I’ll never forget the first time I felt a hard dick in my tight little asshole.

I’d been dreaming about that cock of his for months. My boss had a certain “reputation” with the ladies, so I was disappointed that during the course of working for him, he had treated me like an employee and nothing more. I finally decided I was going to take matters into my own hands.

As his assistant, I’m usually in his home at all hours, so one day I showed up, in my sexiest lingerie, heels, and just a trench coat over top. I climbed the stairs to his bedroom and peeped inside. I could see the outline of his erection under the white bed sheets.
I stood over the bed, slid the sheet off of his hard cock and as he woke up I opened my trench coat, revealing the lingerie beneath it and as I dropped it to the floor, I told him “fuck me, boss”.

At first he was surprised, but the minute my coat hit the floor I could see his big, fat cock getting harder then ever.

I immediately dropped to my knees and took that big rod of his down my throat, drooling and moaning the whole time, loving every minute of it.

“I always knew you were a big slut” he told me, “could see it in the way your eyes always found my fat cock every time I was giving you instructions. Well now I’m going to instruct you how to take care of this dick”.

“Yes, Sir” I mumbled through the moans of my deep-throating, drool spilling down my face as I spoke.

Suddenly he grabbed me by my hair and told me to get up, and as I did he swung me over the bed and started spanking my ass as he continued to pull my hair “You like that you slut?” he said.

“Yes, sir” I said again, “I want to be your slut, Sir”.

“Oh do you?” he said as he spit on his fingers and shoved them into my asshole.

What I wanted!

“Well good sluts can take this big dick in their ass, you think you can handle that?”

I started crying at the thought, both because I had never done something like this before and was afraid it might hurt and also because I wanted to feel his huge, throbbing cock thrusting itself inside me, even if it did hurt.

“Mmm…” He said, “I like those tears, keep it up and you’ll get my dick even harder before it goes inside your tight little asshole”.

Then the next thing I knew I felt a splitting pain from his cock pushing inside of me, but as soon as he started pumping me it started to feel like a raw, intense pleasure.

A kind of pussy wetting pleasure that I knew could only come from giving my body to him, to be his dirty whore.

“I’ve been dreaming about your hard cock inside my asshole for so long, Sir” I cried “I never thought it would feel so good!”

He reached down and grabbed a fistful of my hair again and started pumping into me harder and faster, “what a good girl you are,” he said, “taking my huge cock down to the balls in your virgin asshole, what a good slut you are for me”.

He started smacking my ass again with his hand with every thrust of his dick, hammering it inside of me.

I started crying again it felt so good, “Sir, I’m going to cum with your cock in my asshole, can I please cum for you” I begged.

“You think you earned it?” He said.

“Please, sir, can I please cum with your hard cock pounding inside me, sir”?

“Mmmmm, alright then slut” he said, “show me what a good slut you are taking my big dick in that ass and cumming for me like a good girl”.

I started shaking and crying I was cumming so hard for him. My pussy was dripping all down the sides of my legs with each shudder of orgasm.

Then he pulled out his fat cock from my asshole, and I gasped at the shock of it, he threw me over on the bed and said “now it’s my turn, open wide”.

I knelt in front of him, mouth open, mascara tears streaming down my face from my own pleasure and pain.

“I want to taste you so badly, Sir” I said, “I’ve been waiting so long to taste your hot cum”.

He stood over me, pumping his hard cock onto my tear-stained face as I eagerly lapped at his cum.

I was covered cum as his massive load was in my mouth, and running down my face and onto my tits.

“What a good little whore you are” he said. “ I enjoyed making you cry. Who knew when I hired you that you’d be such a good little anal slut for me, now go clean yourself up”.

Even though that was the day my dream of fucking my boss finally came true, it was really the day that I learned what a good little anal pain slut I am, and I can’t wait to fill this tight little hole again some time soon.

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The minute I locked eyes with this oh so fuckable man, I knew I had to have his cock inside me.

Even if I was on the clock, that cock was going to be exploding up in me. Because you see I’m a dirty little slut…. But you would never guess that by first looking at me. Why? Well most days I’m dressed in my stewardess outfit, and even though my skirt and button up blouse hug my hourglass curves and reveal my perfect cleavage, I keep my naughtiness to myself… Most of the time.

When I’m not flying, I’m working the phone sex lines to help ease all this sexual tension I get from being pressed up against so many sexy men in tiny spaces every damn flight that I take.

Every time I slide past them to help put their bag in the overhead bin I get feel their cocks grow hard against my juicy ass, and a girls gotta get off, so I might as well have some fun on the phone while I’m doing it!

This one flight though, well let’s just say that even though it wasn’t my first time in the mile high club, and certainly won’t be my last, it was by far the hottest fuck in the air I’ve ever had.

I only held his gaze for a minute before I was looking down at the hard bulge I could see straining at his pants. “Fuck I want that hard cock inside me ” was all I could think to myself.

I asked him slyly “can I get you anything sir “? He smirked and slide his hands towards his throbbing piece and said “I don’t know, can you?”


I lifted my eyes from what was surely a magnificent cock hidden away by those tight jeans and locked my eyes with his, then I lifted my manicured finger to my perfectly lipsticked mouth and slid it in between my lips, my panties fucking dripping wet at the thought of sliding that cock between these lips, him slapping it across my face, smearing my makeup, my mascara running down my cheeks as I gagged on his throbbing cock and him finally covering me with his cum and completely ruining any sign of the good girl I pretend to be.

“Maybe I can find what you need in the back of the plane sir “. We both knew what was coming!

As I walk to the back stewardess area I can feel how wet my pussy is with every step. My panties feel like someone spilled water on them I’m so fucking wet and it’s burning hot and throbbing with desire for that cock I want it pumping in me and I want it now!!!

Out of the corner of my eye it looks like he’s gone into the bathroom. I slide the door open, step inside and directly in front of me is him sitting, with one of the biggest, hardest, proudest erections I’ve ever seen in my life.

My panties are off and I’m sliding on this cock faster then anything in my life and oh fuck does it feel good, I let out a gasp and a moan at the size of it as it presses into me. The minute I’m riding that cock he rips open my blouse and in one hand he has a my breast, twisting hard at my nipples, and the other he’s pulling my hair tightly.

My ass and breasts are bouncing up and down with every thrust of him, penetrating me so fucking deep.

He yanks my hair harder so my ear is against his lips, all the while plunging his cock in and out of my soaking wet pussy, with me riding it in animal ecstasy.

“What a little slut you are ” he says ” you don’t even know my fucking name, yet I have my cock 8 inches deep in you.”

I didn’t answer because I was sucking on one of his fingers. He continued…

“What kind of slut RIDES a complete stranger’s cock like she hasn’t been fucked good in weeks?”

And even before he finishes these words I’m fucking coming harder then ever, fucking gushing all over him, his hand slapping across my mouth as I’m screaming in pleasure.

“Don’t you dare let anyone hear you scream unless you want all your coworkers and this whole flight of people to know what a slut you are ” he growls.

He yanks my hair tighter, and starts pumping me so hard I’m out of my mind with the feeling of his throbbing cock inside me, harder and harder.

I want to scream and as though he read my mind, he thrusts into me so hard I cry out loudly feeling his hard cock of his pumping its hot cum into me, and I’m shaking with my own orgasm once more.

Then as simply as it began I slide my panties and stockings back into place, and head back out to serve beverages to the passengers, the mix of his cum with my own dripping down, making my thighs slick, and thinking all the while I walk down the plane aisle that even if they can’t see what a slut I am, then maybe now they can smell it on me.

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As most of you guys are WELL acquainted of by now, I’m trans.

But see…most other people don’t know that. I walk down the street and everyone else just sees a girl, same as any other. I look good, just sayin’. ;) Even in heels they can’t tell. And usually I don’t tell guys I mean it’s MY secret right? I get my fun on the phones ;) and I had my wild days when I was younger. I had a lot of fun (oh the stories I could tell you, Lordy. The ones I could remember. I drank a lot.) but I kinda settled down now I guess in my thirties

but holy fucking SHIT did something WILD happen last night!

I’ll start from the beginning: I was at karaoke. Who doesn’t love karaoke right? I sang Peggy Lee’s “Fever” (I’m kind of an old-fashioned gal at heart) and got a little sloshed up and then this guy sang Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side” and he looked EXACTLY my type. Taller than me, beard, and nice eyes.
Now like I said I’m resigned and have my guard up against most guys just because of who I am! I’ve made my peace and don’t get sad about it like I used to, as much as it sucks! But this guy just made my little surprise in my skirt get hard. (I mean, I tuck, so it didn’t show lol, I wasn’t born yesterday.) I clapped and hooted and then suddenly the guy was by my side.
I got nervous!

“Nice singing,” I said though keeping my cool. “I love that song.”

“I love Peggy Lee. You don’t hear her much anymore.”

“I’m an old-school gal,” I said, cocking my eyebrow above my glass.

“I bet you are. Buy you a drink?”

Mine was three-quarters full but I drained it in seconds. “Yes.”

“My kind of girl,” he said.

“Let’s not get TOO hasty,” I said but I could already feel this going off the rails. He asked if I wanted to join him for a smoke and then we were kissing up against the brick wall of the bar with his crotch so freaking close to mine beneath the leather of my skirt…fuck! I wanted to fuck and it’d been so long but I didn’t know if he’d want it…sometimes this can be bad.

He’s fondling my tits and my little clitty stick in my panties just wants so bad to get let out…he says his loft is just a few minutes away we could keep drinking threre. Ha. “Keep drinking”. I like the pretense. In guys. It’s sweet. Well. Sometimes.


“Okay,” I coo, on autopilot, not wanting the fun to end. We go to his loft sloppy falling down making out on the way. Before I go up the stairs, I realize this is the last time I’m in a public place and I go:

“You know what kind of girl I am then, right?”


Oh fucking hell, I thought.

“Well I’m…I’m sorry I thought you knew,” I started slowly pivoting stepping away to run if I had to.


“Well I’m trans.”

“OH!” he said, clearly surprised, but not angry. I sagged my shoulders. Then he said: “Well that’s cool.”


“Yeah. It’s kind of hot, actually.”

“OH MY GOD WHY AREN’T WE ALREADY IN YOUR APARTMENT THEN.” and then it was on! Five seconds and we were in his bedroom overlooking the street and tearing off each other’s fuckignclothes, him biting my tits and me stroking his dick with his pants barely off. I knelt down to suck him and he pulled me onto the bed and I was giving him the best fucking blowjob of his life—I know this because he told me!—and I was just so caught up so fucking hot it had been so long and my little pussy stick was all hard and firm—

And then suddenly it was getting action!

“really?” I said. “You…you wanna do that?”

“What does it look like!”

And then we 69’d! Holy crap I think the last time I’d done this I was like, high as shit and out of my mind I could barely remmeber it but this is crystal fucking clear in my mind. It was SO HOT. He was actually sucking my clit! I had him in my mouth and he had me in his. Holy FUCK it felt so good getting my little surprise sucked while I had his firm dick in my mouth. I’ve never felt anything better. And this guy was actually going for it!”

“You like tranny cock huh?” I screamed.

“Fuckin DREAMED of this!”
“You get all you want honey,” I said and stuck it right in, fucking his face like slamming shut a door. Aw man SO DAMN GOOD FUCK.

“Let me cum,” he said hoarsely.

“Not so fucking fast,” I said. “You have to fuck me first.” And he reamed me good! Oh damn my ass needed that pounding let me tell you.

So fucking sexy, I was jerking off while he railed me from behind and I was almost ALLLMOST about to come it was so hard not to I was so fucking hot for him but…

“Here,” I panted, pulling out of him. He looked bewildered let me tell you but then I pushed him down on the bed, mounted him so our hard cocks were touching and then wrapped one hand in the two of them and jerked us off at the same time. HOLY FUCK I HAD ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT AND LET ME TELL YOU IT WAS JusT AS HOT AS I THOUGHT. Both of us came together and let me tell you between the two of us we fucking SPRAYED that bed. And each other. Did I mention we were drunk? We were laughing and wet and sloppy and then hugging and kissing each other while we came down it was really one of the happiest moments I’ve had in my life. He knows about the phones too and thinks it’s cool so don’t you worry, gents. ;) We’re going on a date tonight.Sometimes good things happen!

Fuck in some loft, 69, rail each other.

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I met him in Costa Rica. I was skinny dipping in this pool underneath a waterfall and this snake came out of the jungle – a big tall man with dark skin and huuuuuge biceps walks out from the bushes.

“HIIIIIIII,” my tits said to him. they perked up when they saw him just like a cock getting a hard-on.

Karina Heart big tits gif

The man pulled his shorts down and dove into the water.

He spoke to me in Spanish, which was helllllla hot. I had no idea what he was saying so I lifted my body out of the water so he could see it.  He kept smiling at me and as I was lying there on my stomach, my booty basking in the glorious sunshine.

“Hola,” I said.

And he smiled and took my hand from still under the water. He gently kissed the top of it and then rubbed his hand on my upper back. He gently caressed down to my lower back with his fingertips. When he got to my butt his touch was even lighter. He grazed over it and then softly ran his hand down the back of my thigh. He softy rubbed my legs and then massaged my feet.

The man climbed up onto the rock and massaged the front of my legs. When he got to my pussy, he massaged that too!

He rubbed my inner thighs and hips and the top of my pussy without even touching my lips or my clit. I was squirming!

He slowly moved his way up and massaged my breasts. He moved his head in close and I felt his breath on my neck. He stopped with his mouth right in front of mine. But he didn’t kiss me. He instead kissed every inch of my neck, through the space between my tits, down my belly, and finally his lips touched my pussy. He kissed the top of it, then kissed down the line where my lips opened.

He then gently opened my labia with the tip of his tongue and licked my clit until my pussy juice was slopping all over his face.

He ate me until I came on his lips and then grabbed his anaconda and tickled my clit with it. This thing was ginormous. The biggest cock I’ve ever seen!

He slowly slid it in and I tilted my head back on the rock. I had already cum so I was super wet. He fucked me missionary until he pulled his cock out tapped it on my nipples. He dripped his cum on them. He kissed me one last time before diving back into the pool and walking away into the trees.

I never saw the guy again.

So fast-forward years later, after I had my son. I really wanted him to get into this prestigious middle school, but his grades weren’t where they should be.

I sat in the child’s desk across from the teacher’s desk and crossed my legs. I was wearing shorts with tights, white high-top Converse, no socks and a vintage t-shirt with no bra. I’m a young, hot mom, what can I say? Some of the other parents are jealous and some thought I was one of the kids’ older sister.

So my son’s teacher is sitting there talking to me, eyes darting from my legs to my nipples that were visible under my shirt.

“Well I think that I can get him to try harder,” I told him, my eyes looking right into his.

“How hard?” he asked, dead serious.

I opened my mouth to speak but instead uncrossed my legs and let them fall open.

“That depends,” I said and stood up. “I DO like it really HARD,” I sat on the edge of his desk.

I could tell his dick was getting harder so I leaned over and took a peek. There was a bulge. I was on my hands and knees on the teacher’s desk and I looked at him.

He kissed me. He pulled me toward him and wrapped his arms around my waist and grabbed my ass in my shorts.

I opened his zipper and yanked on his cock and then started to suck it.

His hands undid my shorts and pulled my tights down. I wasn’t wearing any panties either. I climbed down and sat on him.

“Holy shit, YOU ARE HOT!” he panted as I moved up and down. I spread my legs wide and lied back on the desk. He sat up and shoved his cock into me and fucked me hard and fast, like he’d not had sex in years! I closed my eyes and let my pussy take the beating it wanted so bad.

He pulled it out and came on my lower belly. I looked at him, laying backward with my legs wide open, touched the cum on my belly and then rubbed my clit with it.

So dropped his head and licked my pussy! I grabbed the back of his head and held on to what little bit of hair he had tight.

His face was deep in my twat and he was licking up his own cum!!!

I looked up at the tiled ceiling then at the kid’s hand prints on the wall. I looked over to the play area with toys and books and stuffed animals.

I imagined holding one of the stuffed animals against my chest while getting the shit fucked out of me. I would squeeze the teddy bear while my pussy was squeezing some dude’s cock.

“OOHHHHHHH you’re going to make me cummmm,” I moaned, yanked the teacher’s head up and looked at his face.

His lips were shiny and wet.

I stuck my fingers in my pussy and fucked myself for a minute until I pushed his face back into my cooter.

I squirted into his mouth, onto his tongue.

The guy fell back into his chair exasperated.

“So my son is getting into ____________?” I made sure after I got dressed and was walking toward the door.

The guy just nodded, he had gotten fucked so well he couldn’t speak. And yeah, he kept his word! My son starts next semester. I sure hope there are other hot teachers at his new school! ;)

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I’ve always had an interesting relationship with my daughter. I’m 47, have a 26 year old daughter who just had a baby, AND who has a very hot baby daddy. I am what you would call a MILF.

Actually, now I’m a GILF I guess. Oh shit. Well, a very sexy, very horny one at least!

You would never know that I’m in my late 40s. I kept a lean body my entire life by doing yoga and being a dancer, and I am blessed with great skin, big tits, a tight ass, and toned legs.  I guess I’m one of the lucky ones! Except when it comes to men! I can never keep a guy around. I get bored of the same dick all the time. I like riding the same cock for a few weeks and then I want to try something new.

Sometimes I want men that want to fuck hard and fast. Sometimes I want a inexperienced, young, eager guy…other times I crave an established older man. And men of ALL colors, of course!

I like the variety– keeps my mind fresh, my pussy wet, my sex drive young and thriving.

So anyway my daughter and her admittedly hot half-black, half-white boyfriend came over for dinner the other night, and it went fine, until after dinner. I was in the kitchen making hot toddies for the three of us when I heard them start arguing. Not wanting to put my nose in it, I stayed in the kitchen, but a few minutes later I heard the door slam. I walked back into the living room expecting to see my daughter, but she’s the one who left, with the baby.

Her baby’s daddy was standing there all by himself looking at my record collection. He picked one out and put it on. I had always been secretly hot for my daughter’s boyfriend. I handed him a hot toddy and he took a sip. He started dancing around my living room. Their fight seemed to not even faze him. He was dancing around happily and grabbed my hand. He twirled me around and we giggled and danced and I kept bumping into him so that our bodies would touch. I scooted my rock hard booty up into his crotch and swayed from side to side.

I felt his dick growing under his jeans and I knew what was coming. And I wanted it. SO BADLY.

I turned around and smiled at him, a little tipsy, and he pulled me close into his chest. I looked up at the beautiful man that had been fucking my daughter for the last few years and asked him to kiss me with my eyes. And he did. His tongue was like fire, it melted my entire inside. My legs felt like the edge of a volcano and my pussy was so hot inside. I was ready to erupt.

I pushed him down on the couch and attacked him. I reached for his belt right away and took off his pants.

My lips slid around his rock-hard cock and his penis tickled the back of my throat as I eagerly swallowed his staff.

“AHHHHHH MOM,” he moaned. Oh – did I forget to mention that he always called me “mom?”

I was totally turned on by it!!! And I could tell he was too!

His hands were grabbing for my buttons as well and he took off my pants and squeezed my ass with both hands. He felt for the back of my thong and pulled it to the side and I sat down on his dick.

“OHHHHHHHH,” I was in heaven!

I had wanted to feel his cock inside of me since the first time she brought him home, and now it was happening!

I was fucking the shit out of him- riding his thick olive cock refusing to even THINK about how wrong what I was doing was.

It felt too good and I wanted it too much. My daughter has got the world in front of her– even if she ever finds out, she’ll bounce back. She’ll be fine. But me…I NEEDED his cock in that moment more than SHE ever could!

“Yes!” I cried out, “fuck mommy good!”

I didn’t need to ask twice. He spun me around so that I was in reverse cowgirl with my ass up in his face. His thick cock pulsed inside me and my tits slapped against me as he pounded his hips upward.

He slipped two fingers in my asshole and fucked that, too, as I bounced on his cock, squeezing my own nipples and rubbing furiously at my clit.

What I wanted!


“HOLY SHIT MOM!!!” he panted, “THIS ASS!”

A third finger made it’s way in, opening my asshole up, making me wish he’d just go ahead and fuck that, too. Boy, did this guy know how to fuck! My daughter sure knows how to pick them. She done me proud!

I was some close to cumming when my daughter’s boyfriend screamed “OH MY FUCK! MOM!!!” and ejaculated up my pussy (I’m fixed so who cares?) so hard that I could feel ALL of his cum pumping into me.

“WOW,” he said as I slid off of him.

“Lick my pussy,” I ordered him, wanting to cum too and wanting the moment to last. I sat back on the couch and he got down on his knees below me. I pushed his head in-between my legs. And wouldn’t you know that he was great at THAT, too! He sucked my labia lips up into his mouth, fingering my pussy and asshole while he ate me deeply.

I felt his nose deliberately rubbing on my clit as his tongue lapped at my cunt. I grabbed his head and shoved him in further.

 With him in that deep, it was just a matter of a minute or two before I came, shaking, my legs wrapped around his head. It was mind-numbing! I don’t think my pussy has been fucked that hard, or eaten that well, in a decade! And maybe the fact that we weren’t supposed to be doing it made it even better. I was thinking of this when I saw headlights in the front window. My daughter was back!


“Get dressed. Quick!”

“Oh. FUCK.”

He heard the car alarm lock as he pulled up his pants, and I took one last long look as his beautiful cock before he tucked it away.

We quickly got dressed and sipped our toddies to get each other’s smell off of our tongues. When my daughter walked in through the front door with the baby we were sitting on the couch listening to music, looking completely innocent.

I got up and left the room so they could talk. From my bedroom I heard apologies about the fight. Its good, I guess. But I can’t help but wonder when and IF we’re going to fuck again? To tell you the WHOLE TRUTH, I came again fingering myself, and then with a vibrator, that night, just thinking about his cock fucking me over and over!

Damn, I’m a dirty grandma, and I LOVE IT. xoxo


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We have had CRAZY winter storms this year. I have missed so much work – my day job, that is. My phone still works so I’m always able to my fun job, talking to you lovelies – but let me tell you, I have rubbed my pussy RAW taking so many phone calls to make up for the other missed work.

My little pretty puss is red and warm to the touch.

So anyway, I been kinda low on fundage and can’t even make rent, so I hit up my landlord, sent him a little text asking if he could forgive some of my rent because we’ve been snowed in for days. He said he would think about it. So after two days of waiting for him to think about it I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. Or into my pussy, rather.

I put on my cutest panties; these lacy black booty shorts with a little unicorn smack dab in the front of them that BARELY cover my booty in the back.

My ass cheeks poke out, round and full, just begging to be spanked!

I had bare, freshly shaven legs and put on some long black over-the-knee tights. Then I put my hands up against the wall and lifted the bottom of the sweater up so my booty showed. I turned around and spread my legs pretty wide. I snapped a pic. I then turned around and bent over so my tits were hanging out and snapped a selfie, which was mostly my tits, the bottom half of my face which was just my lips, and all of my nipples.

Then I lied on my back on my bed and spread my legs open like I was doing the splits.

I pulled my panties in between the lips of my pussy so that the panties cut it in half.

I smiled and took another selfie. I then rolled over and sent the three pictures to my landlord.

He responded immediately: OK

A second later he knocked on my door. I answered it in my same outfit.

“I can work out a deal on rent with you,” he said.

I stepped aside so he could come in. Didn’t even take him two seconds before he started taking his clothes off. I locked the door and went over to my bed. He immediately started rubbing my ass and I turned around and he kissed me. I hadn’t, like, been attracted to him really, but I was in serious need of both cock, and rent!

I reached for his belt – I wanted to get his dick inside of me as soon as possible – and I rubbed his erecting penis. To my surprise – it was HUGE!!!

I got to my knees immediately because I hadn’t had a dick in my mouth in ages and I really wanted to taste one more than ever.

I pulled his giant cock out of his pants and teased it with my tongue. I licked it up and down as I rubbed my hand along it. I looked up at him, my eyes wide and innocent, and he grabbed the back of my head as he thrust his cock deeper down my throat.

He pushed me up on the bed as he was kissing me and he got on top of me. He didn’t even take my panties off – he pushed them aside and stuffed his cock inside of me and fucked the shit out of me – missionary style. I wrapped my legs around his waist and even lifted my hips and lower back up – like a yoga bridge pose – and that caused him to get on his knees and thrust into me.

He fucked me like that, bending over to lick my nipples and kiss my mouth. He was ALL about it!!

He fucked me so fast and so hard it was intense.

I turned over because I wanted to be fucked doggy style – my favorite – got on my hands and knees and spread my ass open. To my surprise, he stuck his TONGUE in my ASSHOLE!

He licked my asshole up and down and made it nice and wet before spitting on the tip of his dick and gliding it inside my ass.

Yeah, I TOTALLY let him fuck me in the butt!

You know, my pussy was still a little sore from all the masturbation and I was getting a discount on rent – fuck, maybe even the next month free because I let him do WHATEVER he wanted to me.

He was fucking me so hard I had to bite my lip to not scream out. I love that feeling – when my ass is spread open and there’s a nice cock making it feel full.

He was pounding my ass HARD – and before I knew it he shoved it up there even farther and I felt his dick pulsating as he blasted cum in my ass.

He pulled it out and tapped his dick on my ass. Getting every. Last. Bit. Of cum. Off.



He stuck his fingers in my pussy and hit it immediately. I whimpered and moaned. In less than ten seconds I came, too, all over his fingers.

SO…lemme tell you what happened after that, cuz it’s a life-changer! He said to me as he was getting dressed:

“I’ll let you live here for FREE if you let me do that twice a week.”

And of course I agreed! I’m not gonna say NO to FREE RENT! And just for letting that fat cock fuck my ass and pussy? I mean, it was as good for me as it was for him, I think, so yeah! That’s my new arrangement and it’s going to give me some seriously awesome slutty stories to tell you guys!

So call 1-800-PHONESEX to hear some- or star in your own!

Oh my God can I tell you something I’m never told anyone?

I’m a pretty shy girl when I’m not on the phones, truth be told, but all these other girls are sharing these crazy stories and I guess this has been on my chest for a while so here I go!
The first year I was in college, I couldn’t get to sleep one night because me and some other girls had been up all night talking about butt sex. One girl had had it but the rest of us, me including, hadn’t.

One girl asked: “Does anal hurt?”

“Well yeah, but in that good way. They have to know what they’re doing.”
“Do you like it?” I asked the girl a girl with glasses and purple hair.

“I actually love it” she said with a very sneaky smile, “and so do the guys!”

And so later I was lying awake that night, unable to think about ANYTHING, suddenly, but anal. So I went on Facebook and found out this guy from my chem class was still up and online. He was a senior, decent-looking, who had flirted with me before, and I messaged him being like “lol I know we rarely talk but I can’t sleep. U up?

He texted back “yeah, come over” with an address.

Fast-forward to I’m at his frat house at it’s way late and I just go for it and kiss him.

So we get all hot and heavy and there’s some sucking and licking on both side and I ask him:

“You ever done a girl in the backdoor before?”

He seized up a bit (ha!) then said “No” and I asked if he wanted to and he said “HELL YES!”

So I spit in my hand and rubbed back there, turned around, and stretched my ass cheeks open wide. I didn’t know what I was in for until I felt the tip! It hurt!!

But it also felt good. The more he did it, the more I liked it. It was like I just had to loosen up back there. Soon I found myself arching up into this cock, wanting more!

“Deeper” I told him, and I felt his cock plunging deep inside me. He was starting to get the hang of a nice rhythm, and he was grunting and panting hard.

“Wow” he said, “this feels fucking AMAZING. It’s so TIGHT!”

So he was pumping my ass hard but slow, and, see, one of the weird things about this house was that his room had a window that looked down onto the living room.
The window was at the top of the wall and only reached a couple feet down, so ordinarily you couldn’t really see anything OR be seen if you were lying down in bed. But of course I was not lying down in bed, I was on my haunches getting pounded from behind. So I could just see the couch on the other side of the living room.
Where…it turned out…his roommate and some girl were ALSO getting it on!

She nice big tits and was pulling on his roommate’s dick while he was eating her box. They were both HOT too I should add!

I could barely hear her whispering slutty things to him, and then I heard her say she wanted to fuck! She sat down on him in reverse cowgirl and threw her head back let him fuck her right there on the couch!

At one point he had her legs pulled up into her and I got a clear, perfect view of his cock sliding in and out of her shaved pussy.

It was like having live porn to fuck to! Our light was off so I guess they thought my guy was asleep and they didn’t hold ANYTHING back! He hammered into her and she moaned quietly and my pussy was starting to throb like it does when I know I’m gonna cum.

I rubbed my swollen clit so fucking hard and we both came while I watched these two fuck, and I think it was the best orgasm I’ve EVER had!

That’s when I learned that not only do I LOVE ANAL, I really like to watch, too! ;)

The guy and I went on to date, and I actually became good friends with the roommate and his girlfriend, but I never, ever told any of the three of them what I saw!!!

Aaaaaannd I still masturbate thinking about that night sometimes!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

OK so I’d NEVER cheated on my boyfriend before. I mean, yeah, I take sexy phone calls & get guys off, but I was doing that before I even met him so he’s kinda HAD to be OK with it. And I promised him it would only ever be the phones and him.

But then I saw that Huge. Fucking. Cock.

My boyfriend has a great cock- average in size, but pretty to look at and does a good job. And I’ve been with smaller guys before, and that’s OK too cuz I’m pretty tight. But I’d never really been with a guy with a monster cock, ya know?

So what happened is I had a sleepless night and I was online cruising singles ads & suddenly there was this pic of a dude, from the waist down, with the BIGGEST COCK I’d ever seen!

And his deal is that he comes to my city twice a month for business, and he feels that giant meat is being “wasted” on his wife who hardly fucks him, and who he described as “very vanilla”. I mean HELLO! HOW ON EARTH is that woman NOT RIDING that giant staff every second she gets?! He said in his ad she won’t even TRY anal!

Just looking at a pic of that thick, long cock made my pussy swell uncomfortably with arousal.

So anyway he was looking for a steady, secret hook-up. It’s something I’d NEVER think I would do. But as I stared at that pic, I couldn’t help but imagine what that giant cock might feel like? at 4:00am I found myself emailing him…

And there it was. That giant cock, growing in his pants as we met up outside the Marriott the next night. And BONUS— he was CUTE too! I figured he’d be a troll maybe but who cares with that cock, but man, he was attractive in a very clean-cut, business way. And I’m pretty hot too, so he was clearly happy with what he saw. We went up to his room and I just wanted to LOOK at it first.

So he unbuttoned his pants, very confidently, and reached in and pulled it out. It was at half-mast; blood starting to fill it, getting partly stiff. It must take half his body’s blood to get that thing totally hard I thought with a laugh!

“What do you think?” he asked with knowing glint in his eye.

“I think you’re going to rip me in two…and I think I want you to.”

“Sounds good. How about you suck it, to start?”

I got on my knees as he stood at the edge of the bed. I opened my mouth as wide as it would go- so wide it hurt at my temples- and he careful fed me his meat- cock– it started to slide down my throat, and I found myself gagging and unable to get further than halfway down it!

“That’s OK” he said “no girl has ever been able to deep-throat all of it”.

I wrapped both hands around the base (it took both!) and started sucking and pumping. It was SO MUCH to handle that I just felt like I was choking on endless cock. I could not wait to ride it!!!!!

And holy fuck, I did!

It took THREE tries and a TON of lube that he had with him before I finally sank my tight little pussy alllllll the way down on it.

It pushed up into my belly, into my throat from my pussy it felt like!

I didn’t even have to MOVE and I was ready to cum! Just having that giant anaconda in there was creating enough pressure on my clit AND G-spot at the same time!

So yeah, I rode the shit outta that fat cock– I spread my legs in a “V” and bounced on it. I cried out for more, even when I felt a tear in my pussy.


It was TOO good, and it would be gone too fast. I had to enjoy it while it was inside me! I suddenly didn’t care about ANYTHING else– I just wanted to feel this giant cock all the time, every day and every night.

I fought back tears of pain as I let him enter my ass– something his wife has NEVER done! So of course I had to! And OMG I’m not going to lie it hurt soooo bad getting it in my ass that I thought I might PASS OUT! But I didn’t care– I wanted that thing in EVERY HOLE I had!

He practically dumped the whole tube of lube over my ass, massaging it in, using his surprisingly skilled fingers and tongue on my asshole to relax it first, then stretch it.


What I wanted!

When he finally eased his cock in all the way, it started to feel good.

“OH MY GOD” he said “I’ve NEVER been able to get all the way in a girl’s ass before” as he pulled my cheeks down onto him, now all the way inside me.

“It’s so fuckin’ TIGHT” he groaned, “I”m gonna cum!”


“Fill up my ass with that giant cock!” I ordered him as I rubbed away at my pussy, fingering myself too. I was on the brink!

So he starts cumming, and I mean, I can FEEL this giant thing pumping squirt after squirt in my ass, and I start to cum too, and my pussy and ass are all throbbing and I’m screaming and he’s panting and OMG it was fucking HOT!

Then he says, “So you’ve GOT TO see me again. I’ve GOT TO have that ASS again!”

And, like, what was I going to do, say NO to the fattest cock on earth?

So yeah, I’m officially a cheater with a secret date for next week. He says he’s going to tie me up! :D

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

I just fucked three different guys. At ONCE.

It may have been my plan…

See every week I have to go see a shrink as part of this probation thing (DON’T worry about me, Im all good now, being on the phones has been a life-saver for me…and a nice one for you guys too I hoep, heehee) And shit, my shrink is annoying but he is a HOTTIE.
It’s hard to talk to someone when you’re just dreaming about their dick! I mean it’s distracting! And then today…
I see him in the morning so I went in there with my coffee and my sweet smile in a pink blouse and skirt. And this new hot guy was the receptionist! Way younger than my shrink with a hot beard and a dazzling smile. I was like shit, how am I supposed to pretend to talk about my feelings and all that shit in a room like this!!
But I am a professional woman of composure and I went in for my appointment and there was my shrink looking fine as usual and then ANOTHER fucking young guy in a shirt and tie! I opened my mouth but before I could ask anything my shrink said: “This is D____ he’s a student and is going to observe for today’s session. I hope you’re okay with that.”

Long as you’re okay with getting your dick out, I thought but didn’t say. There’s no way this is ending up any other way.

I said okay but then fuck me sure enough just minutes in he’s trying to ask me about my fucking childhood or whatever when I just can’t help it, staring at both of them my hand just goes to my pussy. I can’t even help it.
“are you…are you…” said my shrink.
“Rubbing one out!?” said the younger guy.
Fuck I thought I’d been discreet! But…maybe not…oops! I was caught red-handed! I slowly took my hand out of my leather skirt and said sorry…it’s just…

“Yes?” my shrink said, putting his fingers together looking so goddamn eager…I could tell. He knew what I was thinking, he’s a shrink, he’s supposed to know these things right? Lol.
“It’s just I’ve always wanted a threesome…and you two in front of me. I just. Well…”
Young guy went at it then, ha! He already had his dick out! “Professor?” he said. “For training purposes of course.”
“Yes. Training.”

“Oh fuck yeah!” I said, my hand back at my cunt and young guy’s dick in my mouth.

Fuck yeah. I took him long and hard just like he fucking liked it with my mouth sucking him like a pro and cupping his balls. And then there was my shrink with his dick out too!

“Oh doctor you gonna give this to me? Huh prof?”
“Awwwws thit yeha” I started jerking him off too and it was fucking hot. Switched it up between them and sucked one then sucked the other, sucked one then sucked the other.
Their dicks were super fucking hard and I almost got both of them in my mouth at the same time. Holy shit they liked that! Then they got me on a table and I was almost about to get nice and spit-roasted when there was a goddamn knock on the door!?
“WE’RE BUSY!” all three of us said at the same time I swear to God it was like a fucking movie.
“Sir? Professor? It’s really urgent, I’m sorry, this just can’t wai—“ He turned the knob. While they had their dicks out and I was lying ready there on the table!”
“NO DON’T—“ my shrink said but too late. Then there we were and there was that hot receptionist! He had a phone and some files in his hand and I shit you not he dropped them all on the floor.
“Hey there,” I cooed. “Want to join us?”
I mean, once you’ve broke a few eggs, what’s a few more?
“Close the door S____” commanded my shrink.
“Yes, sir.”
“You’re cute S____. Let me see what you got.”
“Er. Sir?” But by then my shrink and his student guy were busy, they already had on dick in my mouth and one in my pussy! Aw fuck it was good! I fucking love getting spitroasted just saying…

then there was another dick near my face! He had a nice long one too. It felt so good in my hand while I was getting pounded by two other cocks…I stroked him and stroked him while one dick reached down my throat and the other stretched out my pussy good.

“Holy shit can this girl take three dicks?”

“Get up!”
I had to show them! LOL I don’t back down from a challenge!
I made receptionist boy get under me and get in my ass. Then professor shrinky mounted me to get at my cunt while S____ inserted himself back in my mouth again.




That is all I gotta say!
I never knew three dicks in me could feel that fucking good! Haha lol one of those things you never think you’d ever try and I don’t think they’d ever thought that either. Mmmmm and receptionist boy felt so good and big and smooth below me like a big bed of man-flesh that was also railing my ass! Holy shit it felt so good I was just in this huge big dick fuck machine!
Good things can’t last forever lol. It felt like ages until student-boy was the first one yelling he was gonna come and I wasn’t about to waste three at once hahaha.
“Gimme it all. GIMME. GET UP..”
They obeyed and now I got to call the shots! Ha. “come on, cum at the same time, I fucking dare you all.” Woah where the mouth on mey came from I dunno. “COME WHEN I SAY.”
Ohhhh they all wanted to go so bad they were jerking off and groaning and just when I thought they couldn’t hold it in any longer.

All three of them pasted my wanting face with their jizz. Shit. Hot.

Never did find out about what that urgent thing was.

Call 1-800-PHONESEX


Panties, dirty smelly vagina juice stained panties. Pink lacy panties. Crotchless panties. G-strings. Tight panties giving me a camel toe. Booty shorts.

Ribbed panties. Yes, that’s a thing. Panties that are ribbed on the inside so when you’re rubbin’ your clit you feel an extra sensation. Ribbed for her pleasure indeed!

So y’all know I do the phone sex calls. But did ya also know that I sell my panties online? I sell panties that I wore. Panties that I sweat in. Panties that I wear all day. Panties that I fuck in. Panties that I masturbate in. Panties that I work out in. Panties that I cum in.

Panties that get so sticky and sweaty riding up between my my fine, round ass cheeks.

And I’ll let y’all in on a little secret… most of these panties get WET while I’m on the phone with y’all!

Panties I just wanna sit on your face in! Am I being clear? lol


I LOVE playing with my twat, finger-banging myself and cumming while wearing panties. I love it when my panties are a wee bit too small and they pull up on my vagina separating my lips into two full pouches that are so easily squeezable. I love the feeling the cotton string gives me when it rides up my ass and how it massages my clit when it’s in-between the lips of my twat.

I’m a southern girl with a sweet innocent little smile. I was a cheerleader. I love my family. I’m a daddy’s girl. I go to church.

I am a little naughty, though…

I am addicted to cock. I love dick, I love sucking on them, touching them, stroking them, licking them, massaging my throat with them.

I like football players, I like cheerleaders, I like big black snakes (this is the south, after all, and there is no shortage of big dudes, black dudes, and athletes!) I am a lucky girl! Other girls are lucky, too…

I like to lick other girl’s cunts. And I am told I am really good with my tongue.

So….now that you know my MO…imagine calling me holding my used, unwashed panties in your hand, rubbing them on your cock, while talking to me?

I’ll bet that would drive you nuts, huh? And I will be doing the same thing… rubbing my panties all over my clit so I can cum inside of them and let them be all sweaty and stained and yummy for y’all!

But boys I wanna play with y’all… as a matter of fact right now, as I write this, the fingers on my right hand are doing some one-fingered typing because the fingers on my left hand are up inside of my pussy.

They’re up there deep too, and I’m suuuuuper wet…

I’m squeezing my vag muscles and I feel them tighten around my fingers. My muscles are putting pressure on what’s inside of my pussy – which is just my hand, and I’m slowly stuffing more fingers up there. And squeezing tighter.

And my panties are still on.

In fact they’re rubbing against my clit and making me think, like, REALLY DIRTY THOUGHTS…


So I’m about to stain these pink silk panties… I’m thinking about y’all, I’m thinking that if your voice can make me cum on the phone then just the thought of talking to you can also turn me on just as easily…


And I’m squeezing my pussy around my fingers…

And I’m CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more pair up for sale! ;)

Call 1-800-PHONESEX