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Or maybe you’re just broke, horny AND looking to fuck instead? We LOVE distracting you from the harsh realities of life, because truthfully – life sucks sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with letting your mind wander off for a bit. So let your hot, sexual fantasies take you away for just 10-20 minutes. It won’t burn a hole in your wallet because as always, it’s only 89¢ per min. If you like what you see, click to call now baby! Horny housewives, sexy MILFs, cougars and grannies are waiting for you to EXPLODE…

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Hope this makes you laugh a little, it certainly made me laugh! Tina Fey is hilarious and one hell of a woman. I imagine some of you would want to call someone like her.

If you have (and can) appreciate a sense of humor & would like to talk to a mature & sexy woman who doesn’t take her self too seriously, give us a call! Let’s face it, older and experienced women are everyone’s cup of tea right now.

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It’s Throwback Thursday. Ok seriously, not to sound like an old fart but TIME FLIES! If you’ve been using our services for over a year then you might remember this version of from 2014. It’s pretty damn sexy, don’t you think? What can we say, we love to hit you in the face with hot girls, because you deserve the best visuals to stimulate your phone sex fantasy.

So if you’re feeling it, you know what to do sexy. Click on the pic to call now! Horny girls of all shades of HOT are waiting for YOU! ;)

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I sure do love the internet. Anytime I want to post something relevant to a current event (like football), I can just search and find the perfect image. For example, it’s the NFL playoffs right now and what better image to dig up than of this sexy redhead repping the Green Bay Packers – who just happened to have won yesterday’s game and will be playing next weekend against the Seahawks.

Soooo, do you think she’s sexy? If you think so then fulfill YOUR OWN fantasy!

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While promoting our cheap phone sex number 1-800-PHONESEX over the weekend, I came across this funny ad. It’s almost similar to what we’re offering so I thought it was worth posting. So yeah, don’t masturbate alone – give us a call instead. Plus it’s only 89¢ per min! You really have nothing to lose (except a few bucks & your man cream – and I bet you have PLENTY to go around!)

Remember, self-pleasure is the BEST pleasure.

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