“Do you want cream?” I asked the smiling man in the window, his face lit up like he just shot a giant load of cum onto all of the Victoria’s Secret models’ faces.

“Absolutely. And lots of it.”

He winked at me and I bent over a little too far, just enough so that my titty slipped out of my bathing suit top and my little nipple peeked out. He almost dropped his coffee in his lap.

“Have a great day!” I told him flirtily and he sped off. I left my boob out until the next customer drove up and greeted him with full hard nips. It was cold outside!

I’m 19 and I live in the PNW. We have a lot of coffee stands that have “bikini baristas” which are girls that work inside these drive-thru coffee shops and wear… bikinis! Itty-bitty-teensy-weensy- maybe not yellow or polka dot, but they’re string bikinis, thongs, showing lots and lots of ass cheek and boobs. I have always been intrigued by these little stands, so I decided to apply. I wanted to be the chick that dudes thought about all day, the one they jerked off to or came to while fucking their wife that night… that kinda shit super turns me on!

One look at my tight little petite frame and the owner hired me on the spot. He made me strip down, to see what I’d look like in a bikini of course, and when I did his pants got a little tighter if you know what I mean :)

On my first day I made like a lot of tips. And then on my second day, it was a Monday morning. So there were three of us. Three chicks in this tiny little shed in bikinis. Some of the customers were extra flirty so we decided to have a little fun.

Whenever they dropped a tip in the jar, we’d kiss each other on the cheek. If they put more money in there, we’d press our lips together. If they put a 20 dollar bill in, we’d full on kiss each other. Like with tongue and all. So one dude pulled out a hundred, and the three of us took off our tops and made out, our nipples rubbing against each other’s, his cock getting hard on the other side of his door, hiding in the comfort of his car. He then asked what we would do for another hundred. We told him to put it in the jar and he’ll find out. So he did.

I got down on my knees and started kissing my co-worker’s lower belly. I grabbed the top of her bikini bottoms with my teeth and pulled them down with my mouth.

I kissed her pussy. I licked the inside of her thighs. I teased her clit with my tongue. I licked it, then looked at the guy in the car.

Then I licked her lips. Then I went back down under her waist and wrapped my lips around her pussy and I sucked on her clit like I was trying to suck the cum out of it. Her head fell back and she grabbed onto the counter. She sat her booty down and spread her legs wide, and I licked and sucked on her pussy until she made my face wet. The other girl was even helping, kissing on her tits and grabbing my ass, then after my face was sticky and full of her girl cum the other chick kissed me. She licked all of the girl’s cum off of my face and then stuck her tongue out to show the guy in the car.

The dude in the car obviously exploded in his pants and he threw the entire contents of his wallet – a bunch of cash and some gift cards – through the window and bolted out of the drive-thru. By this time we had a huge line backed up in the drive-thru and when the next car pulled up, we all smiled at the man in our naked and exasperated state.

“I’ll have what he had,” the dude said, and the girl who’s pussy I ate sat back up on the counter and spread her legs.

“With extra cream?” I smiled deviously and got back down on my knees. I buried my face in her pussy.

Needless to say, we made more money that day than ever, and there was a line down the street.

We make good coffee, what can I say? ;)

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So this is gonna sound a little OUT THERE I think, for most of you. But I’m not most of you– I’m not a desk jockey and I don’t work retail folding sweaters, and I don’t serve drinks or ring up purchases.

I get dudes off. I coax their cocks into giving us what we both want– an explosion of pleasure. That’s MY job.

I’m a twenty-something, full-time, professional phone sex operator, so my life is far from typical. My life is about SEX, basically. Sex with men, but also, women. Groups sometimes, too. I love sex. I live for sex. And essentially, I get paid for sex…so don’t hate!

And so I have a boyfriend and his MOTHER is NOT like MOST mothers. She’s super hot and super sexual and a divorced successful business woman with pretty much her own mansion.

Anyway, I’d started to sort of crush on her a few months back when we spent an afternoon sunning ourselves at her house. She’s one of those women who can wear a bikini, high heels, and frickin’ JEWELS around the pool, and pull it off. It’s like she fell out of an ad for St. John’s.

This past weekend we decided to stay at her house to get away from the city. At some point my boyfee and HER new boyfee decided they wanted to go fishing on the lake. Us ladies prefer the clean pool and comfy lounge chairs any day, so we stayed behind. And that’s how it happened: a few fancy cocktails in, we were talking and laughing sitting on the edge and stairs of the pool.


A wet chunk of hair was stuck to my face and she brushed it away. And then I looked at her and she looked sad all of a sudden. When I asked her what was wrong, she just said “I’m conflicted”.

So I asked her why, conflicted with what?

“With you” she said.

Me, why? I asked her, incredulously.

(Did she not want me dating her son? Had she found out what I do, and decided I wasn’t good enough? My mind was going a million mile an hour in panic mode.)

“Because I’m attracted to you” she said bluntly, “but– my son. You’re dating my son. I would never want to hurt him.”

I was frozen– I couldn’t believe it! Here I was wanting HER, and this whole time, she’d felt the same!

I reached over and took her face in my hands.

“I’ll never tell” I whispered to her, and put my mouth on hers.

Her tongue pushed into my mouth, so sweet from the drinks and soft, pushing down my throat. She kissed SO GOOD! And then it was like I’d unleashed the beast: she started kissing down my neck to my breasts, undid my bikini top, and kissed my tits right there in the pool. It felt so good and she was so beautiful with her hair all wet and my finger traced the edge of her bikini and I wriggled under, finding her slippery pussy.

She did the same, and we fingered each other face-to-face, her blue eyes SO intense and sexy, glaring at me like she wanted me so bad.


We were both getting close & she stopped, telling me to get up on the edge of the jacuzzi. I did, and pulled my bottoms off slowly, watching me the whole time. I laid back naked, my legs from the knees down still in the warm water, and I felt her mouth on my pussy. Her lips suckled carefully at my labia, then her tongue traced up and down, opening the lips slowly, and I felt a finger again inside of me.



OMG this women knew what she was doing. She must have been eating pussy since she was a teen, because soon my whole body was convulsing in orgasm. But it wasn’t over yet– she climbed on top of me poolside, soaking wet, and moved her long tanned legs around me until our pussies were touching.


“You’re such a sexy little thing” she said to me “you’ve driven me nuts for months”, and then she was moving her body into me, gyrating against me. It felt so fucking amazing, and her body was just SO amazing– the heat down there was crazy!

She arched her back as she gyrated harder, really grinding her pussy into mine,  her gorgeous tits bouncing with the motion, until I knew she was going to cum.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuck yesssssssssss” she said as her body shuddered, and I’ve never seen a woman look so beautiful cumming. She was like a goddess towering over me, still dripping water.

When it was over, we both get dressed and went back to sunning ourselves, but every 30 mins or so she’d look over at me and I knew we both wanted more, but couldn’t risk it. The boys came home maybe 3 hours later, and that was that. We acted totally NORMAL around them. I’ve been back in the city, what– 3 days now, and all I can think about is fucking that majestic MILF again! Seriously, I KNOW it’s terrible but I swear, I would ditch my boyfee for her, if she’d have me, but I know that’s a fantasy. However, I’m going to continue to flirt and seduce her until we are having sex REGULARLY! I can keep a fucking secret!!!!



Call 1-800-PHONESEX

Ok so im calling this blog Slut Problems, cuz that’s what I think ive got! Its like every time I go to a party or something, my bestie is MAD at me! Every SINGLE time! So shes Asian and pretty uptight and shes got this really REALLY jealous boyfriend, so she has to be SUPER careful when so goes out the she doesn’t talk to other guys and stuff so anyway, im single and DON’T GIVE A FUCK so of course im going to FLIRT and shit! Why not?!!!! Im on the damn prowl and that should be fine and its no ones business AT ALL! And the fucked up shit is that she USED to be JUST like me! Worse, even! I swear, the stories I have on her! She knows!!! So anyways no one should be caring, but shes always over the corner, giving me those EYES you know which I mean…

So last weekend were drunk at a party and im sitting on this super hot guys lap, and im flirting and having fun, and shes over there looking all pissy. And this party is like super dark, and there were definitely people on drugs and stuff, and this guy CLEARLY has a giant cock. I swear that when it started getting hard, I was literaly rising up with it! So im sitting on this giant cock, and the only thing between me and it is his jeans and my panties, really, since my skirt is so short. This guy is kinda sleazy, but I kinda like that honestly. And so I was, you know, sorta rubbing my ass on his a bit, bouncing a bit, totally trying to drive him nuts. And it worked of course! But it also drove my friend nuts too, cuz she came over and grabbed my hand and said we needed to leave. And then it finaly hit me! She was JEALOUS! And not JUST jealous that I can fuck whoever I want, but also jealous that I was spending my attention on someone else! Like she felt left out or something!

So I took her hand and literaly put it on my tit! I just took it and slid it down my shirt and under my bra real quick and the next thing we both know her hands on my tit! Im not even sure what I expected honestly. But she didn’t pull her hand away! So I thought fuck it, and put MY hand up HER shirt too! And I had always thought she had cute breasts, and I was shocked that it kinda turned me on to hold one. My tits are pretty big (full C’s) and really soft…but she felt different. They were small but super firm. They sorta just stood out from her chest like gumdrops or something. Her nipple was really hard, and I just ran my thumb over it gently, and even through all the blasting music, I totally heard her make a little breath sound. Like, a SEXY sound, ya know?

So I pulled her a little closer, more into the shadows of the corner we were in, and lifted her shirt up over her tits. They were SO CUTE! I couldn’t help it- my mouth went to one, then the other. The guy under me groaned- I almost forgot about him at that point!

So I ground into my with my pussy, pressing down hard on his lap as I sucked her titties. She started to pull away cuz I think she started to get scared I think that someone would see, but it was really dark in there and no one gave a fuck anyways so I wasn’t worried. I pulled her closer, flicking her nipples with my tongue. When I ran my hand up her skirt and pulled aside her panties, she was totally wet! Dirty little lesbian liar! She told me she wasn’t into girls! Right!

I slid a finger in her pussy. Two. Three. Before I knew it I was totally fucking her with my fingers while I sucked on her tits. Dude suddenly lifts me up a bit and I hear his jean unzip, then he’s tugging my panties to the side. Next thing I know, his cock is inside me and he’s bouncing me on it as I slide my fingers in and out of my bestie, the whole time also sucking on her tits. If she was gonna be jealous it was my job to make her feel included, ya know? But I admit I liked this way more than I thought. And for reals this guys cock feels HUGE inside me. I mean I never actually SAW it be it had to be one of the biggest ive ever ridden for sure! And wait…so heres the best part! My bestie starts whimpering and I know shes gonna cum, and just thinking about her cuming all over my fingers while this strange guys cock is inside me make me start to cum. And that makes the DUDE start to cum too! No shit! So shes shaking and her pussy is vibrating on my hand and im sucking her left tit HARD and she cums and then my pussy starts to constrict around his cock and I cum, and then he’s lifting me up and snatching his cock out of me as HE comes, pumping into his hand, trying not to make a total mess of this freaking club were in. (Gross!)

Then it got SUPER WEIRD. Like, she pulled her shirt back down, and her skirt back down, and told me we needed to leave. And it was late so I was like whatever, and we got an Uber home and I didn’t even give the guy my number. And can you believe this shit IN THE UBER my bestie turns to me and says im too slutty and I need to tone it down! I could NOT believe it! Less than 5 mins after shes cuming on me, shes telling ME I need to tone it down? Nope! I told her shes lucky I don’t tell her boyfee! Hed dump her in a second!

God she drives me nuts sometimes but im not gonna lie. I really liked fucking her! I would SO do it again! How do I get my friend to just dump this jerk and be a slut like me?! Now the bitch hasn’t called me in a week so well see what happens! Lol Maybe I should blackmail her into fucking me? Im kidding. Kind of.

Or I might be needing a new best friend soon! :/

Totally including a pic that best matches the moment!00380029

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