Lick it first! I demanded as his tongue lingered near my asshole.

Clearly he did not know what an anal fetish I had!
But he complied and I felt the soft, warm tongue penetrate my hole with eager precision, wriggling its way inside of me.
I relaxed all my muscles and let my ass go loose on him, opening up its hole of treats for him to explore. He had a few fingers already sliding in and out of my admittedly saturated pussy and when he added the tongue, my pleasure increased tenfold.
I was on my knees with my ass in the air and his face was buried behind me as I moaned with MY face pressed against the stained carpeting. I couldn’t take it. I needed his cock in my ass and I told him so.
He was again happy to comply. I turned around and took one good look at his cock. It was much thicker than I expected, veiny and bulging, pointing at me accusatorily.


In an instant I swallowed the shaft down, gagging myself as it filled my mouth too easily, punishing the tonsils as it made its way down.

If that thing was going in my ass, it would have to be really, really lubed up first.

I tugged his balls and stroked his taint as I jammed that cock down my throat, taking him deeper than I’m guessing any woman had ever, because he started shaking and going “oh god oh god” when I get him alllllll the way down.
Yes. This is my specialty. Nobody deep-throats like I do.
But I didn’t want him getting any ideas like blowing his wad down my throat, when I had other plans. I wanted that load up my ass and I was going to get what I wanted. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and a long cord of spittle was attached from my lips to his cock. It was sufficiently soaked with my spit.


I aimed that fat, bulbous tip at my chocolate star, took a deep breath, and pushed back onto it.

He broke in my ass!

I felt the head part my cheeks, finding the hole, then I felt my whole body seem to open up and slide back on it. It was so tight, I had to keep breathing slowly, flexing and releasing my muscles, letting it find its way down that tight, smooth tunnel.
I think we both moaned as his hips finally met my ass, the whole of his thick cock buried in those tight cheeks up to my gut. It felt so fucking good and he’d barely even got in in there! When he took my hips and started to slowly pump me into and away from him, I couldn’t help but scream in pleasure YES over and over!


I felt that rod of hard meat thrusting up into me, taking what it wanted, owning my tight little hole—making it his secret, dirty fuckspace to annihilate at will.

My clit was buzzing like a housefly as he reamed my asshole, forcing himself impossibly deeper into me, pounding that meat hammer into my hole. I could hardly believe it was finally happening.


Did I mention he’s my stepfather?

Anyway, he’s now going absolutely nuts on my ass, just buck-wild fucking and jamming and pounding and I keep egging him on: HARDER, DADDY!
See, I can’t cum until someone fucks my ass RAW. Like, anal-tearing raw. Like sore ass for a week raw. Like, every single fucking time I sit, I want the PAIN to remind me of how this man obliterated my ass with his cock! Now THAT is hot and it’s what REALLY gets me squirting!
Did I mention I squirt???
Anyway, I’m screaming for him to go harder and his face is just this purple-red color with his veins bulging in his temples. His cock is getting another specialty of mine: I’m gripping and relaxing, gripping and relaxing his cock with my ass. I’ve gotten reallllly good at moving the muscles from the bottom up, so it almost feels like a hand is stroking the shaft while it’s INSIDE of my ass.



I’ve been working on this move since I was 14, so now that I’m 19, my asshole has been pretty much lusted after (and had!) by every boy at school. So it’s only natural I had to turn my sights on someone a little harder to attain. But trust me—it wasn’t that hard. No panties, bend over in my little jean skirt when mom is gone, talk dirty when he tries to yell at me for it, and it was over.


I told him the only way I was going to stop flashing him like that, was if he punished my asshole.


And here we are.
And he’s about to blow and I’m now sitting on him as he lays, using my knees to bounce on his cock while also concentrating on gripping it with my sphincter. My middle finger strokes hard at my swollen clit and I rub it like mad as I work to squeeze him inside of me, coaxing the shaft to deliver the goods.
I know it’s close…and then it happens.
“OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” he screams as he grabs my hips, forcing me down on him.
His whole body is shaking and so am I as I feel his hot load explode up my ass and I start shaking too as I cum, contracting around his cock.


Then I feel it—my body convulses and I lean back and there it goes: my pussy shoots my lady liquid in a pleasured spurt into the air!

He grabs my hips and shakes my whole body, directing the last of his semen so deep inside me I feel like I can taste it. I sit there, spent and totally satisfied, for at least a minute. My asshole and his cock relaxing together, loosening up as the pleasure slowly faded.

Then he pushed himself off me, and I feel my poor, gaping and wounded asshole carefully contract back, empty now of his meat, dripping thick cum out, oozing down my crack as its portal squeezes shut.

Now…I tell him, if you can tell me that WASN’T the BEST FUCK of your life, we never have to do it again, and I swear I’ll never tell my mom.
BUT…if it WAS the best fuck of your life…and you want to maybe do it AGAIN, every time my mom isn’t home…this ass still could use a few more miles, if you know what I mean, daddy?


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Ok so like I have a feeling im the only girl in the world who ever said yes to this but last night I agreed to use a GLORY HOLE!


You know—like a hole in the wall where a guy sticks his dick through it—but you can’t see who he is—and you just suck it! Totally anonymous and guess what guys? Totally HOT!

I wont bore y’all with the details of HOW I ended up in this situation (its kinda a looooong story!) but I’ll just give you the dirty deets!

So im there in the bathroom stall, staring at the hole. I have NO IDEA who is coming in next, but whoever it is knows the drill. He’s bout to get his dick sucked by a stranger! That stranger being MOI! Lol

Ok so im sitting there kinda nervous like WHO the hells dick will I be sucking but I also felt kinda thrilled at the thought of it. Just let it be a nice cock I prayed! LOL

So I hear the door open, someone go into the stall next to me, a zipper drops…and then, BAM! An already-hard cock comes poking thru the hole!


And it WAS nice! Fat, full of veins, with a nice fat mushroom head on it. The moment I saw it, I wanted it! I put my lips to it, teasing it with light kisses first.

I could hear the duded moan right away. He liked it!

I took my tongue and swirled it around the head. He liked that too! So did I! I slid forward on the toilet and put my hand up my skirt.

I pulled aside my panties and started to rub my little nub while I sucked.

After a few mins of teasing, I let that cock go all the way down my throat.

“UGH!” I heard the dude moan quietly from the other side and it encouraged me to really give it the GOOD swirling sucking treatment so I went at it!


I wanted to say “you like that, baby?” but the rule is you’re not allowed to talk!

That may ruin the anonymity or fantasy and plus I’m not supposed to know if he’s 18 or 80 and that’s the fun part! And he’s got no idea about me…other than he was told I’m HOT and know how to suck!

I was getting more and more excited as I deep throated him until my face was pressed right up against the filthy stall wall! I grabbed the base of his cock and started jerking him too, as I sucked. My pussy was starting to gush under my fingers.

I wanted to bend over and press my pussy right up against that cock and fuck whoever this was right thru the wall, but that was also against the rules!


Sucking only on the first time. Oh well. I will DEF be doing this again!

Anyway so I’m fingering my pussy like mad with all 4 fingers while the other hand jerks and tugs his cock and my mouth bobs up and back until my nose hits the wall. I think I almost gave myself a nosebleed! And I can hear he’s close to blowing that load and I KNOW im about to cum hard so I increase my sucking and fingering speeds so we can cum together.

And guess what? We totally did! I felt my pussy clench around my fingers just as his hot load exploded into my mouth!

It gushed down my throat in like a bunch of hot pumps and I proudly swallowed all that shit like a pro!


I even went an extra step and wiped him clean before he left the stall.

Then I wiped MY shit clean (so much natural juice down there!) and exited the bathroom like nothing happened! LOL

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