I never really knew how to respect the law…. until one day when it was forcing it’s big cock down my throat. lol

Sometimes shit need 2 be jammed down yer throat 4 U 2 get it!

I love a good party, like most college girls. Add up the lame professors, my low funds, that clunky noise my car is making… a girls has sometimes got to grind out her frustrations on the dance floor! So one night a few weeks back we my roomies and I were having one of our ragers, and someone started knocking on my apartment door, all aggressive like.

I go to answer it already a bit buzzed, and, thinking it was this hot guy in my Chem class I had a crush on, I quickly unbuttoned my shirt to reveal the tops of my big milky white breasts as I reached for the door.

Um, do you think he’ll notice? LMAO ;)

To my dismay, in walks this COP threatening to shut down my party because of the noise! When he finds out it’s my place, he looks me up and down, and tells me he wants me to take him around to show him there’s no minors drinking on site, or else he’s going to give me a ticket! Otherwise, if we turn the music down, we’re cool. So I start showing him around.

Not seeing any partner, and noticing how HOT he actually is, I ask “are you here by yourself tonight, officer?”

Dude he was a total “hot cop”!

“Yes ma’am,” he replies, “I’m flying solo this evening.”

Instantly my dirty girl mind starts spinning and I decide to end his tour in my favorite room… my bedroom.  I open my bedroom door and tell him he should probably check the bathroom in the back of the room too, and as he does so I slide the bedroom door closed.

When he comes out of the bathroom, I have a few ideas so I say, “Officer, I’m sorry you had to come out because of my party; what can I do to make it right?”

LOL I DEF had something in mind!

While I say this I’m standing close enough for him to feel my breath on his neck and slide my hand up against his cock, which I can quickly feel hardening against the pressure of my hand.

He looks me in the eye and says, “so you want to be a good girl now, do you? Does that mean you’ve locked the door?”

I nod my head yes and with that he grabbed my wrists and pressed me up against the bed, holding me down on my back with one hand and pulling open my bra and off my skirt with the other.

“Oh look at those TITS” he says, grabbing them “I’ll bet you’re a naughty, naughty girl walking around with those, teasing all the guys…”

I’ve got more than two handfuls baby…

“You want this?” he asked me, showing off his package. My god, if he only could read my mind how much!

Then he unbuckles his pants and slowly, PROUDLY, pulls out a his very hard, HUGE cock and all I could think was OMG. It was a beast! The tip was even dripping some delicious pre-cum.

“I call this my ‘other’ nightstick. Only BAD GIRLS like you get to suck it.”

How could I say “no”?!

He advanced on me, knees on either side of me on the bed, and shoved his cock in my face.

“Yes sir,” I said, licking my lips and then parting them, watching him stroke that beautiful beast, “I want it!”

Next thing I know, he’s got his hands on both sides of my face and he’s forcing that huge thing down my throat.

He shoved it right in my face like a boss!

With my eyes watering and my gag reflex firing, he pounded his meat into my throat relentlessly.

OMG it was so hot! I was drooling everywhere and about to puke but who the fuck cared?

I had a HOT COP forcing me to eat his cock and I’d never been so wet in my whole fucking life!

No guy had EVER been so dominate with me before and I was LOVING IT!

So he looks down at me as he continues pounding his cock into my mouth and says, “are you going to be a good girl now that you’ve learned to respect the law…or are you going to keep having these parties where I need to come back here and teach you a lesson??”

He pulls his throbbing cock out to let me answer.

Without thinking I said, “I don’t think just one time is going to be enough, unfortunately. You MAY have to punish me more than once”.

I had his cock in my hand now and I started stroking it, looking him dead in the eyes.

“So are you going to FUCK ME?”


Then he grabbed me and he flipped me over onto my stomach and pulled my dress up, revealing my ass in a tiny thong.

“Your ass is as nice as your tits, good god” he muttered, squeezing both cheeks in his thick hands, “yeah, I could get used to fucking an ass like this. But, first things first…”

I turned my head back around to look at him pleadingly, wondering what was coming next, hoping it was ME! lol

“Yeah, you’re gonna need the full extent of the law tonight” he said, yanking my panties down and shoving his face between my cheeks.

I felt his tongue penetrate my asshole and my my now-dripping-wet pussy. His tongue felt so fucking good, I couldn’t help but arch my back into his face and practically rub it all over him!


Then he grab my hips and lifted me up a bit and I felt that head of his cock part my pussy lips.

“YES…” I moaned, leaning back into him.

I felt every inch of his cock slowly press into me into I felt his balls against my labia.

My eyes must have rolled back into my head because it felt so fucking amazing. His long cock easily slide in and out of the smooth, wet folds of my cunt as he thrust himself in and out, over and over.


I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm, and he could feel it too as I started moaning louder and louder with every thrust.

You guys, I swear I fell in love for 5 seconds, he fucked me so good! He knew what he wanted and he was taking it!

When he grabbed a clutch of my hair, I started shouting “OH FUCK!” over and over. I could feel his cock pulsing on the verge of shooting!

“One more thing” he said as he pulled out his handcuff…

And the next thing I knew, he’d closed them around my wrists. That’s when he grabbed me by my elbows and REALLY started hammering into me!

“That’s right, you little slut…TAKE IT. TAKE THE COP COCK SO DEEP LIKE THE WHORE YOU ARE!”

I was SOOOOOOO close to cumming when he suddenly pulled out of me and flipped me back. Then he took that huge cock of his and aimed it at my tits and with a few quick pulls on the girth, his cum splattered all over my tits. Then he took the cuffs off and I gave his cock one last tug and suck, cleaning some of the cum off of him.

He let out a little laugh and pulled me close again and whispered in my ear, “maybe that will teach you to be a good girl next time,” he said, “and then MAYBE I’ll let you cum too”.

And with that, he straight-up just left!!!!

Well fuck it– next time I wanna suck that huge cock right in his cop car!

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I must be a born voyeur, because nothing gets my pussy wetter than putting on a show!

I love riding my 10″ rubber cock for a guy who watches and gets off on the show as much as I do from the dildo pounding into my cunt or tight ass.

I was staying at a resort, and it was the off season, there weren’t many people there at the time, but I had noticed this one hot guy by the pool one day that looked like he was there on a business trip. I saw that his room was near the pool and that he seemed to like to sit on the patio around sunset.

So the next evening I headed down to the pool in the tiniest, slutty bikini that I could legally be let outside wearing.

The tiny bits of triangle top only covered about a third of my tits; with sexy side boob spilling out, and firm hard nipples showing through. I got to the position I wanted by the pool, thankfully it was completely deserted, not a soul in sight, except for that hottie I had been eyeing who was sitting feet up, smoking a cigar outside. He was so hot he had me feeling like:

I bent over and lay out my towel; my fine firm ass framed with a small strip of bikini splitting my tan ass checks, which pointed in the direction of where he was lounging. I peeked out of the corner of my eye and as I could see he was watching I proceeding to pour oil over my flat stomach, my long toned legs, and up to my thick, but firm ass.

Then, after a quick look around, I untied my already small top, letting these full, gorgeous tits free.

I slowly slid the oil up around the firmness of my breasts, feeling the weight of them in my hands and letting my fingers slide to my nipples where they grew hard fast, and I soon couldn’t stop twisting and teasing them and bouncing them.

I gotta say, my huge tits are really awesome! They get the guys SO FUCKING HARD!

I could tell the object of my desire was planted to his chair, not looking away from my sexy display, and now was time for the real show.

I slowly pulled the strip of my thong aside, exposing all of my shaved pussy, letting my fingers delicately linger over the moistness of my pussy lips.

With one hand I slowly slid in and out of my cunt, sliding the wetness up to my clit and then back inside again, while the other hand continued to play with my firm nipples, twisting and tugging with more urgency as the feelings of pleasure built in my cunt.

This time I turned and looked directly into his eyes, I wanted to be sure he was enjoying this show that was all for his benefit.

My eyes slid down to where his hand had opened up his jeans and had slid out his big, rock hard cock, sliding up and down it, with veins throbbing down its full length.

Slowly he stroked the shaft and teased the ridged head, keeping pace with how I was running my fingers over my cunt. I took the finger out of my pussy and as I licked my lips I slid my finger, wet with my pussy juices, inside my mouth; all the while dreaming of what it would be like to lick, suck then fuck such a prize. I looked back again to see clear precum coating the tip of his cock now as he jerked off, obviously thinking similar thoughts.

Now came my favorite part, just when he didn’t think it could get any better I took my 10” dildo cock out of my pool bag and started sucking it while I made eye contact with him.

Starting by flicking the tip and working my way along the shaft, getting it good and wet, deep throating it, and fucking my own face with it, my pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I objectified myself for his pleasure more and more.

Then when the tension was too much, I leaned back against a pool chair, spreading open my long, tan legs, and plunged the cock deep inside the folds of my wet pussy.

As I fucked my own pussy, I alternated between my clit and my nipples, I could see him fucking himself at a similar speed, and then as we make eye contact again he began to speed up, so I did as well.

I rocked back and forth with the pleasure of this object filling my wet hole up, making me feel so good, all the while being completely exposed, in public, where anyone could walk by and see me at any moment while I fuck myself for the pleasure of someone who’s name I don’t even know.

The very thought of it all got me so turned on that I started yelling out, “yes, yes, yes” with the rhythmic pounding of the cock inside of me, and I could feel my climax building.

I looked over and could tell that his cock was ready to burst. I have never been so damn excited! I swear I don’t know what it is about putting on a show but GOD DAMN!

I fantasized about bouncing on his amazing cock in some serious reverse-cowgirl while I continued to pound my pussy with my rubber dildo.

Suddenly I heard him begin to moan, “ooooh fuck” and as I watched a shower of thick cum fell against his chest, and I let myself finally release the orgasm I had been building up and holding inside.

I pounded my pussy so hard that my hand was a blur, sliding in and out, in and out, until I let out a huge squeal, I moaned out “fuck yes, fuck yes” as the orgasm exploded inside of me.

So…ummmm…yeah…I WILL be doing that again VERY soon!

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So I love sucking on my boyfriends’s big, long cock.

So when he started with, “I want to try something different tonight,” I knew I was going to have some serious fun!

“Tonight, I want you to edge me,” he said.

I had no clue what he meant by this, so I asked him to explain to me what it was.

“You touch my cock with your tongue, your mouth- whatever- and get me close to orgasm, over and over, but stop right before I actually cum.”

My eyes lit up with the idea! I love to be a tease!

He continued, “When I finally can’t take it anymore, I’m going to blow my huge load all over your face and those big tits of yours, till you’re dripping with my cum.”

So I bent over and slowly undid the buckle on his jeans with my tongue, sliding his pants off. I could already see that his big, long cock was already hard with the thought of what I was about to do to him. I gave the head of his cock a little, playful kiss.

He moaned so hard when I did that, that it encouraged me! I wanted to be the best little cock tease he’d ever had! I took the head and let it slide into my mouth, but barely!

Then I really grabbed hold of his dick and made my way up and down it, moaning a little while I did so.

I lingered to flick my tongue on the head of his piece, and then to wrap my lips tightly around the base of it. I could already feel it growing and throbbing in my mouth and I slowly pulled off of it and began to stroke it gently with my hand too.

“Oh god you already have me wanting to cum,” he said.

“You didn’t think I’d forget what you had asked me to do, did you?!” I replied.

As soon as his cock relaxed a bit, I went back on it with my mouth, deep-throating that dick to the balls until I was choking on it.


Coming up slowly for air, I ran my tongue up and down it, looking him in the eyes the whole time, my lip gloss smearing along his hard cock, leaving a sticky trail where my lips had been.

Then I focused on the throbbing head of his dick, licking it like a kitten drinking milk from a saucer– small little flicks along it from base to head, making him moan with anticipation.

I could feel him getting close again and slowly backed off, “not yet you naughty boy!” I teased, “I’m not done with your cock yet!”

And I began to run my hand along his cock again, slowly, driving him nuts with how deliberate I was, staring in his eyes.

I went on like this for quite some time, it must have been at least an hour of me teasing his big cock, getting it close, and then pulling back a bit, feeling myself getting wetter and wetter with every bit of control I was exerting over his orgasm.
I finally let him stand up so that he could really give me the deep-throat. I relaxed my jaw and opened up the back of my throat and let him slide alllll the way in.

“Fuuuuck,” he said, “I want to cum down that throat of yours soooo bad!!!”

“You think you’re ready for that?” I asked.

“Have you already had enough teasing for one day, hmmmm??” I asked.

“Oh fuck” he moaned, “I’m going to cum so hard, fuuuuck, your mouth feel so good on my cock!”

I slid my lips up and down his cock a few more times and I could feel his body clenching, so I pulled back and he blew a massive load all over my face, hair, and tits.


The cum was literally dripping from my hard nipples onto the bed sheets. Who knew that going slow was the way to get his hottest, wettest orgasm yet!

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Getting fucked in the woods was definitely the craziest, most liberating thing I’ve ever done!!

I didn’t plan for it to happen… it just kind of did. I was planning a camping trip with my man, when a couple of his friends heard that we were going and wanted to join us.

I had NO IDEA I’d end up with THREE FUCKING COCKS jammed in all my holes!

It all started out pretty innocently, sitting around the campfire, roasting weenies… of course, when the guys started to make jokes about how I was the only girl there with the three of them.

“Oh don’t you worry about me, I can take care of myself” I replied to their jokes,

“Oh can you?” they said. “

Yeah,” said my bf, “what if this was all a set up so we could all have our way with you out here?”

Now, my man and I had talked once or twice about him wanting to potentially watch with me another guy, but nothing had come of it.

“Well why don’t you try?!” I asked, “or are you boys just ALL TALK ?!”

Before I knew it my guy picked me up out of my chair.

“Is this what you want?” he asked.

I shook my head yes, wide eyed with surprise, and next thing he was ripping my dress off of me!

Then all the guys started pulling their cocks out and tugging on them, getting them ready.

I grab a hold of two of them and felt them growing so fucking hard in my hands. All three guys then descended on me– my man was kissing me, one was sucking on my breasts, and yet another was in between my legs, kissing his way down to my smooth pussy.

Then my bf’s hard cock was in my mouth and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

I watched as they all swarmed me, pushing their cocks at me, wanting to go first!

Seeing them surround me with their bodies pressed against me, cocks ready, got me so fucking turned on!

I could feel my whole body melting, both with the fear of being taken by all of them at the same time, and with the excitement of the pleasure to come!

So now I’m bent over doggy style, gagging on my bfs cock. with fingers sliding in and out of my pussy and ass, getting ME ready.

Then a huge cock slides into me, and I’m so wet at this point that it goes inside no problem.

I can tell that my bf, with his cock still thrusting in my mouth, is getting so turned on watching this, I thought his dick was already damn hard but it felt like it practically doubled in my mouth as that cock went inside my tight slit.

I bounced on that cock right there in the woods, with all the other guys watching. I made eye contact with his best-looking friend– gave him eyes that said, “you’re next”.

I turned over then, so I can suck my man’s balls while still taking that huge cock.

With his balls in my mouth and that nice cock sliding in and out of my pussy, I could barely contain myself! I wanted it all– I wanted THEM ALL inside of me and all over me!

I started jerking off a third dude as they pinned my legs back to the ground.

I cannot fucking tell you how HOT it was looking up at all those guys that were hard for me!

My man starts slapping his dick across my face as the other cock pounds my pussy and asks me, “how about it babe, you think we can fill all 3 holes at once?”

“Oh god yes,” I reply, and my BF shoves his cock in my mouth again. It doesn’t take long before I feel that cock behind me, knocking at my back door!

Fucken A you guys, if felt so good as the dude slowly sank his cock into my super tight asshole!

He had to take his time because I’m so tight back there! And I’m like, is this a DREAM, or what? I had a moment where I almost thought I was going to wake up from it and I didn’t want to! lol Finally he’s all the way in and starts pumping.


Now I’m literally crying and screaming out in pleasure with the overwhelming sensation of everything that’s happening to me at once. I feel pressure where the two big cocks are competing for space in my tiny body, pumping in and out.

I’m still sucking at my man’s cock and balls, drool dripping from my mouth, and pussy juice dripping down my legs.


Then my bf leans down and whispers in my ear, “this is why I brought you out to the woods. I knew you’d be a little slut and want this.”

They started going harder and faster, getting into a frenzy!

“We’re gonna fuck all your holes until we have our fill of you.”

I didn’t think it was possible to be more turned on than I already was, but this really put me over the edge. I was taking all their cocks right down to the balls: my ass, my puss, and my mouth were stretched to the brink of being painful.

But it hurt so good! They got a nice rhythm going and I was in cock heaven!

I started cumming and crying out even louder, cumming so fucking hard with every one of my holes filled to capacity.

It felt like they were all in rhythm with each other as they each thrust their dicks inside me, and I’ve never felt like this before, never cum this long or hard in my life.

And as I’m shuddering with pleasure I can feel the one guy thrusting harder into my ass, “oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming,” and he pulled out and I felt his hot cum on my ass.


Then my bf pulls his cock out of my mouth and squirts his load all over my face.

I’m feeling completely used, like a cum dumpster, I’m absolutely loving it.

With my tight, throbbing pussy all to himself now, the last guy aims his cock at my ass. It’s HUGE! He grabs my hips and SLOWLY sinks that giant thing into me.

I didn’t think it was going to fit, but my boyfriend was in my ear saying “that’s right baby, take that huge cock in your ass!”

He had to take his time cuz he was so big. I bit my own hand to silence my screams of both pleasure and pain. He started pounded at my ass hard!


His huge cock is making me feel like I’m going to burst, and then I’m squirting all over his big dick.  This set him off, too, and he started pumping furiously. Then I hear him groan and I feel him unleash a massive cum load into me.

And then it was over, and he pulled out leaving me with an empty feeling inside. I felt every inch retract from my worn-out asshole.

Filthy, and satisfied, sore, and happy, I kissed my boyfriend and told him this was the best surprise ever!


And now, for YOUR sexy surprise…


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When I moved in with my high school best friend I never thought she’d be the one to take my virginity.

Before that night I never dreamed of how good it would feel to have her down there with her tongue in between my legs.


After months of sexual tension and all those nights of sitting close to each other on the couch, every night it seemed we snuggled closer and closer to each other, but never daring to do any more then that. But I knew I needed HER to make the first move!

I knew she was bisexual, but I just figured she liked to make out with girls when she was drunk, like most girls it seemed. Now at that time I was still a virgin in all sense of the word, so I didn’t know what to expect from a guy OR a girl. I’d only done like oral and hand stuff, ya know?

One night, while sitting on the couch, she turned to me and matter of factly said, “I think this game of cat and mouse has gone on long enough”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I managed to stammer.

That’s when she reached over and shoved her tongue down my throat. I was shocked but excited, and kissed her back. Then she said…

“What I’m talking about is how erect your nipples are when you’re lying close to me.  You act so coy and innocent, but I know you WANT IT. And so I’m fixing to take that virginity of yours. ”

Before I knew it she was on top of me, pawing at my clothes. It was too easy for her, since I never wear a bra and panties; I like feeling the wetness of my pussy on my thighs and to see the excitement of my nipples through my dress as I’m going about my day.

Suddenly I was lying there naked, with her on top of me, wagging her huge gorgeous tits in my face, making me suck her nipples, with me squealing and gasping underneath her pressed against me.

Then she slid her fingers inside my glistening wet pussy pulsating and began fingering me so deeply as she kissed the back of my neck.

I had to grab my tits and bite my tongue to keep from screaming!

Next thing I knew she was on top of me, kissing me, slowly pushing her pussy against mine. Then she told me she wanted to show me something. She sat up and swung on leg around.

“I’m going to make you cum so hard” she told me, and then she was sliding her pussy onto mine, rubbing our clits together, back and forth, the heat building.

I bucked against her equally wet cunt and suddenly I felt a sensation washing over me, my first orgasm with a partner, my first orgasm with a woman! I gasped and moaned as I let the feeling of it over come me.

 I found myself leaning over her next. I had to explore her pussy, I needed to feel inside of that wet slit of hers. My own orgasm had filled me with an insatiable hunger to give her the pleasure she had just given me.

I moaned into my friends beautiful, wet pussy and she pulled my head closer to her, pressing my tongue firmly into her as she did.

As I licked at her clit, I began to slid inside and feel the inner smoothness of her flesh, and the rough texture where I came to find her g spot was. I hadn’t intended to make her come so fast, and so hard, but she did nearly as soon as I curved my finger up inside her. I felt it in her legs and ass, I felt it as her pussy tightened around my finger, and as I felt her orgasm around me and she moaned with the pleasure I was bringing her, I too felt another wave wash over me.

I realized quickly that she had her hand between my legs the whole time I had been going down on her, that I had just been so intent on how sexy her body was beneath mine, and lost in my virginal wonder at seeing a naked woman in front of me for the first time. We went back and forth like this for a bit longer, and then she leaned over and pulled something out of a shoebox.

I quickly saw that it was a dildo and harness, “I don’t think I’m ready for that,” I proclaimed.

“Oh girl,” she said, “your pussy’s so wet, these 8 inches of cock are going to slid right in honey.”

And with that she slipped it on, and bent me over, right then and there and started fucking me doggy style! At first I cried out as I felt the rubber cock making it’s way inside my tight, virginal pussy, but she was right, I was ready, all the cum from the previous times she went down on me had me more than ready for that dick to be inside of me.

I quickly began to let go of all my inhibitions as I let her continue to fuck me like that for the rest of the night, up until the sun started to come up, feeling every inch of my tight, virginal vagina being stretched to it’s limit. She built up speed and OMG it felt sooooo good!

So yeah, we still fuck, actually, from time to time, all these years later, whenever she’s in town. I still LOVE to eat that pussy!

And also, I should mention that these days, I’ve gone a little more HARDCORE!

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There’s nothing in this world quite like the feeling of a big, black cock inside me.

Sooooo tight when that BBC slides in!

And let me add that there’s nothing my husband likes quite as much as seeing me ride one! Lucky me, right!? ;P
So every so often, we jump online and find a black stud to come in and fuck me while he watches.

It gets my husband so hard to watch a BBC stretch my tight pussy & ass!

So last night I was feeling particularly randy and I knew it was going to take a huge dick to satisfy me. My hubby was on board and next thing we knew not one, but TWO black guys were on their way over to our place!
I was waiting in the bedroom in my sexy lace up panties.  Guy #1 could see how horny I was, he started to unlace them and smack my ass and a pussy around while Guy #2 was watching us, rubbing the growing anaconda in his jeans.

“You’re so wet already and you haven’t even seen these big black cocks yet” #1 said.

With that I got on my knees and helped him get his pants off so that I could suck his dick. I was expecting a BIG dick, but what this guy was packing could only be described as HUMONGOUS!


When he pulled it out I think I lost my breath for a second! It was, by far and away, the biggest cock I’d ever seen. I almost couldn’t believe it was going to fit in me! Like, DUUUUUUDE….

I didn’t even know how I was going to be able to deep-throat it, but FUCKING HELL DID I WANT TO!

It was so fucking big and hard already that when I got it in my mouth I was already almost choking on it!! Holy shit, I felt my jaw POP trying to open my mouth enough to take him in. At first I could only fit the head of his cock in my mouth!


“Oh yes baby girl” he whispered as I took more and more of it into my mouth. I had to loosen up my jaw and throat to work up to it! But believe you me, I did, and after a few minutes I took that cock all the way down my throat like a champ letting it smash against my tonsils!

Once I really got going, Guy #2 took his smaller, but still giant (!)  cock out. I cannot even tell you how excited and scared I was! TWO BBCs at once? This was going to be a great night…and I was going to be sore tomorrow!


So Guy #2 is naked now and starts stroking his cock, bringing more blood into it, growing it into a monster in it’s own right.

My hubby sat on a chair at the end of the bed and watched with the biggest smile on his face I’d seen in years!

Every time I would start to pull back off that huge black cock to grab a breath, my hubby would grab my hair and force that BBC back down my throat telling me “you better work for that cock if you want me to let you fuck a second one too!” And I did. I took him all the way to the ball, almost throwing up in my mouth. But I wanted it! I wanted every inch of it!

“Mmm yeah, babe, suck that big dick,” my hubby said as stud #1 was moaning stuffing his cock in my mouth.

Guy #2 was ready now. I was sucking #1 hard as I felt him get behind me and spread my luscious cheeks open for him.

“Oh HELL YEA” he said, looking into my luscious booty.

“DO IT” my hubby said, now with his cock out too, stroking it furiously, “fuck my wife good”.

Then it was the amazing sensation of a giant cock slowly parting my pussy lips and sinking into me. My eyes rolled back into my head.

“That’s right baby– take alllll of that cock. Take it on both ends.”

I was dripping saliva and pussy juice as I sucked and stroked that huge tree trunk of a cock while the other was pounding me from behind.

OH FUCK! Guy #2 screamed behind me, as he pumped a round of hot cum into my pussy as I kept sucking his friend’s cock.

Needing a moment to recover I guess, Guy #2 withdrew his long, spent cock, and fell back onto the bed. I know what this meant! Guy #1 took his cock from my throat and started slapping my face with it and I could tell he was getting ready to put it inside of my pussy soon too. I knew it was gonna hurt so good!

MY TURN he said in a deep, sexy voice, and I flipped over onto my back and spread my legs wide for him. He came up to me, teasing me, slapping my pussy, now, with that hunk of dark meat.

OMG it was time to fuck THE REALLY BIG ONE. I fucking wanted it SO BAD and he knew it!!!


“Baby,” I said to my hubby, “can I fuck this big black dick too?”

“Yes,” he said, “I’m gonna watch his cock split you open…”

And with that, monster cock took his cue and slid his giant fucking rod right into my tight pink pussy.

I had to breathe deeply and try to relax and he fed all 11 inches of himself into me. I watched with amazed pleasure how my pussy just swallowed the whole thing. HOLY FUCK is all I can say! He got a nice rhythm going.

My man could tell how much I was loving it because my pussy was gushing at this point.

He took his clothes off and started to beat off his cock in earnest watching that BBC pound in and out of me.

He kept walking around the room with his dick in his hand to watch my pussy get slayed by that BBC from all angles!

And seriously, that BBC left no corner of my pussy unexplored or unfucked! He got so deep into me I never knew I could even handle all of that!

Fuck. Even remembering it right now has got my pussy all wet again. Anyway…

After a few minutes of being pounded by that monster cock, I started to do my little moans that mean I’m close to cumming. My hubby recognized them immediately and told us to stop. He didn’t want things to end so soon. He told us it was time to let him do me doggy style.

So I rolled over and he fed that monster into my soaking pussy and oh fucking god…

It hurt a bit more at this angle, and I drew in a sharp breath as he pushed into me. I was so freaking wet it didn’t take long for him to get a good pounding rhythm going and for it to feel mind-blowingly good!

I swear I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet or so satisfied as kept sinking back onto that cock. And my hubby’s cock looked ready to burst now too as he stroked and pumped at it, watching closely as that BBC entered me. But he wanted MORE! We BOTH did!

“Let him fuck you in the ass with that thing” my hubby commanded eagerly.

The guy took his cock out and aimed it at my ass. I felt it pushing into me and I held my breath. FUCK IT HURT! But it was also fucking amazing! I moaned and groaned and god only knows what the fuck I said as his meat jammed into my asshole.

“You’re gonna make me cum like this,” I groaned into the pillow.

Again, huge-cocked Guy #1 masterfully found just the right rhythm and soon enough that ridiculous BBC was gliding in and out of my tight asshole while Guy #2 got into the game again by stroking himself, getting his cock ready for round 2. I kept turning my head around to watch that in pure amazement as my ass swallowed that thing!


“oh fuck, oh fuck,” I screamed some more as that giant black cock penetrated my ass so deep– as far as it would go.

“Flip over” my hubby commanded (knowing I like it that way so I can WATCH the BBC pounding me) and I did just that, letting that huge cock back into me.

I held my legs open and my hubby came right up next to the bed with his cock in his hand.

“Yeah, fuck her ass just like that. Tear that ass open so she knows what a naughty little cheating slut she is every time she sits down.”

The idea excited me to the point of blowing my mind; that I’d get fucked in my ass so hard, I’d have to remember it all week! Did I mention I’m a lucky wife??? So he starts building up speed and I’m like PRAISE BLACK JESUS!!! and YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS! It felt better and better and I grew bolder with each thrust…

“Come on baby” I said to the Guy “you heard my hubby. Tear me up with your huge cock!”

Boy did he listen!

He worked that giant black baby’s arm up in my ass and back out, each time bringing me to the brink of orgasm.

I could tell he was really loving it because he kept saying over and over “oh my god your ass is so tight, you’re so fine…” and “Oh I fucking love that white pussy”.

But the finale was yet to CUM…

And you probably already guess it: I let BOTH of them FUCK ME at once.

None of this sucking dick while one of them bangs me from behind– we wanted the real HARDCORE action, that is to say, we wanted one BBC in my pussy & one in my ass at the same time.

I gave Guy #2’s cock another quick suck, to lube it up again.

Then I climbed on top of his pal and sat down on his giant cock again. Then, leaning forward, I opened my ass and the other dude got behind me and shoved it in.

Oh my god, I thought, this is what horny girl heaven feels like, as they both pounded their cocks slowly at first, into then faster and deeper.

I felt like I was being ripped in two, but all I could do was scream “MORE!!!!”

I didn’t care if I was being ripped in half- I was getting the fucking of a lifetime with these HAWT fucking black studs and my hubby watching made it all the sweeter.

“Don’t hold back” my husband commanded them “fuck my wife like she’s never been fucked before!”

My hubby was right at the edge of the bed watching us, tugging on his cock so hard I knew he’d soon burst. It didn’t take long before I started cumming, screaming and crying with the pleasure of it all. I was totally overwhelmed by this huge dick pounding me and my husband working his staff in ecstasy nearby. It was amazing!!!

Right as I was at my peak, both cocks so deep inside my tight holes, I could feel them BOTH start cumming inside of me, those huge cocks pulsating as they pumped their loads into my ass and pussy, my husband loving every minute of it.

Then he started to cum too, and I started squirting too, unable to hold back any longer.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” I screamed, cumming so hard my whole body shook.

I felt my ass convulsing around that giant cock while my pussy did the same around the RIDIC huge one.

So yeah, that’s how it ended: with us all cumming together in one giant, big messy fuck-fest. God damn, do I love that BBC! BUT…for next time…I’m thinking me and a BBC AND…a hot girlfriend of mine? I know I’d love that, and I’m SURE my hubby would be down!

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My step mom is the kind of MILF that all of my teenage guy friends fantasized about fucking. I used to pretend the idea of that grossed me out or annoyed me.

But secretly I wanted to touch those huge, round tits and lick her big nipples just as much as they did!

She walked around the house in these mini dresses that hugged every curve. She was the reason I started to understand that I was clearly into women as much as dudes!
So LAST NIGHT I was watching a movie and I started to get scared. “Mom”, I called, “can you come sit with me and watch this movie? I’m too scared to watch it all by myself.”

In she walked wearing a robe and she curled up on the couch and pulled me close.

“It’s ok baby,” she said, “mommy’s here now.”

At one point the movie got so scary that I buried my face in her chest to hide it from the tv screen.

That close to her I could smell her sweet perfume, and feel those giant breasts underneath the thin satin of her robe, and I started to get a serious tingle down in my panties.

I didn’t want to move.

“Honey?,” she asked me, “are you OK?”

“Yeah” I said, “I just…well I’m a little confused about sex” I blurted out.

“What are you confused about, baby?”

“Well, I KINDA think I might like GIRLS, too, but I’m not really sure…”

“That’s totally natural, honey. I used to be with women, before I married your father” she smiled at me.

I was beyond shocked!

“You’re such a gorgeous girl, you’ve got your father’s eyes. And your mother’s figure, from what I can tell from old photos. You should have no trouble having ALL the things you want in life.”

She pulled me back from her for a moment, looking into my eyes.

Suddenly her lips were on mine and she was kissing me, with her big lips sucking at mine, sliding her tongue into my mouth.

Between kisses she whispered “It’s OK baby girl, I’m going to show you everything you need to know, OK?”

“Yes” I whispered, feeling that buzz in my panties growing, falling under the spell of her voice and scent.

“Here,” she said, opening her robe and lifting up one of her amazing tits, “start like this” and then she fed me her breast. I sucked it up into my mouth, then let my tongue flick her nipples.

“Like that, mom?”

“Oh yes baby girl,” she hissed, “JUST LIKE THAT”.

The next thing I knew she was pushing me against the couch, pulling off my nightie, and spreading my legs. I knew what she wanted, and damn me straight to hell, I wanted it too. More than any clumsy high school boy I’d let have at me before.

She had my legs wide open and we both could see how wet I already was. She placed her long fingernails at the lips of my pussy slit.

Even though my head was literally dizzy with desire, I squealed “ooooo mommy I don’t know if I’m ready yet. This is happening so fast!”

There was something indescribably hot about knowing what she wanted- what we BOTH wanted- but fighting the urge since, like, she’s mom dad’s wife, ya know?

 “Oh I think you’re ready baby girl,” she smiled,  “just relax and let me make you feel good.”

Then she parted my lips and slipped her fingers into my soaking wet pussy. Then she was moving them in and out, adding a little swirl that NO boy had ever done to me and I couldn’t take it –I was squealing with pleasure immediately, and found myself saying OH MY GOD over and over!


But then it got even hotter. She started talking dirty to me as she plunged her fingers into my pussy!

“Oh my tight little baby girl…mommy’s got A LOT of experience with pussy and I’m going to make you cum so hard.”

I picked up my cue. “Oh fuck YES MOM!” I howled, my toes curling.

“Cum for me, baby girl” she said, “show your mommy how good she’s making you feel.” and I DID start to cum right against her hand!

But that was totally just the beginning! She got her face in there and was lapping at my wet cunt and her tongue felt so amazing all I could do was whine in pleasure! Her skills were insane!

Every now and again she’d stop for a second to comment on how tight and sweet my “young little pussy” was, and it was turning me on so hard!!!

With a finger and her mouth, she was giving me more orgasms than any boy ever had! I didn’t care about anything anymore but her face and fingers in my pussy! No wonder my father had married her after my mom died! She was a sex goddess!

Her tongue masterfully coaxed a third orgasm as I screamed ‘OOOOOOOO FUCK!”

I’d only laid there a moment resting when she said “Now you lick mommy” and shoved her pussy in my face. I’d never done it before, but I was eager to learn!  I put my mouth on it and started to lick very gingerly at first, looking up at her eyes for approval.

“Am I doing it right mommy?” I asked.

“Yes, jussssst like that baby girl” she panted, her eyes rolling back in her head. She was fondling her big tits as I lapped at her pussy, trying to imitate what she’d done to mine.

“Fuck yes honey…twirl your tongue in a circle…keep pressure on my clit…oh fuck oh fuck your father has never eaten me like this…you’re a natural, baby.”


That really boosted my confidence. I wanted her pussy in every way possible. Watching her writhe from my pussy kisses had me dripping wet again, wanting more.

“I could do this all day, mom” I whispered.

“Oh fuck baby, here, try it like this” she said, and flipped over and put her ass in the air.

“Mommy likes it this way, so you can lick her asshole too.”

I grabbed her ass cheeks and buried my face between them.

Sweet christ, I couldn’t believe I was eating my stepmothers pussy…and having the best sex of my life!

I felt her cum hard against my face and I felt a sense of pride in doing such a good job, for my first lesbian experience! But again…it wasn’t over yet. Mom swung a leg over mine and pressed her pussy against mine and started to writhe, scissoring me.

Then she propped me up on the back of the sofa and straddled over me, putting her smooth, perfect ass in my face, bucking her hips up and down, rubbing her own wet clit against mine. Shit, I’d never even SEEN anything like this in a porno! And FUCK it felt amazing, especially with her ass bouncing in my face– I could barely keep from cumming instantly!

Her big breasts bounced over the back of the sofa as she ground into me, moaning loudly.

“Oh fuck yeah, honey, you feel so amazing. I’ve missed pussy SO MUCH!”

She ground into me even harder and I thought I’d go mad with pleasure!

She rubbed until both our pussy lips were red and swollen and I was gasping from cumming so hard!

“Holy fuck, mom,” I said breathlessly.

She smiled at me sweetly.

“I think you’re ready for the next step,” she said, jumping up, and ran upstairs, tits bouncing with each step. When she came down she was wearing a huge cock with the straps pulling tightly against her sexy ass.

“Are you ready to take mommy’s cock like a good girl?” she said.

“Oh mommy, I’m scared,” I said, but before I could say no she pulling me up on my knees, pressing her huge strap on cock between my legs.

“Don’t worry baby…mom’s going to make you feel better than you ever have before.”

Even though I had been afraid it would hurt, my mommy had gotten me so wet when she was warming me up to take her cock that even though it stung a bit when it first went inside of me, it sunk in deep and she slowly started her penetrating strokes.

I felt my body inching into her, wanting more.


She built up a rhythm and I could tell she was enjoying it and it was making her feel as good as she was making my pussy feel.

“Oh mommy,” I said, “your cock feels so good inside me.”

With these words she started fucking me harder and faster, “Oh mommy, don’t stop, don’t stop mommy” I screamed. It was clear she was a pro with that fake cock, because her rhythm blew away the boys I’d been playing around with. She knew exactly where to aim that rubber cock, and how hard and deep to go. My eyes rolled back in my head.

“Are you going to cum for me like a good baby girl?” she asked.

“YES” I shouted, cumming loudly into the pillow.

“One last thing” she said, wiping the sweat from my face.

“Yes, mommy?”

“Mommy wants to give you your first anal orgasm. Have you let any boys fuck you in your ass, honey?”

“Ummmm…no.” I admitted awkwardly. A boy (or two) had asked before, but I’d never felt comfortable enough to do it. But this was my STEP MOM. I HAD to trust her, right? Plus, what if this never happened again? I wanted everything she wanted to give me!

“You want mom to fuck your little ass and give you the best orgasm yet?”

I could feel her pressing that big cock right against my asshole.

“Just tell me yes.”

“Yes mom,” I said “please fuck my ass. Take my ass virginity. You should be the first.”

With that climbed up even higher on me and I felt that rubber cock SLOWLY sink into my asshole. I held my breath and it hurt, but she was gentle and slow, building up speed.

“Yes, sweet baby girl…you take that cock so good for such a tight little ass.

“Fuck– fucking your ass like this is going to make ME cum too.

Ugh, it’s been too long since I’ve done this…I’ve dreamed about cheating with women since the day I got married…” her voice trailed off as I started to moan.

“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I’m cumming in my ass, mom! I’ve never felt this before!!!!”

That’s when she started screaming and cumming too, until she finally collapsed on me and we both were spent.

Then we heard my father coming home and we had to quickly dress and make like nothing happened! We had dinner that night like normal and I tried to catch mom’s eye to smile about our little secret, but she never looked over at me. So, I thought it was a one-time thing. RIGHT!

The VERY next morning when I was getting ready for class, she stopped me in the hall, pushing me against the wall and pulling my pants down!

She slid her fingers into my vagina and I was instantly wet.

“You and me, tonight, after your father goes out with his friends” she hissed in my ear.

“YES MOMMY” I said, wishing she just fuck me again right there and then, but I had to make class.

So…I’m literally counting the hours til tonight!!!!

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I’m the kind of a dirty slut who fucks my husband’s best friend while he’s at work.

Yeah, dude, you know I’ve wanted this FOREVER!

It makes me so wet to know that I’m getting off, taking care of MY business while he’s taking care of business at his job. I’m a slut and I don’t fucking care who knows it, because I’m proud of this pussy, and I love to fill it up.

Can I tell you a secret? I always knew I was going to fuck my husbands best friend at some point. Ever since meeting him nearly a decade earlier when he was a virginal little college boy, I knew that I was going to make his dreams of fucking me cum true someday. I used to catch his sly glances at me in my tight dresses that showed off all my curves, my big breasts round, juicy ass. I knew that someday I would have my way with him.

So one day he had come over to our house and I was sitting with him on the couch. I wore a crop top with a super short skirt and matching stockings and garter belt, because knowing his eyes are on my sexy long legs turns me on so much. My husband was still at work, but I expected he would be home soon, so I knew if I was finally going to make my move it would have to be soon, because this little boy didn’t know when to take a hint.

I leaned in closer, resting my sexy curves against him, my long legs in plain view and whispered in his ear “how much do you want to fuck me right now?”

There was no way he could resist…

He looked at me surprised, then pushed me flat against the couch and immediately started running his hands up my legs and below my skirt as he kissed my mouth. I was looking forward to this reaction, I’m hot as fuck and this would definitely be an opportunity of a lifetime for him to fuck me; needless to say though I was so fucking wet and I couldn’t wait to see his cock thrusting inside of my tight pussy after such a long wait!

He pulled off my panties and moaned “oh fuck” as he slide his hand over my pussy and felt the wetness that was running down my legs.

Then he’s diving face first in between my legs, “I want to taste you so fucking bad” he said.

Nearly the minute his tongue touched my clit I was spasming with pleasure, holy fuck! I knew fucking him would be fun but I had no idea that this guy had these kind of skills with his tongue! So I’m screaming in pleasure as he licks my pussy, pushing his fingers inside me as he’s doing so.


I couldn’t wait any longer though, “Let me see your cock” I said.

He zips open his jeans and reveals one of the fattest dicks I’ve ever seen in my life, it’s so fucking hard and I want it inside me so fucking badly, but I also want to taste it first. I slide down his jeans and straddle on top of him, one long leg on each side. Lifting up his shirt and kissing my way down to that cock. I have my ass up in the air so he can get a good view of it as I put that big cock in my mouth. I am drooling everywhere, this dick is huge and I want to deep throat it, after all that’s my specialty.

I grab the base of it with my hands and take it so deep down my throat that I’m gagging on it, drooling all over myself and it feels so fucking good.

It was huge, but I was determined to suck that thing to the base. even if I choked on it!

His moans are making my pussy so much wetter and I’m so ready to feel that giant cock inside me. Finally I can’t take it anymore, I straighten up and slide my pussy over his huge cock, I’m still wearing my garters and stockings and he’s talking about how hot I look as I plunge that dick inside my wet cunt and am riding it gasping and moaning as I take it deeply inside of me. “holy fuck” he’s moaning, “deeper” I said.

The next thing I know he flips me over and is pounding that cock into me doggy style, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling tight while doing so.

“Fuck me harder” I scream, and then he’s fucking me so hard I’m crying out because I’m coming so hard. His dick was so big and it filled me up so good. I wanted to feel his big cocks load inside of me so badly, so I’m crying and moaning “fuck me harder, fill me up with your hot cum”. He’s pounding inside of me, calling me a slut and yanking my hair back with every thrust.

And then as he’s pounding deeper in me then I’ve ever felt anyone before, I feel him exploding inside me, filling me with his hot cum.

I was already dripping before with my own cum but now the mixture of the two left me positively soaked.

“That was the hottest sex of my life” he said, and I just laughed and kissed his mouth.

We only had a few minutes to lay there and catch our breath before I knew I had to jump in the shower before my husband came home, after all, I was covered in his friends load and it was only decent to clean myself up! ;) xoxox

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So, like, I never told this to anyone before, but I lost my virginity to the highest bidder!

Having my cherry popped by a stranger, and getting paid for it, was just as hot when it happened as I fantasized it would be all those times I masturbated thinking about it!

I’ve always been a horny teenager, but shy, so, like, I never went all the way with any of the boring guys in my high school and suddenly I found myself a college virgin, desperately wanting to get fucked.  Well one day I woke up feeling particularly broke, fucking car troubles, and hornier then ever when I got this idea. It was something I had already been fantasizing about a lot when I touched myself, thinking about fucking a stranger, someone like the guys who I talked to on the phone, for my first time, it gets me off almost instantly any time I think about it.

I decided to place an ad to sell my virginity to the highest bidder; I’d get my pussy pounded and my bank account filled at the same time!

The ad looked something like “Sexy, virginal coed, looking to get her tight, virgin hole filled by the highest bidder. Horny as fuck, but shy, take control and have your way with my tight little pussy please”. Almost immediately I started getting responses. Like, some people thought it was a joke, would I really be kidding though? I seriously just wanted to get my tight little pussy hole filled up!

After a couple days of looking through emails from guys, I found one that turned me on.

He said in his message how he wanted to tear my tight pussy open wide with his big cock, and I could feel myself getting wet reading it!

So I told him the hotel I wanted him to make us a reservation at and I planned to go over there after class that night and meet him for a drink and hopefully the fucking of my dreams. I got to the hotel, my pussy was getting wetter with every step and then I see a guy waiting in the lobby looking at me. He asked me my name and when I said yes, he slide an envelope to me that was stuffed with cash, so like, I put it in my purse to sort through later. At this point, I didn’t even care about the $$ as much as wanting cock, finally.


I looked at him and said  “can we like, go straight upstairs, I want to feel that cock of yours tearing my virginal slit open as soon as possible”!

Once we got to the room he pushed me on the bed and next thing I knew his cock was out and making it’s way to my mouth.

He thrust it inside and started pulling my hair to help me maintain the rhythm of my mouth on his cock, and said “first things first– if you want to fuck you need to learn to give a good blow job”.

Then he tossed me to the bed and like, literally ripped my dress off and threw it to the floor. It was so fucking hot. My nipples immediately perked up when exposed and when he saw this he licked them with his tongue as he pushed me against the bed.

“I’m going to fuck this virginal pussy of yours so hard” he said.

He slid his hand over my clit and I let out a shudder, I couldn’t believe I was letting a complete stranger, someone who I didn’t even know their real name, touch my pussy for the first time, and was about to let them shove their big cock inside me, spreading me open. And I was loving every minute of it. He grabbed his cock in his hand and gave me a smirk, “are you ready for this?” he said.

Then with a cry I could feel his cock sliding in deeper and opening me up. “Fuck”, I screamed, it hurt but it felt so good.

“Fuck me” I called out, “Give me your cock, deeper and harder. I want to feel your cock pressing it’s cum into my virgin hole”. His cock went deeper and deeper inside me with every thrust, opening up all the innocence of my pussy, he repeatedly slammed his cock into my tight hot cunt until I was about to cum all over it.

“You’re going to make me cum,” I shouted, “you’re going to make my cunt cum all over your cock for the first time ever”!

With that his big dick thrust even deeper into me as I started to shudder with the pleasure of it overcoming any pain that being opened up for the first time would have caused. I came so hard on that rod of his, feeling every last inch of it inside of me.

”Oh yes,” I called, “Fuck me! Give me your cock. Let me feel your cum inside me!” With that he exploded, pumping every last drop of it inside of me.

“FUCK YEAH your virgin hole felt so good” he finally said “I definitely got my moneys worth out of that tight pussy squeezing out every last bit of cum from my big cock”.

He continued “I could tell by how tight you are, you really were a virgin. Still, I’d pay to do this again, if you’re down…”

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I’ll never forget the first time I felt a hard dick in my tight little asshole.

I’d been dreaming about that cock of his for months. My boss had a certain “reputation” with the ladies, so I was disappointed that during the course of working for him, he had treated me like an employee and nothing more. I finally decided I was going to take matters into my own hands.

As his assistant, I’m usually in his home at all hours, so one day I showed up, in my sexiest lingerie, heels, and just a trench coat over top. I climbed the stairs to his bedroom and peeped inside. I could see the outline of his erection under the white bed sheets.
I stood over the bed, slid the sheet off of his hard cock and as he woke up I opened my trench coat, revealing the lingerie beneath it and as I dropped it to the floor, I told him “fuck me, boss”.

At first he was surprised, but the minute my coat hit the floor I could see his big, fat cock getting harder then ever.

I immediately dropped to my knees and took that big rod of his down my throat, drooling and moaning the whole time, loving every minute of it.

“I always knew you were a big slut” he told me, “could see it in the way your eyes always found my fat cock every time I was giving you instructions. Well now I’m going to instruct you how to take care of this dick”.

“Yes, Sir” I mumbled through the moans of my deep-throating, drool spilling down my face as I spoke.

Suddenly he grabbed me by my hair and told me to get up, and as I did he swung me over the bed and started spanking my ass as he continued to pull my hair “You like that you slut?” he said.

“Yes, sir” I said again, “I want to be your slut, Sir”.

“Oh do you?” he said as he spit on his fingers and shoved them into my asshole.

What I wanted!

“Well good sluts can take this big dick in their ass, you think you can handle that?”

I started crying at the thought, both because I had never done something like this before and was afraid it might hurt and also because I wanted to feel his huge, throbbing cock thrusting itself inside me, even if it did hurt.

“Mmm…” He said, “I like those tears, keep it up and you’ll get my dick even harder before it goes inside your tight little asshole”.

Then the next thing I knew I felt a splitting pain from his cock pushing inside of me, but as soon as he started pumping me it started to feel like a raw, intense pleasure.

A kind of pussy wetting pleasure that I knew could only come from giving my body to him, to be his dirty whore.

“I’ve been dreaming about your hard cock inside my asshole for so long, Sir” I cried “I never thought it would feel so good!”

He reached down and grabbed a fistful of my hair again and started pumping into me harder and faster, “what a good girl you are,” he said, “taking my huge cock down to the balls in your virgin asshole, what a good slut you are for me”.

He started smacking my ass again with his hand with every thrust of his dick, hammering it inside of me.

I started crying again it felt so good, “Sir, I’m going to cum with your cock in my asshole, can I please cum for you” I begged.

“You think you earned it?” He said.

“Please, sir, can I please cum with your hard cock pounding inside me, sir”?

“Mmmmm, alright then slut” he said, “show me what a good slut you are taking my big dick in that ass and cumming for me like a good girl”.

I started shaking and crying I was cumming so hard for him. My pussy was dripping all down the sides of my legs with each shudder of orgasm.

Then he pulled out his fat cock from my asshole, and I gasped at the shock of it, he threw me over on the bed and said “now it’s my turn, open wide”.

I knelt in front of him, mouth open, mascara tears streaming down my face from my own pleasure and pain.

“I want to taste you so badly, Sir” I said, “I’ve been waiting so long to taste your hot cum”.

He stood over me, pumping his hard cock onto my tear-stained face as I eagerly lapped at his cum.

I was covered cum as his massive load was in my mouth, and running down my face and onto my tits.

“What a good little whore you are” he said. “ I enjoyed making you cry. Who knew when I hired you that you’d be such a good little anal slut for me, now go clean yourself up”.

Even though that was the day my dream of fucking my boss finally came true, it was really the day that I learned what a good little anal pain slut I am, and I can’t wait to fill this tight little hole again some time soon.

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