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I’m the type that gets bored real easy. One cock, two cock, three cock, four cock, white cock, black cock, two chicks, three dicks, on my face, gangbang, anal, threesome, orgy… every day it’s gotta be sumthin’ different ya know?

It’s the same with jobs. I hop from job to job because, well, doing the same thing gets boring! That’s why doing a phone sex line is great – every day it gets to be different – and it’s never boring.

For the summer I took a job working at a campground. Relax, guys, I get wifi and cell service, so I can still take calls… out in the woods, among the trees… I’ll be stuffin’ my cooter with broken tree branches and wiping my cum with fallen tree leaves, jungle life style LOL!

So I’ve only been here less than a week and I’m already going crazy. It’s like, you’re stuck out here in the woods and you’re horny as hell and you’ve got young kids and teenage campers all around and you share a bunk with 5 other counselors and they would all hear you going to town on yourself or you would shake the bed because you’re on the top bunk…

Needless to say that’s why I have to go on a little walk to take my calls. But sometimes I just want to lay back, spread my legs wide and shove my whole entire fist in my cunt. I can’t do that on a bed of leaves and dirt and rocks and sticks. So it gets tricky, you gotta get creative!

There is a little tree house about a half mile from camp. There are no lights so you gotta take a flashlight up there when you go after dark. I took a few calls up there and it was fun. There’s a little more room and privacy, but the first time I was up there some campers were hiking by, so I had to be quiet! It was kinda nerve-wracking, the thought of almost getting caught but really fun!

So last night, right…

I had been crushing on one of the other counselors. He was a student at ________ in North Carolina. He had a very thick southern accent that was so cute and his smile was magnetic. Pretty mouth, and me being super dirty I imagined a big fat dick in inside it… yes I like guy on guy action too… white, straight teeth… so white I pictured my sweet pussy juices staining them sticky … pretty blue eyes. Very sweet guy. He led the nature hikes. Every time I would see him I’d casually brush up against him, I’d sit next to him at meal times, letting my thigh fall against his, etc.

So anyways, let’s call him Jack– Jack was building up the campfire last night for the scary story night. We were all technically supposed to be there, but if you weren’t it wasn’t a big deal. He was cutting the kindling with his shirt off because it was a hot day and I was watching from inside the window. I was getting all hot just looking at his beautiful torso and I went out to talk to him. We exchanged some “I want to fuck you” glances, and I told him to meet me before the fire started. He asked me if I had a scary story to share and I told him no, not yet.

So before story time, when everyone was gathering there taking their seats, I met Jack by the kitchen door.
“Come with me” I told him and took his hand.
We went up to the treehouse, and I climbed the ladder first. Purposely so he could look at my booty from below, from underneath my tight dress so he could see the full fat of my ass cheeks and look up at my panty-less pussy as I lifted each leg up to the next step.

My plan worked. As soon as we sat in the treehouse, we heard everyone clapping and the campfire started. Jack sat down next to me, I was sitting on my butt, my legs out, and he put his hand on my thigh. I was writhing and not wanting to waste any more time. I just went for it.

I grabbed his dick and started rubbing, and he leaned in and kissed me. He tried to push me on my back but I pushed him down instead. I unzipped his pants as we kissed and grabbed his cock, then lowered my face to his dick. I stuffed that thing in my mouth – and oh yeah it was beautiful – and bobbed up and down on it until he couldn’t even take it anymore and blasted in my mouth. I swallowed it and then stuck my tongue out to show him that nothing was there.

He smiled and I sat on him, my tight pussy walls clenching around his cock. He was still hard as fuck and able to go more. He tore my pussy apart – he turned me around and fucked me from behind, his hips pushing against the fat of my ass, then I lied on my side and we fucked sideways, him still behind me, again pushing against my fat booty, he tugged on my nipples with his teeth, he bit my clit and licked up my cum as I gushed it onto his tongue.

We both lied back in utter exhaustion and satisfaction, naked on the wooden treehouse floor, heard the clapping again, and decided to hang out in the treehouse, our naked bodies pressed against each other, for the rest of the night. I woke up to the sun shining through and the birds chirping in the tree above and with a hard cock trying to find its way into my ass hole.

Oh the woods…

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