From Holly’s ready to make her very first house call. She tells Kyle what she wants to do with his big cock as she waits for the bus, scandalizing a nearby passenger. Holly arrives at Kyle’s and they start fooling around, but soon his wife comes home – turns out she was the woman also going Holly’s way! As wifey rants about the filthy-talking slut who couldn’t keep her mouth shut, Holly gives Kyle a sneaky all-access pass into her ass.

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I’ll never forget the first time I felt a hard dick in my tight little asshole.

I’d been dreaming about that cock of his for months. My boss had a certain “reputation” with the ladies, so I was disappointed that during the course of working for him, he had treated me like an employee and nothing more. I finally decided I was going to take matters into my own hands.

As his assistant, I’m usually in his home at all hours, so one day I showed up, in my sexiest lingerie, heels, and just a trench coat over top. I climbed the stairs to his bedroom and peeped inside. I could see the outline of his erection under the white bed sheets.
I stood over the bed, slid the sheet off of his hard cock and as he woke up I opened my trench coat, revealing the lingerie beneath it and as I dropped it to the floor, I told him “fuck me, boss”.

At first he was surprised, but the minute my coat hit the floor I could see his big, fat cock getting harder then ever.

I immediately dropped to my knees and took that big rod of his down my throat, drooling and moaning the whole time, loving every minute of it.

“I always knew you were a big slut” he told me, “could see it in the way your eyes always found my fat cock every time I was giving you instructions. Well now I’m going to instruct you how to take care of this dick”.

“Yes, Sir” I mumbled through the moans of my deep-throating, drool spilling down my face as I spoke.

Suddenly he grabbed me by my hair and told me to get up, and as I did he swung me over the bed and started spanking my ass as he continued to pull my hair “You like that you slut?” he said.

“Yes, sir” I said again, “I want to be your slut, Sir”.

“Oh do you?” he said as he spit on his fingers and shoved them into my asshole.

What I wanted!

“Well good sluts can take this big dick in their ass, you think you can handle that?”

I started crying at the thought, both because I had never done something like this before and was afraid it might hurt and also because I wanted to feel his huge, throbbing cock thrusting itself inside me, even if it did hurt.

“Mmm…” He said, “I like those tears, keep it up and you’ll get my dick even harder before it goes inside your tight little asshole”.

Then the next thing I knew I felt a splitting pain from his cock pushing inside of me, but as soon as he started pumping me it started to feel like a raw, intense pleasure.

A kind of pussy wetting pleasure that I knew could only come from giving my body to him, to be his dirty whore.

“I’ve been dreaming about your hard cock inside my asshole for so long, Sir” I cried “I never thought it would feel so good!”

He reached down and grabbed a fistful of my hair again and started pumping into me harder and faster, “what a good girl you are,” he said, “taking my huge cock down to the balls in your virgin asshole, what a good slut you are for me”.

He started smacking my ass again with his hand with every thrust of his dick, hammering it inside of me.

I started crying again it felt so good, “Sir, I’m going to cum with your cock in my asshole, can I please cum for you” I begged.

“You think you earned it?” He said.

“Please, sir, can I please cum with your hard cock pounding inside me, sir”?

“Mmmmm, alright then slut” he said, “show me what a good slut you are taking my big dick in that ass and cumming for me like a good girl”.

I started shaking and crying I was cumming so hard for him. My pussy was dripping all down the sides of my legs with each shudder of orgasm.

Then he pulled out his fat cock from my asshole, and I gasped at the shock of it, he threw me over on the bed and said “now it’s my turn, open wide”.

I knelt in front of him, mouth open, mascara tears streaming down my face from my own pleasure and pain.

“I want to taste you so badly, Sir” I said, “I’ve been waiting so long to taste your hot cum”.

He stood over me, pumping his hard cock onto my tear-stained face as I eagerly lapped at his cum.

I was covered cum as his massive load was in my mouth, and running down my face and onto my tits.

“What a good little whore you are” he said. “ I enjoyed making you cry. Who knew when I hired you that you’d be such a good little anal slut for me, now go clean yourself up”.

Even though that was the day my dream of fucking my boss finally came true, it was really the day that I learned what a good little anal pain slut I am, and I can’t wait to fill this tight little hole again some time soon.

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Oh my God can I tell you something I’m never told anyone?

I’m a pretty shy girl when I’m not on the phones, truth be told, but all these other girls are sharing these crazy stories and I guess this has been on my chest for a while so here I go!
The first year I was in college, I couldn’t get to sleep one night because me and some other girls had been up all night talking about butt sex. One girl had had it but the rest of us, me including, hadn’t.

One girl asked: “Does anal hurt?”

“Well yeah, but in that good way. They have to know what they’re doing.”
“Do you like it?” I asked the girl a girl with glasses and purple hair.

“I actually love it” she said with a very sneaky smile, “and so do the guys!”

And so later I was lying awake that night, unable to think about ANYTHING, suddenly, but anal. So I went on Facebook and found out this guy from my chem class was still up and online. He was a senior, decent-looking, who had flirted with me before, and I messaged him being like “lol I know we rarely talk but I can’t sleep. U up?

He texted back “yeah, come over” with an address.

Fast-forward to I’m at his frat house at it’s way late and I just go for it and kiss him.

So we get all hot and heavy and there’s some sucking and licking on both side and I ask him:

“You ever done a girl in the backdoor before?”

He seized up a bit (ha!) then said “No” and I asked if he wanted to and he said “HELL YES!”

So I spit in my hand and rubbed back there, turned around, and stretched my ass cheeks open wide. I didn’t know what I was in for until I felt the tip! It hurt!!

But it also felt good. The more he did it, the more I liked it. It was like I just had to loosen up back there. Soon I found myself arching up into this cock, wanting more!

“Deeper” I told him, and I felt his cock plunging deep inside me. He was starting to get the hang of a nice rhythm, and he was grunting and panting hard.

“Wow” he said, “this feels fucking AMAZING. It’s so TIGHT!”

So he was pumping my ass hard but slow, and, see, one of the weird things about this house was that his room had a window that looked down onto the living room.
The window was at the top of the wall and only reached a couple feet down, so ordinarily you couldn’t really see anything OR be seen if you were lying down in bed. But of course I was not lying down in bed, I was on my haunches getting pounded from behind. So I could just see the couch on the other side of the living room.
Where…it turned out…his roommate and some girl were ALSO getting it on!

She nice big tits and was pulling on his roommate’s dick while he was eating her box. They were both HOT too I should add!

I could barely hear her whispering slutty things to him, and then I heard her say she wanted to fuck! She sat down on him in reverse cowgirl and threw her head back let him fuck her right there on the couch!

At one point he had her legs pulled up into her and I got a clear, perfect view of his cock sliding in and out of her shaved pussy.

It was like having live porn to fuck to! Our light was off so I guess they thought my guy was asleep and they didn’t hold ANYTHING back! He hammered into her and she moaned quietly and my pussy was starting to throb like it does when I know I’m gonna cum.

I rubbed my swollen clit so fucking hard and we both came while I watched these two fuck, and I think it was the best orgasm I’ve EVER had!

That’s when I learned that not only do I LOVE ANAL, I really like to watch, too! ;)

The guy and I went on to date, and I actually became good friends with the roommate and his girlfriend, but I never, ever told any of the three of them what I saw!!!

Aaaaaannd I still masturbate thinking about that night sometimes!

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Lick it first! I demanded as his tongue lingered near my asshole.

Clearly he did not know what an anal fetish I had!
But he complied and I felt the soft, warm tongue penetrate my hole with eager precision, wriggling its way inside of me.
I relaxed all my muscles and let my ass go loose on him, opening up its hole of treats for him to explore. He had a few fingers already sliding in and out of my admittedly saturated pussy and when he added the tongue, my pleasure increased tenfold.
I was on my knees with my ass in the air and his face was buried behind me as I moaned with MY face pressed against the stained carpeting. I couldn’t take it. I needed his cock in my ass and I told him so.
He was again happy to comply. I turned around and took one good look at his cock. It was much thicker than I expected, veiny and bulging, pointing at me accusatorily.


In an instant I swallowed the shaft down, gagging myself as it filled my mouth too easily, punishing the tonsils as it made its way down.

If that thing was going in my ass, it would have to be really, really lubed up first.

I tugged his balls and stroked his taint as I jammed that cock down my throat, taking him deeper than I’m guessing any woman had ever, because he started shaking and going “oh god oh god” when I get him alllllll the way down.
Yes. This is my specialty. Nobody deep-throats like I do.
But I didn’t want him getting any ideas like blowing his wad down my throat, when I had other plans. I wanted that load up my ass and I was going to get what I wanted. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and a long cord of spittle was attached from my lips to his cock. It was sufficiently soaked with my spit.


I aimed that fat, bulbous tip at my chocolate star, took a deep breath, and pushed back onto it.

He broke in my ass!

I felt the head part my cheeks, finding the hole, then I felt my whole body seem to open up and slide back on it. It was so tight, I had to keep breathing slowly, flexing and releasing my muscles, letting it find its way down that tight, smooth tunnel.
I think we both moaned as his hips finally met my ass, the whole of his thick cock buried in those tight cheeks up to my gut. It felt so fucking good and he’d barely even got in in there! When he took my hips and started to slowly pump me into and away from him, I couldn’t help but scream in pleasure YES over and over!


I felt that rod of hard meat thrusting up into me, taking what it wanted, owning my tight little hole—making it his secret, dirty fuckspace to annihilate at will.

My clit was buzzing like a housefly as he reamed my asshole, forcing himself impossibly deeper into me, pounding that meat hammer into my hole. I could hardly believe it was finally happening.


Did I mention he’s my stepfather?

Anyway, he’s now going absolutely nuts on my ass, just buck-wild fucking and jamming and pounding and I keep egging him on: HARDER, DADDY!
See, I can’t cum until someone fucks my ass RAW. Like, anal-tearing raw. Like sore ass for a week raw. Like, every single fucking time I sit, I want the PAIN to remind me of how this man obliterated my ass with his cock! Now THAT is hot and it’s what REALLY gets me squirting!
Did I mention I squirt???
Anyway, I’m screaming for him to go harder and his face is just this purple-red color with his veins bulging in his temples. His cock is getting another specialty of mine: I’m gripping and relaxing, gripping and relaxing his cock with my ass. I’ve gotten reallllly good at moving the muscles from the bottom up, so it almost feels like a hand is stroking the shaft while it’s INSIDE of my ass.



I’ve been working on this move since I was 14, so now that I’m 19, my asshole has been pretty much lusted after (and had!) by every boy at school. So it’s only natural I had to turn my sights on someone a little harder to attain. But trust me—it wasn’t that hard. No panties, bend over in my little jean skirt when mom is gone, talk dirty when he tries to yell at me for it, and it was over.


I told him the only way I was going to stop flashing him like that, was if he punished my asshole.


And here we are.
And he’s about to blow and I’m now sitting on him as he lays, using my knees to bounce on his cock while also concentrating on gripping it with my sphincter. My middle finger strokes hard at my swollen clit and I rub it like mad as I work to squeeze him inside of me, coaxing the shaft to deliver the goods.
I know it’s close…and then it happens.
“OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” he screams as he grabs my hips, forcing me down on him.
His whole body is shaking and so am I as I feel his hot load explode up my ass and I start shaking too as I cum, contracting around his cock.


Then I feel it—my body convulses and I lean back and there it goes: my pussy shoots my lady liquid in a pleasured spurt into the air!

He grabs my hips and shakes my whole body, directing the last of his semen so deep inside me I feel like I can taste it. I sit there, spent and totally satisfied, for at least a minute. My asshole and his cock relaxing together, loosening up as the pleasure slowly faded.

Then he pushed himself off me, and I feel my poor, gaping and wounded asshole carefully contract back, empty now of his meat, dripping thick cum out, oozing down my crack as its portal squeezes shut.

Now…I tell him, if you can tell me that WASN’T the BEST FUCK of your life, we never have to do it again, and I swear I’ll never tell my mom.
BUT…if it WAS the best fuck of your life…and you want to maybe do it AGAIN, every time my mom isn’t home…this ass still could use a few more miles, if you know what I mean, daddy?


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If I had one wish, it would be that everyone knew what to do with an ASS!!!

I love getting it licked, worshipped, fingered, and of course, fucked. But everyone’s either afraid to do anything with it or knows his way around butts about as good as a Southerner in a snowdrift!
Why am I telling you this? Well. A couple nights ago I got my wish. ;)
My boring boyfriend dragged me out to this stupid work party and we’re getting drinks in this fancy hotel bar and then this GUY my husband works with just came up to me and introduced himself! Big tall guy. Nice eyes. Such nice eyes.

He gripped my hand firmly and my first thought was “I’m gonna suck this guy’s cock. If he wants it, that cock is mine”!

I was wearing this little pleather mini-skirt with zippers and I swear I almost gushed on the floor right here with how he looked at me! My boyfriend was so bored and checked out he didn’t know anything that was going on. this guy just introduced himself as D_____ and I was like “Hi…you don’t smoke do you? I was just going to step out onto the baclony…”

He said no. My boyfriend hates that I smoke. Lol D____ didn’t get it.

“Are you sure?” I said, my mouth teasing the rim of my wine glass. “Because I really like. To have. A smoking buddy.”
There we go– he got it.
Soon as we were out on that balcony I was rubbing his cock through his pants and his hands were already on my ass feeling me through my skirt. God it was so fucking hot! We were in a nice secluded little corner and he turned me around and I could feel his cock through his pants poking and caressing my ass! Oh God I wanted him to fuck me right there. I massaged his dick more and soon enough I was on my knees blowing him right in the free air!
And as his big dick grew in my mouth and I sucked him down to the base of his cock all the way in my throat, licking his shafted and tonguing ever so slightly on his head, teasing his underside with my long red nail, I thought maybe he can give this ol ass a try.
I stood and lifted up my skirt for him and let him take off my panties. I said do you like my ass…and I could tell then he was hot for it! He said you have such a fucking beautiful tush!

I said kiss it. Worship and kiss my beautiful ass.

He got down on his knees and I buried my ass in his face and he licked and sucked my firm round little bum and my sweet clean hole. IT WAS GREAT. Oh my God it was so fucking good I gripped the railings of the balcony and flung my head up to the moon and just got lost in all the sensation coming from behind!
Finally with my ass smashed into his face, pinning him to the wall I whispered “It’s time for you to fuck me. You ready for that? You ready to fuck me? That’s what I want. I want you to fuck my fucking ass!”
He was still rock-hard and lucky me- I had my lube on me. And I felt him go very slow as I bent over, steadying myself on the railing, taking in the stars, with my skirt around my waist, he gently probed into my soft waiting hole…and then he was in! God fucking DAMMIT I thought I was going to scream!


His cock filled my ass all the way up– deep into me– and I could barely keep from shouting YES! as loud as I could.

He started to pump in and out of my fleshy cheeks, and he grabbed my hair too and I just went wild!

I said yeah yeah fuck me fuck me!!! And gradually he got faster and faster until there was nothing in the world but his dick and my sweet plugged hole! Over n over he jammed his cock into my tight little asshole until I felt almost faint. YES. This is what I motherfucking needed!  It felt so fucking good I can’t even begin! I came not once but twice, face to the moon and the night air was so cool. You have no idea it was the sexiest fucking thing that’s ever happened to me!

I let him cum on my face because why not?! You know. Haha.

It was crazy– the nut he busted– he stood over me like a God, jizz flying all through the air and all over ME!

I licked it all off, sparkling clean. ;)

Hehe. That’s me…
Poor guy, he looked all sheepish and said I think I’m about empty for the night.
AGAIN, I said. My ass just wanted so fucking much!
Instead he gave me his number. That works for me. We have another date tomorrow. But my ass wants it now!!! Oh well, you gotta be grateful for some things in life I guess and my ass is all full of thanks right now… ;)

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His fingers pressed into my lower back just above my butt cheeks as they dug into my skin. His hands lifted up the flesh of my ass as he pushed, and then slowly they made their way down and he was massaging my ass.  I took a deep breath and he cupped my cheeks, a hand underneath each one, and pulled upward to pull them apart.

I felt cool air in my asshole and then his warm, wet tongue.

He stuck his tongue far inside my ass like he was buried deep in a cream pie. He licked up, and down, and back, and forth… fool must have had shit stains all over his lips, he ate everything that was up in there. Errrrrrthing!!
That damn tongue of his was running wild on the race track that was my ass and I let him have free reign.
I didn’t even tell him I was into anal play but I must say it was pretty amazing. If you’ve never done it before you should def try it out!


He was up in there for a good minute and I felt this weird feeling – how do I describe it – like kind of hollow, it felt like there was this empty tunnel back there, and if it were filled it would be the key in the hole, the glass slipper, the icing on the cake… like when you drop that really big shit and it almost stings it was so big, but you feel so relieved…

Haha, TMI???

So after this dude gets tired of licking my ass, which I mean, was a long time, his tongue is strong as a racehorse, his face is nose deep in my butt and he grabs me by the waist and flips me over.

He doesn’t even hesitate to pull his pants off and slide his dick right in my tight little pussy!

Then after two seconds missionary is too boring for him so he picks me up again by the waist and he kneels down and he’s holding me up on his thighs and I’ve just cum out my ass like a champ so I’m elated and he’s digging that dick right deep in me and I’m sitting down on it hard pressing my clit against his pelvis and rubbing myself out while he’s thrusting.

And then after he decides that’s boring he pulls his cock out of my twat and turns me on my hands and knees and sticks his tongue back in my ass hole. So this guy clearly wants his dick back there and it’s so loose and wet by now I figure it can’t hurt…

so I press my hips back and flatten my ass against his face and he licks me all the way from my ass hole down to my clit and I reach backward and grab his cock and pull it toward me. I lick my hand and rub the saliva on his dick and pull it to my asshole.

He teases me a little, tapping the head of his cock all around my booty, slips it in my cunt for a second, then pulls it out and goes straight for my glory hole.


And it slides right in – as he had made that nice wet path easy for it to do so – and he pumps it in and out and I’m on all fours and he’s fucking me in the ass doggy style and I want to howl it feels so good.

I don’t even think my ass can have another orgasm right now but it does, like four more times, and I think I’m in love with my new favorite type of sex!


He shoots his load for like 8 minutes, I feel his cock throbbing as it ejaculates into my ass. And it just doesn’t stop. He pulls it out and taps it on my ass, naturally – spanks my butt cheeks and then sticks his lips in-between my cheeks again and sucks on my ass hole. This guy’s an anal freak, and my body is tingling all over from all of the orgasms I’ve just had.

So I stand up and watch all of his cum fall out of my cunt.

I watch it drip down my leg – it’s warm and it’s sticky and it’s stinky and it’s a lot.

He shot a HUGE load in my ass and I don’t even know if it’s done dripping but I go hop in the shower and then he follows me in!

After all that, he wants more! He starts rubbing my booty again and pushes me up against the wall opposite the faucet and does that thing where he spreads my cheeks apart – and then he gets down on his knees. For real all this fool wants to do is eat my ass out and so I’m gonna let him. My god, I always thought getting the shit licked out of your pussy was the best thing that could ever happen to you, but getting the shit licked out of your ass – literally – is soooo much better!!! Who knew, right?

I stood there in the shower getting my butt hole eaten out until the water ran cold. He didn’t even want to fuck more, he just enjoyed licking the hell out of me. I knew my ass would be sore as all hell tomorrow but I didn’t care, it felt soooo fucking good!!

I definitely want to hang out with this guy again, this random fool I met online. You know on one of those hook-up sites – now I’m going to have to update my profile and say that I DO speak Greek! :)

Give me a call guys, I’m really into this ass-play thing and I want to explore it more with y’all!

Goodnight, sweet cheeky dreams!!!


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I had a really nice night on the phones last night. I got all worked so up! All you guys just got me lathered in such a tither and I’d come a few times but I still wanted more! It was the weirdest thing. My brain was just going crazy it made me think back to when I was younger and just wanted to fuck fuck fuck I would’ve called out to strangers almost begging fuck me fuck me fuck me…
So it was three AM and I couldn’t sleep. The weird thing is?

My ass was quivering. My ass wanted to get fucked.


You know how long it’s been since I got fucked in the ass? I couldn’t have told you before last night, but I did then: Too long. Too fucking long.
Most guys don’t know how to fuck an ass right. You gotta start slow, gentle, use lube or whatever. Once you open it up, THEN you can go to town, ha! But you gotta start right.


So I don’t know I just left my apartment, on the prowl, I didn’t even know what I was doing, I just knew I wasn’t going to get laid or feel better sitting there in my apartment so I went out into the night. The bars had just let out a bit ago and I know I shouldn’t be walking alone but I didn’t care, my mind was going crazy.
There was a tall, good-looking young guy then I saw in the streetlight.  He was waiting for the signal to change, his face bathed in orange light. I recognized that look, he must have gotten off work.

And I recognized that feeling in my ass that told me it was time to get split open, and this young dude is just the dude who should do it!

I stood next to him in front of the light and said “going somewhere?”

The light changed and so did his face.
He wanted to fuck I knew it THANK GOD. You can tell. It’s not hard to tell. I pushed him against a brick wall and kissed him and then he kissed me back.

I said “Please tell me you live close. Please tell me you live close.”
“I was on my way to the train…”
I looked around there was no good spot except…
“Up here.”

A fire escape came down to the ground and I led him up it. I could have led him by his dick if I wanted to he was that hard in his jeans. I clamored up the fire escape until we were on the roof. No one could see us up here. He looked so shocked. Then I pulled his pants down and sucked his dick.


“Fuuuuck my God your fuckin’ mouth you’re…holy SHIT!”

Yeah I suck good cock what can I say?! Everyones gotta be good at something. HA! I took him all the way down and felt that meaty thing grow on my tongue. Ah it was good. But I was just getting him ready. I stood up and took off his shirt in the windy night but he didn’t look cold. I lowered my shorts and braced my hands against the wall.
He rammed into my pussy and started going for it. And it felt good! But goddammit I still needed someone to fuck my fucking ass! I took him out and I said no fuck me HERE!
Holy shit I could practically hear his eyes pop from behind me.
Thank God he knew what to do! His dick was already wet and he made it wetter, I reached into my bag and handed him a thing of lube (one must be prepared) and he got my ass all ready then S-L-I-D in and FUUUUUUUUUUCK my God my ass just couldn’t handle it it was so good! I was quivering and shaking and I wanted him in me so badly that I had to be the one restraining myself! I couldn’t help it!

I tried to wiggle myself onto his dick and he was like hold on, babe, hold on, I don’t want to hurt you.

Good boy.

anal sex gif

He worked his way in me slowly, opening me up, teasing and playing my hungry hole. I felt myself get bigger, filled with his dick, and then suddenly it was done and he was RAMMING me! Holy FUCK! I screamed! I braced myself against the little access door on that rooftop and let him fill me and fuck me and make me whole. He pulled back my hair and I saw sky and stars.


He fucked me over and over that all I felt was his dick probing every corner and inch of my ass.

He could’ve stayed there forever. It felt like I could feed on nothing but his hammering cock. I felt like I had life. I felt like I was breathing on the moon. I never wanted him to stop. I told him to fuck me till the sun came up. I told him to never stop fucking me…
Well ok even I’m realistic. Soon he was coming. I could hear him try to stop but hey when you gotta go…”

COME BABY DO IT!” I shrieked. “COME ON!”

And then he pulled out and shot all over my sweet little red aching ass. Oh my God he had so much cum it was crazy!!

He heaved over me, puffing like a horse.
Goddamn. And then we had to climb down those stairs.
I don’t care. He fucked me so good and hard and long. Sweat was dripping all over my haunches as he had his way with me. God fucking dammit it was everything I’d ever wanted for so long. I wanted a good ass fucking and I got it! Holy shit. Dreams. They come true.

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I’m probably one of the oldest women who work for this company: I’m 45, divorced, and have two kids in high school. I’m educated, too. So I feel a bit intimidated and awkward writing/confessing this here with these other blogs, but it’s part of the deal so I’m going to do it…

There is a young man who lives across the street from us. He is my son’s age (18, Senior) and he’s my current obsession. I have earnestly been masturbating thinking about him for the last 6 months. He washes the family car out in the driveway, and this kid (my god, he IS a kid practically!) just has this BODY that gets me going. My own sons, like their dad, have been slow to hit puberty and still look like kids essentially, but this kid’s body is already a MAN’s body. And oh my god, I’m so ashamed of what I want to do to it. I imagine he has a PERFECT cock, really thick and pink.

And I imagine getting down on my knees, undoing his pants, and just letting my eyes roll back in my head as I lovingly and slowly suck him, just enjoying every second of it– every INCH of him– like it was my first.

I have a FEELING he would reciprocate. I can’t tell or say if he’s daydreamed about ME before, but I can for sure say I HAVE caught him looking at my breasts a few times before, when I’ve been taking care of the front lawn. I’ve always had BOOBS, and even though I breast-fed 2 kids, my natural D’s have men my age doing a double-take: my body could easily pass for 25. My face my show my age a tiny bit around the eyes, but still, maybe I look 35, and I’ve got green eyes…I look a lot like Samantha from Sex in the City, but with big boobs. Young guys (and I mean REALLY young sometimes) hit on me whenever I go out, and I hardly even seem to get approached by men my own age most of the time. Anyway, I know you guys want the juicy details…I’m just trying to be a little humble here but the deal is, OK, I’m a hot older lady that is often called a “MILF” by my son’s friends. So I’m SURE this kid would want me.

And lately, he’s brought out a side of me I hadn’t felt in years. I was masturbating to him yet again the other day, and I started CRYING when I came! WHY? Because I wanted him THAT bad! Because the vibrator isn’t cutting it anymore! I need to feel FLESH!

I want to feel his smooth young cock sliding up inside of me! I want to ride his meat as he looks up at me in shock and adoration– he’s getting to fuck a real woman– not some silly high school girl.

He’ll look up with me in fascination and bliss as I rock my pussy on him, using my Kegels to grip is cock, and he’ll squeeze my big tits as he moans for more.
Then I’ll stop, because I’m sure he’s still inexperienced and I don’t want to make him cum too quickly. I’ll dismount him and get on that D again with my mouth, teasing his balls, taking in his god-like muscled body standing over me. Youth– it’s so sexy! Young men just reek of SEX and URGENT DESIRE and I love it! Yes, that’s what it is– that urgent desire young guys have– like they just can’t wait another second to get their dick wet….mmmmmmmmmm. I remember those boys when I was 18! Somehow, it’s hotter now. Back then, we BOTH didn’t know the score. Now I know everything there is about sex, and I’ve TRIED everything, and now I can SHARE what I know with this hot young guy. His future young girlfriends should thank me! But before I get my head too far up my own arse, let’s get back to what I’d do to him…
So now I’ve been sucking him again, making sure that dick is rock-hard with blood, throbbing for release. And he’s playing with my tits, squeezing them, making ME want to cum. That’s when I surprise him but guiding him not to my pussy again, but this time, between my ass cheeks.

I’m DYING to see his expression when he realizes this hot MILF is giving up the ass to him!

I’m betting his little 17 and 16 year old girlfriends haven’t even dreamed of that yet! I know I didn’t at that age! But kids are more grown up these days, but still…I have a feeling this will be his sweet cock’s first taste of tight, smooth ass. And now it will be HIS turn for his eyes to roll back in bliss as he sinks his cock further and further into my ass slowly.

When he’s all the way in, I’ll lick my lips and command him “now fuck that ass!” and watch him shake and tremble as he pumps his cock in and out that super tight hole, friction almost more than he can handle.

Then he’ll tell me he’s gonna cum, and he’ll clumsily pull out, and I’ll signal for him to shoot his load all over me, rubbing it into my skin as he’s coming, literally smearing his jizz into my skin, loving how shiny and slick it is. Oh that young cum…so sweet.

Then he’ll get all nervous again not knowing what to say, and I’ll send him home, but not before I tell him that I DEFINITELY plan on fucking him again, but I’m just not sure when! That way, he will have an erection every time he sees me, hoping and waiting for a piece of this again.

Hot damn. I literally stopped typing this to stroke my pussy right now and didn’t even notice! THAT is how fucking insane this kid is making me! I don’t know if I can resist seducing him much longer. I’ve fucking terrified something would go wrong and his parents (my friends, pretty much) would find out. I’m terrified my own kids would find out.

But none of it seems to stop this growing desire I have to just milk this boy’s cock dry every freaking night.

I’d be the happiest I’ve been in years, just to get that kid’s cock. I guess in the meantime, I have my younger callers. They are my absolute favorite. But still…I need to get me THAT dick.

DIG_IJ1370_141 DIG_IJ1370_150DIG_IJ1370_045

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

OMG. I’ve been fantasizing about my mom’s boyfriend since I met him a few months ago, but I never thought he’d actually be fucking the shit out of me!!!

I guess I should back up a little bit. I’m 18, and I waitress – that’s the job my mom knows about. I also do work as a phone sex operator (which I love because frankly I am a total cock slut LOL) – and my mom definitely does not know about that one!

When I went over to my mom’s house to eat dinner tonight, I had no idea it would end up the way that it did. I showed up and my mom’s boyfriend “Randy” answered the door. I think he took notice of how cute I looked wearing a short and tight little denim skirt and a black t shirt I had cut into a tank top with a v neck that showed off my tits -34D to be exact, with 5’3” 108 pounds for the rest ;).

Anyways! He let me in and I said hello to my mom. Randy was making dinner tonight, so me and my mom hung out and caught out for a bit. After a while we Randy let us know dinner was ready and we sat down at the table in the dining room and ate. Not long afterwards my mom was called into work at the hospital.

I was going to go home since my mom left but I went to use the bathroom first. When I went back to the the living room Randy was holding my cell phone. At first I was just stunned when he said “your friend texted you while you were in the restroom. How long have you been making money doing phone sex?”

At first I didn’t know how he could have found out, but then I remembered that I had texted my best friend last night about an especially hot session I had on the phone. Randy was wearing jogging shorts because he usually goes running in the evening, and I could see how hard his crazy huge dick was! Lap hog? More like a lap elephant, jesus christ!

Randy said that if my mom found out it would kill her, and he was definitely right. I said “Maybe we can just keep it between us then?” as I walked toward him.

I leaned over him with my big tits in his face and said “please” as I started rubbing his cock.

I had taken my bra off in the bathroom because it had been uncomfortable and I thought I was leaving, and he ripped my already cut open shirt down further exposing my tits. I gasped with delight as he did, and he immediately started sucking on my nipple. I stuffed my hand in his shorts and was shocked to find his dick was even bigger than I thought!!! I couldn’t even fit my hand all the way around it when I started tugging on it! He put one of his hands on the back of my head and pulled me in and started kissing me deeply – I couldn’t believe how wet I was! I pulled his massive meat out of his shorts and started giving him the full stroke.

He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back before shoving my head down towards his lap. I took as much of him as I could between my lips as he pumped his big fat meat up and down into my mouth!

He picked me up by the waist and threw me up on the couch, my mouth still around his throbbing massive cock. Then Randy pulled up my skirt and spanked my ass! Then he started to rub my eager soaking wet cunt. He slipped two of his thick fingers into me and fucked me with them before pulling out of my thirsty pussy hole and going back in with three! I was practically screaming with pleasure as I bobbed my head up and down on his huge, lovely cock, sucking and massaging his Coke-can shaft with my cum-hungry tongue.

He grabbed me by wrapping his fingers in my long hair again and pulled me of his cock mid suck, making a popping sound from the sucking as he did.

He put his hand on my hips and pulled me onto his lap! He teased my wet pussy with the giant mushroom head on his cock and I groaned. He slipped the tip into me and I slowly lowered my tight little cunt down around as much of his massive girth as I could. When he was all the way deep inside of me, he started to jackhammer my pussy.

I was screaming all kinds of shit without thinking, everything from “yes yes yes!” to “oh god!” to “ooh daddy I love your giant cock!”. When I said the last one Randy told me daddy was going to make me squirt, and he wasn’t lying! He spanked my ass as I bucked my hips, making my juicy ass bounce on his lap, before he jammed a finger in my mouth. I sucked on it briefly and he took it out, spanked me again good and hard, and then slipped his spit slick finger into my asshole!

OMG again!!! I had never had anything in my ass before, and I couldn’t believe how good it felt! I didn’t think I could feel more pleasure than this, but I was WRONG because then Randy used his other hand to start rubbing my clit!!! HOLY SHIT it felt incredible! I leaned back, bouncing on his mammoth dick – it was like fucking one of those giant flashlights security guards use – and then it happened. I was screaming my head off with pleasure and before I even knew what was happening I was screaming “I’m cumming daddy! I’m cumming!” It had never happened before but I was having a literally gushing orgasm, squirting all over myself and Randy’s lap. It seemed to last forever!! I fell on top of him when it was finished, and after fucking me slowly and gently while I recovered, Randy told me it was his turn and tossed me off of his lap and onto my knees on the floor. He stuffed that perfect cock into my mouth and I sucked on his rod like the world was about to end I was so eager to please him.

After just a moment of this Randy let out a loud groan and said “Here it comes baby girl, get ready!”

He started to shoot his load into my mouth, and I swallowed it as fast as it could but it was too much!! his cum started to leak out of my mouth and run down my mouth!!! I couldn’t believe how much he came, OR how much I loved it!

After cleaning up and zipping up my hoodie to cover my torn shirt I said goodbye to Randy with a smile on my face. Maybe this one time was all he needed to not tell my mom about my phone sex job, but I know he loved it too and I will definitely be going back for more when I get the chance.

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

Y’ALL. Fucking—I don’t even know.

I work in the nights and usually finish my work on the phones when the sun’s coming up. Like this morning it was like that. It was slow for the first bit but I had a really nice chat at the end with one of you guys. After we both came (at the same time—love that) we talked a bit more, just unwinding. He mentioned to me (I’ll call him Tim) he’d tried anal for the first time last week.

Now here’s a little thing about me: I’m no prude, and I’ve fucked a lot, but I’ve never done that. I’ve always been afraid. Whatever, stupid reasons. But Tim was saying the girl he’d hooked up with loved it. At first I was like “Right. Sure she did.” But really, she did. She said he’d just been gentle at first with lots of lube and slowly revved up the speed, and she didn’t just come she squirted!

I get hot when I hear shit like that.

Eventually Tim had to go and we said nice goodbyes and hung up. I went over to the window and opened the blinds and looked at the sun coming in over the trees. I only have a little student pad. But I like my view. Usually after work I take a quick nap then get up and study, but I’m ahead in class these days and didn’t want to sleep.

And I was still. You know. Thinking.

So I made a pot of coffee and took it out on my patio and thumbed through my phone. I’m a pretty busy girl between work and school…I don’t have too much time for my own fun anymore but fuck it. I was trying to think of guys I could call. I texted a few I’d hooked up with years ago. They didn’t respond. I think a lot of them have moved away. College towns, I guess.

I put on my purple silk blouse, my good pants and a coat. I thought if I took a walk into town my brain would settle down. And if not, maybe I’d meet someone—

And yes ok. That’s crazy right? Even a girl like me. I’ve done wild shit. But who goes to pick up guys eight-thirty in the morning on a Friday? That’s what I was thinking. That’s what was in my head.

So I was walking into town on the main road. I had some books with me thinking maybe I could zone out on campus. Get this sudden what the fuck obsession about anal out of my head. Then I was going through the nice tenured professor part of town. There it happened.

I heard my name.

I turned around. It was my old English teacher from freshman year. Young. But you could tell he was old for his years. It was his first year teaching when I had him. Tall. He said he came from up north from a family of farmers. Somewhere cold. He was in a T-shirt and mowing the lawn.

I said: “Professor!” I was so shocked. I had no idea he’d remembered me. I’d had a dream about him. A couple of them.

I could bore you with these next parts. Where we were both being shy. I won’t. He invited me in for coffee. He made fun of my heavy winter coat (come on I’m from the South). I found his wife was away on business. I kissed him. Wasn’t half an hour after I left home I was blowing him in his kitchen nook. Guess I still am a wild girl.

So. I liked him pumping my head and cradling my neck with his big pulsing farmer-stock dick. I liked him fucking my face in that silk blouse of mine. But. But. After a bit I was like “You have a bedroom” We went up, he had a beautiful four-poster elegant bed. It was really like something a princess would sleep in. I didn’t tell him but I’ve dreamed of making love in a bed like that. We were naked and he was about to fuck my cunt which fair enough was almost dripping. But I turned around. Plucked out the little bottle of lube I had in my bag. I rubbed his dick with it sweet and smooth and fluid. And I whispered.

“You ever fuck a girl in the ass?”

English professor or not, I don’t think he expected that.

I lubed us up both good. Put my head in his pillow. Slowly guided him in.

I drew him in slowly, an inch. And then another. And then I lost my breath as he was in me. I didn’t know something could hurt like that. And feel so good. It was like he got between a closed seam of me. But he was sweet. He could feel how I was shuddering. He went slowly. Very gently pumping in and out of me. Opening me up piece by piece. I can’t tell you how good it felt down there. When I get fucked in my pussy it’s right and never hurts and it’s fun in the simplest way, like it’s regular and good but when he put his dick in my ass how he did it was like he gave me a new body. I was concentrated there in every way. Like my skin was inside out with something better. And there was nothing but him filling my ass.
I could tell he wanted to really fuck me— he said “You like that?” and I suppose he broke the spell a little but that was fine. Because I wanted to get fucked too. “I love it,” I gasped. “Fuck me.”

He went a little faster. My body’s engine was revving for it. He said: “I don’t want to hurt you.”
“I DON’T CARE IF YOU HURT ME” I said. “FUCK ME!” That’s how I set him loose. He gathered my hair and pulled me back and I gasped like a fish at the ceiling, He pounded my opening gaping hole. I could feel it far up as my fingers and toes. When I got fucked in my ass I felt it in every inch of my skin. He fucked me savagely and brutally. But it never hurt too much. It always hurt just right enough. I came again. And then again. I’ve come fucking three times this morning. And still he fucked me. I thought he could fuck forever. He had me in a ball on the bed. At the end. He loomed over me. Like a God. He stood over me plunging himself in and out fucking my wet ass over and over and over and over and over. I would have stayed there for hours as long as he fucked me. I didn’t once think of asking him to stop.
Finally he was grunting and shaking. When he came, he put himself all the way in. Stretched me to the very end. I felt him gush and his cum trickle into me and drip down the insides. My sore, aching ass.
I asked if he’d call a cab home. Because fuck after that I could barely walk. He did, the sweetie. And now I’m going to sleep all day. On my fucking stomach. Lol. I hope the other girls don’t think weird of me but ladies, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Call 1-800-PHONESEX