If you ever wonder why we post so many MILFs – it’s because they’re in such high demand around here. Lately it’s becoming more & more like this: old guys like young girls and young guys like older women. Or to take things even further – the Daddy & Daughter, Mother & Son taboo relationship. I suppose these kinds of relationships have been going on for sometime now in the minds of men & women everywhere; just that for the longest time, it seemed that only men were getting their “cake” (take Lolita for example). And let’s face it – a teenage girl can only take you so far with her young & immature mind. There’s no need for me to explain the appeal of an older, experienced woman – you can probably just Google it…or better yet go to Pornhub.

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It’s Throwback Thursday. Ok seriously, not to sound like an old fart but TIME FLIES! If you’ve been using our services for over a year then you might remember this version of 1-800-PHONESEX.com from 2014. It’s pretty damn sexy, don’t you think? What can we say, we love to hit you in the face with hot girls, because you deserve the best visuals to stimulate your phone sex fantasy.

So if you’re feeling it, you know what to do sexy. Click on the pic to call now! Horny girls of all shades of HOT are waiting for YOU! ;)

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