The past week there was a major heat wave, and obviously the best way to cool down during a heat wave is to get WET and take off all your clothes…

School had just started and I was hanging out with some of my sorority sisters, all of us a bit hot and cranky, when one of them had a fun idea that we pull out some old water guns we had from pledge week and have a water fight! Naturally we were all on board and quickly ran out in our bikinis!

What started out as fun and games quickly turned sexual though as now we were three hot girls, wet, giggling and spraying each other with water guns, nipples getting hard and peaking through bikini tops.

Last semester we had all drunkenly hooked up at least once, so it wasn’t entirely new territory, so as we looked around at each other, all dripping wet and excited, I think we all started to think the same thing.


Then one of the girls grabbed me and started kissing me deeply and cupping my tits, and we all knew what was going to happen!

We all ended up in the bedroom, wet bikinis  and clothing needing to be removed, so we each undressed one another, exposing all of our admittedly fit bodies. And seriously, alllll these girls are like 9s and 10s!

Well of course one thing led to another and two girls came up and sandwiched me and started kissing and touching my newly naked body.


Next thing I know, I’m making my way down to a wet pussy, and my other sister comes up behind me and starts eating me out with my ass high up in the air!

First she went for my pussy but then I could feel her tongue swirling and making it’s way around the rim of my asshole when I felt ANOTHER girl join in back there! They were filling up all my holes and I felt my eyes roll back into my head!

Holy fuck, now TWO girls were eating my pussy and ass, driving me to the brink. One girl licked pussy like it was her damn favorite meal!

I couldn’t even help myself– I shouted to her “YES! Eat that fucking pussy!”


The other was seriously tonguing my asshole with a skill level that was shocking. She even moaned as she licked me, letting me know how good I tasted back there.



I kept lapping at the sweet pussy in front of me, working hard to get my sister off, but also getting distracted and squealing every so often at how good my own felt back there!

The room was filling up with a literal symphony of girls moaning in pleasure. What did I do to get this lucky?! Dude, like, a guy would have KILLED even to just be a fly on that wall! LMAO

As I started to come, I could feel my sister with her pussy in my face getting off too. Another sister proceeded to climb over me and on top of her and started riding her face.

She rode my face like a bronco, cooing “oh yeah…oh my god yeah! as I stuffed my tongue up inside her.

What can I say? We were all a big pile of pussy eating, ass eating, fingering, and scissoring. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my life!

It was so fucking hot watching the girl on my face bounce up and I felt random mouths on my tits as I licked away.

Next thing I know, my legs are being pulled back and I’m helpless to stop whatever is going to happen next.

Then we were all laying in a pile on the bed and it was hard to tell who’s hand was in who’s pussy as we all lay there bodies winding together, grinding and moaning, kissing and biting at each other lips as we all got each other off.

It felt like every orgasm was stronger than the last and we literally lay there doing this until we were too exhausted to keep things up.


Then one girl even went and got a toy and started fucking another girl with it like we all just did NOT want this moment to end, and we were going to get off as much and as HARD as possible!

Eventually we all collapsed in a pile, bodies still pressed together, no longer caring about how hot it was, and every single one of us thinking about how freaking glad we were to have joined this sorority and in doing so have some of the best sex of our lives!

Bet you’d love to join in on that next time, huh?! :P


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I should’ve known that when my friend came over and I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties under the short, floral print dress she had on, that she was thinking about doing more than just taking my photo that day.

I had asked her to come over because she was working on her photography portfolio and I needed pictures for my blog, so it seemed like the perfect match. I was dressed to shoot in a loose fitting white button up shirt and short black shorts that flattered my long legs perfectly. I had my blonde hair in long, loose waves and a perfectly made up face so that the images would be just what I had in mind.

We started the photoshoot…

…and as things progressed she asked me to go lay on the bed to model for her.

She climbed up to “get a unique angle” from above me and as she towered over me with her camera, I could see right up the bottom of her dress to the panty-less, wet pussy directly above of me.

I could immediately feel myself getting turned on by this, after all my friend was a total babe, but I had never been with a girl before, and that couldn’t be what she had in mind by coming dressed like that, could it?


She kneeled at the foot of the bed and said to me,

“I’d really like to get some sexy images for my portfolio if that’s ok with you? Would you mind slowly unbuttoning your blouse and taking it off for me to photograph?”

I could feel myself getting wet as I nervously agreed, and began unbuttoning my blouse while she photographed me,

 revealing that I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath and was now completely exposed to both her eyes and her camera at the same time.



“You look so sexy,” she said, “would you take off your shorts too for me?” and I slowly slid down my shorts, revealing the bright purple g-string I was wearing beneath.


“That perfect,” she said, “could you turn around so I can get some shots of that gorgeous ass of yours?”, and I timidly did so…

…certain that at this point she could see how turned on I was getting…..



With my head faced away from her I could hear her setting the camera down and she slid close to me now, and started tracing her hands up from my ass, along my back and eventually resting them, closed around my breasts, and she whispered in my ear,

“I can tell how turned on you are right now, so I’m going to set the camera aside and fuck you like you’ve been wanting since I walked in here today.”

She began kissing down my neck as she played with my nipples…


and then flipped me around on my back. She started out straddling me, kissing me hard and she had her exposed cunt resting against mine so I could feel the heat and the moisture coming from it.


Then she took off her dress exposing her own beautiful breasts and thin physique, and started kissing her way down to my pussy.


She pulled off my g-string saying, “we wont be needing this anymore” and dove her face into my hot cunt.



As she licked away at my clit, I looked down and saw her gorgeous round ass up in the air, wiggling back and forth, looking so sexy as she worked at getting me off.

While I watched her she slid her fingers into her own cunt and brought them up to my lips, “taste how much you turn me on,” she said, and I began sucking at her fingers while she ate me out.



Then she took her hand back and put it inside of me, wet with my saliva, curving up and onto my g-spot, while I moaned the whole time, feeling my orgasm building and wondering why I had never let her do this to me before?!


With one hand in my pussy and the other grabbing my breasts my moans started to get louder and louder and I could feel myself getting ready to orgasm any minute.

“Oooo Fuck yes,” I started calling out and before I knew it my pussy was gushing all over the bed!

I had never squirted before but something about the way she fucked me just did the trick!


I looked her in the eyes after finishing and said,

“anytime you want to work on your portfolio more…. just let me know.”


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I could feel my ass red and hot with the heat of it being slapped, and exposed and bent over, wondering why I had never done something like this sooner!


The guy I had started seeing had told me to be at his place at 8pm sharp and instructed me what to wear: heels, stockings with a garter belt attached…


…white panties that I didn’t mind if they got “soiled” and a matching bra, with a cute, floral dress over top. I went with my blue and yellow floral dress that matched my long blonde hair so well, and with all white lingerie and stockings so that I was sure to please him. He seemed happy with my outfit when I got to his place but then quickly ordered me to go to the bedroom. I was both excited but also nervous by this because I had no idea what he had in mind!


He instructed me “take off your dress, fold it and put it on the shelf, but leave everything else on, including your heels”.

I shyly did as I was told and noticed that he had set up a new piece of furniture I had never seen before, sort of like a saw horse you use for doing construction work, but padded and with hardware attached to it.


“Are you ready for this,” he asked, and again I nodded shyly. “Good,” he said, “then bend over the bench and wait there for me,” and as I bent over he began fastening down my wrists and ankles with leather restraints, so that I was completely bent over and vulnerable on this contraption and couldn’t even struggle to get away if I had wanted to. Once he did that he tied a blindfold over my eyes and just like that my world went black and everything from there on out was by sound and sensation.





I could feel his hands running down my back and make their way down to my ass where he began spanking me.

Deep, full slaps, building up a rhythm and intensity with each one.



Then I began to feel another, different sensation, which I later found out was a leather flogger, that he first started out by slapping my ass with, but quickly moved on to my pussy. I could feel him laying stinging blow after stinging blow across my full pussy, feeling grateful that I had the thin layer of lace from my underwear to cover me.



When the slapping stopped I started to feel something like cold metal run across the skin of my back, ending at my hips. He whispered in my ears, “it’s time to take off these panties, since you’re tied up I think I’ll just help myself and cut them off of you,”

…and I could feel the sensation of him slicing through the fabric and pulling them away, exposing my spread ass and pussy completely. Despite the fact that I was still wearing my garter, stockings and high heels I had never felt this naked before. I was completely vulnerable to whatever he wanted to do to me!!



I felt his hand begin slapping the part of my pussy that I had just been grateful for cover,

…and as he did so he said, “now you don’t have your panties to hide how wet you’ve been getting, it’s already all over my hands”, and he took his hand and slid the fingers that were covered with my cum into my mouth for me to taste how turned on I was. 


Then with the fingers now wet from my saliva he began sliding them around my asshole,

…and eventually made their way inside of me,

“I’m just getting you ready,” he said.

Shortly after telling me that I could feel him sliding something inside of me

…that I could only guess must be a butt plug, and when it was inside of me he said “now for some real fun”!

He began spanking me with the butt plug inside my tight asshole, every slap thrusting it a bit in and out of me and making my pussy wetter with every blow across my bottom, building up heat. I heard what could only be the unbuckling of his pants, he slid off his belt and began slapping that across my ass, with a loud crack with every smack that planted across my cheeks. I yelped and moaned with every hit, I had never experienced anything like this before and the pain mixed with the pleasure of it was mind numbing.



Feeling my pussy begin to flood with wetness with each blow. I heard his zipper open and he grabbed my hair, pulling my head back

…and whispered, “now I’m going to fuck you harder then you’ve ever imagined possible” and he began pumping me with his massive erection.

Still bent over, tied up with the butt plug in my ass there was nothing I could do but take this huge dick inside my sopping wet pussy. I could feel myself cum around it within a few thrusts, having had so much build up before hand. He fixed his hands to my hips and I could feel them laying onto of the spots that were still sore from the spankings and he pulled himself in and out of me with such force that he was right, he was definitely fucking me harder than I ever thought possible!!!

I could feel him getting close to his own orgasm but rather than cum inside me he pulled out, walked around to my front side, yanked off my blindfold and proceeded to tell me to open my mouth wide.

He came all over my mouth as I lay spread wide there, tied up, cum dripping down my thighs, and now lips, and completely vulnerable to his every command.

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“I really need this A,” was what I was thinking this past fall as I was taking my professor’s big dick in my ass!

I had been having a rough semester, things kept distracting me, but I couldn’t fail this class! After the last C I got on a test I knew had to make an appointment to “talk” to him.

So here I was at our after-class appointment, not knowing what to say, and so I just went into it right away, telling him how I’d do anything for an A in his class, extra credit, whatever he wanted.

“You know I’m not supposed to give any extra credit assignments in this class,” he said, “it’s a tough class that requires a lot of discipline.”

“I swear to you I’m disciplined, professor,” I replied, “let me show you,” and with that I dropped down to my knees and started undoing his pants.


I opened up his pants and to my surprise I pulled out one of the girthiest, big dicks I’d ever seen, and I bent over and wrapped my lips around the coke-can dick that was in front of me.

It was so wide that at first I could barely get my mouth all the way around it! But I spit on it, rubbing it up and down with my hands and then was able to get it fully in my mouth… not chocking on it though, that was another matter!!!


The girth of it chocked me so easily, but I didn’t let that stop me from giving one of the best blow jobs I had ever had in my life. Every time I chocked on it, sucking it up and down, I could feel my pussy getting wet.


He looked down at me… “well that puts you up to a B” he said, “but it’s going to take a little more to get an A. Bend over my desk and let me see that ass.”


Then he said “as you can see,” he said, “my dick’s on the large size, so I don’t always get to do with it what I want, but since you’re so dedicated to my class, I’m going to take this ass of yours and pound it until I’ve had my fill, and then you’ll get that A.”

I nodded yes, and heard him spit on his dick, first he slid it into my pussy, which at this point was very well lubricated with how turned on I was, he slid it in and out a few times, and then pulled it out and started sliding it in my asshole.

“I want you to play with yourself while I fuck your ass,” he said, and I started rubbing my wet pussy while he thrust that coke can cock harder and deeper into my hole.


I had never experienced anything like it before, I mixture of pain and pleasure but also feeling fuller than I had ever felt.

I felt myself getting closer to orgasm with every pound inside me and every stroke of my hand across my clit, and I could tell his was getting there too.

I started squealing and cumming then, with his dick so deep inside of my tight asshole!

As I let out the gush of my orgasm, my ass pulling even tighter around his cock, I could feel him start to cum, he pulled his dick out of my ass and released his load across my backside as I lay there still bent over his desk.

Needless to say, I got my A!

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I had never sucked a customer’s cock before. Even though I’m an exotic dancer, that kind of thing is definitely frowned upon at my place of business.

But this past weekend this way hot guy walked through the front door when I was up on stage dancing to my favorite song, and I KNEW I needed to have a private dance with him.

I could feel him watching me dance up there as he made his way into the place, and my pussy was already wet in anticipation.

He took at seat nearby, eyeing me up, and the crawled across the stage staring him down intensely, letting him see the perfect curves of my body, and how well I can use this body. I slithered over like a snake ready to make her kill.

At this point all I had on was a g-string and my bra, but now that he was in front of me I knew neither of those would stay on for too much longer. I turned around to give him the full view of my gorgeous, jiggly ass.

Then I really started working my charms, turning to face him and sliding off one bra strap, then the other, letting my big heavy tits fall right out in his face. He could clearly see I had ALL the assets he could ever dream of. And I was wanting him more by the second…

I turned round around, my ass so right up in his face he could probably smell ever-dampening pussy from there.

Then I started working my signature move as I slid my hands up and around it and pulled the checks wide, then I gave them each a smack, giving them a nice rosy red hand print on each side.

Now that I KNOW I had his attention, I strutted and danced a bit around to the other guys, pinching my nipples and reaching into my thong– I didn’t want him to get TOO cocky knowing I wanted him. So I teased the entire room like I’m so good at. But we both knew what who I wanted.

Finally I crawled back over to my guy.

“How about a private?” I asked.

He nodded and I gathered up my cash and walked him to the back.

“I’ve had my eye on you since the minute you walked through that door.”

He sat there and nodded, and said “why don’t you show me what you’ve been thinking about doing to me.”

I smiled and bent over slowly, sliding my thong down my long, tan legs. Then I danced over to him and straddled his legs, my pussy in his face.

As I danced down onto his lap, my tits my writhing in his face, I could feel his cock hardening through his pants. It was a nice size bulge and I started to yearn to see it up close. I started to grind down on it.

“FUCK YEAH” he said, my nipples bouncing an inch from his face.

It egged me on harder and I really ground down until I could feel that cock pressing right against my clit. And holy fuck, you guys, a lap dance has NEVER made me THAT wet!

I realized I was risking him cumming in his pants, which I didn’t want, so I slowed it down and whispered to him “So I’m NOT supposed to do this, but…

From there I proceeded to undo his pants and pull out this big, girthy cock.

I looked up at him and said, “I don’t usually do this, but I just can’t seem to help myself,” and went on to devour that dick like I hadn’t eaten a good meal in days!

I sucked it long and deep and fast, my hand pumping away, dreaming about what his cum tasted like. Did he know what I wanted next? I’m pretty sure he did…

I looked up at him with those big eyes, pulled his cock out of my mouth with a “POP” and said “Can I ride it?”

He nodded and I got up off the floor and straddled my legs around him on the chair and plunged it deep into my soaking wet pussy.

I was gasping as it penetrated so deeply inside of me, I could feel the cum just dripping out of me with every thrust!

Then there was a knock at the door and the bouncer called out to us “5 more minutes”. Hornier than ever I started bouncing up and down on his cock with my pussy, the time crunch making my need to get him and myself off even more urgent than before!

I could feel every muscle in my body clench up as I started to cum with him deep inside of me the tight pull from my pussy as I got off was enough to finish him off with me.

I finished up, gasping, sliding down again and licked the leftover cum off his cock and put it back into his pants, then put my robe back on.

“Come back and see me again sometime”, I said to him as I went back out to the floor, both satisfied and excited to get back on that stage for yet another dance, wondering if the other customers could now smell the sex on me.

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I had never thought that I would have my first orgasm while at the doctors office, getting a regular exam!!


I went into the office that day, totally normal, like any other day.


Checked in and then the nurse brought me to the back room where she had me strip off my clothes and panties and put on one of those thin, open hospital gowns.


This was different than my last visit, but when I asked her about it, she only said that it was to help the Dr get a better look at me…..

So I slid off my jeans, tight sweater, unhooked my bra and let my breasts fall loose, feeling a bit naughty about being in such a public place and striping down naked, so much so that I could actually feel myself getting a little turned on just by taking off my clothes, unaware if the Dr would walk in at any moment!


When the Dr came in he looked me up and down, studied my chart, looked me over a bit more. “Tell me a bit more about your sexual history” he told me. A bit startled by this question I told him that I had been having sex with a few guys over the years but nothing serious, though I was a bit worried because I had never been able to orgasm with any of them before.

“Is that so?” he replied, and started to run his hands through his hair as he again looked me and my chart over more, making me feel a bit objectified.

“Why do you think you’d never been able to have an orgasm?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “that’s why I came here, I was hoping to find out if there was anything wrong with me.”

“My dear, you are in perfect healthy” he said, “and I’ll prove it to you.”




Suddenly he lifted my legs up high in the seat as he slid the chair further back. “I can see you’re ready for me” he said, as he spread my legs open and slid open my vaginal lips, “you’re already so wet and I haven’t even begun. I have a feeling I’ll be able to prove this to you even quicker than I had thought!” He slid the hospital gown up further, completely exposing me now, I lay back nervous, but excited, and a bit fearful, what if the nurse walked in and saw us like this?!

He started slowly first to poke his fingers around my vagina, not quite penetrating, exploring the lips of it, sliding the moisture that was spilling out of me around, lubricating every fold. He made his way up to where my clit was and started with slow, loose circles around it and then began to go faster and faster. With every stroke of his finger I could feel my breath quickening and could hear the excitement coming out of me with every escaped moan. But he was my Dr, this was just a medical procedure, right? I wasn’t supposed to be getting off on this, was I? Why did it feel so fucking good than, to be spread open on his chair, totally exposed, despite…. or maybe because, of the danger of being interrupted!

“You’re doing so well,” he remarked, “look at how big and healthy your clit is looking with all the blood rushing to it right now, as I get you closer to climax, certainly nothing wrong with you there, let’s move on to the inner workings shall we?” and with that he slid his fingers into my cunt. A gushing noise released as he did so with all the wetness that was building! He pumped his fingers into me, over and over, and suddenly I could feel him hit what I could only assume was my g-pot as he lingered over it, fingering it hard and deeply. With every thrust I let out a little cry of pleasure that I had never felt before.


“You’re doing so well with this,” he said, “Shall we move on to the real thing?”

He opened up his pants and a huge, hard cock fell out at the ready.

I was a bit shocked to see it exposed in front of me, but also more ready to feel it filling me up than ever before! “Oh yes Doctor,” I said, “make me cum for the first time with that big cock of yours!”


He firmly grasped it in both hands and plunged it deep inside of me, hitting the same spot so deep in me that he had just explored with his fingers. As he pumped me, in and out, I was feeling sensations far beyond anything I had ever felt before.



I let out louder and louder moans and he grasped one hand over my mouth saying “Do you want the nurses to come in and see what a slut you are?!” This only turned me on even more and I could feel myself getting close to the climax I had never been able to reach.

He grabbed firmly onto each side of my hips and pumped his huge cock in and out with a fury I don’t think will ever be matched, he could tell I was getting close and grasped a hand over my mouth again to stifle my noises, this was enough to put me over the edge of my orgasm, and I came so fucking hard with my feet up in the air, spread open for anyone to walk in on.


I could feel him pumping his own massive load into me as he continued his last few thrusts, my whole body shaking at this point, glad I was laying down! He emptied the last of his cum inside of me, zipped his big dick back up in his pants, and looked me right in the eye and said,

“now see beautiful, I told you, you just hadn’t been with a man who knew what he was doing, be sure to remedy that in the future.

and with that he grabbed my chart and walked back out into the office, leaving me there to catch my breath and to put on my clothes before wandering down the hallway, wondering just how many of the nurses heard what was going on in that room!

And considering if maybe next time I come to the office if I can convince one of them to join me for an encore performance!

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Hey boysssssss….I’m just sitting here with my “cock” in my hand, thinking about fucking some TIGHT DUDE ASS…

“What do you mean?” a lot of you guys say to that. Which leads me to ask…

Y’all know what PEGGING is?


Seems like some of my callers don’t know this term, so, allow me to explain it simply: it’s when I use a strap-on to fuck you in your tight little ass.


I had been watching pegging porn for YEARS, and it turned me on so much, I decided to get my own strap on and try it myself, for real.


I wanted to see what it felt like fucking my hubby’s tight little hole RAW for once, instead of just him balls deep in my pussy.

 I was determined to spice things up, and I knew even if he didn’t go with it at first, he was going to love it once he felt me inside of him!

So we were in bed one night and I put my hand on his cock and gave it a little squeeze and turned to him.

“I have a surprise for you,” I said, and then went into the bathroom and slid on my strap on.

He was more than a little surprised to see me exit the bathroom wearing it, but I said “baby, I’m gonna make this feel so good for you.”

I walked back over holding my cock saying “my pussy is dripping wet right now thinking about sliding this into your tight hole.”

“I’ll be gentle…just let me give it a try” I whispered.

He moaned with lust and agreed! I was absolutely giddy with excitement at this point, and could feel the moisture of my own lust for him starting to slide down my legs.

“Lay down for me baby” I told him as I inched up the bed between his legs.

I knew I had to start real easy, so I sucked on a finger for a moment and slipped that in his asshole first as I also began to tug on his cock.

“RELAX” I told him like I’d seen in the videos. I knew if he clenched I’d never get inside.

As he started to chill, I lubed up my new cock and began to slowly navigate the tip inside him.


He did relax with a little extra help from me giving his cock a bit of a suck, taking it down my throat while I started a nice rhythm in his ass.

That REALLY helped him loosen up and then I resumed my full attention gently sliding the strap on back into his hole centimeter by centimeter.


Once I got it all the way in, I began to build up a steady rhythm of fucking his tight asshole slowly as he relaxed more and more around my cock, letting it go deeper and faster with each thrust.

Fucking, instead of being fucked, was an entirely new experience for me and I LOVED IT!

With each pitch of my hips I  felt my big breasts swaying back and forth, my hair whipping around my shoulders, and the sounds of his moans for pleasure with every inch inside of him turning me on beyond belief.

He grabbed for his cock jerking himself off while I continued to press myself inside of him. He moaned and just kept stroking it while continuing to slide my own rubber cock in and out of his ass.

I could tell I was going to cum any minute and started to milk his cock with my hand, faster and faster, saying “I’m going to make you cum so hard with my cock in your ass.”


“YES! ” he yelled out, “OH MY GOD DO IT BABY!”

So I did!

I used my flexible hips to pound that strap on in his ass harder and faster, while also pumping his cock up and down like a mad woman; jerking it so that I was in full control of all of his pleasure.

“I want to feel you cum in my hands with my cock in your tight asshole” I told him, watching his toes curl. I knew it was coming so I pumped that ass as HARD as I could!

His load was a big one, erupting from that cock right as his asshole contracted around my cock.

It was HOT AF! And, well, let’s just say he asks to be pegged like every time we fuck now. And I’m more than happy to oblige!

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