I must be a born voyeur, because nothing gets my pussy wetter than putting on a show!

I love riding my 10″ rubber cock for a guy who watches and gets off on the show as much as I do from the dildo pounding into my cunt or tight ass.

I was staying at a resort, and it was the off season, there weren’t many people there at the time, but I had noticed this one hot guy by the pool one day that looked like he was there on a business trip. I saw that his room was near the pool and that he seemed to like to sit on the patio around sunset.

So the next evening I headed down to the pool in the tiniest, slutty bikini that I could legally be let outside wearing.

The tiny bits of triangle top only covered about a third of my tits; with sexy side boob spilling out, and firm hard nipples showing through. I got to the position I wanted by the pool, thankfully it was completely deserted, not a soul in sight, except for that hottie I had been eyeing who was sitting feet up, smoking a cigar outside. He was so hot he had me feeling like:

I bent over and lay out my towel; my fine firm ass framed with a small strip of bikini splitting my tan ass checks, which pointed in the direction of where he was lounging. I peeked out of the corner of my eye and as I could see he was watching I proceeding to pour oil over my flat stomach, my long toned legs, and up to my thick, but firm ass.

Then, after a quick look around, I untied my already small top, letting these full, gorgeous tits free.

I slowly slid the oil up around the firmness of my breasts, feeling the weight of them in my hands and letting my fingers slide to my nipples where they grew hard fast, and I soon couldn’t stop twisting and teasing them and bouncing them.

I gotta say, my huge tits are really awesome! They get the guys SO FUCKING HARD!

I could tell the object of my desire was planted to his chair, not looking away from my sexy display, and now was time for the real show.

I slowly pulled the strip of my thong aside, exposing all of my shaved pussy, letting my fingers delicately linger over the moistness of my pussy lips.

With one hand I slowly slid in and out of my cunt, sliding the wetness up to my clit and then back inside again, while the other hand continued to play with my firm nipples, twisting and tugging with more urgency as the feelings of pleasure built in my cunt.

This time I turned and looked directly into his eyes, I wanted to be sure he was enjoying this show that was all for his benefit.

My eyes slid down to where his hand had opened up his jeans and had slid out his big, rock hard cock, sliding up and down it, with veins throbbing down its full length.

Slowly he stroked the shaft and teased the ridged head, keeping pace with how I was running my fingers over my cunt. I took the finger out of my pussy and as I licked my lips I slid my finger, wet with my pussy juices, inside my mouth; all the while dreaming of what it would be like to lick, suck then fuck such a prize. I looked back again to see clear precum coating the tip of his cock now as he jerked off, obviously thinking similar thoughts.

Now came my favorite part, just when he didn’t think it could get any better I took my 10” dildo cock out of my pool bag and started sucking it while I made eye contact with him.

Starting by flicking the tip and working my way along the shaft, getting it good and wet, deep throating it, and fucking my own face with it, my pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I objectified myself for his pleasure more and more.

Then when the tension was too much, I leaned back against a pool chair, spreading open my long, tan legs, and plunged the cock deep inside the folds of my wet pussy.

As I fucked my own pussy, I alternated between my clit and my nipples, I could see him fucking himself at a similar speed, and then as we make eye contact again he began to speed up, so I did as well.

I rocked back and forth with the pleasure of this object filling my wet hole up, making me feel so good, all the while being completely exposed, in public, where anyone could walk by and see me at any moment while I fuck myself for the pleasure of someone who’s name I don’t even know.

The very thought of it all got me so turned on that I started yelling out, “yes, yes, yes” with the rhythmic pounding of the cock inside of me, and I could feel my climax building.

I looked over and could tell that his cock was ready to burst. I have never been so damn excited! I swear I don’t know what it is about putting on a show but GOD DAMN!

I fantasized about bouncing on his amazing cock in some serious reverse-cowgirl while I continued to pound my pussy with my rubber dildo.

Suddenly I heard him begin to moan, “ooooh fuck” and as I watched a shower of thick cum fell against his chest, and I let myself finally release the orgasm I had been building up and holding inside.

I pounded my pussy so hard that my hand was a blur, sliding in and out, in and out, until I let out a huge squeal, I moaned out “fuck yes, fuck yes” as the orgasm exploded inside of me.

So…ummmm…yeah…I WILL be doing that again VERY soon!

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It was so weird how much we looked alike.  It was like looking at myself.


I looked at her hair, long and blonde, falling softly over her shoulders. Her eyes were dark brown and her eyelashes sparkled under the glass of her thick-rimmed black frames. I traced every curve of her body with my eyes, imagining what it would be like to touch her DDs, my fingertips caressing the inlet of her thin waist then curling up into the flesh of her round luscious butt cheeks.


When they got to her pussy, my hands would gently flick her clitoris while softly rubbing her fresh shaven slit.

This woman looked exactly like me. The shape of her body, her deep dimples, wide smile, perfect teeth. I lifted my hand up and cupped her chin. I looked into her beautiful eyes and lost my tongue in her mouth. Her lips were so soft. Her tongue wrapped around mine like a snake slithering across your shoulders, slow and sweet, cool to the touch yet warm in all the right spots.

Within twenty seconds I had my right fist up her cunt and my left index and middle finger parting her asshole.

My lips ventured down the side of her neck and explored the valley between her mountains. I slowly licked along the curve underneath her breast. The tip of my tongue flicked her nipple and as my lips wrapped around her nipple and pursed tightly, pulling it toward me, I looked up at her face. She was holding the back of my head took a deep breath as I dropped to my knees, kissing down her stomach on my way, and opened my mouth to her pussy. I pulled it inside my mouth with my lips and lapped up the juices that flowed from her beautiful twat. My mouth was stuffed with her moist, soft muffin. I ate that pussy like I was biting into a warm, freshly baked apple pie. And she was a Red Delicious.

I liked looking into her eyes while I was eating her pussy. This beautiful being that made me feel like I was looking into a mirror and playing with myself. I did the things to her sweet cunt that I wanted done to me.

I didn’t let my tongue off of her twat until her legs were squirming and she was dripping her sweet juice all over my face.

My lips were sticky from her cum and it was all over my nose.

She gripped the back of my head so tight that she almost ripped my hair off of my scalp. She pulled my head up and practically forced her lips against mine. She kissed me deep and hard and her hands were rubbing the sides of my body delicately. She did a spin around me and planted her face in-between my ass cheeks. She stuck out her tongue and licked my asshole slowly, from the bottom of my twat all the way up to the small of my back. Her lips gently pressed against my lower back while her hands gripped the front of my thighs. They slowly crawled up the insides of my legs and made their way to my pussy. She gently caressed the outer lips before spreading it open with one hand and tickling my clit with the other. Her fingers crawled into my vagina and played hide-and-go-seek. They tried to find the very back, hitting the back wall and pressing until I felt like I had to pee. Then they slid down toward the hole and rubbed my G-spot. This is all while her tongue is inside my ass hole, spreading it open wide enough to shove a dildo in there. She backed away and reached for her toy. I heard the buzz of the dildo vibrating as it neared my skin.

She tickled my asshole with the tip of the dildo then ran it down the line and slowly stuffed it in my pussy from behind me.

I bent down in a squat position and she lowered herself underneath me. She lied on her back and licked my clit while pushing the vibrator in my pussy. It was so intense I came immediately. My juices bursted out of me and into her eyes. She giggled and as we lied next to each other, looking into each other’s eyes, the nipples from our beautiful big breasts touching.

Our fingers interlocked as we stared at each other, our faces still sticky from each other’s cum all over us. We held hands and heard the birds singing all around us. We were in a park, lying on a blanket on a beautiful sunny day. The camera crew kept rolling because we were two beautiful naked red-headed women outdoors in the public. Just laying there, lightly touching each other.

“So did you know,” the director of the adult film we were both starring in said, “that you guys are long-lost twin sisters?”

We both opened our mouths, surprised because we had no idea, we were just two equally perverted, equally beautiful people who happened to be sisters. TWIN sisters. And we both just ejaculated in each other’s mouths. And we loved it. I loved making love to someone who reminded me of myself. She was beautiful, she was sexy, she was hot, and I knew exactly how to please her because, well, we had a twin sister mind so we could tell what each other was thinking. Even if we just learned we had it, it was always there.
She kissed me again and we played it up for the camera. We lied there kissing each other with our hands rubbing each other’s bodies all over. The director was eating it up. I wondered if she worked on a phone sex line too and how many more adult videos she’d done. We were already so much alike and were both so dirty that we thought being together as sisters was super hot. He loved it. The crew even had to stop because they couldn’t take it anymore – they were getting so hot and their erections were bulging out of their pants.
I was so in love with my newfound twin sister and I was ready to build an empire making so many more movies with her.

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I fucking hate doing laundry. But it’d been like a month since I’d done it so it was seriously time to wash my panties. Even the cute lace ones, though I haven’t had a proper date in what feels like months! Anyways, I’m down in the laundry room, sitting there catching up on some reading while the machines are going. The damn washer kept rumbling and shaking really violently, so I went over and put my hand on it to see what was up, but despite that rattling, it seemed to be working fine. Thank god. This week had already been a long one!


I was so tired I leaned against it, and noticed something – tingling in my pussy and nipples.


I looked at this washer like maybe it could help me with some of my stress. LOL.   It was after midnight – I doubted anyone would be coming down there, so I pulled my big tits out of my nightie and started to play with them…sucking them bit, getting myself more and more worked up.

im7143_177 im7143_191 im7143_214

I lifted myself in my little nightgown up on the washer. Now I’m a big girl– an official BBW– and I’m proud of it. There’s LOTS of me to love, and I’m NOT shy at all!


So I spread my legs open, pulled my giant tits free from the top of my nightie, and rested my back against the wall, pulling my panties to the side.

The shaking was rushing through my body and I was tingling everywhere. I walked my fingers down my pelvis and I started tickling my clit. The luscious fat of my booty was shaking violently this thing was running so rough, that I wished there was a hot guy around to watch that big ass quake! I tilted my head back and was rubbing the shit out of my clit.


I was sitting there cumming – straight gushing onto the top of the dryer when I got caught!!!!

This young college guy from 2 floors above me walked in!!

I nearly fell off of the dryer I was so shocked. He just laughed and went over to the next one that wasn’t running to get his clothes.

“Did I interrupt something?” he asked me.

I was so embarrassed my cheeks were red and I didn’t speak.

“Don’t be shy,” he said and came close behind me, “I’ve seen you around before. And, uh, I really like women with CURVES. REAL WOMEN.”

“Oh yeah? I asked, “have you been with a BBW before?”

“Just once…but it was the best night of my fucken life” he smiled, moving closer to me.

“How old are you?” I asked. I always saw him walking with a backpack on and schoolbooks in his arms.


“You lie.”

Suddenly his hands were on my waist.

“Want to see my ID?” he whispered, his breath hot in my ear. He was holding me from behind and I scooted my booty into him a little bit.

“You promise?” I asked, putting my hands on top of his.

“I promise,” he said, this time his lips biting my lower earlobe.

I turned to him and kissed him.

His hands slid down and two of his fingers rubbed my clit.

“Ahhhh,” I dropped my head back. He stuck his fingers inside of me and I reached my hands behind me and grabbed for his dick.

It was hard and it was pulsating. I yanked on it for a few minutes while he was fingering me then I turned around and got on my knees. I sucked that cock like there was no tomorrow as the machines banged away.

Do you even know how long it had been since a nice juicy cock had been between my lips?

I was LOVING every second of it! My lips were dripping with saliva and my throat was so lubricated I felt like I could have fit seven cocks in there.

When he finally couldn’t take it anymore he bent me over the washer, which was still shaking like mad in the spin cycle. He pushed my full ass cheeks aside and shoved his dick in my dripping pussy from behind. My huge tits were flying into my chin and my ass was to each thrust.

“GOD DAMN” he said as my tits flapped, “you’re a whole lot of woman! The girls at school are like stick figures. I’ve been waiting for a long time to sink my cock into a thick, round, LUSCIOUS woman like you.”

“Yeah?” I said, “then show me how much you love big girls. Fuck me like the world is ending tomorrow!”

Oh boy did he! He grabbed onto my waist and pounded away until my eyes rolled back. Between the washer and his thrusting into me, I swear I almost lost it, it felt so good! Then I knew he was going to cum right when I was!


He pulled out and blew his load on my ass cheeks right as the washer stopped. It finished buzzing as he tapped his cock on my ass.

“Thanks, I’ve always wanted to fuck you like that,” he said, grabbed his basket of clothes and left.

I stayed and finished my laundry, but I’ve been masturbating to the memory like every 5 minutes since!

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ok you guys i really need to confess something here because id been attracted to my step brother ever since my mom remarried but i NEVER thought id act on it!!! I never thought HE would either but it totally happened.

we fucked 7 ways to Sunday right in the house and it was the best fucking sex ive ever had and now im worried for all kinds of reasons!

so, ok, the scenario is that my mom remarried 4 years ago and her new hubby has two sons. one is away at college and the other is my age (18) and we both just graduated. the three of us live in my moms house together and for 4 years ______ and i have flirted but nothing ever happened but then something did. we were home alone kinda late cuz it was our parents anniversary. we were watching a movie and it got really sexual and graphic and the next thing I new his hand was on my thigh. Like, in a sexual way and hes never touched me like that before. and right then and there i knew i wanted him too cuz my pussy started to drool and I didn’t move his hand away or say anything, so he started moving it slowly up my leg and under my dress until his fingers were rubbing my pussy right through my panties. but i couldn’t LOOK at him so i just kept my face forward at the movie but i didn’t stop him!

Then his fingers were INSIDE my panties and parted the lips of my pussy and he muttered “oh man” as he felt how WET I was down there and the next thing I know, my panties are flying off and hes jamming his cock in me!!!

i swear im seriously ashamed at how much i wanted it even though i know its weird and wrong supposedly and whatever but none of the guys at my high school get me as wet as my own step brother! hes seriously really cute and good at sports and funny and i he surprised me with how THICK his cock actually was with a fat ol head on it.

It was short but super fat and when he jammed it into me i swear I bled just a tiny bit taking all that girth so it was good that i was super wet or else it wouldnt have fit prolly!

i dont know if its cuz its the forbidden fruit or what, but i swear ive never been so fucking hot for someone in my whole life! i grabbed at his ass and pulled him harder onto me trying to get him deeper and deeper into my admittedly tight pussy. i had to admit to myself that id been fantasizing about this scenario since day 1 and i finally had him inside of me where id always wanted him since his dad first brought him over to meet me and i ALMOST wanted to tell him how long i wanted this but i couldnt’ bring myself to look at his face and i THINK he was feeling the same thing– he had wanted this so bad too for so long. and he wasn’t rushed about it either he slowly fucked me missionary style, then pulled me down on top of him on the sofa and i rode him but i still didnt’ want to look at his face so i turned around and rode him reverse cowgirl, bouncing my ass up and down on that giant totem pole.

This got him so excited he started to breathe heavy so i bounced harder and i knew i was gonna cum all over that soda-can-cock and i did and when i was done he pulled out.

he aimed that fat cock at my ass and pumped a load all over it but youd think that was the end but no way he wasn’t done yet! he flipped me over and laid me back down on the sofa and then buried his face in my sopping pussy and suckled at my clit and prodded with his fingers until i was screaming again, cumming hard!

then he came up and shoved that fattie in my face i happily choked on it and sucked on it and massaged his balls while i did it and felt SO SATISFIED hearing him moan.

the harder i gagged, the more he moaned, and as my own spit ran down my cheeks i felt him getting close and he knew it too because it was round 2 game on again and he wanted me from behind. no way that giant thing was going in my ass for reals but doggy was cool and he threw me over the arm of the sofa and pounded me with that fat hammer from the back while he spanked me too so my ass would ripple against him.

i yelled dont stop as i came AGAIN (time 3!) writhing against the arm of the sofa and he kept pounding, getting harder and harder until he said “OH YEAH!’ and pulled that fat cock out and aimed it at the sky and it seriously EXPLODED like a fucking rocket spurting jizz like 3 fucking feet high.

its like his cock just kept cumming and cumming pumping that load and then we both collapsed in each others arms and fell asleep. awhile later we heard our parents coming home and we had to RUN upstairs since we were both naked and cum-crusted and pretend to be asleep in our different rooms but then i get a text from him that says “i want that pussy every nite. Dont care if its right or wrong”!

and i texted back “i want u 2 fuck me w/ that fat cock every night”

now im SUPER PARANOID our parents are gonna find out! like, every time we’re alone together now my pussy is dripping waiting to get him alone but we only usually have a few daytime hours when we are home alone together. is this nuts? am i totally gross and crazy for doing this???? What on earth would our parents do if they knew?! It soooo fucking risky but i swear that what makes it so hot besides the fact that he IS hot and has that monster cock!

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So I’m an old-school girl, I like to be out and about in the sun and just hang around and see what’s happening with people! I go into the same shops every day walk along the boardwalks to the beaches in my short shorts and pigtails.
I’m a tiny girl and everyone says I’m cute but LOL fuck that. I mean it’s nice and all but I’m not just cute I’m also, like, DIRTY too! Sometimes I just want to get fucked!!
So I was walking around the other day just counting down the hours before my shift. It was so hot, and sweat was pouring down my tight little body. I was buying an icee at the concession stand when this guys steps in out of nowhere!

He said “Allow me, I’d like to buy you this.” It was sweet and he looked so handsome in a clean-cut, gentleman-type way in his tucked-in polo shirt and jeans. I thought “this guy probably really knows how to treat a woman” and as soon as I did, I realized I kinda wanted to fuck him!

I mean, I WANTED to fuck him. Kinda is downplaying it, cuz suddenly I envisioned him whipping out his cock right there and fucking me while he held onto my pigtails!


I was so overcome. He just looked at me with his wallet out and gave me this knowing smile and he said “this ok lovely?”
It’ll be ok if you have your dick down my throat, I said. NO I DIDN’T SAY THAT.
Almost though. lol.

We started walkin down the boardwalk eating our icee and he said he thought I was just so beautiful. He said a pretty girl like me had to have a boyfriend and I said no I WISH GOD. They all think I’m too little and young but I’m not!! I’m mature beyond my years. Like I said no one thinks I have a dirty side…
Then he stopped and said: “My apologies. I simply feel I have to kiss you.” And then I said “Yes!” And he did!! He kissed me so softly and sweetly, he was such a gentleman! I felt like such a slut grabbing for his dick, like oh no what if he thinks I’m too dirty?
But he breathed sharp and said “Oh yeahhhh babe.” It turned out he had a dirty side too… that’s nice. ;) And soon I had his fucking pants off behind the trees and I WAS SUCKING HIS DICK RIGHT THERE.


IT WAS THE HOTTEST THING I’D EVER DONE. Oh my God I can’t even begin! His dick felt so right in my mouth! I took my perky tits out and he started fucking my tits with ecstacy on his face.

I looked up at him like a good little girl cooing “Yeah? Yeah? You like fucking me? You want to fuck my sweet girlie titties?”

He took his cock and rubbed it all over my tits and I pushed them in tightly around his cock and he fucked them with the big head of his dick coming right up to my lips with every stroke. I lapped at it with my tongue every time, leaving sloppy trails of spittle all over his cock.

It was so good…but he HAD to fuck my pussy before he went! I bent over him and put my knees on the ground and then he pulled me back by my pigtails! He doubled me over and kissed me as he was fucking me! Oh my fucking God dI didn’t even know that was possible!!!!

Oh he was a machine he was SO FUCKING HARD– like, ROCK-HARD– and he hammered away at my pussy from behind, slapping my ass with his balls, squeezing my ass and moaning how hot it was! It was so amazing!! He was breathing and snorting with his blood pumping and veins popping from his muscled arms!


I’m this little girl being fucked by this big, strong older guy…a real MAN. How could that not get my tight little pussy going?!

I felt aching from every part, him pulling my hair on top and fucking me and fucking me from behind. Every muscle in my body felt filled and right and alive. I’ve never felt more from my body then I did right then. Then he pulled out and I thought he was going to come. But what he did next was fucking bonkers!!! You know what he did?!?!
HE PICKED. ME. UP. And fucked me standing!
I’ve always dreamed of doing that with a guy but no one ever would try it!! I’m really light lol it’s not that hard…I think. He just plucked me up like a flower and fit me onto his dick. His thick legs held our weight and he grabbed me by my ribs and started bouncing my on his cock!

I could NOT help myself I seriously shouted: “fuck me DADDY! Punish me!!!”

That’s when he walked us– me in his arms and wrapped around his waist– over to the wall, and he jammed me against it. His hand went up around my throat.

“You BAD FUCKING GIRL” he told me “I’m going to have to FUCK the naughty right out of you” and then he gripped my throat and tightened his ass and HAMMERED THAT COCK right into me!!! I had nowhere to go- the wall was pressing behind me, and I felt trapped by his cock, dominated by it, like it was his cock fucking me and there WAS NOTHING ELSE. Only what he wanted to take from me, and what I wanted to give him!

Veins bulging, the thrust deep into me over and over while choking me, and I came all over him, SQUIRTING all over his dick.


Then he grabbed my arm and swung me around so that my cheek was pressed up against the wall and started fucking me that way, planted face-first into the wall! I knew he was going to come then and he asked if he could come inside me and I’m on the pill so I said OK and he came in me so hard pressed against that wall, forced to take every drop oh jizz and he pumped and pumped and pumped and shuddered with pleasure. Every part of his body was pushing into mine and oh fuck it felt so good you have no fucking idea. I can’t even try to explain it. It was everything I’ve ever wanted and I can’t believe he was there to give it to me. It turned out when he was married I didn’t even care. I got what I needed and we went on our ways.

OH. MY. GOD. Please let me have that again soon!

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My boyfriend wants sex all the time and OK FINE I do too. But he never wants the sex that I want! I like to be eaten out and have my pussy licked and tongued in every corner and he hates that and he also doesn’t like getting his dick sucked! I don’t get it!
Guys can u help me out here!?!? Guys who don’t like getting their dick sucked?! Lol call me on my shift plz I need to talk to you and help me figure this out.
But ANYWAY I showed him up the other night hahaha. LET ME EXPLAIN.
We were at this party at our friend Josh’s place. Now Josh is the kind of guy who’s loud and the life of every party and he throws so many parties himself he’s always got the chance to be the life of one.
Anyway we’re drinkin and someone tells some stupid joke about how girls hate dicks. And I was like I don’t. Everoyn turned to look at me and I said well I don’t! Some women LIKE cocks you know. And Josh was like really?

I was like really REALLY, I even like giving head! I think blowjobs are fun!

Everyone else got kind of awkward and some people left at that but fuck em they are just haters I don’t need haters. I said yes, I love giving head, I WILL SAY IT LOUD IF YOU NEED I LOVE GIVING HEAD. Welll then everybody left at that point. Everyone but me and my boyfriend and Josh.
Josh said geez every girl I’ve been with was afraid of my dick…it hurt my feelings sometimes. I said oh really. Why? Show me.
Josh looked at my boyfriend like really man, your girlfriend just said she wanted to see my dick! My boyfriend nods like hey man, it’s not my dick, you get to do what you want with it, lol. So he took it out and it was HUGE! I don’t need big dick all the time for sure, but my goodness, his was so big! It was like he just kept taking more dick out of his pants! It was out there and then there was an energy in the room. I looked at it all huge and soft and hanging there and I knew.

 I KNEW I had to get that cock in my mouth, like, right now, in the least!

I said very softly looking Josh right in the eyes: Can I touch it? He looked at me so purely and I could see he wanted to fuck my mouth. And I was aching for it my tongue and lips were tingling with how bad I wanted that cock. He nodded yes and then we both looked at my boyfriend, thinking what are we DOING…lol.
My boyfriend said “Shit this’ll be hot”
First I thought YOU THOUGHT THAT’D BE HOT AND YOU NEVER THOUGHT TO TELL ME!? Lol but then was like well ok then this is gonna be fucking sexy…I wrapped my hands around his dick. Josh looked at me it felt so warm and sweet and then he started to get hard. Oh it was good. I kneeled down right there and started sucking.

Thank God he was shower not grower lol I have my limits too.

But I sucked his big veiny fleshy cock and it filled up all my mouth and I took it all the way down my throat!

It was so fucking hot! I hadn’t sucked a dick in so long! I sucked him and sucked him with my ponytail bobbing behind me and I heard Josh groaning talkin dirty like I LIKE he was like yeah you little slut you like my dick you like sucking me you’re such a good little cocksucker you’d eat fuckin cock all day…well what can I say lol.
I was loving feeling that dick on every part of tongue and mouth and the back of my throat. And then…then I felt my boyfriend. Kneeling over behind me. His hands on my back, then around the front of my shirt, which he started to unbutton. He got his shirt off then squeezed my tits. All while I was still sucking our friend’s cock! Oh my God it was hot! He tried to unzip my skirt but I was still on my knees so he could only get it so far down. But I got what I was doing and had an idea…
I said hold on (after taking the dick out of my mouth lol) and got up and manuevered Josh onto the bed. It was at the perfect height….
I told Josh to get on his knees on the bed. Then I wooshed my skirt and panties off and bent over the bed. I turned around to my boyfriend and said Fuck Me.

And then I turned back to sucking Josh’s big lovely meaty dick and then my boyfriend plowed me from behind!

Oh Jesus they double-teamed me like there was no fucking tomorrow!!! Seriously this had never happened to me before! I got that delicious cock in my mouth while my aching cunt got pummeled in the best possible hottest kind of way. It was so good. My eyes went into the back of my fucking head. I didn’t even have to do anything, just bent over there letting these two guys have their way with me and screw my slutholes until they had everything they wanted!! It was amazing!!!

My boyfee moved from my pussy to my ASS, even, pounding like crazy, more excited than he’d ever seemed. OMG I just let them both have at all my holes while I just sucked and bounced away!

We all wanted to come so bad so I said CUM all over my fucking face and they did! They painted me with their cum and I swallowed and licked it all!

God it was good!! They were breathing and wheezing and red and couldn’t believe what they had just done! My boyfriend looked pretty satisfied lol. But Josh looked like he had something just quick on his mind…
He asked if he could eat me out and I said YEAH OF COURSE RETURN THE FAVOR. so down he went! He licked and sucked lightly at every spot in and on my pussy and clit. Oh that hasn’t happened to me in so long. My boyfriend was looking at us like lol at least this means I don’t have to do it. hahaha
And then I came. And we all felt amazing. We all got into bed with each other just coming down. Some guy knocked on the door and said y’all still talking about dicks? LOL. I told him yes like go the fuck away.

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My REAL name is _____ and I live many lives. My online name when I’m HOME is “Kate” and online Kate writes DIRTY blogs, drinks black-guy-on-white-chick double penetration porn videos instead of coffee to get her juices going in the morning, and has more dildos and strap-on dicks than even the horniest college girls exploring ripe and tasty horny college girl-on-girl virgins for the first time.
When I dance at the nightclub, I’m Sydney. Sydney uses her body to cum to the music and Sydney slides her legs open in front of thousands of men, and Sydney does the splits in front of these men and she lifts up her clit to show them her pussy.

She slides her fingers inside of her pussy and then she pulls them out and she licks them.

Sydney sucks on her fingers and Sydney pinches her nipples and then runs her tongue along each one slowly, watching all of the cocks in front of her face rising under their zippers.

When I’m at my anonymous office day job, I wear the pencil skirt that shows my firm, round ass, pantyhose and high heels, hair up in a bun and glasses, my name is Charlotte. Charlotte is a sexy leggy thing with long brown hair that curls alongside the curves of her body and turns the heads of every man in the office. They can’t help but stare, simultaneously and silently deciding in their minds that it is time to take a “bathroom break”, where they go and yank on their dicks with the force of an ox from behind a bathroom stall.

They cum almost silently but so intensely picturing themselves bending her over the desk and shoving their cocks in her ass.

She teases the cum out of her boss’s ass, wearing the most cleavage-revealing tight tank tops under her sweater and the longest necklaces and the skirts that easily let her open her legs and give him a look at her tight yummy twat when she sat across from him in their meetings. She let her lip gloss shine at the center of her bottom lip and open her mouth wide, wide enough so that he could see how far she could stick a cock in it.

When I dress up in my little flowery 50s dress and curl my bangs so they show off most of my forehead and tie a bow in my hair I am Gracie. Gracie picks up her rotary phone and plays with random men she doesn’t know, talking dirty to them while her husband’s away. This is the only way Gracie can be happy while she spends all her days alone, with no one to talk to, no one to kiss her bright cherry lips, no one to crawl under her dress when he gets home and shove his tongue inside her twat, sucking on her clit and getting his face all wet and sloppy with her creamy pie right there in the kitchen, while she’s mixing ingredients for the banana cream pie she’s making…

When I wake up with a wet, sore pussy, bare-assed in a tank top with a dick in my mouth, I am Devyn.

Devyn is a devilish woman with dark red hair and a tattoo of a black rose on her neck. Devyn has beautiful perky little tits and Devyn likes licking women’s cunts as much as she likes getting her throat fucked, cock so hard and fat it makes her choke, spitting up vomit and coughing up his cum when he finally takes it out. Devyn will tie your hands to the shower rod or the punching bag in her garage while she licks the outside of your dick, rolls her tongue up the shaft, holds both of your balls in her cheeks at the same time and sticks the tip of her tongue in your asshole and slowly flicks her tongue against the space between your balls.

Devyn will keep you tied up while you watch her bury her face in another woman’s puss on her elbows and knees spreading her asshole wide right in front of your face.

Devyn will get down on all fours and lick up a bowl of bukake with a chain around her neck like she’s a dog that’s tied up in the pen. Devyn will do anything you ask.

And then sometimes I’m Jane. Jane is shy, wears sweaters and skirts down to her knees and flat shoes and tights and her vagina is so squeaky clean you could cook dinner in it, and it has only been tasted once by her best friend Jessie, her roommate freshmen year in college. It was an all-girl school and Jessie was so horny she would sneak out after curfew and crawl under the sheets and between the legs of her classmates. She would be so gentle while she sucked on their pussies while they were sleeping that the girls would think they were dreaming, and then they’d wonder why they were so happy the next day!

Yeah, I got a lot of people in my head…almost as many as have been in my pussy! Ok, well, maybe not THAT many, but let’s just say, A LOT. Which one of “my girls” do YOU want to meet most?! xoxoxox

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OK, so, I’m a big girl. Curves, DDD’s, a big booty, thick thighs. I’m about 180 lbs, but I’m hourglass: I’ve still got a 25″ waist and a really pretty face, which makes me a special kind of prize for MANY guys, but a lot of skinny girls don’t even see me as a threat and fuck them– I love that they don’t see me cumming! Literally. ;)

Cuz they don’t know their boys hook up with ME all the time, on the side. That’s right, skinny bitches, I’ve HAD your hot man, and I will again! They BEG me to suck their cocks with my full luscious lips, and go rock-hard when they see my gorgeous (FIRM) big tits.

When I strip to my thong and they see all that ass and those thighs, your man has forgotten your skinny little white girl no-butt!  They just want to grab onto my sexy flesh and sink inside something SOFT and WARM and INVITING for once!

So my latest conquest is my neighbor. Him and his girlfriend are like early 30’s I’d guess, and I’m 25 almost 26, just so ya know. ;) Anyways, when they first moved in I was my usual nice self, and HE was super sweet, but she was standoffish and kinda bitchy since day 1. So I didn’t feel bad when I started kinda crushing on him and fantasizing fucking him behind her size 4 back!

FINALLY bitch went outta town this past weekend for work, and I could make my move! My garbage disposal had been backed up for like, 3 weeks, but I put on a super thin, super short little sundress and marched across the street, knocked at his door, and did my best damsel in distress routine.

“Hey L_____, My garbage disposal JUST stopped working- I think I might have jammed something in there, but I’m scared to reach in an check it myself. Would you mind taking a look for me?”

Of course, he told me, and he followed me over to my place. I SWEAR I could feel his eyes all over my ass as it swished and swayed in that little dress. I fucken KNEW this guy was into curves! His skinny GF is his cover– you know– the “typical hot skinny chick” he thinks he needs on his arm to impress his lawyer or business buddies, but I can TELL this guy likes a girl with MEAT on her bones! So I did my swishiest walk, feeling my ass jiggle, knowing he must be seeing it with his jaw on the floor behind me.

When we get inside, he starts messing with the switch for the disposal, and squats to look under the sink.

“You might just have a clog in the pipe, because the motor appears to be working actually” he said, looking at the pipes.

“Can I see?” I asked, and got down on my knees and leaned in.

I knew my dress was short enough that it wouldn’t cover my ass when I did this. There it was– big round, smooth, tan ass right in his face, only a tiny string almost lost between the thick cheeks blocked his view of my pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm, yeah, maybe that’s the problem,” I said, still on my knees, ever so slightly wagging my ass in his face.

“Um-er–I’m sorry– I can’t really help you with the pipes, you’ll have to call a plumber” he said, nervously clearing his throat.

I knew that if I turned around, I’d see a raging hard-on in his pants.

“Well, I said, there is ONE other thing…”

“Yes” he said, picking up what I was putting down, cuz I felt a light touch– his hand– gently go on my ass.

“I really haven’t been fucked doggy-style in a long time” I said, looking over my shoulder, batting my eyelashes at him.


I reached back and ran my fingernail under the string of my thong, and very slowly pulled it aside, revealing my sparkling wet pussy.

“And I promise I’ll never tell…”

“Fuck it!” he said, and started quickly undoing his belt and jeans. He was so hard that dick was VISUALLY THROBBING!

“Yeah baby” I said as he sunk it into me, grabbing my big ass, pulling me down on his cock urgently, “fuck me!”

My fleshy ass and thighs bounced against him, and I felt his big balls slapping at my pussy with each thrust. He had a nice pair!

With every plunge into me, he seemed to get  MORE aggressive and more excited. I knew what else I wanted: I wanted the TRUTH!

As he’s slamming me from behind, I ask him “you LOVE to FUCK big, curvy girls like me, don’t you?”

“Yes” he said, “I fucking love a big ass and big tits.”

“When you’re fucking your skinny girlfriend, you’re thinking about fucking ME aren’t you?”

“Yessss…” he moaned, orgasm getting close, ‘it’s true. I’ve wanted to fuck you since we moved here.”

“Ride me” he then commanded, laying on my kitchen floor, “I wanna watch those BIG FUCKING TITS BOUNCE as I fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked!”

So I took his orders and his challenge and straddled him and sank down on his cock and he wasn’t lying– it felt sooooo freakin’ good! I bounced on him like a cowgirl, bucking and writhing and leaning back, letting my huge tits fall to the side. His cock hammered deep into me, rubbing at my G-spot, making me go crazy.

YESSSSSSS! I yelled when I came. And I mean I CAME! Like, the whole block could prolly hear!

A few seconds later he janked his cock outta me, aimed it at me, and was spurting all over my thighs and legs. His hot load coating me made me smile- I fucken KNEW he liked BBWs! He had more jizz in him than I’d seen in a while. He must have been giving old skinny back home tiny squirts, but he gave ME mother-fucking-LOAD! That’s what my body does to cock–it makes it CUM like no other!

Then we both cleaned up, he kissed me deeply, and made me again promise not to ever utter a word to his girlfriend. I told him on ONE condition: he fuck me in my ASS next time. Yes, NEXT TIME. Cuz we’re going to make a thing a this, trust me!

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If you think about it, the world hasn’t changed much. Sure, magazines aren’t as popular as they used to be – they’ve only been replaced by something more accessible, the online space we call the internet. I still do like magazines though; I mean…how else am I going to tape up a picture of Chris Hemsworth to my wall while I masturbate?

Yeah, magazines ARE still pretty useful ;)

So enjoy this cover ’cause we’ve got plenty of sexy content (aka dirty pictures) to quench your thirst baby!

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The definition of taboo, taken from dictionary.com:


1. proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable:

Taboo language is usually bleeped on TV.

2. prohibited or excluded from use or practice:

In art school, painting from photographs was taboo.

So now that you know what it means, I’m here to tell you that yes – you can request it here at 1-800PHONESEX.com. I don’t mention it too much on this blog because in reality, you can just Google it. There are actually a ton of phone sex sites that offer it. But maybe you’re new to all of this and don’t know where to start? After all, we all know you tend to gravitate to what’s NOT ALLOWED, right? Life is more exciting that way and vanilla sex can only go so far. And besides, we woudn’t be mentioning it if there wasn’t an audience for it. And believe it or not, there is.

So what is an example of a Taboo Phone Sex fantasy? Obviously the most popular one is the Daddy / Daughter fantasy or the Mother / Son fantasy. I’m not going to list them all because the list is pretty extensive. You just have to be specific when you call, as our girls aren’t mind readers.

And maybe you actually feel shame & embarrassment in talking about this, but even then – it still really gets you off. Well, that’s kinda why phone sex exists in the first place – to talk about the things you CAN’T talk about – topics that are gross, repulsive and yet a percentage of the population has thought about it, masturbated to it and practically gets off on it.

So don’t feel bad that you have conflicted feelings. That’s why we’re here, our girls understand your needs.

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