I’m a pretty busty girl lol. When I go to the gym I wear TWO sports bras just to keep things under control!

Karina Heart big tits gif

And omg did the gym get iiiiiinteresting yesterday. I like to go really work out after a shift on the phones. I get so worked up and bothered and even after I’ve come I just have sex on the brain! I have to go work it out and sweat it off lol.
So there I am on the treadmill working out, just running as fast as I can letting my muscles take over and this smooth ripped dude is over there lifting weights catching my eye! The first thing I think is that I wanna fuck him! I don’t see a ring on his finger but of course he’s working out…
And then he just eyefucks the shit out of me back! Like, for 15 mins or so he’s shooting me sex eyes. Then he disappears into the men’s locker room and I think, “oh well”.

But then the FIRE alarm goes off. Everyone kinda grumbles and heads for the exit. I’m following the crowd when I feel a hand reach out and grab my arm.

“Come with me” he says, and walks me down a hall to one of the freshly-evacuated weight rooms.

“But isn’t there a fire?” I asked.

He smiled and winked and I suddenly got it. HE was the one who pulled the alarm!
We didn’t let  a second go to waste!

I got on my knees and pulled his cock out of his basketball shorts and shoved it down my throat.


“FUUUUUUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD” he moaned as I deep throated the fuck out of him just like I knew he’d like it!

He stumbled back on his legs and put his hand on the weight machine to steady himself and I put his hard veiny cock back down my fucking throat. I could feel his knees buckling! I love sucking a dick hehe but I knew I wanted to ride that cock too!
“You’re so fucking hot…THOSE TITS!”
“I know baby” I said, sucking like a good girl.
“Goddamn you make me so fucking horny.”
“Oh yeah? You gonna fuck me or what then?”

He grabbed me by my arms, spun me around, and pulled my yoga pants and undies down around my ankles.

“Is this what you want?”


I felt the head of his cock– he was spanking my bare ass with it. Then he spread my cheeks and I felt him slip inside my wet pussy.

gym 2

“Oh shiiiit your pussy’s so fucking tight!”

“Well yeah I work out, duh!”
Fuuuuuuck it felt so good! He had me up against a machine and he his muscles glistened as he pounded away at my fucking cunt and I loved it! I’d never known I could get fucked so good! I couldn’t hold back– I was going to cum and I knew it.

“Holy SHIT I love fucking you!” he said as his sweat rained down off his forehead onto my lower back.

“I’m cumming” I moaned as he pumped away at me from behind, my huge tits swinging like pendulums.


And all I can say is OMFG! Maybe it was the danger of getting caught, or that he was a complete stranger– I don’t know– but man, it was pretty much the best “O” of my life! And I wanted to return the favor.


“You wanna fuck my tits?”

“Fuck yeah!” he said.

I ripped off my top(s) and said come on!
He wasted no time and went to work on my big soft smooth breasts like no one’s business, rubbing and pumping his cock between them.
“You like my tits?”
“Holy shit I love your fucking tits your tits are so fucking gorgeous!!!”

“You want to come on these tits? Huh?”

“Yeah yeah yeah yeah OHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK”
And then he jizzed all over my sweet boobs so hard! Holy God I’ve never seen someone have such a good orgasm, like every bad thing just drained out of his body.


The timing was perfect– RIGHT after he’d blow his load on my giant breasts, the alarm stopped and we could hear people coming back into the gym. I tried to look as innocent and casual as ever as I collected my things to leave. But I’m no fool- I handed him a scrap of paper with my digits on it before I walked out!

I’ll be EXTRA motivated to work out from now on, if I can get fucked good like that right after!!!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX


I fucking hate doing laundry. But it’d been like a month since I’d done it so it was seriously time to wash my panties. Even the cute lace ones, though I haven’t had a proper date in what feels like months! Anyways, I’m down in the laundry room, sitting there catching up on some reading while the machines are going. The damn washer kept rumbling and shaking really violently, so I went over and put my hand on it to see what was up, but despite that rattling, it seemed to be working fine. Thank god. This week had already been a long one!


I was so tired I leaned against it, and noticed something – tingling in my pussy and nipples.


I looked at this washer like maybe it could help me with some of my stress. LOL.   It was after midnight – I doubted anyone would be coming down there, so I pulled my big tits out of my nightie and started to play with them…sucking them bit, getting myself more and more worked up.

im7143_177 im7143_191 im7143_214

I lifted myself in my little nightgown up on the washer. Now I’m a big girl– an official BBW– and I’m proud of it. There’s LOTS of me to love, and I’m NOT shy at all!


So I spread my legs open, pulled my giant tits free from the top of my nightie, and rested my back against the wall, pulling my panties to the side.

The shaking was rushing through my body and I was tingling everywhere. I walked my fingers down my pelvis and I started tickling my clit. The luscious fat of my booty was shaking violently this thing was running so rough, that I wished there was a hot guy around to watch that big ass quake! I tilted my head back and was rubbing the shit out of my clit.


I was sitting there cumming – straight gushing onto the top of the dryer when I got caught!!!!

This young college guy from 2 floors above me walked in!!

I nearly fell off of the dryer I was so shocked. He just laughed and went over to the next one that wasn’t running to get his clothes.

“Did I interrupt something?” he asked me.

I was so embarrassed my cheeks were red and I didn’t speak.

“Don’t be shy,” he said and came close behind me, “I’ve seen you around before. And, uh, I really like women with CURVES. REAL WOMEN.”

“Oh yeah? I asked, “have you been with a BBW before?”

“Just once…but it was the best night of my fucken life” he smiled, moving closer to me.

“How old are you?” I asked. I always saw him walking with a backpack on and schoolbooks in his arms.


“You lie.”

Suddenly his hands were on my waist.

“Want to see my ID?” he whispered, his breath hot in my ear. He was holding me from behind and I scooted my booty into him a little bit.

“You promise?” I asked, putting my hands on top of his.

“I promise,” he said, this time his lips biting my lower earlobe.

I turned to him and kissed him.

His hands slid down and two of his fingers rubbed my clit.

“Ahhhh,” I dropped my head back. He stuck his fingers inside of me and I reached my hands behind me and grabbed for his dick.

It was hard and it was pulsating. I yanked on it for a few minutes while he was fingering me then I turned around and got on my knees. I sucked that cock like there was no tomorrow as the machines banged away.

Do you even know how long it had been since a nice juicy cock had been between my lips?

I was LOVING every second of it! My lips were dripping with saliva and my throat was so lubricated I felt like I could have fit seven cocks in there.

When he finally couldn’t take it anymore he bent me over the washer, which was still shaking like mad in the spin cycle. He pushed my full ass cheeks aside and shoved his dick in my dripping pussy from behind. My huge tits were flying into my chin and my ass was to each thrust.

“GOD DAMN” he said as my tits flapped, “you’re a whole lot of woman! The girls at school are like stick figures. I’ve been waiting for a long time to sink my cock into a thick, round, LUSCIOUS woman like you.”

“Yeah?” I said, “then show me how much you love big girls. Fuck me like the world is ending tomorrow!”

Oh boy did he! He grabbed onto my waist and pounded away until my eyes rolled back. Between the washer and his thrusting into me, I swear I almost lost it, it felt so good! Then I knew he was going to cum right when I was!


He pulled out and blew his load on my ass cheeks right as the washer stopped. It finished buzzing as he tapped his cock on my ass.

“Thanks, I’ve always wanted to fuck you like that,” he said, grabbed his basket of clothes and left.

I stayed and finished my laundry, but I’ve been masturbating to the memory like every 5 minutes since!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

I don’t mean to brag but I have a lot of sex. I just like sex and so I make sure I’m around other people who like sex! My pussy gets good poundings and I get to draw out my desire on the phones as I want…I can’t complain. ;) Hehe.
BUT: I can never get a guy to dominate me and just take control! That’s what I like but see, I’m kind of a big girl…Amazonian you could say. Big AND tall. And all these guys want me to take control! Don’t get me wrong I like getting what I like. But some days…

Like today when I got the shit fucked out of me just the way he liked it!

I was at the pool going for my daily swim and resting against the side in the water when I saw this guy working out with some weights across the way in the other room. He was short but RIPPED. He had that look I find so hot! Clean smooth bald with a mustache and a goatee and eyes of fire. He just had this determined look in his eye as he was lifting and I thought “Goddamn I bet that guy fucks GOOD.”
He caught my eye too and gave me just the slightest smirk and I almost gushed right there in the water! I just felt ready to have him fuck me right there! I was like “Geez B____ come on you’re acting like a teenager!” but I swear all I wanted right there was him to lift me up with those strong arms of his and fuck me any way he wanted!
Well wishes come true because we crossed paths on the way to the change rooms. He was so beautiful sweating and glinting in the light with those muscles of his. He said: “Saw you looking at me.”
“Oh yeah?” I gave him that look again.
Then I nodded to a private change room. “Anything you wanna do about it?”
God that was all he needed!

He shut and locked the door behind us and before I knew it I was on my knees with my hands behind my back bobbing for his dick!

He let out a low grunt like an animal and pushed his way right into my fucking throat! Lucky for him I’m an expert and didn’t gag. He took my long brown hair and bored his eyes right into my sweet green ones looking up at him as he fit himself perfectly into my gaping mouth. Oh God I loved the taste of his meaty fucking cock! His strong hands on my head and hair tingled like an electric blanket I felt like a machine that would do whatever he wanted! He thrust in and out of my mouth still sweating and hungry with my knees on that cool floor and it was all so goddam fucking HOT.
I thought he might jizz in my mouth right there but he wasn’t done! (I would’ve taken it…) He guided me up into the bench and laid out my long legs onto his shoulders but before he fucked me he grabbed some towels and tied me to the racks! I was like lol that won’t work…oh, but they did. And then he FUCKED ME SO GOOD. It was crazy!!!! He lifted the lower half of my body up and fucked me silly!!! He bellowed and thrust so intensely and it felt like I was flying off the ground! I guess I was.

He plowed every part of my aching hole over and over again with those strong arms on my behind!

I thought he would never stop fucking me, there were veins popping on his forehead and all his skin was bright red! I guess he had just worked out lol. But goddamn I wanted him to fuck me forever in that room!
Then we heard a KNOCK KNOCK. “HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE” Lol. I was so embarrassed! But he just said “LEAVE US ALONE SHE’S HAVING TROUBLE!” Ha musta screamed a little too loud…lol.

“Gag me” I said.

His thing dropped for a sec haha, like he was surprised! Then he said “That’s a good idea.”
“I’m pretty smart, you know.”
A very clean towel went into my mouth and then I screamed all I wanted but I could barely make noises or move I just could only feel DICK. Oh God it was beautiful…he just went forever! Finally he was bellowing like a horse and I spat the towel out and said COME ON ME COME ON MY FUCKING FACE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and he untied me and I was back down on my knees I was practically fucking begging for it my God!!!!

I needed his jizz so bad I wanted him to fucking cover me…. I wanted that dick in my throat one more time!

I sucked him all the way down and he groaned and pushed into me with my hands behind my back until I heard him go oh SHIT and I knew it and then he drenched me in all his fucking come it was so HOT!! I just stood there on my knees patiently as he drained himself right over me! Holy fucking shit I couldn’t believe what had just happened.
He handed me another clean towel. Lol. I wiped myself up and then we heard more banging on the door.

Uh so we’re banned from the gym. But as a consolation prize to him I blew him in his car as he drove me home. Why the hell not? You shoulda seen the look on his face as I righted myself with another mouthful of his spunk. Clear calm and in control. Atta boy…it was fun to have someone else tell this tall girl what to do. Not that I still don’t want to take what I want from the next one. ;) God I need a fucking nap!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

Karina Heart big tits gif

I work two jobs, the phones at night and this shithole café in the old district during the day. I hate being on my feet all day but my natural DDD’s get me A LOT of tips so whatever.  So yesterday it is hot as fuck at the day job and I swear to god the A/C was broken. Fans going it’s a million degrees and yet everyone still wants their hot coffee and warm toast! And then this reeeeal young guy comes in and I don’t know- there was just something about him.

Even though my head was reciting the last order I took, my pussy wanted to engulf his cock right there but instead I said, “can I seat you”?

(Swear I almost said “sit on you” lol)

I fetched him coffee and toast (Wtf everyone it’s ninety degrees inside I swear!) then went about my day and tried to be more professional and not think about shoving his chair out and fucking him right there on the table. DISCIPLINE you know?
But then fuck…thinking of that young muscled body and cock eager to sample all life has to offer…it just made my clit jump. I couldn’t fucking help myself. I told my boss “hey I’m just gonna take my smoke break now!” and then went out before she could argue. Boy-toy was paying the bill I’d left him and when he walked out I just walked right into him! Pretended it was an accident! (teehee)

He said “oh no did I hurt you?” and I said “PSSST- hey in here” and motioned to the abandoned furniture store next door.
He was so sweet! he said are you ok! Do I need to help you with something…? And I kicked in the door where I knew the lock was weak and put my hand on his dick through his pants and rubbed it against my tight little black skirt and said “fuck me boy!  Fuck me with that young cock of yours!”
Look bitch has needs!
His eyes turned into saucers and his pants immediately tented out! He had no idea this voluptuous old waitress with the boobs coming out of the zip-up shirt was going to be after him when he ordered I’m sure, but soon there I was , getting on my knees in the abandoned building, freeing his cock from his Dickie shorts.

His face said he couldn’t believe I was sucking him right there, but his cock said MORE!!!

Middle of the city but no one could see us. It was hot as shit! He groped at my smooth tight shirt and felt my firm fucking tits as I throated his cock. I was giving him the fucking education he deserved! That young nubile flesh swimming in my hungry mouth…
When I felt him getting TOO excited I didn’t want to spoil my own fun yet, so I stopped and told him “Undress me”.

He nodded like an obedient little man-slut and carefully unzipped my tight shirt and took it off over my boobs. When he saw my admittedly amazing rack he moaned and buried his face between then, grabbing up two handfuls and smooshing his face as far as it would go into them.
“Gooood” I said and freed him from my tits then bent over a cross-beam hanging down.

I pulled up my black skirt and said “fuck me. Fuck me right now! Fuck me hard!!!”

I was dripping wet by now just waiting for that smooth, young, robust cock.

He put his hands on the sides of my ass and RAMMED MY FUCKING CUNT SO HARD I gasped and it was like the wind was knocked out of me!!

I could barely breath with how battering hard he starting fucking my gaping hole!!! OH God it was perfect. He spread me out even further, ass up in the air, and pulled back my hair and fucked me harder balancing me on that beam like a little fuckdoll!

I knew the kid had me– me clit began twitching and throbbing where his balls were slapping it and I knew I was going to cum soon! I wanted to RIDE HIM so I turned around, laid him on the cold concrete floor, and climbed on top of his cock.

“OH MAN!” he said as I sank down on him and started to bounce. Guys ALWAYS go crazy when I get on top, because think about it- my big amazing BOOBS just bounce all over the place. He raised his hips up into me and was somehow able to pound me just as hard from the bottom! It felt amazing with my tits flying everywhere and his cock pumping in and out of me so hard.

I could see his eyes lit up from watching my heavy titties so I leaned over and let them slap and rub up and down on his face as he fucked me!

I could tell it was pushing him to the brink and that made ME ready. I grabbed onto his shoulders and bore down and ground on his cock and my pussy convulsed around it in spasms as I came harder than I had in a long time.

After I finished I said “I want you to cum down my throat. I want to drink every ounce of your fucking cum”.

I got off of him and got on my knees again, using my shirt as padding on the hard ground.

“First, slap me with it” I commanded him.

He took his cock and slapped my face. It made me fucking crazy!

“Again!” I told him.

This time he took that hard cock and really beat it against my face a few times until I couldn’t take it, and grabbed it, shoving it into my mouth. I started sucking as hard as I could, trying to swallow every last inch of him. It’s like my throat wanted his cock as much as my pussy had!

I just wanted to MILK this kid dry, and he could tell because he really grabbed onto my head and started fucking my face HARD.

Just as hard as he’d pounded my pussy, he jammed his cock in and out of my throat, forcing himself into me, making me feel used like a fuck-toy, and it turned me on so much I swear I came AGAIN without ANYTHING even touching my pussy!

As I started to again, he shouted “OHHHH I’M GONNA FUCKING CUMMMMMMMM!” and I jammed his cock as far down my throat as nature would allow and felt it that hot gush all the way down my gullet!

He emptied cock in my throat, softly moving in and out, moaning, enjoying the warm pressure of my mouth for every last dropped that pumped out of him and I swallowed and kept swallowing!

When he was finally done, all he could say was “oh my god”.

“Yeah” I agreed, that was pretty fucking phenomenal for a younger guy, “maybe we can do this again sometime”.

“Maybe?!” he asked incredulously, “I NEED your fucking phone number!”

And guess what? I totally gave it to him, even though I found out he JUST turned 18!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

So I’m a pretty take-charge girl. I know what I want and I get it when I want. Like dick. Or two dicks. Or whatever.  ANYWAY. Some of you who’ve talked to me on the phones know what I mean. ;)
So first of all I was hanging out with my friend that I’m going to call John. John is a decent dude and we were just chilling at his house drinking a beer or too and we were talking how we both wanted sex all the time but it’s hard to talk about that stuff. So then I HAD to ask…. “Do you want to have sex with ME?” Just as friends? Well you can mayyyyybe guess what happened after that hehe.

Soon I had him spread lying on his back on the couch and I had his dick in my mouth!

Have I told you I love dick. I love dick. Let everyone know right fuckin’ now that I love dick. Ok.
And he was like holy shit I can’t believe this is happening and I said BELIEVE JOHN BELIEVE. Haha. And just as I was about to fuck him, command him to lay still, while I rode him silly, I heard “What the fuck!?!?”
There I was, my hungry pussy hovering over John’s throbbing begging dick, and there was John’s female roommate __________.

And instead of freaking out or yelling or running out of the room, she just came over and lifted up her skirt and the next thing I knew she had her pussy in my face!

I was like holy shit and I sat down on John’s cock and he moaned with such pleasure from my wet soaking pussy and then I was licking the wet soaking pussy in front of me! Oh my God _______’s cunt felt so good with her business skirt lifted and panties down taking in her famished clit. I loved it! She was like holy God fuck I never guessed you could eat pussy this good! John was bouncing and bobbing and thrusting into me like fuck yeah babe holy shit goddamn this is fucking amazing you’re so fucking good you’re so fucking hot…

Suddenly though I felt a little too out of control for all this happening to me. I felt I just needed to have a little more…say in this matter. I bounced off John’s cock and tore my lips away from _________’s cunt. Before they knew what was going on, I positioned ________ over his dick and whispered in her ear loud enough for John to hear “You two want it now, don’t you you whores”

Well they fucking slammed into each other like the Himalayas when I said that! Hahahaha. And her eyes rolled back into her fucking head!

Those beautiful huge tits I’d always gawked at with my dirty pervy mind, always under cream colored blouses and cocktail dresses, were now here, bouncing around in front of me!

God fucking damn it was perfect. As they were fucking I straddled John’s mouth and said “Eat me,” before he could respond I sat down on his face and nearly smothered him with my puss! Then I grabbed her perfect tits and rolled them around in my hands. God they were amazing but I wanted her to suck on mine. As she was still riding John’s dick and I was riding his face I gripped her shoulders and bent her forward to suck on my perky little nipples. She did and moaned, God it felt so good! I had them right where I wanted them, and they were doing everything I said. It was all so fucking HOT.
So this would all be pretty wild already just on its own right? well LOL have I got a surprise for you because that isn’t all that happened…no we had one more surprise left just then…
Suddenly someone knocked on the door and it fell open and we heard a deep gruff voice say “Babe?”
IT WAS HER BOYFRIEND _______ coming over to see her! All of us FROZE. What do you say!?!?

“Hi there- I’m just force-feeding your GF my boobs while she rides her best friend– don’t mind us!!!!”

He looked at us with amazement like he just couldn’t figure out what was going on. And then it was JOHN, it was JOHN of all people who just said sweetly. “Hi there big guy. Join us?”
And then all of a sudden it was MY mouth that was full again—with dick! I looked at _____ and she nodded letting me know it was all good!

So I blew her boyfee like no tomorrow as my pussy was filled with a hot tongue.

Oh my God I was just lost while we were all getting the fucking and sucking we deserved! I came, squirting in John’s mouth—he lapped it up like a good little boy—then _______ came, right down my fucking throat!! Then John and _______ came together. Holy fucking shit it was the best thing, the best, best thing. I’ve never come that hard in my life!! We were all sitting around on the couch naked in our sweat-drenched clothes as John and _____ were still pulling on their cocks. An accidental threesome I can picture, but an accidental foursome? With a friend AND a couple?! God! I think I’ll be ok at home talking for a while now, I’ve been satiated!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

DIG_LY1215_086Oh my God you guys the craziest thing just fucking happened you’ll never fucking believe it. So the other day I was going to visit my friend at her new place. And she gave me the wrong address: 4526 when it should have been 2645. And I was thinking…”didn’t she say her new house was blue?” you know, getting a little weirded out…

And then this guy opened the door! Who I’d never seen before. But he was sweet looking and had a mustache—I’m a sucker for that kind of thing! And he said hi and welcomed me in, he looked so nervous. I was like “…where’s Emily? WOAH your place is nice.” and he was all Emily? I know a few Emilys. He looked SO nervous. I felt so bad for him!

…but I wasn’t worried I could tell he was nice and then all of a sudden it clicked. He said: “Well I didn’t expect you’d be here so soon!” and he held out a fold of money.
He had called for a prostitute!!

Like I said, no judgment, I know plenty of girls who whore and they are great, it’s just not a thing I do.
So I cleared up the situation and said no no I was just looking for my friend’s house! I mean, it’s no big deal, I don’t judge. He was SO embarrassed! He was all stammering and looking shy and so I said hey listen. Listen. It’s ok. And then I kissed him and whispered in his ear why don’t you call that other girl back and tell her not to come, huh?

He did and then I pounced! I led him into the bedroom and just started sucking his cock!! He was so surprised!

I just lay him down on the bed and shucked off his pants and went to town and got him hard in seconds.

He loved it this tall scrawny guy was running his fingers through my hair and just let me have my way with him!! I could tell he liked women taking control right away, I can tell that about guys. I love it when I get to just take what I want.

So after that I took my shirt off—I’m short but I got a big pair of DD tits and I know what all guys just ever want to do is fuck them. They all think about it but can never say it!
And I’m always like — I know what you’re thinking lol. And I want it I want to get my tits fucked all the time.
IT FEELS SO GOOD. And I did it with this guy and he loved it! His eyes went into the back of his fucking head! But he let me do all the work take all the control. I pushed my tits around his dick and went up and down and up and down I went fast at first then slow slow slowwww.

He couldn’t believe it! He was like oh my God I’ve never fucked a girl’s tits before!! And I said you can fuck mine all fucking night, his dick felt so good, it was complete rock fucking hard and not getting any softer!! I pumped up and down with one arm on my tits and one hand I was getting myself off.

I’d never met this guy before and I just walked in on him trying to get laid and it was all so fucking hot!!

Then I tell you what…I wanted him to bust all over my fucking boobs, but first I had to ride his face!! I wanted to cum riding him so bad!

I crawled up totally naked and held my quivering pussy right above his soft beard and aching tongue.

I knew he wanted to eat me so bad he couldn’t stand it. But he let me have his way with me. Good boy. I lowered myself over his mouth and rubbed myself raw on his lips. Oh it felt so fucking good. He let me take all I wanted from his warm hungry little mouth. Finally I came so hard I thought Emily could hear me down the street! I screamed “FUUUUUCK!” jizzing and squirting right into his moving mouth! And he sucked me dry every last drop! It was SO fucking hot.

But then I had to give him what he deserved hehehe. For being so good to me. I pulled him up and then over to the side so he was sitting on the bed and I could kneel in front of him. I fucking love getting a load blown on me when I’m on my knees! So I worked my way all the way down to the bottom of his cock just deep throating the fuck out of him and this time I went so fast I was just a machine I was a piston my neck pumping and pumping and pumping and I was almost screaming CUM FOR ME CUM FOR ME CUM FOR ME PAINT MY FUCKING CUM FACE CUM FOR ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW and he was gasping and quivering and finally he said I’m gonna cum!

And I pulled out and nozzled his dick all over my huge fucking tits to feel his sweet hot juicy cum all over my skin!

And then I rubbed it all into my creamy boobs. Oh my God it felt so so SO good.

After that we were sharing a smoke lying on the bed laughing at just how random and fun it all was—like when does something like this ever happen right? So we were talking about our lives and I said “I’m a phone sex girl.” And he was like “Cool! … Uh … do I have to call you and pay if I want to talk to you again?” I laughed and said no just let me suck your dick again next time!! He’s a lucky boy. Not that he can fulfill all my needs, let’s get real…almost time to start work again…

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

I can’t believe I just had sex in a library! A LIBRARY. I also work there. Lol. Whoops. wait no whoops it was the hottest fucking thing.

I’m a librarian and I’ve got the glasses and cardigans and all that shit you might think about but I am DIRTY on the inside, everyone thinks I’m so innocent and is so respectful and I guess that’s nice but I just want to be FUCKED all the time!!  I’m a small town librarian and there’s almost no one my age here who wants to bang! And all these old men and women are just like “When are you going to find a nice boy and settle down?”

and I say I don’t WANT to settle down. On anything but cocks. Lots of cocks.

I don’t say that. I’d get fired.

But today the BEST thing FINALLY happened! There’s one guy who comes in to get books for his young daughter and he is HOT! He looks about 40 and comes in dressed well and I can always see his dick through his pants. His huge hairy hands and big smile are so fucking hot and I always hoped he just wanted to jam that cock into my mouth and plug my sweet hole!


He comes in and says Well hello there Cherry Pop—this is his nickname for me because I have red hair and he says I’m so sweet. I said hi Tom you picking up your usual?
So he said yes and I bent over (showing my ass in my short little skirt!) getting the books for him but I stepped on a heel wrong and tripped knocking everything over!

And suddenly he loomed over me, kneeling over me, massaging my ass through my skirt. Oh it felt so good his hands! My pussy got wet, it got wet in that slow building way that meant I had to get fucked soon, I had to get fucked so I could gush everywhere. But it was in the middle of the day! In the library! There were people! But we were behind the desk and no one could see us…


“Sssh,” he said. He knew what I was thinking. “Don’t make a sound.” He put his hand to his belt but I was already there! I had to have his dick. I wanted him to facefuck me like a toy! I wanted him to fill every molecule of my pussy with his throbbing cock!


I heard him unbuckle his belt and he grabbed a fistful of my hair and said “I know you want me. You want me?” I nodded with him holding onto me. “Then take my cock you slut.” And his pants went down and he lifted up my skirt and gently rolled down my tights. He tongued me at first! His soft supple tongue teased my buttocks and then he got right in there and lapped at my perfect clean perky ass. It felt so fucking good! I thought I’d only ever want a cock in there but the way he ate me out my whole bottom just tingled and melted!

Then I had to do the same for him. This big tough guy flipped over and said eat me. Well I got up in there and rimmed him so good! Right there behind the desk by the old card catalogs. He was trying so hard to be quiet, his body was shaking and vibrating, he loved my tongue in that sweet hard muscly ass of his. “Yeah babe…yeah babe…fuck fuck your tongue’s fucking magic,” he whispered. I could feel him start to sweat.


But look tongues and asses may go together like no one’s business but—cock is still cock dammit. And I wanted his. I flipped him over and put my head over his hard dick, my glasses still on in my cute little cardigan and skirt.

I wanted him to fuck my cute little innocent librarian mouth! He knew what to do. He pumped away in my sweet little hole, he took me all the way down my throat and pumped every inch of his red sweating dick across my tongue.

But what I REALLY wanted was for him to fuck my ass. Well how were we gonna do that here? But here’s what happened. I told him, I said: “I want you to fuck my ass.”
And he whispered: “Yeah, but…” and gestured around. The desk was only a few feet high! I was amazed we hadn’t been caught already. And then he said, so quietly, and commandingly. “Lie down. Just. Lie. Down.”


I did and he moved over me. His face was pressed against my neck and his legs covered mine and he entered me. He did it slow at first the way you’re supposed to when you’re fucking a girl in the ass. I could tell he’d done it before. It was so good, it was like everything was his cock taking all the pleasure he wanted.

He hissed “You love me inside you you little whore, I know you do, your fucking tight ass” and he gripped my mouth because I was starting to squeal, I couldn’t not!

He felt so good as he skewered me! “Sssh,” he said. “Quiet.” and pumped harder and harder and I could feel him sweating and shuddering with every part of his body—

And then I came! I’ve never come from being fucked in the ass before but I came! It was the FUCKING BEST THING. It was like everything evaporated around me except for the pulsing fireball of pleasure coming from my bottom. I saw stars!!

And then he had me on my side and his dick was flying on my lips. “ohhhh…” I let out, gasping, “Yes…” and then he came all over my cheeks and lips and tongue! I was dripping his hot cum. Oh it was the best few minutes of my life.


Then I hard someone say “Do you know where the lady behind the desk went?” I thought of popping up right there but with a face full of jizz but I guess you can’t take too many chances. Haha. Tom put his clothes back on and snuck out and I whispered “You can…you can bring those books back anytime.” Well I am primed to get back to the phones after a day like that let me tell you. More to sock away so I can get the hell out of this town! Though after today I might be liking it a bit more. I hope Tom comes back for more “books” next week…

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

Does this count? This is the only green photo I could find today…

Remember us when you’re drunk and horny later! Can’t wait to have dirty, sloppy, nasty phone sex with you! ;)

Call 1-800-PHONESEX


If you think about it, the world hasn’t changed much. Sure, magazines aren’t as popular as they used to be – they’ve only been replaced by something more accessible, the online space we call the internet. I still do like magazines though; I mean…how else am I going to tape up a picture of Chris Hemsworth to my wall while I masturbate?

Yeah, magazines ARE still pretty useful ;)

So enjoy this cover ’cause we’ve got plenty of sexy content (aka dirty pictures) to quench your thirst baby!

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