I could feel my ass red and hot with the heat of it being slapped, and exposed and bent over, wondering why I had never done something like this sooner!


The guy I had started seeing had told me to be at his place at 8pm sharp and instructed me what to wear: heels, stockings with a garter belt attached…


…white panties that I didn’t mind if they got “soiled” and a matching bra, with a cute, floral dress over top. I went with my blue and yellow floral dress that matched my long blonde hair so well, and with all white lingerie and stockings so that I was sure to please him. He seemed happy with my outfit when I got to his place but then quickly ordered me to go to the bedroom. I was both excited but also nervous by this because I had no idea what he had in mind!


He instructed me “take off your dress, fold it and put it on the shelf, but leave everything else on, including your heels”.

I shyly did as I was told and noticed that he had set up a new piece of furniture I had never seen before, sort of like a saw horse you use for doing construction work, but padded and with hardware attached to it.


“Are you ready for this,” he asked, and again I nodded shyly. “Good,” he said, “then bend over the bench and wait there for me,” and as I bent over he began fastening down my wrists and ankles with leather restraints, so that I was completely bent over and vulnerable on this contraption and couldn’t even struggle to get away if I had wanted to. Once he did that he tied a blindfold over my eyes and just like that my world went black and everything from there on out was by sound and sensation.





I could feel his hands running down my back and make their way down to my ass where he began spanking me.

Deep, full slaps, building up a rhythm and intensity with each one.



Then I began to feel another, different sensation, which I later found out was a leather flogger, that he first started out by slapping my ass with, but quickly moved on to my pussy. I could feel him laying stinging blow after stinging blow across my full pussy, feeling grateful that I had the thin layer of lace from my underwear to cover me.



When the slapping stopped I started to feel something like cold metal run across the skin of my back, ending at my hips. He whispered in my ears, “it’s time to take off these panties, since you’re tied up I think I’ll just help myself and cut them off of you,”

…and I could feel the sensation of him slicing through the fabric and pulling them away, exposing my spread ass and pussy completely. Despite the fact that I was still wearing my garter, stockings and high heels I had never felt this naked before. I was completely vulnerable to whatever he wanted to do to me!!



I felt his hand begin slapping the part of my pussy that I had just been grateful for cover,

…and as he did so he said, “now you don’t have your panties to hide how wet you’ve been getting, it’s already all over my hands”, and he took his hand and slid the fingers that were covered with my cum into my mouth for me to taste how turned on I was. 


Then with the fingers now wet from my saliva he began sliding them around my asshole,

…and eventually made their way inside of me,

“I’m just getting you ready,” he said.

Shortly after telling me that I could feel him sliding something inside of me

…that I could only guess must be a butt plug, and when it was inside of me he said “now for some real fun”!

He began spanking me with the butt plug inside my tight asshole, every slap thrusting it a bit in and out of me and making my pussy wetter with every blow across my bottom, building up heat. I heard what could only be the unbuckling of his pants, he slid off his belt and began slapping that across my ass, with a loud crack with every smack that planted across my cheeks. I yelped and moaned with every hit, I had never experienced anything like this before and the pain mixed with the pleasure of it was mind numbing.



Feeling my pussy begin to flood with wetness with each blow. I heard his zipper open and he grabbed my hair, pulling my head back

…and whispered, “now I’m going to fuck you harder then you’ve ever imagined possible” and he began pumping me with his massive erection.

Still bent over, tied up with the butt plug in my ass there was nothing I could do but take this huge dick inside my sopping wet pussy. I could feel myself cum around it within a few thrusts, having had so much build up before hand. He fixed his hands to my hips and I could feel them laying onto of the spots that were still sore from the spankings and he pulled himself in and out of me with such force that he was right, he was definitely fucking me harder than I ever thought possible!!!

I could feel him getting close to his own orgasm but rather than cum inside me he pulled out, walked around to my front side, yanked off my blindfold and proceeded to tell me to open my mouth wide.

He came all over my mouth as I lay spread wide there, tied up, cum dripping down my thighs, and now lips, and completely vulnerable to his every command.

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As most of you guys are WELL acquainted of by now, I’m trans.

But see…most other people don’t know that. I walk down the street and everyone else just sees a girl, same as any other. I look good, just sayin’. ;) Even in heels they can’t tell. And usually I don’t tell guys I mean it’s MY secret right? I get my fun on the phones ;) and I had my wild days when I was younger. I had a lot of fun (oh the stories I could tell you, Lordy. The ones I could remember. I drank a lot.) but I kinda settled down now I guess in my thirties

but holy fucking SHIT did something WILD happen last night!

I’ll start from the beginning: I was at karaoke. Who doesn’t love karaoke right? I sang Peggy Lee’s “Fever” (I’m kind of an old-fashioned gal at heart) and got a little sloshed up and then this guy sang Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side” and he looked EXACTLY my type. Taller than me, beard, and nice eyes.
Now like I said I’m resigned and have my guard up against most guys just because of who I am! I’ve made my peace and don’t get sad about it like I used to, as much as it sucks! But this guy just made my little surprise in my skirt get hard. (I mean, I tuck, so it didn’t show lol, I wasn’t born yesterday.) I clapped and hooted and then suddenly the guy was by my side.
I got nervous!

“Nice singing,” I said though keeping my cool. “I love that song.”

“I love Peggy Lee. You don’t hear her much anymore.”

“I’m an old-school gal,” I said, cocking my eyebrow above my glass.

“I bet you are. Buy you a drink?”

Mine was three-quarters full but I drained it in seconds. “Yes.”

“My kind of girl,” he said.

“Let’s not get TOO hasty,” I said but I could already feel this going off the rails. He asked if I wanted to join him for a smoke and then we were kissing up against the brick wall of the bar with his crotch so freaking close to mine beneath the leather of my skirt…fuck! I wanted to fuck and it’d been so long but I didn’t know if he’d want it…sometimes this can be bad.

He’s fondling my tits and my little clitty stick in my panties just wants so bad to get let out…he says his loft is just a few minutes away we could keep drinking threre. Ha. “Keep drinking”. I like the pretense. In guys. It’s sweet. Well. Sometimes.


“Okay,” I coo, on autopilot, not wanting the fun to end. We go to his loft sloppy falling down making out on the way. Before I go up the stairs, I realize this is the last time I’m in a public place and I go:

“You know what kind of girl I am then, right?”


Oh fucking hell, I thought.

“Well I’m…I’m sorry I thought you knew,” I started slowly pivoting stepping away to run if I had to.


“Well I’m trans.”

“OH!” he said, clearly surprised, but not angry. I sagged my shoulders. Then he said: “Well that’s cool.”


“Yeah. It’s kind of hot, actually.”

“OH MY GOD WHY AREN’T WE ALREADY IN YOUR APARTMENT THEN.” and then it was on! Five seconds and we were in his bedroom overlooking the street and tearing off each other’s fuckignclothes, him biting my tits and me stroking his dick with his pants barely off. I knelt down to suck him and he pulled me onto the bed and I was giving him the best fucking blowjob of his life—I know this because he told me!—and I was just so caught up so fucking hot it had been so long and my little pussy stick was all hard and firm—

And then suddenly it was getting action!

“really?” I said. “You…you wanna do that?”

“What does it look like!”

And then we 69’d! Holy crap I think the last time I’d done this I was like, high as shit and out of my mind I could barely remmeber it but this is crystal fucking clear in my mind. It was SO HOT. He was actually sucking my clit! I had him in my mouth and he had me in his. Holy FUCK it felt so good getting my little surprise sucked while I had his firm dick in my mouth. I’ve never felt anything better. And this guy was actually going for it!”

“You like tranny cock huh?” I screamed.

“Fuckin DREAMED of this!”
“You get all you want honey,” I said and stuck it right in, fucking his face like slamming shut a door. Aw man SO DAMN GOOD FUCK.

“Let me cum,” he said hoarsely.

“Not so fucking fast,” I said. “You have to fuck me first.” And he reamed me good! Oh damn my ass needed that pounding let me tell you.

So fucking sexy, I was jerking off while he railed me from behind and I was almost ALLLMOST about to come it was so hard not to I was so fucking hot for him but…

“Here,” I panted, pulling out of him. He looked bewildered let me tell you but then I pushed him down on the bed, mounted him so our hard cocks were touching and then wrapped one hand in the two of them and jerked us off at the same time. HOLY FUCK I HAD ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT AND LET ME TELL YOU IT WAS JusT AS HOT AS I THOUGHT. Both of us came together and let me tell you between the two of us we fucking SPRAYED that bed. And each other. Did I mention we were drunk? We were laughing and wet and sloppy and then hugging and kissing each other while we came down it was really one of the happiest moments I’ve had in my life. He knows about the phones too and thinks it’s cool so don’t you worry, gents. ;) We’re going on a date tonight.Sometimes good things happen!

Fuck in some loft, 69, rail each other.

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Omg u guys i have *officially* had sex outdoors, in public!

Well…i didn’t FUCK but i sure SUCKED right there at the edge of the park!

It was soooooo not my fault either! i was just hanging on a blanket near a tree, reading a book and minding my damn business when I hear my name. i look up. it’s my old friend ____________ from high school, gonna call him JAMES. So James is standing over me with an ipod in his hands. we did the typical and obligatory “hey– it’s been a long time– what have you been up to?” small talk. But the subtext was clear: we STILL wanted each other. Cuz see, i had a boyfriend back when James and i became friends, so even tho there was sexual tension, nothing ever came of it.

And, like i said, i have NO IDEA what came over me but when we got to talking about both being currently single, i couldn’t help but blurt out how i always liked him.

Not ONLY did i tell him that, but i told him i’d heard from a mutual friend that he had a pretty big cock!!!

Next thing I know, he’s like “wanna see it?”

I looked around, and though there were people around, they were all kinda far away, flying kites, running around with their dogs, etc. No one was really staring my way. So i was like “yeah”

He unzipped his jeans, looking around making sure no one was watching, and reached into his boxer briefs and pulled out fat cock that was already getting hard.

I wanted it.

“Does it TASTE as good as it looks?” i asked him, biting my lip.

“you tell me” he said, and took a step towards me, still looking around.

I motioned him even closer as I got on my knees.

I took one more look around, felt like no one was looking, and stuck his cock in my mouth!

it was great, guys, i gotta tell ya! He moaned sweetly and put his hands on my ears, guiding his cock down my throat.

“I wanted this for so long too” he told me, but I didn’t answer.

I only sucked him harder, lightly playing with his balls.

He started to moan. I could hear kids screaming different games in the background, and dogs barking. I had to make him cum fast! I didn’t want anything to interrupt us!

My lips slowly withdrew until I had just the head of his cock in my mouth. I spit on my hand for extra lubrication, twisting down the length of his cock as I sucked.

I was milking him like a cow, building up friction. I felt his knees start to shake and I knew.

“I’m gonna cum”

I didn’t say a word– I only grabbed his ass and forced him down my throat. I think he meant to withdraw and shoot it in his hand– maybe he was trying to be a gentleman– but I wanted that cum! I kept his cock down my throat and swallowed each hot burst as it came: first one, then another, then another!

Only after I swallowed the last drop did we overhear someone say to someone else “Oh my god– what are those two doing over there?!” and I pushed him away, wiping my mouth.

He quickly pulled his pants up but it was too late– I think the woman was taking her cell out to call the cops on us! We grabbed up my blanket and book and RAN the hell outta there.

He had to go to work in a bit so we exchanged numbers, so you guys can bet I’ll have another story about James soon. I told him he can be my “do it outside” friends with benefits!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

oh holy happy shit– can you guess what I did this weekend, guys? i know YOU know this story is gonna be juicy AF, so i won’t keep you in suspense:

I ended up getting licked and fucked frontways, sideways, backways, and upways…by a female friend!


so ive got this friend (lets call her Ava) who works as a stripper, and once in a while, for the right client, is a high-end call girl.  she’s also super cute and fun, and in the last six months since we met, ive had a great time going to bars and clubs with her and whatnot. so she’s fully bisexual, and had told me she thought i was hot, but i had a boyfriend, so that was that. Well. my boyfriend and I broke up last week, and so Ava was the first call I made. and of course she was down to go out and party my blues away.

the night didn’t quite go like I imagined…it went waaaaay better.

I thought I’d end up getting shitfaced drink and flirting with some losers at the bar and end up sucking a random cock of a guy I’ll never call back just in spite of my ex.

But thats soooo not what happened. in fact, cock never came into the equation at all and im honestly shocked i can have so much fun without one! so, ok…

it’s prolly not too hard to imagine how it went down: us, on our 6th shot of tequila each, me, feeling rejected and pissed but also hot in my little dress. Feeling like I wanted to fuck a bit more with each shot. But the bar didn’t have many prospects. it wasn’t long before Ava was telling me we should finish the bottle of Patron she had at her place.

The next think I know, she’s telling me shes had a crush on me since day 1, and that she’s dreamed about eating my pussy since day 1, but she wanted to be respectful of my relationship.

And when she said “eat your pussy”, I felt a trickle of juice from down inside, wanting what she was selling! she really wanted to give me head that bad? it was kind of hot how much i felt wanted. guys, like, always want to get theirs– get a BJ from you, but how often do dudes beg to go down? I mean, SOME guys love that shit, but some guys dont do it AT ALL! lets just say i was ready and due for some head!

“OK” I told her “you can do whatever you want to me”

She stripped me down while she kissed me, massaging my tongue with hers. She stopped for a few mins to cup my breasts, and sucked them playfully while looking up at me. Then she made her way down.

Next thing I know, my legs are up in the air, and her tongue is parting my pussy lips gently.


I could feel her tongue piercing across my clit as she lapped me up. I thought my god, this girl knows how to eat pussy! she slid a pretty painted finger, then two, then three, into me, all the while still sucking up my clit into her mouth. It felt like she had three hands and two mouths down there!

Then she stopped, laid down, and said “turn around for me, gorgeous”, motioning for me to straddle her face backwards! so of course i listened, because at that point i prolly would have done ANYTHING she asked cuz it all felt so good!

Despite being a bit shy with all the lights on, I spread myself, ass-up over her face, arching my back.

She grabbed the sides of my ass and pulled my down onto her face, where she started to go to town with her tongue on both my pussy AND my asshole!

It was outta this world! I couldn’t stop myself from moaning super loud, but she didnt’ seem to care. She started to rock me forward and back just a bit, so that my tits traced her belly each time she licked, and she moaned just from my nipples grazing her flat stomach! she was so hot and it was so cool she wanted ME and not some random dude from the bar.

She was eating my pussy like i was her last meal, clearly loving getting my juices all over her face.


Then she really started to penetrate my ass deeply with her tongue while a thumb rubbed my clit vigorously.

I knew I was gonna cum. I shouted OH MY GODDDDDDD as my whole body convulsed on her face, shaking with a serious orgasm like id not had in maybe years!

She tenderly sucked my labia until the last of the tremors past. id never felt so spoiled orally before!

“Do you think you’d like to taste ME?” she asked next.

and who was i to deny her– she just gave me the best fucking head ever! so i figured it was now or never to try it!


She got on her knees for me, her cute heels still on, and waved her ass in the air.

“Just lick it” she said, “the pussy, the ass…you’ll see- you’ll love it”

so i got back there and did as she said. she was sweet but salty, and when i started to lap at her like shed done to me, she began to moan loudly– i was doing it right! There was definitely some “like this” and “right here” as she showed me the ropes, but I was eager to learn! she’d eaten me so damn well i would have promised her my firstborn child in return for her not to stop! so I just got my face up in her cute, clean little ass and went to town, trying to imitate what she’d done to me. and it was hot as fuck to watch her squirm in pleasure at what I was doing to her!

“Now a third finger” she commanded, “and one in my ass”

I obeyed.

That’s when she started to buck against me– YES! she started to cry over and over YES YES YES and I felt her cum right on my face.

Afterwards, we collapsed on the bed, exhausted. She passed out sooner after, naked but still in her heels. i climbed in bed naked and spooned her, but I wasn’t done yet! I got out my cell phone and snapped a pic of us, which I sent to my ex with a message “it’s cool u dumped me cuz im into HOT PUSSY now and my new GF is hotter than yers!!!!”

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“Fuck her in the ass, baby. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? My hubby’s huge cock in your tight little ass?”

This might be the most glorious sentences ever uttered to me be another woman, that would turn into the threesome fuck of my life! But let me start at the beginning…

So my friend was attending a convention for her job in Las Vegas, and asked me to come along, and of course I took her up on the free weekend! I always seem to get lucky in Vegas, and shit, I don’t even gamble! ;)

But once we got there and I was kind of bummed when I found out some of the seminars ran into the night, and that I’d be alone most of the time. So I was sitting at the bar at Ceasar’s Palace and started chatting with this nice couple. They were from somewhere like Michigan or something, and had a contracting company, and 3 kids (back at home), together. They weren’t much older than me, but they were, like, real grown-ups. lol

Anyways, we were laughing and talking and it turned out that it was the guy’s 33rd birthday, and they were in Vegas to celebrate it. We ordered round after round, getting louder and happier by the glass! And they paid for EVERYTHING which was  mad cool of them. It was turning into a decent night after all, I remember thinking at that point.

Then the guy gets up to use the bathroom, and the woman turns to me and whispers:

“Look, _______ really, really wanted a threesome for his birthday, AND…I was bi before we got married and so it would ALSO be a present to ME too…”

Then she leaned in and kissed me.

Her hair smelled really nice and her lips tasted sweet, and I figured, “FUCK IT”. I mean, they were both hot so why not, right?

So I told her “Let’s go to your room” and she lit up like a Christmas tree! I was kinda cute how excited she got.

So he comes back out and she whispers to him the deal and he smiles and I follow them silently to their room. The lights are already dim and they put music on and pour one more cocktail from the mini bar.

Then she sits down on the bed next to me while he watches and she starts to undress me as she kisses me more. Her hands slip up my shirt and under my bra, gently cupping my breasts. Her touch was skilled and gentle– no doubt she’d had a lot of girl experience before! Even the way she sucked my nipples when she pulled my shirt off— she was a skilled lover in every sense, and I began to hope her hubby would be equally as good.

He didn’t join in, at first. He watched from a nearby chair with a growing tent in his jeans. She flipped me over and kissed the back of my neck, then down my back, then down to my ass.

She spread my cheeks and dove her tongue into my asshole while her fingers slipped into my pussy.

I turned my head on the bed and watched her hubby watch us…he had his cock out now– a fucking GIANT one– and he was stroking it slowly.

“Get on yer knees, straddle her face” he commanded me, moving over to the bed.

I got on my knees over her face, hands on the headboard, and she started sucking my labia thrusting her tongue deep into my pussy as she lay on her back.

I heard her cry out as he climbed on top of her and entered her. I could feel this thrusts into her as her face pressed deeper into my pussy and then withdrew just a bit. But I was in for a treat… Suddenly I felt HIS face in my asshole, fucking my asshole with his tongue in sync with fucking her pussy with his cock.

I’ve never EVER had a person going down on my pussy, AND ANOTHER PERSON EATING MY ASS at the same time!

I felt like queen of the fucking world, but I also knew I wanted a piece of that monster cock too!

I didn’t have to wait long. I was getting close to cumming just having the two of them eat me, and I felt her shudder and cum on his big cock behind me. Then she was rolling to the side, and that fat piece of meat was pushing at my pussy from behind, spreading the soaking lips.

Oh my fucking god– OMG isn’t even good enough I had to SPELL IT OUT cuz his cock has so fat just INSERTING IT into my pussy made me wanna cum! Then she scooches up in front of me and starts sucking on my tits while he’s moving that giant meat-submarine in and out of me.

“You’re just what we needed” she said to me, smiling up at me with my tit in her hand.

Then she turned to her husband.

“Fuck her in the ass, baby. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? My hubby’s huge cock in your tight little ass?”


But then I thought, “when is the next time you’re gonna get to fuck two hot strangers and one of ’em’s got a king kong cock and the other is an oral expert?”

Everything felt so good so far, I couldn’t say no.

So I said “yeah, fuck me in  the ass”.

I braced myself with my arms out against the headboard and she remained underneath, licking my tits and flicking my clit as I felt that cock at my backdoor.

“Here we go” he said, and suddenly I was being split in two.

Slowly, yes, and I was WET-WET, yes, but my god, his cock felt like a 40 ozer of beer, it was so fat, and it hurt.

I cried out a bit, and that’s when the woman looked me in the eyes and said:

“This hot fucking ass can handle that cock, honey, just relax…”

anal sex gif

And I breathed in deep, taking her advice, and then it worked! That fat cock seemed to melt into me, penetrating me deep, parting my cheeks further than they’d ever been. I felt stuffed- filled up! He began to pull it back out, then push is slowly back in again, each time going deeper, making my eyes roll back into my head.

The woman was fingering me in front and my clit was going nuts too.

I couldn’t help it, I just started shouting YES YES YES YES YES! and he grabbed my hips and fucked my ass so hard I thought I might pass out. And she was sucking my tits and fingering my pussy so good and I swear I was going to die then and there from pleasure overload as I came vaginally, on the G-spot, AND in my ass! It was like three alarms going off at once, shaking through my body, taking it over.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! I screamed as I had the longest, most intense orgasm of my life!

As soon as I finished I felt that big old dick pull out of me and then I felt a shower of hot cum on my ass and back while he moaned “helllllllll yesssssss”.

Last but not least, as I collapsed into the bed, completely spent, she came over and LICKED HIS CUM off of me sweetly, finishing up with toweling my down gently, and then we all fell asleep in the bed together!

I know I’ll probably never see them again, but fuck— it was fun while it lasted! I will NEVER forget that night!!!

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His black dick was so fat I choked on it.

He pushed the back of my head into his waist with force, and his cock hit the back of my throat. I gagged, spit up a bit, a little vomit came up and I swallowed it when it went back down my throat as I sucked and choked on his cock.

He grabbed the back of my ponytail and pulled my lips off of his dick and the other dude took my face in his hands and shoved his cock down my throat. I was gagging and almost couldn’t breathe. Tears started streaming from my eyes but I wasn’t sad. Saliva was dripping from my mouth and all over my chin, falling all over my my collarbone and my tits. The dude whose cock was in my mouth yanked my hair back and pulled his dick out.

He pushed me over onto my hands and knees and slapped my ass so hard it burned.

It must have turned red. He stuck his face right there in-between my ass cheeks just for a second, attached his fat black man lips to my pussy lips and sucked hard with a loud noise like a suction cup. Then he grabbed my ankles and pulled them so I fell flat on my belly, he flipped me over onto my back and spit all over my naked titties and tummy and pussy. I was so wet, covered in spit and saliva from the two juicy dripping cocks that were playing in my mouth.

Dude number one spread my legs wide open from my ankles and stuffed his thick dick in my tight little vagina. It was so big it couldn’t even fully fit in my hole. It hit my stomach and I shrieked, it shocked me. But then it started to feel so good. I looked down and saw half of his dick still out even when he was in me as deep as he could be. Suddenly the other guy’s dick was slapping my cheek and I turned my head to the side and opened my mouth searching for the tip.

He slipped it in and I sucked on this guy’s cock while getting my cunt split open by the other fat cock.

He wasn’t pushing it in as deep, I think just because of the side angle, but it was still so big and long – I’m talking 10+ inches – it hit the back of my throat and my esophagus was so liquidated and raw at the same time I drooled all over myself. I was so messy and HOT. I wanted both of their cum to fly all over my body at the same time – on my face, my tits, my belly, ooooh and I love it when a man cums on my clit, on the outside and it drips down my vag and I can feel its stickiness hovering over my little hole.

My throat was going to be raw, I could feel it, and my pussy too – on fire from so much fat cock – burning because they just won’t quit.

The guy whose dick I was sucking on pulled out and tapped it on my forehead, while the the dude who was in my pussy pulled himself out and they both grabbed my hands and feet and turned me on my side, and his tongue went right up the line to my ass hole.

He spread it open with his fingers and stuck his tongue inside my ass.

After a few minutes, his cock that was already dripping it was so ripe and ready for my booty fuck – slid inside of my ass hole and I was lying there on my side getting double stuffed by two humongous black dicks that were hitting each other inside of me and the very idea of it turned me on so much I exploded all over the first homie’s cock.


I shuddered and the guy in my ass shoved it as far up as it could go, and the guy in my pussy pulled out and I pulled my pussy lips apart so he could see my clit and he shot his hot white cum all over it.

The other dude was still in my ass and he pulled his dick out slowly. I felt his semen in my asshole. I couldn’t move. I was so wet and sticky all over the place. I just looked at both guys and they were already getting dressed. I lied there on the bed, on my side, my holes already feeling hot and sore from the major destruction I just pounded them with.

“Thanks,” one of them said, and they left. That was that. The best sex I ever had, and I knew I would never see either of them again. But that’s what I get for taking random dudes home from the street…

At least now I know what getting double stuffed feels like, and we can play with that when you guys call me!

Goodnight Loves <3

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

Hi ok so like a lot of us I have a second gig from phone sex– I’m a bartender in a way small town. Everyone DOES know your name LOL. Thing is, this town is just AWFUL for sex! I SWEAR I’m the only single girl in town, and there are like ZERO single guys! Ugh!
But let me tell you like ok LAST NIGHT I’m pouring shots for every Tom Dick and Bobby Joe I’ve known since high school and this NEW guy walks in. All sweaty from the heat and glistening and he says he needs a beer pronto, sugar. Sugar! No one calls me sugar lol. And I notice he’s hot AF too, and just suddenly I knew I wanted to fuck him so bad!

I put my big tits on the bar and said “Serve you anything else?”

Karina Heart big tits gif

He winked at me and drained his beer. And then I knew it was going to happen!! Shit.

I said hey I got something you might like let me show you in the back.
Well when I turned around after getting there he already had his dick out! It was insane!!! And it was hard. I gripped it and jerked him off rubbing against him with my tight little skirt. His dick was so fucking hard! He said I’m gonna fuck you you want me to fuck you?

I said FUCK OF COURSE I DO! Screaming but I didn’t care!

He gripped me and he was so strong! He lifted me up and put me on a table and then gave my pussy a good licking and sucking. Oh god he knew just how to work my clit and I wanted to get FUCKED so bad but he was just teasing me and teasing me and working me up to it he knew how bad I wanted it! I was pleading with him to fuck me just fuck me with that fucking fat dick of yours please please please and he got my clit buzzing like a fucking electric toy!!!
Don’t think I’m too much of a slut lol but I needed his dick!! SO BAD. But lol even still he was about to get it in and I thought well you tease me I’m teasing you and I took off my shirt and wrapped his dick in my big fucking tits. His eyes bulged! I have huge tits and he just went to town fucking them. Oh Lord it was beautiful I bet he’d never fucked a set of tits before least of all big as mine!

He pumped his dick so hard in and out of my tits I could lick it with my fucking mouth!

He fucking loved it red and sweaty and pumping in and out of my soft creamy boobs but I still NEEDED HIM TO FUCK ME. I put his dick in my mouth and he started throatfucking the shit out of me and on each breath I yelled “FUCK ME FUCK ME” so finally he jammed into my soft wet pussy and HOLY FUCK I went to heaven and died and came back again I fucking swear I’d never needed to be fucked like that before!

Guys LOVE to watch my big tits bounce all crazy when they fuck me!

He turned me over and fucked me from behind and fucked me on top I didn’t even know this guys fucking name!!! I know I can be a little bit of a slut…don’t judge me lol I needed to get laid! You have no idea how good his dick felt in me and how much I needed it!!

Then someone banged on the door I was like WHAT THE FUCK I’M BUSY. And some guy was like “It’s Daniel!”

WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU I said. But then the guy said It’s my buddy.

LOL before I could help myself I blurted Will he fuck me too!?

Daniel heard that I guess because before I knew it his dick was in my mouth while the guy fucked me!! (I still don’t know his name LOL)

They fucking spit-roasted me and I had a dick crammed on me from both ends!

Then I can’t even fucking tell you you know what they did they picked me up and held me in their stong arms jackhammered me from both sides!!!!!! I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it! It was the sexiest thing that’s EVER happened to me lol. I can’t even fucking tell you how many times I came, that’s how increidble it was.

Filled on both ends!

Ok boys I said at the end. Come on my fucking tits!! Come on! I kneeled in front of them and they slapped their dicks on my face and tits and it was so hot I couldn’t wait for their fucking cum when they drenched me and drained their fucking balls I thought they were going to fall on me lol!! They were so out of breath and sweaty and I was just smiling them with their spunk all over my sweet huge tits. I would have seriously been ready for Round 2 if dude hadn’t told me he’s now LATE for meeting HIS WIFE and had to bolt! So they  got outta there fast, but I’m still sticky this morning from their cum cuz I haven’t showered yet. I’m letting the moment linger a while longer!

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OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDD! I was almost screaming, trying to muffle my mouth in a hand towel.
This. Is. Really. Happening.


And he did NOT disappoint, I’ll tell you what! When he unzipped his jeans and let that giant cock fall out in my face, I knew the risk would be worth it. I knew I had to have that cock.
Let me back up a bit…
My cousin and I have pretty much had “crushes” on each other our whole lives. We’re the two hottest ones in our family—he’s 6’1” and super fit—surfer—and I’m 5’6” with big natural boobs– I’m a stripper/phone girl. We’ve always flirted, but always knew it was OFF LIMITS because of the relation.
So nothing real had ever happened between us besides some light flirting at family events. I THOUGHT the 4th of July BBQ would be the same—we’d flirt like crazy, and that would be that. Boy, was I wrong!
So the whole family got together around my uncle’s pool that day. I had taken a bunch of calls the night before that had left me aching for action. I had to masturbate like crazy that morning just to keep my libido in check! So anyways I was laying out working on my tan while the younger kids splashed around in the pool. Of course I noticed my cus’ looking fine as fuck in his swim trunks, all tanned and muscular. He doesn’t usually drink, so I was surprised to see him with a beer in his hand.

I waved him over and started to tease him about the alcohol. He said he’d only started drinking a few months ago now that he wasn’t working out as much as he used to (could have fooled me—his body is STOOPID sexy!). So I cracked a beer with him too, and we talked and flirted in the sun while the family had fun around us.
He kept telling me how hot I was, and how all of his friends had always wanted to fuck me. I guess I was getting a bit drunk too, because I suddenly said: “and what about you?”
“What do you mean?” he asked.
“Have YOU always wanted to fuck me?”
You should have seen his face! He looked shocked! Offended even, maybe!
“I can’t fuck you—you’re my COUSIN!” he said angrily, and he got up and walked away!
I followed him into the kitchen for another beer.

“Look- I didn’t mean to embarrass you. The fact is, it’s ME that’s always wanted to fuck YOU.”

That sure stopped him in his tracks!
“Yeah?” he asked me, “but isn’t that, like, wrong?”
“Well…” I said, “yeah, some people might think it’s wrong. But I’ve kinda learned that nothing is really wrong unless it HURTS someone. I’d say that two cousins fucking—while frowned upon by society—is a victimless crime.”
God, I was starting to sound like a nerd!
“Victimless?” he asked.
“Well yeah,” I said, “since no one gets hurt. We only just feel good.”
He paused and seemed to be thinking about what I was saying. I got bolder…

“WHAT IF…what if I just wanted to make you feel good?” I asked him, “does that make me bad?”

“UH—no. I don’t think you’re bad.”
That was my cue. I took his hand and led him down the hall, into a bathroom. I locked the door.
“Is it BAD if I want to LOOK AT your cock?”
“Uh….I guess not. Like you said—victimless crime, right?” he laughed nervously.
“RIGHT” I said as I got down on my knees and unlaced his swim shorts.

That’s when that huge, uncircumsized cock fell out in my face.

“Oh, cus’—this is an AMAZING cock. Is it bad if I….SUCK IT?”
“OH FUCK” he said “you’re crazy. You’re gonna get us in trouble!”
“Trouble with WHO?” I asked, looking around the bathroom, “no one will EVER know.”
I took his cock in my hand and I could already feel it stiffening. I put my lips to it and looked up at him with my big brown eyes.
“May I?” I asked him, my mouth opening slowly around the fat pink head of his cock.
“OH GOD—FUCK IT!” he said, and leaned back onto the counter a bit as his hard meat passed down my throat.

“Oh shit cus’—where’d you learn to SUCK like that?”

“Places” I told him, coming up for air, and then smiled and swallowed his cock again down to the balls.
“This cock,” I said, “is fucking amazing. I can’t believe you’ve kept this cock from me our whole lives!”

“Never again!” he said, grabbing my head on both sides, pulling my face down onto his dick as far as it would go.

He was fucking my face hard, and I knew I wanted that cock inside me.

“Quick” I said, hopping my ass up onto the counter and pulling my white bikini bottom to the side, “FUCK ME”.

I guess the protesting was done, because he took that cock and eased it into my wet hole without saying another word.

That fat cock felt tight in me, even though I was dripping wet at this point. I felt it pressing into me, going deeper and deeper until the whole shaft disappeared inside of me.

“OOOHHHH SHIIIIIIIIT!” I grabbed a towel to muffle my screams as he started to pound me. My legs where straight up in the air like I do them on the pole, only I was on HIS pole!

His balls slapped against my asshole and watched his stomach muscles flex as he worked that cock in and out of my pussy, bringing me to the brink.

Only then did I think about exactly what we were doing– how taboo it was— and it only made my pussy throb harder!

“You’re fucking your COUSIN” my inner monologue went “you are the dirtiest whore EVER!”

I was secretly LOVING this idea– doing something that would freak people out if they knew. Plus, there is just NO WAY I was letting a cock that fine get away from me!

“I’m close” I told him as I rubbed at my clit, watching the long shaft of his cock appear and disappear into me.

“ME TOO!” he said, pumping now harder than ever.

“I’M COMING!!!!!” I shouted as I started to cum, and then he grabs his dick and pulls it out, and aims his load right at my tits.

One, two, three, four spurts of hot cum land on my tits as he shakes, noticeably spent.

I wiped us both off with a towel and we ran, laughing and blushing, back to the party before anyone noticed we were gone. And I’m not gonna lie– we fucked AGAIN TWICE THAT NIGHT after most everyone left.

So, the bottom line is, I now have a COUSIN with benefits, and I’m not sorry. I’m not wrong. Feeling good ain’t wrong. FUCKING ain’t wrong. And yeah, I’m going to keep enjoying that manatee-sized cock until my cus’ can’t do it anymore. I have a feeling he’s a little more “moral” than I am! LOL

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So I finished my shift on the phones mid-afternoon or so and I went out to get some groceries but the second I stepped out and felt that heat on me I was like lol fuck that I’m getting ice cream.

So I went and got my chocolate cone and it started to melt like instantly in the heat.

So I was licking and sucking on it all the way back to my apartment, just having a great ol’ time in my lil booty shorts, putting on a show of my oral skills with that cone!

Then who did I see on my way back but holy shit—this guy my mom used to go out with! I was a teenager back then and his name was _____ and he was always really sweet and nice to my mom and quite a bit younger than her. I was upset she fucked it up when she dumped him, lol. Never thought that was fair.

And. Um. He was hot. VERY hot. Looks like five years later he hadn’t gotten any less hot either. He was wearing a suit and these glasses and he looked GODDAMN good. I waved at him and waited for him to recognize me.

“HOLY SHIT!? ________?”

“That’s me!” I giggled and did a little curtsey then licked my ice cream again. “______? How the hell are you? What’s up?”

“Aw fuck, I’m so hot,” he said. “My A/C’s broken, I was trying to get to the movie, but I can barely walk”

“Shut up! you live around here?!? Me too!”

“You’re kiddin…”

 “Wellllll,” I said, taking my cherry between my teeth and sucking on it, “my A/C works great. I don’t know if it’s too weird or whatever but we could have a drink there and catch up…I have beer in the fridge.”

“I would love that!!” he said. he practically glowed. Aw yes, I thought.

As soon as we were in the cool of the A/C just drenched us, in that way that makes you feel so calm and collected and alive when you’ve been melting. Safe. I turned around from the fridge with beers and said “You know, I always liked you, I was really upset when I found out I wasn’t going to see you again.”

“Oh,” he tried to shrug. So polite. “What’re you going to do. Some things don’t work out. Though I always…I always liked you quite a bit. I thought we always got along. I was sad I didn’t get to say goodbye.”

“Yeah me too,” I said, my eyes low, lips around the bottle.

He got up to sit closer but before I let him sit down, I felt up his leg. And then up onto his dick. Which was hard. The dick, that is.

And that did it. Finding him hard, clearly wanting to fuck ME, made me want HIM, like, super bad!

WHAT?!? Bitch has needs, you gotta be direct sometimes you know? Lol.

His eyes flew open and he said “is this really happening?”

“I always liked you,” I said softly, stroking the stiffness under his pants. “I always liked you, so I hope this isn’t weird.”

“You’ve turned out so beautiful.”

“Come here and let me show you a thing or two!” and then I sucked him off right there in my kitchen! I loved the feeling of his cock growing inside my mouth. The cool air was blowing on me and I felt stiff with power and horniness.

He pulled on my tight ponytail and I put my hands behind my back like I was bobbing for apples going after that cock!

Which I did too lol. He was HOT for it. FUCK he was so hard and hot for me, his feet were fibrating, his whole body was shaking…

He came in minutes! He emptied his cock into my soft waiting mouth and I swallowed every drop. He couldn’t believe it…But I wasn’t done. Fuck that! Before he could recover, I led him over to my bed and kissed him and put his hands on my pussy and he fingerfucked the shit out of me! Holy shit it was amazing. He played my clit like an expert and I saw stars as I gently massaged his dick which…haha, yep, was getting hard again.

I took his ice-pick and gripped his face and said “I’ve been waiting a long time for this ____, now fuck me!”

And then he turned me around and fucked me from behind.

Gripped me with those big hands of his on my little hips with my shorts around my knees and fucked me raw!


Holy fuck he was even sweating in the cool with those wet supple thighs of his slapping into me, I buried my head in the pillows and just let him fuck me till he burst! He crammed my whole fucking hole and I screamed into my sheets!! “Dale I’ve always wanted this!” I yelled and he just fucked me harder!! He fucked me on top and then let me ride him and then I took his cock in my mouth again and he went to town on my sweet little lips with my hands behind my back. He gripped my cheeks and fucked me like a king! He was a king and he knew it. “Oh ____,” I said his name over and over as his cock went in and out of my mouth.

“Fuck me!” I yelled. “Fuck me again!” and he lay me out on my bed and fucked me standing up until I could barely take it anymore!! He fucked me till he burst! Over my tits. Lol. A girl likes variety, what can I say. I know how to make a guy cum more than once, it’s a specialty…as someone of you know lol. ;)

We were lying in bed he was like Uhhhhh….I don’t think I can go a third time I was like LOL that’s ok. We’ll have to save that for next time. I told you it was a crazy day!

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Hi guys, this is my first blog on here, so I’m going to try and follow the rules as best I can. No real names, no real places that are not public, etc.

Ok, so, my story is about GIRLS. I’m 100% bisexual, and have dated both women and men. But the reality is, I talk to dudes and phone fuck dudes every single night with my job.

But I seriously hadn’t been getting enough PUSSY in my face lately, and that sucks.

Like, in long while. So when I saw this chick the other night, I just went for it. Here’s the thing—she said she was STRAIGHT. But, like, she was wearing Converse with fishnets and she had a BLUE FAUX HAWK with shaved sides so in my mind I called bullshit on her straightness! I just KNEW that was a girl who had yet to DISCOVER the magic of another girl…

I won’t bore you with the details of how I asked her out under the guise of friendship only, or how I plied her with booze all night when we finally met up this weekend. Let’s suffice to say, at about 1:00am at my place, I was buzzed, she was pretty sloshed, and I leaned in to kiss her. To my surprise, she didn’t push me away at all—she kissed me back and then whispered “I don’t know”.

“Don’t know about what?” I asked her.

“I don’t know what to do” she said.

She looked so fucking CUTE in her little wifebeater tank top and plaid skirt. So innocent. She couldn’t have been more than 90lbs and an inch or two over 5 feet. I like that—I’m tall at 5’8”, and I love to dominate shorter girls. Anyways…

So I said “you don’t have to do anything this time. Just let me please you.”

“OK” she said quietly, and I leaned in and kissed her again. Her lips tasted like strawberries. Her tongue was delicate and melted into mine as I laid her back onto the sofa. I lifted her tank top up—but ONLY enough so that just the bottoms of her perfect little pointy A cups were peeking out—that shit turns me the fuck on! I licked the bottom of her breasts and laid her back.

She kicked off her sneakers and went to remove her fishnets, but I stopped her:

“I like them on” I said, and I just looped my finger into one of the holes and RIPPED THEM OPEN.

I did it just a bit- just enough to pull aside her thong– and I got on my knees, put my ass in the air, spread her labia, and started licking her pussy.

She immediately began to moan “OH MY GOD” over and over.

I licked my fingers and slipped them into her tight little shaven slit too. Straight MY ASS I thought as she began grinding her hips into my face.

“OH MY GOD no guy has ever eaten me like this” she moaned as she turned her head side-to-side, eyes rolling back.

I REALLY wanted to show her how good it is with girls, so I was, like, doing my absolute best. I coaxed one finger in her asshole and she was surprisingly relaxed, so then I took a jeweled butt plug and stuck that in while I vigorously fingered her pussy.

“Your cute little ass looks so adorable with my jewel” I told her, “I think I want it next. Roll over.”

She flipped over, and I ripped the backside of her fishnets too, and pulled out the plug, replacing it with my tongue.

“OH MY GOD!” she yelped as I tongued her tight little ass, pulling her cheeks around my face, digging as deep into her as I could.


Hot little piece of ass, seriously! I’m soaking my chair remembering this for you, guys! She’d have let me eaten her INSIDE OUT, I swear! But I didn’t want her to CUM yet.

I picked her up like a dude SHOULD and carried her to my bedroom. Now it was my turn to get naked. I stripped out of my dress and again, I call BULLSHIT on her straightness because when she saw me naked, she licked her lips unconsciously! I climbed over her, kissing her again, now dragging my tits over her face. I shook them, slapping her with them.

“SUCK THEM” I told her. I mean, she had to do SOMETHING for me, right? Besides be a dripping hot pussy I was dying to have! Tease!

She was an apt pupil! She scooped up a breast in her hands and brought her lips to it. She started to suckle it almost like a baby, nursing at my tit, NEEDING something from me, and I swear in that moment, I fell a little bit in lust!


TRY THIS I told her, spreading my legs, swinging one over her head.


I pressed my vagina against hers and she looked at me with big, questioning eyes.

All you have to do is grind against me, I showed her, arching my back, letting my hips roll into her.

“OOOOOooooooooo” she moaned as my pussy pressed against hers, clits rubbing together.

“Yeah, baby” I told her “just like that” and the next thing I know, this bitch is scissoring me like an old lesbian! She grabbed my leg and GROUND against me, and for the first time, I realized I would cum too.

“You like pussy now?” I asked her as I felt her getting to brink.

“YES! She yelled, “OH YES!!!”

I threw her on her back again. Scissoring was fun, but I knew I could make her cum hardest with my mouth. I sucked her pussy up into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue.

“You dirty little goddess” I told her “I could eat your pussy all night long and still want more”.

“You want more?” I asked her


So 4 fingers turned into my FIST, and before you know it, I’ve my entire FIST coming in and out of her, pounding her senseless.

OH…MY…FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” she screamed, and I felt her pussy contract around my arm, holding me in place. For an extra thrill I started flicking her clit with my other hand as she came contracting around my fist, her pussy eating half of my arm.

When we were done, so was soooo cute and asked me if I was OK and if I had fun!

I told her it was a pleasure to fuck a tight, hot little piece like her, and that I’d love to be BI FRIENDS with benefits!

Bitch better call! LOL But, like, how can she not???!!!

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