It’s not often that I have sex in public places, pussy out where anyone could catch me!

But this time I just couldn’t seem to resist myself.… quite literally because it was somewhat forced upon me!

The other night my bf and I went out for crisp winter walk around the neighborhood, looking at the lights and decorations on all the quiet homes. Out of nowhere he suddenly scooped me up, tossed me over his shoulder, carried me towards a very forested area bordering the back of the street’s houses.

“What are you doing?!” I shouted, laughing.

“You’ll see,” he said.

Before I knew it he was placing me back on the ground in a heavily wooded area surrounded only by pine trees. Thankfully the light dusting of snow from a few days ago had melted but it was still very cold.

He took off his heavy coat and laid it on the ground and next to us and signaled me to lay down on it.

“But it’s so cold out here!” I said.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll have you warmed up good in no time,” he smiled.

He unzipped his fly and produced a stunning erection.

“See, baby? Look how hard you fucking me me.”

And he WAS hard. Like, I haven’t seen his cock that throbbing with want before. And I literally could not resist.

I sat up and grabbing it and thrust it into my mouth that was already watering from thinking about how hard he was. As I worked him down my throat, he grabbed my head and started controlling me, making me take long, slow, deep strokes.

“Gentle baby,” he said, “I don’t want to blow my load. Not until I fuck the shit outta that tight gorgeous pussy of yours.”

He groaned and pushed himself further into my mouth, until I could feel the head of his cock brushing against that thing int he back of my throat. It was unbelievable hot how he moaned, begging me to stop practically every few seconds, so he wouldn’t cum. He was loving it like I’d never seen before!

With each deep thrust, I gagged on his cock, drool running down my face, wanting more of him, but literally unable to fit him any further down my throat.

Finally he pushed me back off his dick, firmly grabbed me, bent me over, and pulled my jeans down over my ass JUST ENOUGH to give his cock access to both of my holes. Then I felt his cock slip inside me.

But then I heard a dog bark!

“Oh fuck!” I said, I think someone’s coming!”

“Don’t worry babe” he said, sliding his cock into me further, “no one will come out this far. Nothing but the owls and shit are going to see me stuff you full of this fat dick.”

He grabbed my hips firmly and started pumping into me, each thrust making us both moan with how goddamn hard his cock was!


He must have always had some sort of outdoor fuck fantasy, because I’d never before been able to feel his cock LITERALLY throbbing inside my pussy unless he was actively cumming.

He was like a wild animal, having his way with me out there in nature!

With every stroke, I could feel it bulge and pulse against the sides of my swollen pussy, threatening to pump me full  with more cum than I could handle!


He was a man on a mission, the great outdoors bringing out primitive urges in him…and now, me too!

At one point I grabbed onto a tree in front of me for some purchase, so that he could fuck me even harder. I must admit, I was turned on beyond belief at this point as he hammered me!

He must have been as close to cumming at this point as me, because he suddenly stopped for a second, and I felt his cock withdraw from me and then I felt the head of it pressing against at my exposed asshole.

“Can I baby?” he asked me, “can I finally get in this ass? Baby I GOTTA have this ass too! This is all I want for Christmas, I SWEAR!”

And I was feeling SO fucking good that I couldn’t say “no”– suddenly, after YEARS of denying him this out of fear– I found myself WANTING to say “yes”…wanting to know what this power the ass had over men was really about.

And so I perked up my butt, wiggling it at him teasingly, and said “yes, baby, FUCK MY ASS!”

And then an explosion of pain as his thick cock pushed into my tightest virgin hole, making me see stars!

I had to bite my lip not to cry out! It was almost too much pain– I almost shouted for him to stop– but then, slowly, as he gently pumping his hips smoothly into me with a new rhythm I’d never felt him use on my pussy– it started to feel good.

Then, after a few more pumps and my hand wandering down and finding its way to my clit, it started to feel FUCKING AMAZING!

I rubbed at myself as he pumped, and I felt my whole body buzzing with a new feeling I can’t even explain, even now.

As I relaxed and my ass loosened up a bit for him, he started to go faster and harder, pulling my hips down onto his cock while panting and chanting over and over “holy fuck, this ASS is so tight!!!”

I could tell from his breathing and panting he was going to blow any minute. And I was too!

I shouted out “BABY IM GONNA CUM!” and he shouted “ME TOO!”

I started to orgasm and my knees literally collapsed from the pleasure, sending me flat on my stomach with him still inside me, still pumping as we now laid flat, him on top of my back.

His cock began spurting what seemed like an endless round of cum into me as I shuddered and writhed beneath him, him still pining me down, pumping me with every last drop of his cum deep inside me.

Later, we both agreed to was pretty much the greatest orgasm of both of our lives!

Fuck, just writing this story down has made my panties wet and I’m straight up ready to fuck again right now! God, I love good sex!!!!

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Are U Ready To Get DOMINATED?!

All of the sensations I felt running up and down my body were incredibly intense, from the scratching of her nails across my skin, to the heat of her body pressed up against mine.

I knew that the orgasm that was building from this experience was going to be a big one.

It hadn’t taken long after when we met for dinner that night before she had my clothes off and me lying naked across her bed.

Then came out the wrist restraints, which she tied to each of the four corners of the bed, and made sure were nice and tight on my wrist AND my ankles.

Then the blindfold.

“But you’re so sexy, I want to see what you’re doing to me,” I protested.

She just proceeded to wordlessly lean across me, ample breasts falling out over the top of her bra, starting to expose nipple right in front of me, and me tied up and unable to touch any of it!

And she put the blindfold on across my face, cinching it tightly in the back, but not before grabbing a handful of my hair and yanking it tight, whispering in my ear ,“you better be a good girl for me, or else you’ll be getting punished”.

Once I lay against the bed, tied up and blindfolded, I shuddered in a mix of fear and excitement, not sure what she was going to do to me next. I felt the palm of her hands against me and then she started dragging her nails across my skin, making me squirm underneath her touch.

She caressed my lips and I sucked on her fingers, wanting more.

She crawled up the bed to loom over me, the heat coming from her pussy as she proceeded rub her body against mine.

She grabbed my breasts and started to suck my nipples, and my body heaved towards her, wanting more and more of the sensation.

I started gasping and as I did I felt the hardness of her hand slap across my face, “don’t be a brat,” she said, “I know that’s not hurting you. You promised to be a good girl for me remember” and started slapping my face, back and forth, jarring me and holding me completely in my body, just waiting for her next move, next command.

Pussy getting wet with the force she was using on me.

Then I felt her move and I could feel this heat over my face as she lowered her pussy over my mouth and started grinding against me.

“Eat my pussy like a good little slut” she said, and I started sliding my tongue over all the curves and folds of her cunt.


I slid my tongue up inside of her and tasted how sweet her cum was as she rode my face, bucking and gasping when I would hit just the right spot.

She reached down and grabbed a fistful of my hair and started pressing against me even harder, suffocating me with her cunt, literally drowning me in her cum and yet sliding up and down so I got just enough air that I could keep going.


When she had cum and had her fill of my mouth, she slid down between my legs and started sliding her fingers into my soaking wet pussy… first one.. then two….then three, until I could feel her making her whole fists way in there.

Once she fit it inside of me, she started fucking me full force, and my restrained body was bucking and squirming against her, my thighs covered in my pussy’s liquids.

She reached up and chocked me with her other hand while she continued to pound her fist inside of me and I couldn’t hold it together anymore.

I started screaming and cumming, SQUIRTING and literally soaking the bed, just totally abandoning any last shred of dignity and giving into my completely primal slut self.

It’s probably needless to say that I will be seeing her again VERY soon1 ;)


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Mom knows best!!!

I guess I should start off by saying my family is really mixed, like, before you judge me and think I had sex with my biological mom and sister or something, you should know that she’s my step mom, and my sister was adopted, ok, so like don’t think I’m some kind of freak or whatever…..

But like, it was still really hot to fuck both of them, so I don’t really care what you think…unless it gets you HOT! :P

My sister and I had been cleaning our mom’s room one day and ended up finding a dildo and a strap on cock in her bedside drawer. We had both seen a real dick before, but never anything quite like this. My sister was like, “wanna try one of these on me?”

So like, she took of her clothes and I sunk a big dildo right in her pussy and started moving it in and out, and I asked her if it, like, felt good, and she was like “fuck yeah”.

Sis was into me trying out mom’s dildo on her!

Right as she was starting to get really wet, our mom walked in the room and was like, “what the hell are you doing?!”

And I really should tell you that our mom is fucking sexy–she has these huge tits on a curvy body– totally the ultimate MILF… I’m pretty sure the first time I masturbated I was thinking about those big tits….

My is like, WAY HOT, OK?! You would have done her too!

She’s also super strict with us though, so I knew that getting busted for something like this would definitely be getting us some sort of punishment. Neither of us wanted to speak! We didn’t know what to say!

“You both don’t have anything to say for yourself?” she asked, “fine, if you’re so curious take the rest of each other’s clothes off— it’s demonstration time.”

Once the clothes came off there was no going back…

My sister and I both looked at each other, like totally stunned, but then shyly we started to pull off the rest of our clothing when she came over and started to help me take off my dress.

Then she put her hands between my legs and felt my pussy, already so wet from playing with my sis.

Mom was very happy to feel how wet I already was.

“Don’t think I haven’t seen you both looking at me all these years, trying to grab a glimpse? Well now it’s time to take a good look, and more, girls. You, come here and suck on mommy’s tits, to start,” she commanded us.


My sister was quick on the draw– she latched right onto our mom’s big breast and started sucking it like a baby.

She suckled her tit as mom stroked her back.

And of course I took a turn, too. I’d TOTALLY fantasized about doing that MANY times, just hanging out around the house, so it was a dream cum true to get to do it!

I admit, I REALLY love sucking mom’s tits!

“Mmmmmmmm” she moaned, “now it’s time to TASTE your mother. Come over here and lick me down there like a good girls.”

This time I went in first, lapping at her exposed vagina. Her flat belly rose and fell in little moans as I worked her clit like I’d seen in pornos.

From the first taste, I knew this was for me…

It wasn’t long before my sis was shoving me out of the way, claiming “MY TURN!” and burying her face into our mom’s pussy from behind.

Like mother, like daughter!

“Mmmmm, good job girls. Now let mom show you how it feels, too.”

My mother laid me back and started licking my pussy, thrusting fingers inside me as she lapped at me.

My mom’s got serious skills! Like, PORN STAR skills!

And seriously, no fucking joke, it was the best feeling of my life! I just kept saying over and over “fuck yes mom!”

I couldn’t keep from crying out “YES MOM” over and over.

“See?” she asked, “that’s how you make a woman cum.”

I couldn’t hold back. I was cumming all over the place while my sister watched, biting her lip and touching herself. Then it was HER turn.

Mom did something different with her: she had her get on her knees and then she eat her from behind!

My sister could barely contain her moans as mom sucked her pussy from behind!

My sister started moaning immediately, letting out little cries and whispering into the bed “oh my god, mommmmm”…

Right before my sis came, my mom called me over and told me it was time to join in, so I did.

The pussy-eating train begins!

Soon enough, my mom, my sister and I were licking, sucking, fingering and riding each other all over the bed!

We were all so into it!


There was a point where my sister had my clit between her lips and I thought “fuck it. I’m a lesbian.” lol

Who knew my sis would ALSO be a natural at eating pussy???

At one point we were both lapping at mom’s pussy, one from the front, the other from the back.

We love to share! <3 :P

Once we’d all cum at least once, my mom stopped and said, “now, for the toys…” and pulled out a strap-on!

“Now this, girls, can be even better than the real thing, if you know how to use it…” she said strapped it on and came over and pressed it against my thighs.

“You want it?”

“Do you want it?” she asked us. “YES MOM!” we both cried out!

Mom started on me, gentle easing her rubber cock into me as she also massaged my clit.

“Easy now….take it all” she told me.

Sis started off so tight my had to coax that cock in!

My pussy was tight but she eased it in, and soon enough she was really fucking me with it, her gorgeous big tits bouncing as she plunged the cock in me.

Dude, I could let her do this to me every single day!

I guess my sis had really liked getting eaten from behind, cuz when it was her turn for the strap on, she got on her knees again and my mother obliged, easing the cock into her from behind.

Watching mom stretch out sis made my pussy drip!

At first sis was saying it hurt, but then her pussy loosened up and mom was really giving it to her, and she was crying out in pleasure and asking her to go harder!

How is any man gonna compare after THIS?!

She switched off doing this back and forth between us for a bit, each of us squealing and moaning as she fucked us like a man, like totally soaking the bed with our pussy juice.

“I think you’re ready for a little something more now,” she said, wiping my juice down to my butthole, lubing it up for penetration…

I felt my ass loosen up for her as she gently sunk it inside me.

“Lay down too” she commanded my sister, and we both laid on our bellies, side-by-side, presenting our virgin asses to our mother to fuck.

She bent over top of us and started fucking us in the ass with it, alternating between pounding one of us, then the other. My sister started to scream and cum and mom really fucked her deep until she was crying out so loud I worried the neighbors would hear!

She started to OWN DAT ASS!

She was bucking and squealing with the cock thrusting deep inside of her, and mom grabbed her hips to hold her even more steady and really drive it in. She came so hard she squirted right into the sheets of the bed!

It was so fucking hot.

When we had finally all cum as much as would could, mom laid down and put away her toys.

“I guess I know what to get you girls for Christmas” she said with a wink.

And now we, like, make our fucking a regular family event! We just don’t tell dad! He’d never understand!

Now this is how we roll all the time! Sis & I are getting good at using the toys!

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So I slept with my daughters boyfriend. Oh god. That doesn’t even do it justice. I FUCKED THE SHIT outta him 4 nights ago.

And now Im going nuts.

Am I a terrible person? Because oh my god it was the best sex of my life and now he’s threatening to TELL HER!!!!!!!

It all started innocently enough when she invited him on our yearly camping weekend. My youngest brought a friend and my oldest brought her boyfriend. We set up camp, cooked dinner on the fire, and enjoyed the sunset. It got cold and we all went to bed, but I couldnt sleep. I ended up back at the fire, blanket around me, sipping a beer I brought. Thats when Tony (fake name to protect all of us) came out of his tent too and sat next to me. He said he couldnt sleep either. When I asked him why, thats when it all went crazy.

He said “because I wanna fuck you so bad I cant stand it”.

I couldnt believe it! My reaction was automatic– I slapped him!

And then he said “thats what I love about you Ms. ___________. Youre so spicy. Your daughter should be more like you, but shes not.”

“My daughter is perfect” I said, sticking up for my baby “and how dare you talk to me like that?!”

“Im sorry” he said, “that was disrespectful. What I meant is I want to MAKE LOVE TO YOU so bad it hurts. Youre the hottest 30-something woman Ive ever seen. Youre cool. I mean, I DIG your daughter, sure, but shes a GIRL and youre a WOMAN.”

I did NOT know what to say to that! Hes only 19 anyway– not much older than my baby.

“Look” he said “if you dont want me too, Ill shut up & NEVER mention it again. But if you want me, you HAVE to have sex with me”.

“FINE” I said figuring how on earth is he gonna prove anything like that?

But that little shit! He says “so prove to me you dont want me. Let me feel inside your panties. If youre dry down there, that proves it. But if youre wet…”

My heart was racing! I had no idea what to say! I hadnt been laid in like, what? 9 or 10 MONTHS? My last bad date last year! My head was spinning. My mouth was dry! The next thing I knew he was pulling at the strings of my PJ bottoms.

“Just let me feel” he said, sliding a hand down into my panties. I promise Ill be nice…

I felt his fingers part my slick, dripping pussy. It gave me away! I WAS wet– SUPER wet, dripping wet!

He pulled his fingers out and there was sticky clear strings between his fingers!

“I KNEW IT!” he said, locking eyes with me and licking his fingers!

My pussy was ACHING at this point and I lost my mind. It was like everything Id learned in my 33 years went right out the window. I said FUCK ME!!!

He took my hand and we laid down my blanket about 100 yards behind the tents, in case the girls woke up. The fire was only a distant light from there. He laid me back, sliding my bottoms off. His mouth was on my pussy, sucking and flicking with the skills of a professional.

“OH MY GOD” I murmured, sinking into the blanket, legs giving in and falling limply to the sides.

“SEE?” he said “your daughter says it tickles and wont let me, but I NEED to eat pussy.”

I pushed the idea of him and my daughter and their sex life out of my mind. I hadnt felt this amazing down there in years and I didnt want guilt to make it stop!

He put his mouth back on my pussy, sucking my lips up into my mouth as he fingered my pussy and asshole at the same time! Kids these days know SO MUCH more than we ever did!

One finger prodded my asshole, sliding in a circle, thrusting in and out.

“C’mere” he finally said, sliding out of his pants. A fat pink cock popped out, pointing at me. Even in the pitch dark I could see how hard and throbbing it was!

Mmmmmmmmm he said as he touched it, then he kneeled down and fed it to me. At this point, my “real” self said “fuck it!” and finally took over!

I jammed his cock down my throat, sucking and deep-throating like Id learned all those years ago after my divorce.

His smooth ass was so young and perfect and I gripped his cheeks, forcing him further down my throat.

“Oh god…” he whispered “yeah, you know how to do it so good…”

It was time to feel that cock inside me.

FUCK ME I said, NOW.

He RIPPED open my PJ top, and sucked my tits as he aimed his cock at my pussy.

UHHHHHHHH! I moaned, trying so hard to be quiet, as he jammed it into me. Oh my god this isnt happening my mind kept saying, but it was.

His cock was sliding smoothly in and out of me, rubbing against my G spot and clit, making me moan like crazy.

As he fucked me I put all thoughts out of my head and just concentrated on that cock moving in and out of me. On his balls slapping against me.

Of how fucking INSANE what we were doing was! But oh my god ive not been fucked like that in YEARS.

He was panting hard, and I knew we were both going to cum soon.

YES I said, just FUCK ME LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW. Just fuck me until you cant fuck anymore! I whispered, give me that cock, son!


When I called him “son” he moaned, on the brink of blowing.

TURN AROUND he ordered, and then slipped his cock in me from behind. OH MY GOD it felt SO GOOD!!!! He hammered at my pussy so hard it hurt!

Im cumming I annouced as my pussy exploded in fuzzy waves and convulsions around his dick.

ME TOO he said and started to pull out.

NO, I said, I’m fixed– cum inside me!

Hearing those words, his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“Ive never done that before” he choked.

I should have figured, at that age!

DO IT I told him!


He pumped me hard a few more times, sweating and breathing heavy.

HERE….I…CUMMMMMMMMMM” he whispered through gritted teeth, and I could feel his eager young cum pumping into me in hot bursts.

I rubbed my clit hard and gave myself one last orgasm before his cum was spent.

You need to get back to your tent, I told him.

“Ok” he said, “but only if you promise this wont be the only time”

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” I asked him.

“Your daughters boyfriend who you just fucked,” he said. “The guy who is willing to TELL HER unless you do what you and I both want. You KNOW you want this again” he said, slapping his dick against me.

I was in complete shock! I think my heart stopped beating!

“YOU WOULDNT!” I told him!

NO, he said, YOU wouldnt cuz you love your daughter. And I love pussy. YOUR pussy. Her pussy. Now Ive got the best of both worlds, and I aint giving that shit up so easily. You fuck me like we BOTH KNOW we BOTH WANT, when I want, & __________ will never have to find out.

“You wouldnt!” I said again!

“Its done!” he said, “both of your pussies belong to me now.”

And is it crazy that I was flattered? That he wanted my 33 year old self as much as he wanted my daughters newly ripe young pussy? I KNOW its fucked up and this kid is like a psycho for or a sociopath or whatever for doing this but I admit it: I wanted him. I LIKE the idea of him blackmailing me into fucking him!

It gives me a way to not feel so guilty to do it again. Because come on- of course I have to now! I cant let my baby girl find out! And ok yeah I admit I want that cock again. So long as my girl doesnt get hurt, its all good.

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If you had told me a few weeks ago that I would be obsessed with getting FISTED I wouldn’t have believed you!

I had no idea how good something as dirty and depraved as having someones full hand up inside my pussy would feel until it had actually happened!

I had fooled around with girls before of course, but this time this girl that I had met online and had planned to hook up with suggested that she wanted to do something a little more “intense” than I might be used to…

I, of course said HELL YES!

So she showed up to my place and immediately I could feel the sexual tension between us. Her low cut blouse revealing her ample breasts, nipples poking through the fabric, visible for me to see.

I had a feeling this was intentional, so I reached out and touched those gorgeous breasts. She returned the favor and squeezed mine back.

It didn’t matter that this was the first time we were meeting each other, we both had something the other wanted and that was enough for me.

She took off my shirt revealing my sheer bra, and looked at me with eyes hungry for sex. She inched ever closer to me until she was right in my face, reaching down and feeling my panties.

Then she began to kiss me deeply, and I felt a rush of blood to my pussy where he hand had found the lace edge of my panties. The minute her mouth slid open and let me slide my tongue inside I knew this night was going to be special.

It wasn’t long before we had begun to pull off each others clothes, kicking and tearing them aside.

Now it was time for her to take control, and at first she started nice and sweet, very gently sucking my breasts, oh so tenderly.

As she sucked, I felt her tits graze my face, so of course I opened my mouth and sucked her tit into my mouth, too. She moaned.

Then as she got more excited, changing positions so I was in front of her, she began licking and biting at my breasts, tugging and biting at each nipple, twisting and pulling them tightly making me squirm but also making me wet!

I could feel myself getting wetter with every hard bite and then she began to suck my whole tit into her mouth while staring in my eyes.

FUCK! She was so hot, looking like she just wanted to eat me alive as she sucked those titties in!


By now my pussy was all but gushing with juices and her hand continued her trail down to my wet cunt.

My cunt was perfectly shaven and ready for presenting to her just underneath my panties, ready for her to take control of and do with as she pleased. She started rubbing it while she lapped at my tits.

She drew my nipple into her mouth and made circles on my pussy as she sucked rhythmically, causing me to cry out a bit.

Soon enough, she wanted to give my pussy her full attention. She slide a finger inside me and rubbed on my clit.

She was driving me nuts!

“EAT IT!” I screamed out, breaking my role as the submissive, but I just wanted my clit between her lips!

If her FINGERS could do all that, I NEEDED to know what her MOUTH could do! The way she sucked my tits…I knew I was in for a treat! And fuck, was I right. She came in first all soft again, with just gentle little licks.

But before I knew it, I was squeezing my own tits as she devoured my pussy, her tongue darting in and out of me, sucking my clit up into her mouth.

It wasn’t long before she added her fingers again and she was licking and fingering my pussy like a pro, and I couldn’t help but cry out for more!

At this point my cunt was soaking we as she simultaneously got me off with her hands and her mouth. Then she got down lower and started to just concentrate on carefully fingering my pussy.

She moved from one finger to two, plunging deep inside me.

Then she did three, thrusting each time deeper inside me, loosening me up.

“DO YOU LIKE THAT?” she whispered in my ear.

“Fuck yes” I hissed.

Then she got 4 fingers inside and looked me in the eyes, “relax your pussy and take a deep breath,” she said.

With that she started sliding her hand into me and it felt so good, but I was having a hard time getting loose enough to get her whole fist into me.

Finally she got all 5 fingers in, up to her wrists, and holy FUCK, I literally SQUIRMED with pleasure!

Laying there with my legs spread open and her hand deep inside of me, filling me up in a way that I had never experienced before, she began thrusting faster and faster.

All I could do is throw my legs back and enjoy the ride!

She even reached up and choked me as she fed that fist into me, staring hard into my eyes.

“Fuck yeah, fuck yeah little princess” she kept repeating as she owned my pussy.

And so that was pretty much all I could take! When she grabbed my throat, I knew I was gonna cum, and HARD!

So I gotta tell you guys, something happened while she was fisting me that has NEVER happened before.

When I started to cum…I SQUIRTED! That part I hadn’t planned for!

And not just like, a little, but A LOT. Like, got allllll over her and even in her mouth, kind of squirting!

Like, seriously guys, I don’t know that I’ve ever cum that hard, especially when a cock wasn’t involved. I think I kind of fell in love with her a bit as she rubbed my juices onto her.

Now I know getting fisted isn’t for everyone, but I truly think any kinky person who likes a good time should try it at least once! It is a feeling unlike anything I can describe, all I can say is fucking hell it felt good!

I’m even learning to FIST MYSELF now!


There’s nothing quite like a rainy Saturday night, curled up by a fireplace with a cock in my mouth. And of course one in my pussy too, getting pumped full of hot cum from both ends.

It all started innocently enough. A rainstorm had blown in, so we stayed inside and played cards while taking shots, instead of hitting up the club. And the rain got so bad it kept my boyfriend’s best bro from going home.

Of course I had encouraged him to stay, telling him it was raining too hard to drive, plus he’d been drinking pretty heavily, and I even “jokingly” said “if it gets too lonely on the couch for you there’s always room in the bed with us.”

So we were playing, and the power goes out! And I was pretty drunk and feeling saucy and I just kind of went for it. I was sitting on the sofa between the guys, and I just reached over with both arms out and put my hands on their cocks.

So of course my boyfees bro is like “hey, what are you doing?” but I can straight up feel his cock hardening in his pants under my palm.

“I’m bored with cards” I told him, “I think we should do this now” and I unzipped both of their pants.

My boyfriend wasted no time getting his pants off, but his friend was still a bit shocked, I think. So I started to stroke them both.

They started peeling off their clothes and pretty soon I was jacking them both buck naked! I was getting so turned on it literally felt like a fire was burning in my pussy, just waiting to be filled up.

Holding those two gorgeous cocks in my hands, I just could not resist. I needed to ride one. I straddled my bf’s bro and aimed his cock-head at my pussy.

“This cool with you?” he looked at my boyfriend and asked.

“Definitely, bro. My girl fucks like a champion!”

With that, I sat down on his cock, feeling in sink deep inside of my slippery-wet pussy. God, he felt good! His cock was long and straight. I bounced on it while I continued to stroke my man.

By now we were all sooooo excited, I had to pace myself. Like, TWO COCKS to play with? I swore I’d died and gone to heaven! And I’m pretty sure THEY felt that way too, both getting to fuck me. I didn’t want my boyfee to feel left out, so I turned around and offered his friend my pussy from behind, so I could suck my man’s cock while this dude fucked me.

On my hands and knees his homie started pounding his long dick into me, doggy style, while my boyfee started deep-dicking  my throat.

It was so fucking hot, literally kneeling on the floor, by that fireplace, just nothing but a slutty little cock hole for them to get their use of. I had never felt quite this objectified before but I’ll be honest with you, I was loving every fucking minute of it.


“OH YEAH BRO!” his homie shouted as he pounded me from behind, occasionally spanking my ass for good measure, “this sure beats the club!”

It was amazing to feel that I was being DOMINATED by two men. The rhythm of one cock into my pussy, while another slid down and back out of my throat, was, like, the BEST FEELING ever!

We did it with me on my knees, then flipped over for better access on my back. I was DYING to cum but I didn’t want to go first! OMG you guys, I’m telling you– there is NOTHING quite like being fucked and filled on both ends!


Well…maybe not NOTHING…but I don’t want to jump ahead! I rolled on my side and took both of them that way, too.

I felt homie pick up pace– he was really sweating and groaning while he hammered my pussy and it was clear he was close to exploding too!


So I had to stop them. I said to my boyfriend “hey babe– you know what I want now?”

And he looked at me and I could tell he knew. Then he nodded and laid back on the sofa.

“Wait” I told his friend while we switched positions. Then I sat down on my boyfriend’s cock with my swollen pussy.

“FUCK YEAH” he moaned.

“Now you” I said to his friend “come get this ass!”

He carefully came over and aimed his big dick back at my tight little asshole.

“YES” I said as he aimed that cock right between my cheeks and pulled me onto it.

FUUUUUUUUCCKKKK is all I can say! It was so tight with both of those nice big hard cocks fighting for space in my little body! Like, I could FEEL them sliding and pressing so close to each other, squeezing me as they penetrated. DUDE!


It was a little bit awkward at first- trying to coordinate the movements of all three of us, but after a few mins and a few position changes, they were reaming my pussy and asshole like experts!

And I’m telling you I’ve never cum so hard! My boyfriend’s balls were slapping my taint and his bros big cock was steadily pumping my asshole as they both moaned.

I couldn’t stop myself- I shouted “IM GONNA CUUUUUMMMMMMMM!”

And seriously, I just can’t explain it if you haven’t tried it, but having an orgasm with your asshole AND your pussy both clenching and cumming…like, OMFG! I thought my heart was going to stop!

My whole body shook like an inner earthquake and I literally SCREAMED “OH MY FUCKING GOD, OH MY GOD!” over and over as my body contracted around their meat!

And of course THAT made THEM both cum! They both started panting harder and hard, and then homie grabbed my cheeks and I felt his hot load spurting in my asshole. And before he even finished, my boyfee started to cum, grabbing my tits and pumping that hot jizz up my pussy. Like, I was literally FILLED in TWO HOLES at the same time!

And just for good measure, I cleaned off both of their cocks with a nice double-suck at the end, just as a courtesy!

Gotta love those rainy evenings at home!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

I sure hope this Halloween is as sexy as last year’s, because my BIGGEST FANTASY came true that night!

When last Halloween came around I knew just what I wanted to be: a sexy submissive clad in latex, willing to do ANYTHING for my master…

When I tried the latex outfit on for first time the night before, my pussy was getting wet just looking at myself in the mirror.

A when I turned around after having “polished” the latex by lubing my ass so that it looked like a big rubber ball, I couldn’t even keep MY OWN hands off it it!

Needless to say I couldn’t wait to see my guys face when he came over the next night!

Long story short, we had planned to go out to a party together but the minute he saw my get-up it was pretty obvious that the only partying we’d be doing that night was in my bedroom…..

“Now get down on your knees,” my boyfriend said, jumping right into his role as my master.

I did.

Then he fed me his cock without another word, and I took every inch of it down my throat dutifully and eagerly.

Oh man, the feeling of him USING MY FACE to pleasure himself, using me like a little slut doll…it made me so fucking wet!

I remember that I could barely wait to see where it went next. I was loving every second and it had barely begun!

A little shiver ran down my spine with every squeak and snap the latex made as he forced himself ever deeper down my throat.

Then he stop and said “now tease me”.

I practically cooed with joy! First, I put my ass up in the air and reached around under myself, fondling my pussy through the latex.

“Is that what you want?” I teased him.

“Mmmmm yeah…” he moaned, rubbing his dick, “more”.

So I decided to show off my flexibility and got myself into what I call the “You HAVE to Fuck Me” Position. It looks just like this:

“Holy fuck” he said. “You are so fucking HOT in that outfit that I wanna do bad, bad things to you.”

“Anything you want, master” I told him.

“I’m loving this outfit, but I also really wanna see your amazing TITS right now” he said.

I knelt on the bed and ever so slowly pulled down the top part of my outfit, letting my DDD’s spill out.

“Fuck yeah” he said grabbing a handful of one, “now unzip the back of this thing so I can break and punish that tight little asshole of yours.”

I stood back up for full effect and slowly unzipped the back of my latex catsuit, revealing my oh-so-fuckable ass!

“Yup, that’s what I want” he said, crawling across the bed, and I bent over, presenting my ass to him.

He took his fingers into my pussy for a moment, fingering me and spanking my swollen little clit. He wanted me good and ready, and I sure fucking was!

Then with his fingers nice and wet, he then slid one, then two into my asshole, getting it ready for his thick cock.


Then he aimed the head right at my puckered hole and slowly sunk his cock deep into my ass.

“YES!” I cried out, feeling him plunge deeply.

Then he started to pump his cock into my hole as I held my cheeks open for him to have full access.

“You filthy little slut”, he said, “teasing me in your latex. You love it when your master fucks your little ass raw, don’t you?”

“Yes master!” I tell him as I feel his cock pounding so deeply into me it feels like it’s going to come out of my mouth!

“Flip over now!” he demanded.

I did, throwing my legs up in the air, and he grabbed them and thrust his cock back into my ass even harder now!

I knew this was going to make us both cum like crazy! I rubbed my pussy as he pounded my ass, us both screaming “OH SHIT!” over and over!

I couldn’t hold out- I came with my asshole clenching around his cock screaming “FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

“I wanna finish in your MOUTH” he demanded, withdrawing his cock from my ass.

I winked and pulled my mask part back on and started sucking furiously on his cock while also stroking his balls.

“That’s right” he said and he began to shoot his load down the back of my throat, “take it all, slave!”

I swallowed until I couldn’t swallow anymore, and he, like, STILL had more cum. He ended up pumping some on my face too, smearing it on mask.

“Lick Daddy clean” he commanded me, and I finished him off by slurping up every last bit of cum.

Fuck yeah, good memories! LOL

I’m not sure this Halloween can ever live up to the last one! But…

YOU can call 1-800-PHONESEX and have your own super kinky Halloween fantasy tonight! ;) Our slutty slaves are waiting!

It’s starting to become a thing with me, I guess, fucking and sucking off the dads of the kids I’m babysitting!

I didn’t mean to do this AGAIN, but after a long day of college classes, by the time I get to my babysitting jobs, I just want to blow off some steam and sexual tension, if you know what I mean. And like, come on- the dad’s always LOVE my little schoolgirl uniform.

Next thing I know, I’m always naked on the couch with the DILFs cock deep inside me!

This last one was a recently divorced dad who’s kids I had just started babysitting for when he went on dates. They had a really nice house, and he was def a decent looking guy. And yeah, I DO like older men so…

Anyway, the other night I was sexting with my bf, playing withy myself and I was talking pictures of my wet pussy for my boyfee after I put this guy’s kids to bed on his sofa.

It was really getting into it, posing and rubbing, but then he had to go out to game! So I hung up, but I didn’t stop- my pussy demanded satisfaction and so I laid there on the sofa, rubbing out my pussy like I wish he would!

It was pretty hot and steamy, but this dad’s date must have been a dud because all of a sudden I heard someone walk through the door WAY earlier than expected!

The front door opens right into the living room so he caught me immediately. When he asked what I was doing (though it was totally obvious!) I pleaded, “you aren’t going to tell anyone about this are you? I’ll never get a babysitting job in this town again if you tell on me!”

He looked at me and said, “and why shouldn’t I tell on you? Playing with your pussy out right here in my living room while my kids are upstairs. You should be ashamed of yourself!”

“I know!” I told him, my heart sinking, “I know it’s bad. I just couldn’t help myself!”

“You’re THAT horny, eh? Well…I suppose we could work something out where I let you off with just a warning this time.”


He walked right up to me where I was sitting on the sofa and undid the button of his jeans. To tell the truth, I’d actually WANTED THIS for awhile but was trying to be good!

Anyway, I licked my lips and unzipped his jeans and OMG his cock was a sexy piece, girthy and cut, fucking hard as a rock and looking insanely SUCKABLE!

I wrapped my lips around his cock and slowly guided it all the way down my throat until I felt his cock-head hit my tonsils. Then I started really sucking as I twisted and pulled on the shaft, giving the balls a tug here and there.

I looked up at him from kneeling, my mouth still around his cock, and said, “is this how you like it?” though I knew from the moans he was making that it obviously was.

His response was to grab the back of my head and shove my mouth up and down his cock, even rougher and faster than before! But I could feel my pussy dripping down my naked legs at this point from the force he was exerting on me to suck his cock even deeper than I had been.

Talk about a guy who needed his cock sucked! He was LOVING IT! Probably it had been a while since his divorce, and he’d been married like 17 years. I mean, the last time he prolly got sucked off by a girl my age, he was in college!

When he let up so I could catch my breath again, I looked up at him and said “What else do you want?”

“I want this tight young pussy. I wanna fuck you so hard I split you in two. Then, I’ll keep my mouth shut about what a crazy little slut you are.”

He sat down on the couch, picked me up, and then brought me down on his hard cock, thrusting up into me,  plunging that big dick inside my wet pussy.

“Fuck” he said, “you’re so fucking wet for my dick. You LIKE to be forced to suck cock and fuck, don’t you, you dirty little whore?!” he asked as he pumped me in nice, long strokes.

“Yes” I admitted, “I think I WANTED you to catch me. I just haven’t been fucked hard by a mature man in while.”

He started pounding me even faster, moaning loudly as he did.

“I knew it. You are a slut for older cock. And I’m gonna break you in like you’ve never been broke in before. And I want you to call me ‘Daddy’.”

The moment I heard the word, my clit throbbed!

“Yes Daddy,” I said, “please please fuck me harder!”

I could barely contain myself anymore, I had been on the edge of cumming since he plunged that fat dick into me eagerly. I had to breathe slowly to not cum! It just felt so fucking good! He really knows what he’s doing!

So I was happy for a quick break to control myself as he flipped me over into a new position, reaming me from behind.

“How’s that, babygirl? You like when Daddy fucks you? I’ll bet the boys at school don’t know how to FUCK like I do.”

As he’s fucking me even harder I’m thinking to myself that god, I don’t EVER want this to stop! I knew I was gonna cum soon! He sensed it and flipped me over AGAIN and it was like, we were gonna do every single position he’d obviously been missing!

“I’m gonna cum” I then said, pumping me so hard.


He pulled out and aimed his beautiful cock at my tits and stomach and proceeded to pump a HUGE fucking load all over me.

Then it was my turn.

“Finish me off!” I begged, shoving his still pretty stiff cock back inside.

He began pumping furiously again and I screamed out “daddy!” over and over. I knew this O was gonna be a big one!

And much to my surprise, as the orgasm roared through my body, I FUCKING SQUIRTED! That had never happened before!

“Oh fuck yeah” he said, “I haven’t had a squirter since college. How about we make this a normal thing on Friday nights? I promise to tip you extra good, you little slut. And it will be our secret. What do you say?”

So DUH, of course I told him, my pussy still throbbing with orgasms “I’ll be here same time next week, daddy.”

And now I can’t fucking wait for Friday!!!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

I’ll be honest with you, I’m both a sex therapist and I work the phone lines because I’m horny all the time, and I love, love, LOVE to fuck guys…with a strap on.

I know how to make guys CUM HARD with my “cock”.

“You’ll love this,” I told a gorgeous guy I had met by placing an ad online. Both of us, newly introduced and nude, stood together, his lovely cock was full and hanging heavily, though not yet erect.

He was an “ass virgin” and I was soooo beyond excited to take that virginity with my trusted rubber cock!

“I’m so wet just thinking about spreading your ass cheeks apart so I can get a full look at you” I said.

The guy’s cock was starting to rise as I kept whispering to him my sexy descriptions of what I wanted to do to his body.

“You have a beautiful little asshole, baby. I can’t wait to touch it. I’m even going to lick it first, you turn me on so much.”

“I’m gonna FUCK that tight little ass of yours.”

My hands slid down, one hand dropping down to curl around his now erect dick.

“Have you ever had a woman lick your asshole? I’m going to do it to you, spread my tongue out and around that virgin hole of yours and get you hot and ready for me.”

No man can resist my tongue in their asshole.

“I’ll tube you up with my tongue”, I whispered, kissing his firm ass as I made my way into the tight hole. When I got there he made a small moan as I started darting my tongue in and out, and up and down on his tight little pucker.

“I’ll get this nice and wet and relaxed, then it’s time. You’re going to love this.”

He answered back with a moan. I teased and fondled his balls as I licked at his asshole.

“Are you sure you’re ready to take my nice, hard strap-on dildo as I slide it deep inside you?”

He just moaned again, in a satisfactory way, as I plunged my fingers inside of him.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?”

While I did that I grabbed at his cock, releasing his first strand of precum….Feeling my way deep into him with my hand, exploring this uncharted territory and enjoying every twitch and moan he made while I did so.

When I finally felt like I had him good and loosened up I pulled out and slid on my strap-on cock.

“Are you ready for my dick?” I whispered in his ear.

“Ooooo, yesss” he moaned, and with that I positioned him doggy style, that full, firm ass, virgin hole and all, front and center in front of me and I slid my dick inside of him.

His cheeks clenched against me but I kept pushing my way in tight little ass, taking what I wanted.

It was so hard to be gentle and go slow at first, like I had promised, I wanted to completely ravage that asshole of his, but despite my desires I kept a steady pace as he warmed up and let me in his tight hole.

It was SO HARD not to just immediately got nuts on that tight ass!

I built my rhythm up more with every thrust, until I was full-on having my way with his ass with my cock, driving myself into him even deeper than the time before.

“Take that cock, you little bitch. Take ALL of it! and LOVE IT!”

“Turn over” I announced, wanting to make sure I’d be able to watch him cum when he was ready. I could tell this newbie wouldn’t last too long!

He turned over and I eased back into his asshole from the front now, watching his eyes light up with pleasure as I hit his prostate.

I eased back into his ass with the skill of a professional ass-blaster.


“OHHHHHHHH GOD” he moaned as I sunk that cock deep, deep inside of him.

I was surprised how well he handled ALL of my cock.

“Oh my god it feels so good, don’t stop!” he begged me, “DON’T STOP!”

Then he grabbed his cock and started pulling on it in time with me pumping his ass full of my cock.

“You like that?” I asked, “you like my cock up in your ass while you stroke it?”

He moaned and pulled on his cock and I knew this was his new favorite thing!

“Oh fuck, oh yes” he moaned, rubbing his dickhead as I grabbed his leg and bore down on his asshole.

“Feel THIS” I told him, and grabbed his cock and started pumping it with the same rhythm I was thrusting my hips into him.

“That’s right, I OWN this ass.”

I began to stroke and fuck him faster, filling him and milking him at the same time, my own orgasm from the tug of the strap on harness against my clit threatening to go off with every motion.

I was so excited fucking him I had to talk myself out of cumming too soon!

“I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve” I told him, leaning forward, taking his cock into my mouth while I still pumped his ass full of me.

No guy can last more than a few seconds when I show ’em this “trick”!

“FUUUUUUUCK!” he called out as I swallowed him to the balls and buried my strap-on deep in his ass.

Then with a few last strokes he exploded his milky white cum all over himself and his body convulsed shouting “oh fuck!” the whole time.

Watching a dude cum from my strap-on makes me feel like the queen of the world!

By this point I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer and I released my own, crying out against him, still pumping.

FUCK YEA! I came too, fucking that tight ass raw.

In my mind, I FELT like this:

I’m the kinda bisexual, domme slut who wants to CUM like a dude all over you!

So yeah, we booked our next “date” immediately for the following day.

I don’t know how much abuse his virgin ass can take at first, but I’m going to find out the hard way!

Does riding my sister’s boyfriends cock like a bucking bronco make me a bad person?

Shit, if it does, I’m not sure I want to be a good person! I guess, just hear me out before you decide!

So my whole life I always felt FAT next to my sister. She was a tiny size “0” all through school, while I was always the “chubby” one. She ALWAYS got the guys…I got picked on.

But I started dating black guys a few years ago in my late teens (I’m 22 now), and they gave me a whole different perspective of my body. I wasn’t fat- I was a CURVY GODDESS with HUGE, natural boobs…while all those skinny girls have to guy out and buy hard, fake ones.

I have an ASS so round and juicy that it makes guys want to simultaneously SPANK it and FUCK it.

All those skinny girls are saving up for butt implants and doing endless squats! The moment I learned to love my body and stop covering it up under baggy clothing, was the moment MEN started to notice me…and WANT ME.

So flash forward to last week. My sister – let’s change her name to Lisa for my story—has been dating this CRAZY HOT skateboard dude who doesn’t seem to be too smart, but has a body to die for! Tanned six pack, muscular legs…and from what I could tell, a VERY sizable package.

A package I’d already rubbing my pussy to a few things, just thinking about it, if I’m to be honest.

So we both were having a weekend with our mom and my sister brought him –let’s call him Danny – with her. I was lounging around the house, kinda bored. Mom and Lisa decided they wanted to cook dinner that night, and made a run to the grocery store, leaving me and Danny at the condo alone, because I didn’t want to go, and Danny said he wanted to watch the game.

But as we sat on the sofa, it felt like he was watching ME more than the game.

Finally, I turned to him like, WHAT?

And he was like, “you’re just so different from your sister”.

And I was like, “meaning what?”

And he goes, “well, you’re just so curvy…so voluptuous”.

And I’m like, “yeah? So?”

And he goes, “sorry—it’s just that, well…” and sort of trailed off.

So I straightend up pushed my chest forward and said “just that WHAT?”

And he paused, looked at me hard, and then said “well it’s just that your curves make me so fucking HARD.”

So I go, “well if you love curves so much, why are you with my sister, the flat-chested beanpole?” and laughed, “cute as she is”.

So he goes, “look, I love your sister. She’s great, and looks great on my arm. But you…”


“You’d look great bouncing on my cock.”

“OH REALLY?” I asked pulling down the straps of my dress and then undoing my bra, letting my gorgeous tits fall out in his face.

“Show me” I tell him, teasing him with my tits.

“YESSSSSS” he hissed, “THESE are what I’ve been missing!”

He whipped out his cock and HELLO! I was big and hard and gorgeous! I wrapped my lips around it immediately, sucking it down my throat between my full lips.

“Oh fuck yea” he said, “you do THAT better than your sister too”.

“Watch what else I can do that she can’t” I said, taking his cock out and guiding it between my tits.

“Ohhhhh fuck…” he moaned, sliding his cock, wet with my spit, between them.

“You’re a bad girl, doing this with me” he said, and I played along!

“Yeah I am, I’m so bad…I don’t even care that you’re my sister’s boyfriend. I’m going to ride your cock until you cum all over me.”

“Fuck yeah. I’m gonna CUM all over you…”

My pussy was ACHING at this point and wanted some action so wriggled out of the rest of my outfit and he knew what was up.

He laid down on the sofa, his cock aiming at the ceiling.

“SIT ON THIS” he commanded me, and I did.

I think we BOTH said “OH FUCK” as he entered my tight pussy.

“Yeah…” he moaned, “ride me”.

And OMFG you guys, he felt sooooooooooooooooo good! I’ll bet his cock hadn’t been this hard in years, cuz my pussy hadn’t been that wet! It was the THRILL of knowing we were both tasting the forbidden fruit…

I threw my head back and rode him so hard, my tits bouncing all over the place. Then motioned for me to turn around and ride him reverse cowgirl.

“Let me see that ASS” he said as sat back down on his cock facing away from him.

“OH FUCK YEAAAAAAAH!” he screamed as I bounced my booty up and down on his cock, right in his face!

Before long, he need to make me stop so he wouldn’t cum too fast. We took a moment to reposition, with him getting on his knees to do me doggy.

He held on tight to the sides of my ass as and started pounding me so hard his balls actually stung me where they slapped at my clit!

He started to moan super loud and I knew what that meant.

“CUM ON MY ASS” I told him.

He pumped a few more times, then pulled out.

“OH GOD!” he moaned as he squirted a huge, hot load all over my booty.

Just then, we heard my mom’s car pulling up!

“QUICK!” I told him, “get dressed!”

And I ran into the shower to loofah his juices off of me. When I came out in my robe, he was chilling on the sofa like nothing happened, while my mom and sis where washing and cutting veggies for dinner.

We just exchanged a quick smile. A knowing smile. A smile that said to me that yeah, he plans on making this a thing with me. And, like, I don’t think I have the strength to say no to that cock!

I guess, we’ll see!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX