what he wanted, and shit, I knew what I NEEDED.

“Follow me,” I said. “We have a van.”

We walked out to the band-mobile and I opened the door to the back and hoped inside and said “shut the doors.” He climbed in and obeyed.

His dick was out right away and it was a good one; short but fat with a big, bulbous head that just begged to be sucked on.

I told him to kneel and I sucked it on like I’ve never sucked on anything else! His cock tasted so good, it was so fleshy and throbbing and pulsing and I felt his pleasure go all through his body! I pulled out long enough to say “PULL MY FUCKING HAIR! FUCK ME!” and he growled and let out a scream, I set him loose! He roared and grabbed my pigtails and fucked himself silly into my open mouth. Oh he got so fucking hard it was so good!! He slammed himself down into my neck then played the head of his dick in and out of my lips!! Got it felt amazing.

I was stroking furiously at my clit with one hand as I sucked him, feeling my juices start gushing between my fingers, pussy ready for the main course!

He wanted to fuck me and I wanted it to but there was only one way, lol. I put my hands on the back of the front seats and bent over and braced myself against some amps. I leaned down and looked at him through my spread legs! He still couldn’t believe this was happening, his big grey eyes so wide!

“Fuck me,” I commanded, rubbing my soft red glowing pussy. “Fuck me. Fuck me right here,” I cooed. “Come on. I want you to fuck me. I want you to pound me till I see stars.”

Oh, he liked that!

He got on his knees and rammed into my pussy from behind so SO hard it almost hurt! He was splitting me open with that thick cock, eager to get as deep inside of me as he could.

He hammered me so hard the van was shaking! Rocking back and forth. I didn’t care, I loved it, his cock felt so good stuff right up until the end of me.

After a long time of this—I think it was half an hour!— I’d come more than a couple times and I was finally ready for his. I turned around and lay on my back and massaged my aching pleasured pussy and said here you cum right here! I gave him a look and tugged once on a pigtail and soon he was jizzing! Gave me a big old creampie! Oh God it was so fucking good.

Finally, I got some after a show. I think I’m going to try to fuck a new dude after every show! I just gotta figure out how to get them to NOT be intimidated to come up to me. Do you think if I wore a T shirt that said “FREE PUSSY” that would help :P


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Does this count? This is the only green photo I could find today…

Remember us when you’re drunk and horny later! Can’t wait to have dirty, sloppy, nasty phone sex with you! ;)

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Y’ALL. Fucking—I don’t even know.

I work in the nights and usually finish my work on the phones when the sun’s coming up. Like this morning it was like that. It was slow for the first bit but I had a really nice chat at the end with one of you guys. After we both came (at the same time—love that) we talked a bit more, just unwinding. He mentioned to me (I’ll call him Tim) he’d tried anal for the first time last week.

Now here’s a little thing about me: I’m no prude, and I’ve fucked a lot, but I’ve never done that. I’ve always been afraid. Whatever, stupid reasons. But Tim was saying the girl he’d hooked up with loved it. At first I was like “Right. Sure she did.” But really, she did. She said he’d just been gentle at first with lots of lube and slowly revved up the speed, and she didn’t just come she squirted!

I get hot when I hear shit like that.

Eventually Tim had to go and we said nice goodbyes and hung up. I went over to the window and opened the blinds and looked at the sun coming in over the trees. I only have a little student pad. But I like my view. Usually after work I take a quick nap then get up and study, but I’m ahead in class these days and didn’t want to sleep.

And I was still. You know. Thinking.

So I made a pot of coffee and took it out on my patio and thumbed through my phone. I’m a pretty busy girl between work and school…I don’t have too much time for my own fun anymore but fuck it. I was trying to think of guys I could call. I texted a few I’d hooked up with years ago. They didn’t respond. I think a lot of them have moved away. College towns, I guess.

I put on my purple silk blouse, my good pants and a coat. I thought if I took a walk into town my brain would settle down. And if not, maybe I’d meet someone—

And yes ok. That’s crazy right? Even a girl like me. I’ve done wild shit. But who goes to pick up guys eight-thirty in the morning on a Friday? That’s what I was thinking. That’s what was in my head.

So I was walking into town on the main road. I had some books with me thinking maybe I could zone out on campus. Get this sudden what the fuck obsession about anal out of my head. Then I was going through the nice tenured professor part of town. There it happened.

I heard my name.

I turned around. It was my old English teacher from freshman year. Young. But you could tell he was old for his years. It was his first year teaching when I had him. Tall. He said he came from up north from a family of farmers. Somewhere cold. He was in a T-shirt and mowing the lawn.

I said: “Professor!” I was so shocked. I had no idea he’d remembered me. I’d had a dream about him. A couple of them.

I could bore you with these next parts. Where we were both being shy. I won’t. He invited me in for coffee. He made fun of my heavy winter coat (come on I’m from the South). I found his wife was away on business. I kissed him. Wasn’t half an hour after I left home I was blowing him in his kitchen nook. Guess I still am a wild girl.

So. I liked him pumping my head and cradling my neck with his big pulsing farmer-stock dick. I liked him fucking my face in that silk blouse of mine. But. But. After a bit I was like “You have a bedroom” We went up, he had a beautiful four-poster elegant bed. It was really like something a princess would sleep in. I didn’t tell him but I’ve dreamed of making love in a bed like that. We were naked and he was about to fuck my cunt which fair enough was almost dripping. But I turned around. Plucked out the little bottle of lube I had in my bag. I rubbed his dick with it sweet and smooth and fluid. And I whispered.

“You ever fuck a girl in the ass?”

English professor or not, I don’t think he expected that.

I lubed us up both good. Put my head in his pillow. Slowly guided him in.

I drew him in slowly, an inch. And then another. And then I lost my breath as he was in me. I didn’t know something could hurt like that. And feel so good. It was like he got between a closed seam of me. But he was sweet. He could feel how I was shuddering. He went slowly. Very gently pumping in and out of me. Opening me up piece by piece. I can’t tell you how good it felt down there. When I get fucked in my pussy it’s right and never hurts and it’s fun in the simplest way, like it’s regular and good but when he put his dick in my ass how he did it was like he gave me a new body. I was concentrated there in every way. Like my skin was inside out with something better. And there was nothing but him filling my ass.
I could tell he wanted to really fuck me— he said “You like that?” and I suppose he broke the spell a little but that was fine. Because I wanted to get fucked too. “I love it,” I gasped. “Fuck me.”

He went a little faster. My body’s engine was revving for it. He said: “I don’t want to hurt you.”
“I DON’T CARE IF YOU HURT ME” I said. “FUCK ME!” That’s how I set him loose. He gathered my hair and pulled me back and I gasped like a fish at the ceiling, He pounded my opening gaping hole. I could feel it far up as my fingers and toes. When I got fucked in my ass I felt it in every inch of my skin. He fucked me savagely and brutally. But it never hurt too much. It always hurt just right enough. I came again. And then again. I’ve come fucking three times this morning. And still he fucked me. I thought he could fuck forever. He had me in a ball on the bed. At the end. He loomed over me. Like a God. He stood over me plunging himself in and out fucking my wet ass over and over and over and over and over. I would have stayed there for hours as long as he fucked me. I didn’t once think of asking him to stop.
Finally he was grunting and shaking. When he came, he put himself all the way in. Stretched me to the very end. I felt him gush and his cum trickle into me and drip down the insides. My sore, aching ass.
I asked if he’d call a cab home. Because fuck after that I could barely walk. He did, the sweetie. And now I’m going to sleep all day. On my fucking stomach. Lol. I hope the other girls don’t think weird of me but ladies, you don’t know what you’re missing.

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