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Are U Ready To Get DOMINATED?!

All of the sensations I felt running up and down my body were incredibly intense, from the scratching of her nails across my skin, to the heat of her body pressed up against mine.

I knew that the orgasm that was building from this experience was going to be a big one.

It hadn’t taken long after when we met for dinner that night before she had my clothes off and me lying naked across her bed.

Then came out the wrist restraints, which she tied to each of the four corners of the bed, and made sure were nice and tight on my wrist AND my ankles.

Then the blindfold.

“But you’re so sexy, I want to see what you’re doing to me,” I protested.

She just proceeded to wordlessly lean across me, ample breasts falling out over the top of her bra, starting to expose nipple right in front of me, and me tied up and unable to touch any of it!

And she put the blindfold on across my face, cinching it tightly in the back, but not before grabbing a handful of my hair and yanking it tight, whispering in my ear ,“you better be a good girl for me, or else you’ll be getting punished”.

Once I lay against the bed, tied up and blindfolded, I shuddered in a mix of fear and excitement, not sure what she was going to do to me next. I felt the palm of her hands against me and then she started dragging her nails across my skin, making me squirm underneath her touch.

She caressed my lips and I sucked on her fingers, wanting more.

She crawled up the bed to loom over me, the heat coming from her pussy as she proceeded rub her body against mine.

She grabbed my breasts and started to suck my nipples, and my body heaved towards her, wanting more and more of the sensation.

I started gasping and as I did I felt the hardness of her hand slap across my face, “don’t be a brat,” she said, “I know that’s not hurting you. You promised to be a good girl for me remember” and started slapping my face, back and forth, jarring me and holding me completely in my body, just waiting for her next move, next command.

Pussy getting wet with the force she was using on me.

Then I felt her move and I could feel this heat over my face as she lowered her pussy over my mouth and started grinding against me.

“Eat my pussy like a good little slut” she said, and I started sliding my tongue over all the curves and folds of her cunt.


I slid my tongue up inside of her and tasted how sweet her cum was as she rode my face, bucking and gasping when I would hit just the right spot.

She reached down and grabbed a fistful of my hair and started pressing against me even harder, suffocating me with her cunt, literally drowning me in her cum and yet sliding up and down so I got just enough air that I could keep going.


When she had cum and had her fill of my mouth, she slid down between my legs and started sliding her fingers into my soaking wet pussy… first one.. then two….then three, until I could feel her making her whole fists way in there.

Once she fit it inside of me, she started fucking me full force, and my restrained body was bucking and squirming against her, my thighs covered in my pussy’s liquids.

She reached up and chocked me with her other hand while she continued to pound her fist inside of me and I couldn’t hold it together anymore.

I started screaming and cumming, SQUIRTING and literally soaking the bed, just totally abandoning any last shred of dignity and giving into my completely primal slut self.

It’s probably needless to say that I will be seeing her again VERY soon1 ;)


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I never really knew how to respect the law…. until one day when it was forcing it’s big cock down my throat. lol

Sometimes shit need 2 be jammed down yer throat 4 U 2 get it!

I love a good party, like most college girls. Add up the lame professors, my low funds, that clunky noise my car is making… a girls has sometimes got to grind out her frustrations on the dance floor! So one night a few weeks back we my roomies and I were having one of our ragers, and someone started knocking on my apartment door, all aggressive like.

I go to answer it already a bit buzzed, and, thinking it was this hot guy in my Chem class I had a crush on, I quickly unbuttoned my shirt to reveal the tops of my big milky white breasts as I reached for the door.

Um, do you think he’ll notice? LMAO ;)

To my dismay, in walks this COP threatening to shut down my party because of the noise! When he finds out it’s my place, he looks me up and down, and tells me he wants me to take him around to show him there’s no minors drinking on site, or else he’s going to give me a ticket! Otherwise, if we turn the music down, we’re cool. So I start showing him around.

Not seeing any partner, and noticing how HOT he actually is, I ask “are you here by yourself tonight, officer?”

Dude he was a total “hot cop”!

“Yes ma’am,” he replies, “I’m flying solo this evening.”

Instantly my dirty girl mind starts spinning and I decide to end his tour in my favorite room… my bedroom.  I open my bedroom door and tell him he should probably check the bathroom in the back of the room too, and as he does so I slide the bedroom door closed.

When he comes out of the bathroom, I have a few ideas so I say, “Officer, I’m sorry you had to come out because of my party; what can I do to make it right?”

LOL I DEF had something in mind!

While I say this I’m standing close enough for him to feel my breath on his neck and slide my hand up against his cock, which I can quickly feel hardening against the pressure of my hand.

He looks me in the eye and says, “so you want to be a good girl now, do you? Does that mean you’ve locked the door?”

I nod my head yes and with that he grabbed my wrists and pressed me up against the bed, holding me down on my back with one hand and pulling open my bra and off my skirt with the other.

“Oh look at those TITS” he says, grabbing them “I’ll bet you’re a naughty, naughty girl walking around with those, teasing all the guys…”

I’ve got more than two handfuls baby…

“You want this?” he asked me, showing off his package. My god, if he only could read my mind how much!

Then he unbuckles his pants and slowly, PROUDLY, pulls out a his very hard, HUGE cock and all I could think was OMG. It was a beast! The tip was even dripping some delicious pre-cum.

“I call this my ‘other’ nightstick. Only BAD GIRLS like you get to suck it.”

How could I say “no”?!

He advanced on me, knees on either side of me on the bed, and shoved his cock in my face.

“Yes sir,” I said, licking my lips and then parting them, watching him stroke that beautiful beast, “I want it!”

Next thing I know, he’s got his hands on both sides of my face and he’s forcing that huge thing down my throat.

He shoved it right in my face like a boss!

With my eyes watering and my gag reflex firing, he pounded his meat into my throat relentlessly.

OMG it was so hot! I was drooling everywhere and about to puke but who the fuck cared?

I had a HOT COP forcing me to eat his cock and I’d never been so wet in my whole fucking life!

No guy had EVER been so dominate with me before and I was LOVING IT!

So he looks down at me as he continues pounding his cock into my mouth and says, “are you going to be a good girl now that you’ve learned to respect the law…or are you going to keep having these parties where I need to come back here and teach you a lesson??”

He pulls his throbbing cock out to let me answer.

Without thinking I said, “I don’t think just one time is going to be enough, unfortunately. You MAY have to punish me more than once”.

I had his cock in my hand now and I started stroking it, looking him dead in the eyes.

“So are you going to FUCK ME?”


Then he grabbed me and he flipped me over onto my stomach and pulled my dress up, revealing my ass in a tiny thong.

“Your ass is as nice as your tits, good god” he muttered, squeezing both cheeks in his thick hands, “yeah, I could get used to fucking an ass like this. But, first things first…”

I turned my head back around to look at him pleadingly, wondering what was coming next, hoping it was ME! lol

“Yeah, you’re gonna need the full extent of the law tonight” he said, yanking my panties down and shoving his face between my cheeks.

I felt his tongue penetrate my asshole and my my now-dripping-wet pussy. His tongue felt so fucking good, I couldn’t help but arch my back into his face and practically rub it all over him!


Then he grab my hips and lifted me up a bit and I felt that head of his cock part my pussy lips.

“YES…” I moaned, leaning back into him.

I felt every inch of his cock slowly press into me into I felt his balls against my labia.

My eyes must have rolled back into my head because it felt so fucking amazing. His long cock easily slide in and out of the smooth, wet folds of my cunt as he thrust himself in and out, over and over.


I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm, and he could feel it too as I started moaning louder and louder with every thrust.

You guys, I swear I fell in love for 5 seconds, he fucked me so good! He knew what he wanted and he was taking it!

When he grabbed a clutch of my hair, I started shouting “OH FUCK!” over and over. I could feel his cock pulsing on the verge of shooting!

“One more thing” he said as he pulled out his handcuff…

And the next thing I knew, he’d closed them around my wrists. That’s when he grabbed me by my elbows and REALLY started hammering into me!

“That’s right, you little slut…TAKE IT. TAKE THE COP COCK SO DEEP LIKE THE WHORE YOU ARE!”

I was SOOOOOOO close to cumming when he suddenly pulled out of me and flipped me back. Then he took that huge cock of his and aimed it at my tits and with a few quick pulls on the girth, his cum splattered all over my tits. Then he took the cuffs off and I gave his cock one last tug and suck, cleaning some of the cum off of him.

He let out a little laugh and pulled me close again and whispered in my ear, “maybe that will teach you to be a good girl next time,” he said, “and then MAYBE I’ll let you cum too”.

And with that, he straight-up just left!!!!

Well fuck it– next time I wanna suck that huge cock right in his cop car!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

My step mom is the kind of MILF that all of my teenage guy friends fantasized about fucking. I used to pretend the idea of that grossed me out or annoyed me.

But secretly I wanted to touch those huge, round tits and lick her big nipples just as much as they did!

She walked around the house in these mini dresses that hugged every curve. She was the reason I started to understand that I was clearly into women as much as dudes!
So LAST NIGHT I was watching a movie and I started to get scared. “Mom”, I called, “can you come sit with me and watch this movie? I’m too scared to watch it all by myself.”

In she walked wearing a robe and she curled up on the couch and pulled me close.

“It’s ok baby,” she said, “mommy’s here now.”

At one point the movie got so scary that I buried my face in her chest to hide it from the tv screen.

That close to her I could smell her sweet perfume, and feel those giant breasts underneath the thin satin of her robe, and I started to get a serious tingle down in my panties.

I didn’t want to move.

“Honey?,” she asked me, “are you OK?”

“Yeah” I said, “I just…well I’m a little confused about sex” I blurted out.

“What are you confused about, baby?”

“Well, I KINDA think I might like GIRLS, too, but I’m not really sure…”

“That’s totally natural, honey. I used to be with women, before I married your father” she smiled at me.

I was beyond shocked!

“You’re such a gorgeous girl, you’ve got your father’s eyes. And your mother’s figure, from what I can tell from old photos. You should have no trouble having ALL the things you want in life.”

She pulled me back from her for a moment, looking into my eyes.

Suddenly her lips were on mine and she was kissing me, with her big lips sucking at mine, sliding her tongue into my mouth.

Between kisses she whispered “It’s OK baby girl, I’m going to show you everything you need to know, OK?”

“Yes” I whispered, feeling that buzz in my panties growing, falling under the spell of her voice and scent.

“Here,” she said, opening her robe and lifting up one of her amazing tits, “start like this” and then she fed me her breast. I sucked it up into my mouth, then let my tongue flick her nipples.

“Like that, mom?”

“Oh yes baby girl,” she hissed, “JUST LIKE THAT”.

The next thing I knew she was pushing me against the couch, pulling off my nightie, and spreading my legs. I knew what she wanted, and damn me straight to hell, I wanted it too. More than any clumsy high school boy I’d let have at me before.

She had my legs wide open and we both could see how wet I already was. She placed her long fingernails at the lips of my pussy slit.

Even though my head was literally dizzy with desire, I squealed “ooooo mommy I don’t know if I’m ready yet. This is happening so fast!”

There was something indescribably hot about knowing what she wanted- what we BOTH wanted- but fighting the urge since, like, she’s mom dad’s wife, ya know?

 “Oh I think you’re ready baby girl,” she smiled,  “just relax and let me make you feel good.”

Then she parted my lips and slipped her fingers into my soaking wet pussy. Then she was moving them in and out, adding a little swirl that NO boy had ever done to me and I couldn’t take it –I was squealing with pleasure immediately, and found myself saying OH MY GOD over and over!


But then it got even hotter. She started talking dirty to me as she plunged her fingers into my pussy!

“Oh my tight little baby girl…mommy’s got A LOT of experience with pussy and I’m going to make you cum so hard.”

I picked up my cue. “Oh fuck YES MOM!” I howled, my toes curling.

“Cum for me, baby girl” she said, “show your mommy how good she’s making you feel.” and I DID start to cum right against her hand!

But that was totally just the beginning! She got her face in there and was lapping at my wet cunt and her tongue felt so amazing all I could do was whine in pleasure! Her skills were insane!

Every now and again she’d stop for a second to comment on how tight and sweet my “young little pussy” was, and it was turning me on so hard!!!

With a finger and her mouth, she was giving me more orgasms than any boy ever had! I didn’t care about anything anymore but her face and fingers in my pussy! No wonder my father had married her after my mom died! She was a sex goddess!

Her tongue masterfully coaxed a third orgasm as I screamed ‘OOOOOOOO FUCK!”

I’d only laid there a moment resting when she said “Now you lick mommy” and shoved her pussy in my face. I’d never done it before, but I was eager to learn!  I put my mouth on it and started to lick very gingerly at first, looking up at her eyes for approval.

“Am I doing it right mommy?” I asked.

“Yes, jussssst like that baby girl” she panted, her eyes rolling back in her head. She was fondling her big tits as I lapped at her pussy, trying to imitate what she’d done to mine.

“Fuck yes honey…twirl your tongue in a circle…keep pressure on my clit…oh fuck oh fuck your father has never eaten me like this…you’re a natural, baby.”


That really boosted my confidence. I wanted her pussy in every way possible. Watching her writhe from my pussy kisses had me dripping wet again, wanting more.

“I could do this all day, mom” I whispered.

“Oh fuck baby, here, try it like this” she said, and flipped over and put her ass in the air.

“Mommy likes it this way, so you can lick her asshole too.”

I grabbed her ass cheeks and buried my face between them.

Sweet christ, I couldn’t believe I was eating my stepmothers pussy…and having the best sex of my life!

I felt her cum hard against my face and I felt a sense of pride in doing such a good job, for my first lesbian experience! But again…it wasn’t over yet. Mom swung a leg over mine and pressed her pussy against mine and started to writhe, scissoring me.

Then she propped me up on the back of the sofa and straddled over me, putting her smooth, perfect ass in my face, bucking her hips up and down, rubbing her own wet clit against mine. Shit, I’d never even SEEN anything like this in a porno! And FUCK it felt amazing, especially with her ass bouncing in my face– I could barely keep from cumming instantly!

Her big breasts bounced over the back of the sofa as she ground into me, moaning loudly.

“Oh fuck yeah, honey, you feel so amazing. I’ve missed pussy SO MUCH!”

She ground into me even harder and I thought I’d go mad with pleasure!

She rubbed until both our pussy lips were red and swollen and I was gasping from cumming so hard!

“Holy fuck, mom,” I said breathlessly.

She smiled at me sweetly.

“I think you’re ready for the next step,” she said, jumping up, and ran upstairs, tits bouncing with each step. When she came down she was wearing a huge cock with the straps pulling tightly against her sexy ass.

“Are you ready to take mommy’s cock like a good girl?” she said.

“Oh mommy, I’m scared,” I said, but before I could say no she pulling me up on my knees, pressing her huge strap on cock between my legs.

“Don’t worry baby…mom’s going to make you feel better than you ever have before.”

Even though I had been afraid it would hurt, my mommy had gotten me so wet when she was warming me up to take her cock that even though it stung a bit when it first went inside of me, it sunk in deep and she slowly started her penetrating strokes.

I felt my body inching into her, wanting more.


She built up a rhythm and I could tell she was enjoying it and it was making her feel as good as she was making my pussy feel.

“Oh mommy,” I said, “your cock feels so good inside me.”

With these words she started fucking me harder and faster, “Oh mommy, don’t stop, don’t stop mommy” I screamed. It was clear she was a pro with that fake cock, because her rhythm blew away the boys I’d been playing around with. She knew exactly where to aim that rubber cock, and how hard and deep to go. My eyes rolled back in my head.

“Are you going to cum for me like a good baby girl?” she asked.

“YES” I shouted, cumming loudly into the pillow.

“One last thing” she said, wiping the sweat from my face.

“Yes, mommy?”

“Mommy wants to give you your first anal orgasm. Have you let any boys fuck you in your ass, honey?”

“Ummmm…no.” I admitted awkwardly. A boy (or two) had asked before, but I’d never felt comfortable enough to do it. But this was my STEP MOM. I HAD to trust her, right? Plus, what if this never happened again? I wanted everything she wanted to give me!

“You want mom to fuck your little ass and give you the best orgasm yet?”

I could feel her pressing that big cock right against my asshole.

“Just tell me yes.”

“Yes mom,” I said “please fuck my ass. Take my ass virginity. You should be the first.”

With that climbed up even higher on me and I felt that rubber cock SLOWLY sink into my asshole. I held my breath and it hurt, but she was gentle and slow, building up speed.

“Yes, sweet baby girl…you take that cock so good for such a tight little ass.

“Fuck– fucking your ass like this is going to make ME cum too.

Ugh, it’s been too long since I’ve done this…I’ve dreamed about cheating with women since the day I got married…” her voice trailed off as I started to moan.

“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I’m cumming in my ass, mom! I’ve never felt this before!!!!”

That’s when she started screaming and cumming too, until she finally collapsed on me and we both were spent.

Then we heard my father coming home and we had to quickly dress and make like nothing happened! We had dinner that night like normal and I tried to catch mom’s eye to smile about our little secret, but she never looked over at me. So, I thought it was a one-time thing. RIGHT!

The VERY next morning when I was getting ready for class, she stopped me in the hall, pushing me against the wall and pulling my pants down!

She slid her fingers into my vagina and I was instantly wet.

“You and me, tonight, after your father goes out with his friends” she hissed in my ear.

“YES MOMMY” I said, wishing she just fuck me again right there and then, but I had to make class.

So…I’m literally counting the hours til tonight!!!!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

I’m a TALL woman, t-a-l-l. And I guess this intimidates some guys. Lol as it should, I’m a saucy bitch and I don’t take any shit. Most guys are scared of a woman like me! But you’ll never fucking guess the fucking good sex I just had today holy shit. And I gotta get on the phones in just a minute ha! But shit let me just type this out because I have a fuckin’ STORY for you all.

I was on my morning run — I like to stay in shape, LOL reformed volleyball girl over here — and when I’m on my run I don’t like to talk to fuckin’ ANYONE. You know, like, I’m sweating, I’m in my track clothes, gimme a break! But it was chilly out and I’d just started and was like fuck, my cunt’s colder than a witch’s tit, I’ll just duck into this coffee place for a little somethin then get back out there.

And holy shit this big young guy behind the counter just made me melt right away. It was fucking nuts how turned on I get right away like I wasn’t even THINKING about sex you know?! You know how that happens? You’re minding your own business thinking about whatever bullshit in your own damn life and suddenly you see someone and just like well fuck, now all I can think about is getting fucked. Alright then huh.

And I was like well shit I look like shit – nice way to see this guy! Though I guess he was in his apron or whatever so he probably wasn’t too pleased either. Well whatever you don’t choose these things. I get a warm thing of something and I just thought “We have to fuck later”.

I was wrong about that.

I had to fuck him NOW.

I went back out on my run but I couldn’t stop thinking of his dick in my pussy, like I was just obsessed. When I passed the shop on my way back I went back in and his face lit up when he saw me! I was like lol hey I gotta talk to you. Like right now. He said uh uh uh ok I guess I’ll take my break.

Led him around the corner and was like we have to fuck. You want to fuck me don’t you? He said uh uh uh yes and I said good and started rubbing his dick. Holy shit well was that worth it all! Who knew he was getting that close! And he had such a nice dick. Holy fuck I wanted him to fuck me.

He was like what if someone see us?

“Yeah. What if?”

“Uh uh uh. I guess. Whatever I have to fuck you.”

“That’s the fuckin’ spirit!”

I kept sucking his dick though haha I didn’t want to stop! I went long and slow and buried my face in his crotch and he said holy shit how do you suck dick like that. It ain’t hard if you know what you’re doing. ;) ;) Hahaha.

“Ok,” I panted. “Fuck me. It’s time for you to fuck me.” I dropped my pants and bent over and it was goddamn about time when he eased his big ol’ dick into my pussy. Holy shit! His dick felt so fucking good.

“Holy shit” his hands squeezing my bobbing ass, “you feel so damn good, your pussy’s so fucking good babe”

“Come on fuck me harder harder harder DO IT”

“Yeah yeah holy shiiit’ he cupped my boobs and kept ramming into me and I just felt all this ugliness and badness get fucked right out of me. Like all the shit of this whole month just lift up and floated way.


Oops. I guess someone did see us.

Because there were like four or five people watching us! Guys and girls both poking their heads in the alley.

“Oh no. Uh uh uh.”


The crowd cheered. “Yeah don’t stop!” Lol. Smartasses.

“Fuck me!” I said horasely, come on fuck me fuck me.

“Yeah fuck her!”

I flipped them off. Smartasses. They cheered. And he kept fucking me! My pussy was getting reamed so fucking good. I dug my shoes into the gravel and rubbed my clit furiously and thought I was gonna break the fucking wall! Lol. I knew what had to happen next. “Will you fuck my ass?” I said.

“Holy shit you’ll let me fuck your ass?”

“Fuck my fucking ass!”

“Yeah fuck her ass!”

“Shut the fuck up!”

And then he put it right in! I shit you not, the crowd clappped. IT was like a fucking baseball game or something! Lol what the fuck.

But holy fuck he was good at fucking my ass! He just rammed me and filled me up so fucking good I just felt whole again I looked up at the clouds and he pulled my hair and I was nothing but his dick in me and feeling his touch in the icy winter air it was like something out of a movie.

“You gonna cum or what?!”

Those fucking peanut gallery nerds.

I’d already come twice after all this shit but they didn’t need to know that!

“Oh shit I’m gonna come!” I was ready for it. I mean I didn’t need it, but I wanted him to feel that good and I wanted them to get a show so…

“Come on my face!” I said.

“Holy fuck really?”

I got down on my knees and said come on on come for me baby give them what they want!” And they were yelling CUM CUM CUM CUM by this point and he splooged all over my sweet little mouth!

…turned out the crowd was kinda big.

He stood over me looking shocked! His apron was on the ground lol. He looked so confused and also like he knew he’d just had the best fuck of this hwole life. “What do we do?” he said in a tiny voice.

“Smile. And wave.” I said, winked at him. The crowd cheered again. Weird fucking life but you can bet I’m all ready to start my shift lol.

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I am home for the holidaze back in the town I went to school at. I thought I’d take a week off from work so I thought ok, let’s go home for a bit and see what my family is up to. But you know, it’s just all so BORING!

So friggin’ boring around here…

To cure some of that boredom I took a little walk around the neighbourhood and who do I see but my old buddy B____!

He and I used to pal around back in the day but we were always fucking some other dumb people and we never made it happen. He was always such a sweet guy dating some bitch and I was always dating some asshole.

But here he was walking his dog and shit he had gotten HOT! Like HOT. He was in his jacket in the snow in his big scraggly beard and I was like DAMN B____ is that you!?

“Woah! STRANGER what the hell?” and he hugged me off the ground and I was like well damn maybe I won’t be resting here much after all. See what other parts of him have grown maybe….

LOL but he was like what you doing, I’d love to have you over in my house for a coffee if you’re not busy. I thought shit I’m ABOUT to get busy friend.

And soon as he was in his kitchen I was all over him! Dropped to my kneeees right there and began sucking his dick!

You can believe he was so fucking surprised he was like “huh?!?! Whaaat??! What am” and I was like making up for lost time B____ what do you thhhink I’m doing.
He got it after that LOL.

He let me suck his dick for a while which was so so good I loved the taste of him, loved his hard flesh pumping in and out of the sweet perfect O of my lips.

“Can I fuck your tits?”

“Oh my God PLEASE yes!”

See I love having my tits fucked! It gives me power, it makes me feel good and right I can’t explain it I just love when a guy’s dick is nestled and pumping between my boobs. A lot of guys don’t want to fuck them, I don’t get it! But he wanted it so bad. SO FUCKING BAD. His face almost shot out of his skull! He couldn’t believe he got to fuck them. He put me on the bed and straddled me and put his lovely cock right in the middle of my tits and just went to fucking town! I licked his head when it got far and started getting myself off because my pussy was so fucking wet by then from how fucking turned on I was! It was nuts!

“Holy shit your tits feel so good I can’t fucking believe it!”

“Don’t stop don’t stop!!!”

He went on and on just ramming through my tits and he was so fucking hard! It was sweaty and so hot it was like we were going to melt into the bed!

“Fuck me. Fuck my pussy my pussy needs you.”

“Babe your tits are so good”


“Twist my arm,” he panted and flipped around and got in there and fuuuuuuuck! Shit he filled up every part of my aching hole like nothing! Oh my God it was incredible! He gripped me with his strong arms and curled me up into him while he fucked me. So strong and so good. Holy God I never thought I’d get fucked like that! I never wanted him to stop!
“Your pussy’s so fuckin’ tight!!”

“Sssh. I have neighbours…”

I bit my own hand to keep from screaming too loud that’s just what I had to do! Goddamn I couldn’t keep myself I was just getting fucked that hard…
I had wanted to fuck this guy for years and now I was finally fucking him. I had fantasized about this moment since I was not half the woman I was now and now I was getting it and it was even better than I had ever thought. He had been the guy of my dreams! Who fucking knew this kind of shit comes true! All I had to do was be at the right place and the right time and ask. That’s all. That was all. And the best sex of my life, the best fuck I’ve had to this day, coming at me in his bedroom with the lamp low and the snow falling outside. My God. My Life. My life. I never knew.

“You gonna fuck my ass or what?”

“You’ll let me fuck your ass?!”

“I want you to fuck my ass. Just go slow.”

Okay…he lubed up and changed and got in very very slowly and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Holy shit every hole and my tits and now this!! HE knew just how to fuck an ass not to go all crazy Buck Rogers but slow and gentle and open me up. Holy crap did he open me up. He fucked me just the right speed and it was like my brain went to another planet like being in outer space that’s how good it felt to be fucked so right in my perky ass. God fucking damn. Amazing. Amazing. I didn’t realize I was rubbing my clit so hard until I came! You fuckin bet I saw stars.

“You come?” he panted.

“Yeah. Come for me baby. Come for me. Give it to me.”

“Can I cum on your tits?”

“Please come on my fucking tits.”

And he pulled out gentle too and before I knew it sprayed his sweet self all over my face and boobs. I just lay there with my hair fanned, my face full of hot cum, smiling at him and touching his leg as he emptied himself over me shaking and breahting and panting loud.

“Should done this…” he said. “years ago…”

“Never too late B____.”

“Ain’t…that…the truth!”

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So my husband and I love to travel and stay in fancy hotels. It’s nice, he treats me right, but he never wants to fuck and I need to get laid! SO badly, lol. I love it when dicks get nice and ramrock hard for me and just pound my hole with everything they’ve got just how I like it. I love sucking and fucking and my husband’s such a sweetie, we have a good relationship, I just always want to fuck and he never does! It’s so frustrating!

WELL I GOT MY WISH on this trip!!!. Though not how I expected…
We’re about to go out for dinner and then he says he wants to lie down for a little while. Geez of course he does! But not with me! So I decide to go down to the bar for a little happy hour. And I thought well yeah, I’ll just have a little drink or so. But got very distracted when this HOT as fuck guy appeared and sat down at the table next to me! It was so intense our eyes met and I just melted! I just became a liquid with how he looked at me! And I knew then I wanted to fuck him. He had short grey hair and a blue button-down shirt and he looked so gooooood.
He asked if he could sit next to me and buy me a drink. Very much a gentleman! I noticed the ring on his finger and said: Oh? He noticed mine and said: You too?
I said he just took a nap upstairs he won’t be around for a while. You?
She’s back home, he said.
Well shit by the time that happened it was time for a second drink which we downed pretty quick and then a third and then soon we were back in his room!

It was so pretty outside with the sun on the horizon and even PRETTIER when I started sucking his dick!

Holy shit it was great do you know how long it’s been since I tasted a dick!? A long fucking while, I can tell you that!
He said take what you want, I want you to take what you want. So OKAY I can do that! HA. I tore off the rest of his clothes and put that big cock on my tits and rubbed and rubbed until he was so hard! SO freaking hard. God just feeling it was so damn great.
Then I rode him like a pony!! Oh my God it was great he just sat back and let me do all the work!

I fucked him so deep and long and hard and wrapped myself around him like a spider.

And he loved it! I put his hands on my big tits and made him squeeze and I smothered his face with them and all and it was so hot and we were sweaty and close and almost like a puddle in the bed. I just wanted to keep bouncing on that cock of his with my hands on his chest forever! I threw my head back and saw the lights of the city with the sun going down over it and it was incredible, so incredible!

I wanted him to fuck my ass before finishing and no sooner had those words left my lips then all of a sudden there was a knocking at the door!
“O______ are you in there? Is that you?!”
Oops. We were on the floor my husband and I were staying in! And I…uh…might have been screaming rather loudly. “YOU BETTER FUCK MY FUCKING ASS!” specifically. Oh dear.
“Because it sounds hot!”
He didn’t even sound mad! SO I opened the door and let him in and there I was naked as a jaybird with this guy with this huge wang in the bed behind me. Er. I was not expecting this! But my husband’s just there looking both sheepish and expectant and all timidly he’s like “…can I watch?”

“Well I say hell yeah! Goddamn you should’ve told me you wanted something like that!”
“I didn’t know how,” my husband said shyly. “That’s…that will do it for me.”

Well I ran back to the strange gentleman and I rode him again and he was all hot for it! “Yeah,” he said to my husband, “you like seeing me fuck your wife? You like that kind of stuff?”

CumCoatMyThroat#2 _MG_5036
“I fucking love it!” said my husband, and now he was sitting in a chair with his dick out masturbating! It was amazing! I couldn’t fucking believe it it was all so hot! This was what I always wanted! I rode the guy and fucked him and him while we taunted my husband as he sat in the chair. Then I got my ass fucked! Oh God and it was so goddamn good! He lubed up and went very gentle and slid very slowly into the crack of my big beautiful ass. He just kept going and going and going! Finally I demanded my husband come for watching me get fucked in the butt like that and he did!

He splooged all over the hotel floor and it was great! Now the sun was down and the stranger had to come on my face. I made him pull out and screeched come for me! Come for me! Come for me! And he did!!! He turned all red and puffy and enormous and his whole body shook with his desire and I heard him say I’m gonna fucking cum I’m gonna fucking cum I’m gonna cuuuuum
We invited him out for dinner after that. Boy, was he surprised when he found out I work on a phone sex line! Then he decided it was even hotter lol. He had to go later that evening but we already have plans to meet up again tomorrow before we leave this city. Quite a vacation! The best things come to you out of nowhere sometimes…

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Ok so like I have a feeling im the only girl in the world who ever said yes to this but last night I agreed to use a GLORY HOLE!


You know—like a hole in the wall where a guy sticks his dick through it—but you can’t see who he is—and you just suck it! Totally anonymous and guess what guys? Totally HOT!

I wont bore y’all with the details of HOW I ended up in this situation (its kinda a looooong story!) but I’ll just give you the dirty deets!

So im there in the bathroom stall, staring at the hole. I have NO IDEA who is coming in next, but whoever it is knows the drill. He’s bout to get his dick sucked by a stranger! That stranger being MOI! Lol

Ok so im sitting there kinda nervous like WHO the hells dick will I be sucking but I also felt kinda thrilled at the thought of it. Just let it be a nice cock I prayed! LOL

So I hear the door open, someone go into the stall next to me, a zipper drops…and then, BAM! An already-hard cock comes poking thru the hole!


And it WAS nice! Fat, full of veins, with a nice fat mushroom head on it. The moment I saw it, I wanted it! I put my lips to it, teasing it with light kisses first.

I could hear the duded moan right away. He liked it!

I took my tongue and swirled it around the head. He liked that too! So did I! I slid forward on the toilet and put my hand up my skirt.

I pulled aside my panties and started to rub my little nub while I sucked.

After a few mins of teasing, I let that cock go all the way down my throat.

“UGH!” I heard the dude moan quietly from the other side and it encouraged me to really give it the GOOD swirling sucking treatment so I went at it!


I wanted to say “you like that, baby?” but the rule is you’re not allowed to talk!

That may ruin the anonymity or fantasy and plus I’m not supposed to know if he’s 18 or 80 and that’s the fun part! And he’s got no idea about me…other than he was told I’m HOT and know how to suck!

I was getting more and more excited as I deep throated him until my face was pressed right up against the filthy stall wall! I grabbed the base of his cock and started jerking him too, as I sucked. My pussy was starting to gush under my fingers.

I wanted to bend over and press my pussy right up against that cock and fuck whoever this was right thru the wall, but that was also against the rules!


Sucking only on the first time. Oh well. I will DEF be doing this again!

Anyway so I’m fingering my pussy like mad with all 4 fingers while the other hand jerks and tugs his cock and my mouth bobs up and back until my nose hits the wall. I think I almost gave myself a nosebleed! And I can hear he’s close to blowing that load and I KNOW im about to cum hard so I increase my sucking and fingering speeds so we can cum together.

And guess what? We totally did! I felt my pussy clench around my fingers just as his hot load exploded into my mouth!

It gushed down my throat in like a bunch of hot pumps and I proudly swallowed all that shit like a pro!


I even went an extra step and wiped him clean before he left the stall.

Then I wiped MY shit clean (so much natural juice down there!) and exited the bathroom like nothing happened! LOL

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

I’m a pretty busty girl lol. When I go to the gym I wear TWO sports bras just to keep things under control!

Karina Heart big tits gif

And omg did the gym get iiiiiinteresting yesterday. I like to go really work out after a shift on the phones. I get so worked up and bothered and even after I’ve come I just have sex on the brain! I have to go work it out and sweat it off lol.
So there I am on the treadmill working out, just running as fast as I can letting my muscles take over and this smooth ripped dude is over there lifting weights catching my eye! The first thing I think is that I wanna fuck him! I don’t see a ring on his finger but of course he’s working out…
And then he just eyefucks the shit out of me back! Like, for 15 mins or so he’s shooting me sex eyes. Then he disappears into the men’s locker room and I think, “oh well”.

But then the FIRE alarm goes off. Everyone kinda grumbles and heads for the exit. I’m following the crowd when I feel a hand reach out and grab my arm.

“Come with me” he says, and walks me down a hall to one of the freshly-evacuated weight rooms.

“But isn’t there a fire?” I asked.

He smiled and winked and I suddenly got it. HE was the one who pulled the alarm!
We didn’t let  a second go to waste!

I got on my knees and pulled his cock out of his basketball shorts and shoved it down my throat.


“FUUUUUUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD” he moaned as I deep throated the fuck out of him just like I knew he’d like it!

He stumbled back on his legs and put his hand on the weight machine to steady himself and I put his hard veiny cock back down my fucking throat. I could feel his knees buckling! I love sucking a dick hehe but I knew I wanted to ride that cock too!
“You’re so fucking hot…THOSE TITS!”
“I know baby” I said, sucking like a good girl.
“Goddamn you make me so fucking horny.”
“Oh yeah? You gonna fuck me or what then?”

He grabbed me by my arms, spun me around, and pulled my yoga pants and undies down around my ankles.

“Is this what you want?”


I felt the head of his cock– he was spanking my bare ass with it. Then he spread my cheeks and I felt him slip inside my wet pussy.

gym 2

“Oh shiiiit your pussy’s so fucking tight!”

“Well yeah I work out, duh!”
Fuuuuuuck it felt so good! He had me up against a machine and he his muscles glistened as he pounded away at my fucking cunt and I loved it! I’d never known I could get fucked so good! I couldn’t hold back– I was going to cum and I knew it.

“Holy SHIT I love fucking you!” he said as his sweat rained down off his forehead onto my lower back.

“I’m cumming” I moaned as he pumped away at me from behind, my huge tits swinging like pendulums.


And all I can say is OMFG! Maybe it was the danger of getting caught, or that he was a complete stranger– I don’t know– but man, it was pretty much the best “O” of my life! And I wanted to return the favor.


“You wanna fuck my tits?”

“Fuck yeah!” he said.

I ripped off my top(s) and said come on!
He wasted no time and went to work on my big soft smooth breasts like no one’s business, rubbing and pumping his cock between them.
“You like my tits?”
“Holy shit I love your fucking tits your tits are so fucking gorgeous!!!”

“You want to come on these tits? Huh?”

“Yeah yeah yeah yeah OHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK”
And then he jizzed all over my sweet boobs so hard! Holy God I’ve never seen someone have such a good orgasm, like every bad thing just drained out of his body.


The timing was perfect– RIGHT after he’d blow his load on my giant breasts, the alarm stopped and we could hear people coming back into the gym. I tried to look as innocent and casual as ever as I collected my things to leave. But I’m no fool- I handed him a scrap of paper with my digits on it before I walked out!

I’ll be EXTRA motivated to work out from now on, if I can get fucked good like that right after!!!

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It’s back to school these days for me…and it’s so fucking boring! Ugh, I wish I could just be on the phones all day but you know, never hurts to have an education, eh?
But I’m lucky that I have at least ONE professor I like…he’s so funny and smart and HOT in those tight khakis and ties he wears! I’ve taken to wearing little skirts and crop tops to his classes even….mmm and even I didn’t have any idea where it would go…
Because TODAY he asked me to hang back after class! I was so embarrassed I was like am I in trouble? And he told me “now missy, I just couldn’t help but notice you’ve been a little distracted in class lately. I’m just worried about you. Is something going on?”

LOL. I dunno my English professor, I can only think about your dick in my mouth when you talk?

I didn’t say that. I didn’t know what to say! I was so FLUMMOXED (There’s an English word for ya) that I could barely form a response!

He said er….hello? Did you hear what I said?
I’m sorry Professor, I said! I’m a daydreamer!
Oh yeah? What’s on that perv little mind of yours all the time then? He grinned.
Ok look, I have exactly one layer of self-control about this kind of thing! I just kissed him! And then looked in shock cause I was like oh geez now what am I gonna get kicked out of class or…?
But he kissed me back! He said oh my goodness I never knew!! I mean you were always so….

Shut up and fuck me, I hissed back, and hiked up my skirt.

Oh God it was so good!! Before I knew it his dick was poking around down there straining to get inside me. I bent over his desk and gripped the side with my crop top and belly on the cool wood and he entered me and FUUUUUUUCK god DAMMIT it felt amazing!! Teacher’s pet? Lol.

He leaned over as he thrust into me pulling my hair, his tie sweeping my back and his breath hot on my ears. I can’t tell you how fucking hot it was, fucking my teacher! My sweet big hot teacher cramming his huge cock into my tiny cunt!

I almost came just thinking about it but I wasn’t done yet!!! I had to suck his dick!!!

And luckily he was thinking the same thing. ;) Spun me around and that look in his eyes just said heyyyyyy. Didn’t guide me or force nothing just let me do what I want and what I wanted was that cock…I love to suck dick and I started just teasing him, just tickling around the head and the buckle on his belt jingled he shook that much from my mouth!

I bobbed and licked his shaft until I knew he could barely stand it then throated his sweet cock right to the end!!

He said holy shit your mouth feels so fucking good! I put my hands behind my back and kept sucking and licking all over him like I know how to do and I’d missed so MUCH like holy SHIT my fucking TEACHER!
Noticed his wedding band on his ring then. LOL. I popped my mouth out and kept pumping him with my hand and looked up and winked said “Sure your wife won’t mind?”
“Oh well….” he sweated “.maybe…won’t have to…tell her about this-“
Then I throated him again and he stopped talking. Good boy. Hehe.

I pumped up and down on his cock like a piston, my mouth and throat were going that hard!


He played with my hair but not rough just let me do all the work. ;) his cock tasted so fucking good but I needed it in my pussy one more time!!
I turned around and spread myself for him right there on the desk again, and then to my surprise with those strong arms of his he picked me up!

“Oh my God Professor T_____!!!!!” I yelled and boy he liked that lol.

He held me in those thick arms and thrust pummeled my pussy like no tomorrow! God I’ve never been fucked like that so GOOD lol it was amazing I threw my head back and just let him fuck me!!
I knew he was gonna come good and I wanted it so bad but I was just about to come!!! I said no no wait wait baby I’m gonna come I’m gonna come just wait just wait because holy fuck I was in such a frenzy like I didn’t even know my own fucking name it was that intense!! I said keep fucking keep fucking keep fucking me and then holy SHIT I felt it like a wave it started in my toes and spread all the way through my legs and body until my cunt was just about to scream!!

I said I’m COMING I’M COMING and he said fuuuuuck and just as he shot his load I came and SQUIRTED everywhere!

It just kept coming and I couldn’t stop it!!! Like holy shit I’ve never come that hard before!!!! I just kept coming and coming and by the end I could barely move I was just strapped right into his body.
We, uh, made a mess.
Later as I was putting my clothes back on I said so you were saying I was….distracted in class?
He shook his head. Didn’t even have words, lol.
I cocked my head. I can pay a little better attention now maybe.
He laughed.
A+? I said.
Yeah! A+. That’s right, sly fucker.

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