“That’s a shame….I’d like to change that for you” she said to me as she gently touched my face.
I was at a club and this really beautiful black girl who I’d been talking to for a half hour asked me if I’d ever been with a woman….and I told her the truth: NOT YET!

She was built like Rhianna; tiny on top but thicker on bottom. Like, how us white girls WISH we looked! lol  I’m kinda opposite– big boobs but a smaller ass.

You could tell through her skin tight dress that her booty was totally BANGIN’!

We’d been having few cocktails in the least loud corner of the club after meeting on the dance floor. I kept thinking “is she a lesbian?” cuz I couldn’t tell if she was just being really friendly, or she was attracted to me. I mean, guys are SO obvious when they want you, but with a woman, I just couldn’t tell! More and more the last few years, exotic girls (exotic to ME, that is, since I’m a whitey-white girl!) like black girls and Latinas have caught my eye in a new way. And this girl was like, THE HOTTEST black girl I’ve ever seen!
So I honestly didn’t know what to say when she said she’d change it for me, other than I think I stuttered “OK”.

How fucking embarrassing!
The next thing I know she’s taking my hand and pulling me through the crowd and outside. Then we’re in a small car and the whole time she’s talking and laughing and telling me stories and I just keep thinking how beautiful she is. She’s gotta be, like, half black, half white, or something. I couldn’t bring myself to ask! She had this amazingly curly black hair and a perfect face with Cleopatra-like eyes.
Anyways, so, we go to her place. It’s a small 1 bedroom with a city view. She put on music and then summoned me over to the sofa. I sat down next to her. She took my chin in her hand.
“You have gorgeous green eyes” she said, staring at me.
“YOU have amazing eyes” I gushed back. Was I starting to crush on her? I was thinking this in my drunk brain!
She smiled again, and leaned in close to me. Her full lips came right up to mine, and SO GENTLY she kissed them. Then again, she kissed, this time making full lip contact.

I felt like these sparkly feelings zinging through my body down to my clit when that happened.


Her hands were on my shoulders and she kissed me again, this time pushing her tongue into my mouth slowly. I felt it caress my tongue, and I moved mine against hers, pushing back into her mouth. We were totally, full-on making out, but she was so gentle it’s hard to explain. Different from dudes. I found myself grabbing handfuls of her hair and pulling her closer to me. I felt her hands undoing my dress, and it falling. I felt her hands, then her mouth, on my breasts. She sucked up my nipple into her lips and looked up at me. My god, this girl is SO BEAUTFUL, guys! I’m telling you! She rolled her tongue around my nipples.
“Do you like that?” she asked me.
“YES” I admitted.
Then her hand found her way down to my underwear. With her thumb she rubbed my clit through the lace in a soft circle. I could feel my panties go instantly wet. She smiled again.

Then a long purple fingernail found its way under the panty, into my pussy.

With the thumb she continued to make circles on my clit with her middle finger all the way in me. I laid back on the sofa. She pulled my underwear down my legs—again so carefully and gently—and spread my legs. My shaved pink little pussy was in her face.

She put her fingers in a “V” against my labia, opening up my pussy lips, and thrust her tongue into me.

Slowly, she lapped at my pussy, lightly at first, and then building strength. I was a bit embarrassed at how WET I was but I tried to convince myself she’ll just take it like a compliment, like a dude. I mean, I don’t know these things!!!! I don’t know what GIRLS like or expect! I only know guys!!!

But OMG bitch licked me like I’ve never been licked before! LOL


She knew (I guess it makes sense!) all the right places to touch me. She knew the right speed, the right pressures. I was getting close to cumming when she stopped. She smiled at me again, stood up, pulled off HER dress over her head, and rolled her thong to the floor. Her body was GORG: tiny little waist, cute, perky kinda pointy little boobs, and a nice, round ass with thick thighs. Smiling still, she crawled over me and I felt her hard nipples caress my body as she made her way up to my face.
“I like you” she said, and kissed me again.

I grabbed her and this time I REALLY kissed her back hard! She moaned. OMG guys, I made her MOAN! It egged me on. I squeezed her breasts and she moaned some more. Then she sat up a bit, straddling one leg over me, and pressing her pussy against mine.

Then she grabbed my legs and began to gyrate her pussy on top of mine and OMG!!!!!

She was rubbing and grinding against my pussy on top of me, arching her back and wriggling into me. I was scissoring, guys! For the first time! And she REALLY knew what she was doing! She’d angle her body or my legs into a new groove and then gyrate, driving me nuts! She kept making me feel like I was gonna cum, but then holding me back by slowing down. Finally, when my pussy just couldn’t hold out any longer, I told her I was gonna cum, and she said “cum with me” and started to buck and vibrate right on my slit.
YES! I screamed YES!

And OMG I came so hard! I think she did too—sure sounded like it! Her body rippled and shook and she yelled FUUUUUUUUCK!

Then, the kinda coolest part—we actually CUDDLED the rest of the night! Her skin was so smooth…
So, like, I’m at least totally bi now! And I think I’m having my first girl crush! We exchanged numbers and we’re going to hang out again this coming weekend! :D

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Aight guys so I’m kind of a bad girl! I am 19 and super cute and always horny so guys like to buy me drinks. And I recently got kicked out of a bar because I was in there drinking. Not just kicked out though – I was like druuuunk and got arrested. Since I had a record – I got caught tagging up graffiti shit on my 18th birthday after my team won a super crucial game – I was taken to jail!

I had to spend 3 days in that bitch before I was able to get bailed out.

And dude,that’s A LOT of days when you’re hot and horny and like dick in your mouth like every night.


I couldn’t fuck, I couldn’t work myself up at werk on the phone line, masturbating could be tricky just cuz other people could hear me but I was kinda like whatever, I need to flick my clit and stick something in my cooter. Like I need to cum.

So after dinner most girls went to the showers and did their thing. Or some did their bible study but that’s boring. I wanted to see some tits so I went to the showers so I could look at all the naked girls. I saw titties and asses and I was gettin’ all writhed up, my pussy tingling and feeling stars all around it. I dropped my towel and stood there, about to reach my hand down between my legs when the hottest chick there – this Brazilian girl – walked in front of me, fully nekkid, hella hot body, slim tummy, thick thighs, ba-dunk-a-dunk in her trunk and gorgeous perfect round supple tits. I almost jumped on her right there – attacking like a starving pouncing on its prey. 

I followed her into the showers – there were a bunch of shower heads in a line so 10 people could take a shower at once – and found an open spot next to her. She was on the end by the wall.

Once the water hit my shoulders and sprayed drops of water lightly over my breasts I turned toward her and tilted my head back and ran my hands through my hair. The water was dripping all over my face and she turned toward me at the same time – her tits right in front of my face – and of all things –


I almost busted out laughing because she dropped the fucking soap, like I was in a mother fuckin’ movie or something – but she was so sensual about it I was immensely turned on. I mean, I saw her beautiful South American ass bent over and I swear to fucking god if I was a man I would have rammed my dick right up in that booty.

Fuck the pussy, I would have stuck my cock right up her fat ass. And I bet it was hella tight too!


I decided to work my magic – it had been a few months since I got down on a chick – and I bent down to grab the soap for her. Our hands touched as we reached for it at the same time and she looked up at me. Her beautiful blue eyes under her brown bangs and her innocent face – I wondered if she had ever had her box eaten out by another female before.


I just went for it. I kissed her. I wrapped my tongue around hers and pressed my lips against her lips and we stood up, our hands feeling each other’s bodies, my hands gripping her big booty, her hands running along my waist and then down my thighs. I pushed her into the wall, my boobies touching hers – nipple to nipple – and I kissed every bit of her belly as I made my way down to my knees and stuck my tongue out in-between her legs.

I tickled her clit, opening her pussy lips with my tongue, and she leanded back against the wall and moaned.


She grabbed my hair tightly with her fingers and I was eating her out so hard she came in my mouth. Then she pushed me back against the wall next to me and kissed me, then she got down on her knees and repaid the favor!

God damn she was good!!! This chick had a tongue like a snake – wrapping around every little crevice my vagina and inner thighs and asshole had to offer. I learned the answer to my question – she definitely had been with chicks before! She had to have! Thinking about her getting it on with other chicks turned me on even more and I let go – I bursted all up on her lips. She looked at me – her index and middle fingers still inside of me, my cum in her mouth, and smiled. I pushed her down and lied on top of her on the floor. On the floor of the fucking jail shower. We made out for what seemed like another ten hours and no one was even yelling at us for taking too long in the shower.

It didn’t take long to realize we had an audience – quite a few girls, naked girls, were standing there watching this whole thing take place.


A few of them were even rubbing themselves out. I think they really enjoyed the show, and it was funny because the next day everyone asked me when I was going to take my shower.

Oops, I got bailed out. No more jail showers for me! I definitely got Miss Brazil’s email address though! Can’t wait to see her again =)

Now back to work! Ready for that cock!!!!

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Omg u guys i just got home from the greatest nite of my life!!! ive been curious about GIRLS forever but ive never had any lesbian friends or bi friends as far as i knew so sadly it never came up BUT LAST NIGHT i finally got to try being with a girl!
it all started when my friend Bekka* took me to a new bar. honestly we didn’t know it was a very gay friendly bar and it took us a little while to notice that guys were with guys and a lot of the girls were dancing close. it wasnt long before a very pretty latina girl came up to me and started flirting. Id never been flirted with by a girl and she was so nice. she liked my dress, my eyes, my laugh. and she was WAY beautiful, guys. she had this thick black hair down to her ass and big dark eyes with the longest eyelashes ever.

I kept staring at her lips because she had these amazing full Selena type lips with dark red lipstick on.

she was super hot…and she was into ME! And she kept putting her hand on my waist when she talked i dude i could’t believe it but it was really turning me on! she kind of did it like a dude would– like put it there when people passed behind us, kind of like to protect me almost. i had no idea i could love a girl acting possessive of me! so anyways she kept buying me drinks and she couldnt’ believe i was never with a girl before and she told me she wanted to be my first!


I laughed but she kept on and was telling me she could make me cum harder than any man ever had so OF COURSE i had to take the challenge!


I told my friend I was leaving and she led me out of the bar, into a cab, and then we were at her place. She gave me another drink and tapped the sofa next to her and told me to sit down. I sat and she softly touched my cheek, my hair, and said “youre fucken HOT- I hope you know that” and i was shocked and told her No– YOU’RE fucken hot as fuck! Youre like a Selena twin mixed with that Vergara chick or whatever and she told me she has a thing for petite blondes like me. (yah!) She leaned in and kissed me and this is where it gets GOOD! Her kiss…omg you guys it was crazy! Her lips were the softest thing i ever felt and they sort of swallowed mine and I sucked her bottom lip and it made my pussy instantly all sticky and the next thing shes undoing my dress and then were both lying there naked and she lays me down. i was soooooo nervous you guys but i wanted to finally know what it was like so I laid back and let her go down on me! it was amazeballs!

She knew exactly where to lick, suck, and finger my little slit! She even pinched my pussy between two fingers and it made my whole body shake with pleasure!


She cupped her hands under my ass and lifted my pussy to her and her hair tickled my thighs and omg! then i tried to do it back to her but i really didn’t know what i was doing! its funny i never thought i could like the taste of vagina but it was kinda salty and not bad at all really! so i licked her but i was really kinda lost :/ and she tried to guide me a bit. she has really nice tits with really dark nips and i sucked on them and she moaned so at least i know i did that part right! and then she opens a drawer and pulls out this double-headed dick thing and puts it on like with straps and it looks like she’s got a big bright red cock and she had to slide a dick end into her pussy to even get it on like it’s inside her, and then she mounts me. i was soooo excited guys when she leaned into me and i felt that plastic cock slide into my pussy like she was a dude but instead she’s this super gorgeous GIRL and the idea of it made me shake some more. It’s like i became someone else and i was moaning and moving into her and wanting more and i kept telling her “omg that feels so good– youre so beautiful” and she kept moving into me and then she pulled me on top of her.


So then I rode that cock and her end inside her must have been hitting her G spot or something because I could tell she was feeling good and when I was getting close to cumming i told her and she started bucking harder and holding my hips down on that fake cock and we were sweating and panting and grunting and then we were cumming together both shaking like crazy saying “oh god oh god YES!”


Then she leaned up and sucked my tit as I finished and then seroiusly we cuddled all the rest of the nite! She was so soft and so pretty and like you guys, am i a bisexual now? Cuz I really loved what we did and im still thinking about it all day today and should I call her? She gave me her number but now im feeling kinda shy but serously I swear the thought of her licking my pussy looking up at me with those giant brown cat eyes like im whats for dinner makes my panties wet all over again!!!!!!

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“Do you want cream?” I asked the smiling man in the window, his face lit up like he just shot a giant load of cum onto all of the Victoria’s Secret models’ faces.

“Absolutely. And lots of it.”

He winked at me and I bent over a little too far, just enough so that my titty slipped out of my bathing suit top and my little nipple peeked out. He almost dropped his coffee in his lap.

“Have a great day!” I told him flirtily and he sped off. I left my boob out until the next customer drove up and greeted him with full hard nips. It was cold outside!

I’m 19 and I live in the PNW. We have a lot of coffee stands that have “bikini baristas” which are girls that work inside these drive-thru coffee shops and wear… bikinis! Itty-bitty-teensy-weensy- maybe not yellow or polka dot, but they’re string bikinis, thongs, showing lots and lots of ass cheek and boobs. I have always been intrigued by these little stands, so I decided to apply. I wanted to be the chick that dudes thought about all day, the one they jerked off to or came to while fucking their wife that night… that kinda shit super turns me on!

One look at my tight little petite frame and the owner hired me on the spot. He made me strip down, to see what I’d look like in a bikini of course, and when I did his pants got a little tighter if you know what I mean :)

On my first day I made like a lot of tips. And then on my second day, it was a Monday morning. So there were three of us. Three chicks in this tiny little shed in bikinis. Some of the customers were extra flirty so we decided to have a little fun.

Whenever they dropped a tip in the jar, we’d kiss each other on the cheek. If they put more money in there, we’d press our lips together. If they put a 20 dollar bill in, we’d full on kiss each other. Like with tongue and all. So one dude pulled out a hundred, and the three of us took off our tops and made out, our nipples rubbing against each other’s, his cock getting hard on the other side of his door, hiding in the comfort of his car. He then asked what we would do for another hundred. We told him to put it in the jar and he’ll find out. So he did.

I got down on my knees and started kissing my co-worker’s lower belly. I grabbed the top of her bikini bottoms with my teeth and pulled them down with my mouth.

I kissed her pussy. I licked the inside of her thighs. I teased her clit with my tongue. I licked it, then looked at the guy in the car.

Then I licked her lips. Then I went back down under her waist and wrapped my lips around her pussy and I sucked on her clit like I was trying to suck the cum out of it. Her head fell back and she grabbed onto the counter. She sat her booty down and spread her legs wide, and I licked and sucked on her pussy until she made my face wet. The other girl was even helping, kissing on her tits and grabbing my ass, then after my face was sticky and full of her girl cum the other chick kissed me. She licked all of the girl’s cum off of my face and then stuck her tongue out to show the guy in the car.

The dude in the car obviously exploded in his pants and he threw the entire contents of his wallet – a bunch of cash and some gift cards – through the window and bolted out of the drive-thru. By this time we had a huge line backed up in the drive-thru and when the next car pulled up, we all smiled at the man in our naked and exasperated state.

“I’ll have what he had,” the dude said, and the girl who’s pussy I ate sat back up on the counter and spread her legs.

“With extra cream?” I smiled deviously and got back down on my knees. I buried my face in her pussy.

Needless to say, we made more money that day than ever, and there was a line down the street.

We make good coffee, what can I say? ;)

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I opened my eyes and saw the top of Carolina’s golden blonde head. She was in between my legs going to town on my pussy, head bobbing. What an incredible thing to wake up to! She was lapping at my box eagerly, moaning with delight as she ate me out better than I can ever remember being eaten before! I was woken by the pleasure and I couldn’t say no– I could only submit to her, closing my eyes, letting her explore me with her tongue.

“Your pussy is SO sweet” she whispered as she looked up at me, “I could eat it all day.”

Then her head went back down, and her skilled hands massaged and fingered my pussy, sucking my clit up into her mouth and gently nibbling it. Then a slick finger slid into my ass, too, and I suddenly felt FULL of sex itself as she vibrated and thrust into all my holes at once, clit throbbing between her teeth.

I didn’t count how many bottles of wine we had shared the night before, but it was quite a few, and for I moment I barely remembered this gorgeous woman crawling into bed and spooning me naked after we got WAY DRUNK! I seriously hadn’t been with a woman since sophomore year in college, and honestly I hadn’t really thought I’d missed it. But this was INTENSE and felt so fucking good! Girl, boy, it didn’t matter—what she was doing to my pussy I’d let a freaking demon spawn do, if it felt that good! I’d have sold my pussy to Satan for head that good! My hubby hasn’t done it to me in years!

So, I guess I should tell you…this is how it started: My husband and I relocated to a small Midwestern town a couple of weeks ago. It had been a little rough moving from the big city suburbs to the outskirts of a smaller city, and we hadn’t even been there a month before I began to find myself bored. While he was gone at work all day, I wandered around like a lost puppy. I couldn’t find any work, any classes to take, anywhere to even hang out. I had no sex drive because I was unhappy in my new home. FINALLY I started doing this phone sex gig from home (I totally have NOT told the hubby yet and maybe I won’t!) and it’s helped me SO MUCH with my drive—talking and masturbating to horny guys all day—but still, I wasn’t quite happy here yet. Until today!

About two weeks ago, I was getting the mail when my neighbor Carolina walked up. She opened her mailbox too even though her mail was already in her hand.

“I’m Carolina,” she said with a friendly smile and stuck out her hand.

Right then I had noticed that she was a very beautiful woman by any standard, very in shape. Blonde and with big boobs- both like me, but taller and more slender, with a super round, nice ass I WISH I had. She dressed really nice too, I noticed. Anyway, she invited me over for tea that afternoon, and then my husband and I for dinner that weekend. We all hit it off—the guys got along great, but something extra was kind of going on between her and I that they didn’t seem to notice. Whenever our eyes really met, I felt some sort of spark inside me and I was sure she was trying to tell me something. But I think I totally wrote it off, you know? Then it comes up that her husband is leaving for some business trip to Tokyo, and my hubby is going to be gone all weekend up north on a hunting trip with his brother, so she invited me over last night. Her two sons were spending the night over at a friend’s, so she said it would be great to have a girls’ night without the men and boys around.

So last night we ordered take out and chatted over a bottle of wine and a movie. Our bodies kept inching closer to each other on the couch as we talked and laughed. Something about her just pulled me in.

When I got up to use the restroom, I couldn’t believe when I wiped how WET my pussy was– I was literally dripping for her!

Then, finally at the end of the film we watched, she put her hand on my thigh and I smiled at her, and she leaned in, and before I knew it her lips were pressed against mine and her tongue was in my mouth. Her lips were so soft, and when she reached into my shirt and under my bra, I swear my pussy was gushing. She cupped and squeezed my tits, sending my eyes rolling back into my head. Suddenly I felt TOO drunk, and told her I needed to sleep. Maybe I was scared? I don’t know, but I was feeling that wine too hard and I needed to lay down. I don’t usually drink that much. I wanted more of her, but my head was so fuzzy. I kinda silently cursed getting too drunk and messing up the night, but my head was buzzing too much. So she told me I should stay over, and when I get into bed, she climbed in with me! And then I woke up to that insane head!

So she’s between my legs, lapping at my pussy, fingering my cunt and asshole, bringing me close to cumming. Then she suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Nothing” she says, and pulls out a giant double-sided strap-on from a bedside drawer. Before I can say anything, she straps it on, guiding her end into her own pussy with a little meow-like moan, and coats the other shaft in lube.

“I could eat you all day, but I really want to fuck you with this.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just said OK!

Next thing I know, she thrust this fake purple cock inside me, feeding it into me while her bright blue eyes stared into mine, watching my reaction as each inch of that thick plastic cock passes into me.

Mmmmmmmm I moaned as she started to pump her beautiful hips in nice, even strokes, fucking me with that fake cock.

The best part is surprisingly WATCHING her fuck us both with it—her PERFECT tits bounce on her slender frame as she thrusts, relishing fucking me just as much as the faux cock jamming up her own pussy. She looks so hot all in control of the fucking like a man, working hard to drive that plastic rod deep inside my cunt as one pumps right back into her own!

I can feel myself start to cum, and when she senses it, she pumps faster, angling the cock up against my G-spot until I start screaming “I’M CUMING” and she starts to scream too “YES!!!!!”

I feel both of our bodies vibrating as a giant orgasm passed through us both, my pussy gripping the fake cock in spasms of pure pleasure. I grab onto her tiny waist and hold her on me, bucking my hips up into the strap on, feeling it so far inside me. My eyes rolled back into my head and I feel her pinch my nipples at just the right moment as the last sparks of orgasms ran through me.

OMFG is all I can say, guys!

She fucked my pussy so good with that dildo strap-on whatever you wanna call it thing that I’ve been back home only 3 hours and I’m already plotting my next “girl night” with her!

If I can have my phone sex boys all morning, and then sneak in a fuck with her before her kids get home from school and hubby from work a few days a week, I just might be able to stand this town!

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Ok so im calling this blog Slut Problems, cuz that’s what I think ive got! Its like every time I go to a party or something, my bestie is MAD at me! Every SINGLE time! So shes Asian and pretty uptight and shes got this really REALLY jealous boyfriend, so she has to be SUPER careful when so goes out the she doesn’t talk to other guys and stuff so anyway, im single and DON’T GIVE A FUCK so of course im going to FLIRT and shit! Why not?!!!! Im on the damn prowl and that should be fine and its no ones business AT ALL! And the fucked up shit is that she USED to be JUST like me! Worse, even! I swear, the stories I have on her! She knows!!! So anyways no one should be caring, but shes always over the corner, giving me those EYES you know which I mean…

So last weekend were drunk at a party and im sitting on this super hot guys lap, and im flirting and having fun, and shes over there looking all pissy. And this party is like super dark, and there were definitely people on drugs and stuff, and this guy CLEARLY has a giant cock. I swear that when it started getting hard, I was literaly rising up with it! So im sitting on this giant cock, and the only thing between me and it is his jeans and my panties, really, since my skirt is so short. This guy is kinda sleazy, but I kinda like that honestly. And so I was, you know, sorta rubbing my ass on his a bit, bouncing a bit, totally trying to drive him nuts. And it worked of course! But it also drove my friend nuts too, cuz she came over and grabbed my hand and said we needed to leave. And then it finaly hit me! She was JEALOUS! And not JUST jealous that I can fuck whoever I want, but also jealous that I was spending my attention on someone else! Like she felt left out or something!

So I took her hand and literaly put it on my tit! I just took it and slid it down my shirt and under my bra real quick and the next thing we both know her hands on my tit! Im not even sure what I expected honestly. But she didn’t pull her hand away! So I thought fuck it, and put MY hand up HER shirt too! And I had always thought she had cute breasts, and I was shocked that it kinda turned me on to hold one. My tits are pretty big (full C’s) and really soft…but she felt different. They were small but super firm. They sorta just stood out from her chest like gumdrops or something. Her nipple was really hard, and I just ran my thumb over it gently, and even through all the blasting music, I totally heard her make a little breath sound. Like, a SEXY sound, ya know?

So I pulled her a little closer, more into the shadows of the corner we were in, and lifted her shirt up over her tits. They were SO CUTE! I couldn’t help it- my mouth went to one, then the other. The guy under me groaned- I almost forgot about him at that point!

So I ground into my with my pussy, pressing down hard on his lap as I sucked her titties. She started to pull away cuz I think she started to get scared I think that someone would see, but it was really dark in there and no one gave a fuck anyways so I wasn’t worried. I pulled her closer, flicking her nipples with my tongue. When I ran my hand up her skirt and pulled aside her panties, she was totally wet! Dirty little lesbian liar! She told me she wasn’t into girls! Right!

I slid a finger in her pussy. Two. Three. Before I knew it I was totally fucking her with my fingers while I sucked on her tits. Dude suddenly lifts me up a bit and I hear his jean unzip, then he’s tugging my panties to the side. Next thing I know, his cock is inside me and he’s bouncing me on it as I slide my fingers in and out of my bestie, the whole time also sucking on her tits. If she was gonna be jealous it was my job to make her feel included, ya know? But I admit I liked this way more than I thought. And for reals this guys cock feels HUGE inside me. I mean I never actually SAW it be it had to be one of the biggest ive ever ridden for sure! And wait…so heres the best part! My bestie starts whimpering and I know shes gonna cum, and just thinking about her cuming all over my fingers while this strange guys cock is inside me make me start to cum. And that makes the DUDE start to cum too! No shit! So shes shaking and her pussy is vibrating on my hand and im sucking her left tit HARD and she cums and then my pussy starts to constrict around his cock and I cum, and then he’s lifting me up and snatching his cock out of me as HE comes, pumping into his hand, trying not to make a total mess of this freaking club were in. (Gross!)

Then it got SUPER WEIRD. Like, she pulled her shirt back down, and her skirt back down, and told me we needed to leave. And it was late so I was like whatever, and we got an Uber home and I didn’t even give the guy my number. And can you believe this shit IN THE UBER my bestie turns to me and says im too slutty and I need to tone it down! I could NOT believe it! Less than 5 mins after shes cuming on me, shes telling ME I need to tone it down? Nope! I told her shes lucky I don’t tell her boyfee! Hed dump her in a second!

God she drives me nuts sometimes but im not gonna lie. I really liked fucking her! I would SO do it again! How do I get my friend to just dump this jerk and be a slut like me?! Now the bitch hasn’t called me in a week so well see what happens! Lol Maybe I should blackmail her into fucking me? Im kidding. Kind of.

Or I might be needing a new best friend soon! :/

Totally including a pic that best matches the moment!00380029

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