I found a great, short article about why men cheat. And a quote from the same article that really makes you think:

“Why Dave?” I asked, “Why do you insist on paying a woman who cares nothing for you to keep you company and get your rocks off?”

“Because,” he replied, “she brings no emotional baggage to the table, or bed as the case may be; I don’t have to listen to her problems, she listens to mine; and best of all, she can give most porn stars a run for their money in the sack. And all I have to do is give up a few hundred bucks. Not a bad investment, right?”

That was in reference to escorts. Now for those who can’t afford an actual escort, phone sex & camming are the next (less expensive) options. But I think this article hits the nail on the head about why some men seek such services from prostitutes, escorts, phone sex, cam girls, etc. – these men want something specific and they don’t want to beat around the bush. They don’t want to hear “no”, “I’m tired”, “I don’t feel like doing that”, “I’m not attracted to you” or a billion other excuses that a woman would likely come up with.

What exactly am I trying to get at here? I’m saying that you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you ARE paying for it. And if you think about it, in a real life situation – in some way, you are STILL paying for it in many different forms without realizing it. You are paying for it through buying flowers, candy, gas to pick her up & drop her off, dinner and a movie, MAYBE a little kiss and hug – and maybe, just MAYBE you might end up having sex. But then again, you might not. And you just spent about $100 for a “maybe”. That freakin’ sucks!

And that is why paying for your fantasy is legit. You are paying to get exactly what you want.

So yes, call us if you enjoy phone sex!

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I don’t know anyone with a landline anymore, other than me, my parents and my grandma. Do you? And I only use my landline for phone sex work, everything else (my digital life basically) is on my iPhone. Anyways, so yeah. This is just a reminder that and this blog you’re reading is mobile-friendly – which means you can access us from your smartphone or a cellphone with internet capabilites. Fuck yeah.

So what are you waiting for? We can talk about anything, doesn’t have to be sex-related (unless you want it to be)! Click to call now:

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I posted something about ASMR before at my other phone sex blog; it’s pretty interesting and worth repeating here.

It actually has nothing to do with phone sex, but her YouTube videos are quite soothing to the eyes and ears, (as proven by the number of views). If you have trouble sleeping, try watching her videos with headphones on and you’ll see what I mean. If you don’t know what ASMR is, Google it yourself since this link from Wikipedia is very technical.

But if you think all of this is way too boring (and that’s fine), then feel free to call & speak to a live (and oh-so-sexy) operator now:

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Did you know Easter lasts for about 50 days? I didn’t. But that’s great because unlike St. Patrick’s Day, you get to enjoy this FREE 1-800-PHONESEX desktop wallpaper a little bit longer. Hope you don’t mind that it’s pink! DUH, what else would it be? Phone sex girls hella like pink! It’s the color you pretty much think of when you think of…ha! Gonna leave that up to YOUR imagination. Anyway, if you like it – feel free to DOWNLOAD by clicking on the image!

Annnnd, since we’re west-coast based – guys are CRAZY about Asian girls around these parts. And who wouldn’t be? They’re smart, cute, sexy as fuck and fun to be around with. Asian girls don’t really fit the mold of just one type of personality so you never really know what kind of girl you’re gonna get. So. Don’t. Assume.

If you’re feeling it – you know what to do baby! ;)

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1. I can say “FUCK” all the fucking time. That’s probably my favorite word.

2. Making guys cum makes me feel pretty damn good about myself. Sure, most guys hang up once the dirty deed is done but I don’t care. To be honest, nobody really notices me in real life, I am LITERALLY a ghost to a lot of people. But when I go home & switch on to one of my phone sex characters – I become your desire. I can be whoever I want to be. So hell yeah, go me!

3. Working from home and being in my underwear or better yet, my cute little panties with my butt cheeks hanging out is the BEST THING EVER.

4. Phone sex allows me to be creative and to be as sexy as I feel like, something I don’t really get to do in real life. After all, they say the most sexual part of the human body is the brain – if your head’s not into it then nothing else will be.

So if you enjoy phone sex as much as I do, then you know what to do! Talk to you soon! ;)

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Well lucky you. You get another sexy blog post from me! While it’s true that has everything you need, we have other phone sex sites that cater to your exact needs. So if you’re into hot girls with hard cocks & want to get downright NASTY (with dirty pics to match) visit You won’t be disappointed! Only 89¢ per min*

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Not really relevant to our callers but then again, maybe it is? It might be harder to find us now, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates on cheap or FREE phone sex (and dirty nudes, of course). Twitter has recently decided to “mute” or censor adult-related hashtags, including #phonesex and #porn. Boooo, what a major downer! I don’t think Twitter realizes that people like their porn, and really – you’re not exposed to it unless you’re actively searching for it, IMO.

Anyways, so if you’re looking for us, be sure to follow accounts that have the 89 CENT logo or the happy heart face that says “FREE PHONE SEX”! As always, click on the green logo to call now…


Can you believe it? We’re actually giving away something for FREE! Yup. Since St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, we thought we’d give you something nice to look at.

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