See what some porn stars have to say about net neutrality! When it CUMS to topics like this, it’s good to have FULL DISCLOSURE so we can see the issue NAKED, for what it is! It’s HARD to lose sight of the important things when everyone is OPEN about them!

That’s right boys…little ol ME, miss Mia, is now your go-to phone “sexpert” and enthusiastic blogger. I’ll be bringing you tips, stories, and stuff to get you hard, here on our site. You know why? Because I love you guys, and I always want you to CUM back for more! Truly, I LOVE our callers- you guys are funny, shy, cute, silly, DIRTY, sweet, aggressive, passive, and from all over. I really get a TASTE of all this great country has to offer when you guys call in from all over the US! Ok, Ok, I gotta make this a short one but I’ll be back after the weekend to really kick this off. AND…if I get enough eyes on my blog, I promise to add a sexy pic of myself! But you guys might have to BEG ME first! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Mia