Are U Ready To Get DOMINATED?!

All of the sensations I felt running up and down my body were incredibly intense, from the scratching of her nails across my skin, to the heat of her body pressed up against mine.

I knew that the orgasm that was building from this experience was going to be a big one.

It hadn’t taken long after when we met for dinner that night before she had my clothes off and me lying naked across her bed.

Then came out the wrist restraints, which she tied to each of the four corners of the bed, and made sure were nice and tight on my wrist AND my ankles.

Then the blindfold.

“But you’re so sexy, I want to see what you’re doing to me,” I protested.

She just proceeded to wordlessly lean across me, ample breasts falling out over the top of her bra, starting to expose nipple right in front of me, and me tied up and unable to touch any of it!

And she put the blindfold on across my face, cinching it tightly in the back, but not before grabbing a handful of my hair and yanking it tight, whispering in my ear ,“you better be a good girl for me, or else you’ll be getting punished”.

Once I lay against the bed, tied up and blindfolded, I shuddered in a mix of fear and excitement, not sure what she was going to do to me next. I felt the palm of her hands against me and then she started dragging her nails across my skin, making me squirm underneath her touch.

She caressed my lips and I sucked on her fingers, wanting more.

She crawled up the bed to loom over me, the heat coming from her pussy as she proceeded rub her body against mine.

She grabbed my breasts and started to suck my nipples, and my body heaved towards her, wanting more and more of the sensation.

I started gasping and as I did I felt the hardness of her hand slap across my face, “don’t be a brat,” she said, “I know that’s not hurting you. You promised to be a good girl for me remember” and started slapping my face, back and forth, jarring me and holding me completely in my body, just waiting for her next move, next command.

Pussy getting wet with the force she was using on me.

Then I felt her move and I could feel this heat over my face as she lowered her pussy over my mouth and started grinding against me.

“Eat my pussy like a good little slut” she said, and I started sliding my tongue over all the curves and folds of her cunt.


I slid my tongue up inside of her and tasted how sweet her cum was as she rode my face, bucking and gasping when I would hit just the right spot.

She reached down and grabbed a fistful of my hair and started pressing against me even harder, suffocating me with her cunt, literally drowning me in her cum and yet sliding up and down so I got just enough air that I could keep going.


When she had cum and had her fill of my mouth, she slid down between my legs and started sliding her fingers into my soaking wet pussy… first one.. then two….then three, until I could feel her making her whole fists way in there.

Once she fit it inside of me, she started fucking me full force, and my restrained body was bucking and squirming against her, my thighs covered in my pussy’s liquids.

She reached up and chocked me with her other hand while she continued to pound her fist inside of me and I couldn’t hold it together anymore.

I started screaming and cumming, SQUIRTING and literally soaking the bed, just totally abandoning any last shred of dignity and giving into my completely primal slut self.

It’s probably needless to say that I will be seeing her again VERY soon1 ;)


Call 1-800-PHONESEX

So…the other day I was thinking about phone domination, and how there isn’t enough interest in this very fun form of play. Most of the kinky folks I know go out and play for real, but that’s because I’m in Los Angeles, and we’ve got a whole huge scene out here for that. But what about my beloved callers in East Nowhere, Texas? Timbuktu? The middle of Kansas? Or, worse yet, Saudi Arabia? (Yes, I totally have gotten Saudi callers!) They have very little access (if any) to kink, let alone a dungeon to go LEARN how to play, if they wanted. I wonder…would these guys be interested in phone domination? I’d love to train men to obey me over the phone! And, I’d love to SUBMIT over the phone, if the caller knows what he wants! But how do I get these guys to that place where they are comfortable dominating over the phone, without any real “training”? One big rule in the kink world is that you should never be doing to someone else what you yourself have not experienced. You don’t spank others until YOU’VE been spanked, so you know how it feels, how much or little it can hurt, etc. It’s a way of keeping dommes /doms accountable. So, where do these guys in non-metropolitan areas go to get TRAINED in the ways of domination and submission? I have been thinking that our girls should offer this training! I know it’s just an idea…but I wonder if more people would be open to it? What do you guys think? Would YOU want to be dominated over the phone? Would you like an example? ;)


ME: Don’t “hi” me– what’s your name?

CALLER: it’s James

ME: No, it’s not. It’s SLAVE. You understand?


ME: No “OK” here- it’s “YES MISTRESS!” when you answer me!

CALLER: yes, mistress!

ME: Good, now that we’ve got that established, I want you to take out your cock. DON’T play with it–don’t you dare just yet. Just take it out. Tell me when it’s in your hand.

CALLER: OK mistress, it’s in my hand.

ME: You want to stroke it, don’t you, you dirty little boy? All you think about is FUCKING with that thing, huh?

CALLER: ugh…

ME: That was rhetorical, Slave! I don’t need to ASK you anything– I KNOW. And I know that your cock runs your whole life. Every man’s does- should I assume you’re ANY different? Hell no! You’re just like all those dirty men, trying every day to get some precious pussy! And now, I’m going to use YOUR cock for MY benefit, you understand?

CALLER: yes mistress

ME: Good! Now I want you to touch the head…GENTLY! Are you hard?

CALLER: yes mistress

ME: Now I want you to squeeze your balls, but when you do it, I want you to think about all the girls you’ve fucked before…all the pussy you’ve shoved your hard cock into without even knowing their last names probably…squeeze them HARDER…you need to punish that thing before I will even CONSIDER letting you CUM!

…. …. …..   …. …. …. ….

You like? Do you want a teaser taste of ME being dominated instead? :) Here it goes…


ME: Hello, master.

CALLER: Hello, my little slut. Have you been waiting for me?

ME: You know I have, master. I live to serve your cock.

CALLER: That’s right, you do! And that’s what I want right now.

ME: Should I SUCK IT first, master? May I?

CALLER: Yeah…I’m taking it out…get on your knees. First, though, what are you wearing?

ME: I’m only wearing high heels and black lace thong, master.

CALLER: Good…take that thong and just pull it over to the side, so I can see your pussy.

ME: OK, master, it’s done. I’m already wet, as you can see.

CALLER: Good…now on your knees…now tell me how much you want my cock.

ME: I do, master! I want to suck you off so bad. I’ve been thinking about it all day!

CALLER: Oh really? HOW BAD do you want it?

ME: Bad enough to beg for it! Can I PLEASE suck your cock, master? My throat misses your cum!

CALLER: Put it in your mouth. That’s right. Now suck it!

ME: Mmmmmmmm….

CALLER: Mmmmm, that feels so good, I might stick it in your ass, too. Would you like that, you little whore?

ME: Yes master!


CALLER: You want me to spread those fine-ass cheeks, don’t you? Spread ’em and slide this big fat cock in there, huh?

ME: YES, master!

… … … … … … … … …  …. ….   ….  …

Sooooooooo….does that turn you on? Are you as turned on reading it as I am writing it? Good thing I’m home alone right now, because I’ve actually been fondling my pussy between typing! Seriously, I LOVE good phone domination! It’s so freaking HOT!

So you out there in internet land– please comment and tell me if phone domination interests you? Would you consider it over “regular vanilla” phone sex? Would it add to the fun and the fantasy for you? Also, I’m always curious to hear who likes to dominate, and who likes to submit. I’m a true switch, so I like it all–I’m greedy like like! And I’m curious to know how many callers are curious about phone domination, now that 50 Shades of Gray has cast some public light on this world? Let me know, loves!


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I’m so sorry, Daddy! I’ll never speed again!

So I’m a fast driver- I can’t help it- and it’s worse if I’m running late. Early this year, I was coming back alone from happy hour with the girls, going about 85mph on the freeway, and, you guessed it—siren! I was being pulled over. I made my way to the shoulder. One cop came up to the driver side of the car. The other came to the passenger seat but didn’t seem to want me to roll down that window.

“License, registration” the one on my side said coldly.

“Of course” I said, and dug them out and handed them over.

He looked closely at both as he stood at my window.

“I’m sorry, officer,” I said, “I totally know I was driving too fast. I was running late- I know that’s no excuse.”

When I said this, I looked in dead in his eyes, and sent my best pretty girl vibes at him.

I continued, “but I just don’t get out much, so I was really excited to meet the girls at the bar and hopefully meet some new guys.”

When I said this he handed back my license and registration.
“Meet guys, huh?”

He shot the other cop a glance, and cop #2 took out a phone and walked a few feet off, apparently making a call.

“Yeah. Single life can get pretty boring” I said, and let my hand fall casually against my low-cut top. I know my breasts looked REALLY good in it, all overflowing the top practically.

“What kind of guys are you looking to meet?” he asked me, and I thought I started to see the faintest trace of a smile. I really hoped he wasn’t messing with me.

“Well….” I said, letting my hands fall to my lap where my short, tight skirt seemed to be creeping up my thighs, “I don’t know…I guess, guys that like a good time? I especially like men in uniform,” I added sweetly.

My hand came up and grazed my cleavage, letting my middle finger run slightly between my large breasts. It seemed no man could ever ignore my natural DD’s, but I was going to make certain this one wasn’t the first! I arched my back in my seat, heaving my tits a few inches closer to his face.

“Well I hate to give you a ticket…you seem like a VERY nice lady…but the problem is, if I don’t, I’m afraid you won’t learn a lesson.”

As he said this, I could see a bulge in the front of his pants grow. He was getting hard thinking about teaching me a lesson! And I must admit, right then my panties started to get a bit wet.

“What if…” I asked him, “there was another way for me to learn my lesson, besides getting ANOTHER ticket? I really, really can’t afford a ticket right now”.

“Hmmm” he said, leaning in closer to my window, bending down towards me.

“Suppose there was an –unconventional way—for you to learn your lesson tonight without getting a ticket. Would you open to that sort of thing?”

“I’d be VERY interested,” I said, smiling at him.

The officer was jotting something down on his pad.

“There’s a motel just off the next exit. Head there RIGHT now. Check in under ‘Mrs. Rogers’, and keep the door unlocked. Just wait.”

Stunned, I took the piece of paper. I didn’t know what to say!

“Go,” he said, “now”.

Nervous, I pulled back onto the freeway, heading for the next exit. Was this really happening? Had I just turned a ticket into some kind of sex? Could I really just fuck this total stranger? And a cop, of all things?! I felt scared but thrilled at the same time. He really was kind of hot, in that crew-cut military sort of way.

I found the place and checked in in a daze, and then sat on the bed, feeling very strange. It was well over an hour before the knob was turning and the officer was walking in. He was still in his uniform.

“Are you ready, you bad little girl” he asked, approaching me on the bed where I sat, “to learn your lesson?”

“Yes” I said.

“Yes, DADDY,” he corrected me.

Yes, daddy,” I said, quickly playing along, “I know I’ve been REALLY BAD”.

“Mmmmmmm” he groaned, stroking at the front of his pants, letting his hand cup the rather sizable swell coming alive beneath the navy material. He slowly removed his belt and gun, finally taking his pants to the floor.

I think I actually gasped out loud- it was maybe only 5 or 6” long, but it was THICK as any I’d ever seen. I must admit, when I saw it, I knew I’d made the right decision!

“Come here” he said, standing at the edge of the bed.

I crawled to the edge on my knees and looked up at him imploringly. He took that fat, beer-can cock and put it up to my lips.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, speeding on the freeway like that. Don’t you know how dangerous that is? There’s only one way to deal with a bad girl like you. You need to suck on THIS until daddy knows for sure you’re sorry. If you’re REALLY sorry, you’ll TASTE my forgiveness, and then you can go.”

I parted my lips, letting first the head, and then the thick shaft, slide down my throat. He moaned.

“That’s right, baby, suck it like a good girl. Show me how sorry you are for speeding on Daddy’s freeway. Mmmmm, yeah, take it all in….”

With the cop’s dick in my mouth, I really couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying it! With each moan, I got more into it—sucking, licking, slurping…it’s like I couldn’t get enough of his cock! I wanted it further and further down my throat. I’d never let a man dominate me this way, and it was freaking hot! My hand milked the shaft as I slurped that wide pink head, wanting suddenly to do it better than anyone ever had.

I could tell he was getting close, so I went even harder, faster, and he obliged, holding onto the back of my head and pumping my face as hard as he could, losing control of his composure. It was hard not to gag on all that cock but I didn’t want to spoil it!

“Oh god” he said in a cracking voice “what a dirty, dirty mouth you’ve got on you, little girl. So much dirtier than the others. I’m gonna fill it up until you choke on it.”

My pussy was gushing with juice at this point. I slipped a hand between my thighs and started to rub my clit as I kept sucking. He thrust into my mouth with long, deep strokes, and I could tell he was going to blow.

I cupped his balls as he gripped my head, pushing his cock as far down my throat as it would go, spurting hot against my tonsils. I swallowed, once, twice, a third time, letting his throbbing cock expel what seemed like 3 or 4 loads down my throat. Finally he pulled it out and rubbed it the last of it all over my face, coating me in cum and spit.

“Oh yeah…” he groaned “you sure learned your lesson”, and he was quickly tucking that gorgeous cock away, back into his slacks.

“We’re done for now,” he said, tucking in his shirt, “but if I catch you speeding again, you KNOW what daddy is gonna do? He’s gonna find another hole for this thick cock. Really punish you next time. It won’t be this easy.”

With that, he left, and I’ve been speeding down that same bit of freeway ever since!

Did you enjoy that, baby?

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